Ranker's Return
Chapter 286
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 286

“What did you say? Senu?” Suped instantly appeared in front of Hyeonu like a ghost, but the excitement on his face proved he wasn’t one.

“Yes, Senu. It’s in the East Continent. By the way, I’m leaving. I will come with Mason next time.” Hyeonu continued to maintain his calm attitude.

Then it happened the moment he tried to tear the return scroll in his hand.

“How about going for some refreshments? What would happen to my reputation be if I treat my friend’s disciple like this?” Suped grabbed Hyeonu’s hand and moved spaces. He took Hyeonu to his laboratory that existed somewhere in Laek.

“Come on, put that away. There is no need to use it. I’ll bring some refreshments.” Suped prepared refreshments while continuing to glance at the return scroll in Hyeonu’s hand. He didn’t know when that damn adventurer would tear up the return scroll.

“I thought you weren’t satisfied with my visit, so I was acting considerately...” Hyeonu murmured with an aggrieved expression.

Suped felt a sudden desire to repent, but he tried to suppress it.

“No, when did I do that? So Senu is in the East Continent?” Suped asked with a smile as he put down the refreshments.

“Yes, it is in the East Continent. It is a place called Caronney. Ancient buildings are gathered there... It is now a tourist destination, so they don’t have any apparent damage.”

“Have you been inside?”

“No, I have a job to do first. I am going in a few days. By the way...” Hyeonu stared at Suped.

To be precise, he was staring at Suped’s hands. There was no proof about Laek’s graduation on Suped’s hands.

“Are you looking for this? This type of thing is too bothersome to wear, but it’s not possible for me to not have something like this. You have it too.” Suped reached out like he knew the meaning of Hyeonu’s dubious gaze.

Suddenly, sitting on his palm was a Laek graduation certificate ring that Hyeonu also wore on his hand.

‘Indeed, it is impossible that he doesn’t have it.’

After all, Suped was a great-magician of the empire. There was no way he couldn’t pass Laek’s test.

Hyeonu opened his mouth: “However, currently only adventurers can move to the East Continent. It will take half a year until you can go to Senu. It could also take as long as around a year.”

“I have been looking for it for over 10 years. I know the location now, so there is no reason to fret. Will a big building run away? Or will someone break it? One year... That’s okay,” Suped replied with a willing expression.

‘One year is short. In the meantime, I can organize Laek’s lab,’ he thought.

Suped’s magic had advanced one step further by studying the magic applied to Laek. So he was looking forward to seeing how much he could get from Senu, a more advanced academy. Suped wasn’t nervous or impatient at all.

“This is the promised reward. If you find the place that comes after Senu, tell me the location of that as well.” Suped pulled out a book from his bookshelf and presented it to Hyeonu.

[Shared Senu’s location with Suped 1/1]

[You have cleared ‘Look for Senu’.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have obtained Suped’s reward (skill book).]

[A quest has been created.]

[Look for ????]

[Senu is the intermediate academy of the Luos Empire. So, of course, there seems to be an advanced academy as well. Find the advanced academy ??? and tell the location to Suped.

Rating: A+

Conditions: The location of ???? 0/1, tell Suped about ???? Share the location 0/1

Rewards: Experience, Suped’s gift.]

It was a storm of messages. Hyeonu accepted the book from Suped and bowed his head. “Thank you. I’ll let you know if I figure out the next location.”

‘Okay! Skill book!’ Hyeonu tried hard to control his mouth, even raising his right hand and pressing down the corners of his mouth.

He absolutely couldn’t get caught rejoicing in his success.

“I have a request as well. Can you please hear me out?” Hyeonu finally pulled out the real reason he came to Suped.

Senu was the secondary matter. The important thing was what he would say now.

“What is it? I will listen first before deciding.” Suped felt a bit anxious about Hyeonu’s words. He didn’t have a specific reason for it; he just felt that way.

“I was given a territory by His Majesty the Emperor. However, the last Alkyl attack caused it to be half destroyed.”

“So what?”

“I would appreciate it if you could send a few magicians over. It isn’t easy to maintain security without the help of magicians.”

‘It isn’t as tricky as I thought?’ Suped remarked inwardly.

Hyeonu’s request was very easy. Certainly, Suped could generously send a few magicians over. What was so difficult about sending imperial magicians to imperial land? Moreover, it was to an adventurer who had the emperor and duke behind him.

“If that’s all, then I’ll take care of it,” Suped quickly finished his words before Hyeonu could add other conditions.

“Thank you, Suped. However, there is no magic tower on the territory. I have to build it... I need magicians right now.”

Words couldn’t be recalled once they were spoken. Suped knew this well. He commented, “You should’ve said it sooner.”

“I was trying to say it, but you cut me off.” Hyeonu bowed and expressed his gratitude before Suped could take back his words.

Then Hyeonu pulled something out of his pocket. It was a return scroll, and the destination was the West Continent’s capital, Yusma.

“Then I will be going to see His Majesty and Master. Once again, thank you so much, Suped.”

Hyeonu left Laek like this.


That was what he said to Suped, but Hyeonu had no intention of meeting the emperor yet. The only reason why he came to the capital was to meet Lebron. There was a book in Hyeonu’s hand. The cover of the book had the words ‘Mysterious Sky Demonic Art’ written on it. It was what he had previously handed over to the former Sect Leader in the Mysterious Sky Sect on Geomdan Mountain.

It was one of the functions he got after becoming the Mysterious Sky Sect Leader. To be exact, it was access to an item—an item that was useless to players.

[Mysterious Sky Demonic Art Secret Techniques]

[It records the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art, the martial art of the Mysterious Sky Sect.]

It wasn’t a skill book, so players couldn’t learn it. Hyeonu intended to hand the matter over to Lebron and ask him to teach the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art to the knight candidates chosen by the Knights of Keon in Phinis.

‘I can’t teach them.’

Hyeonu was a player. He could teach them how to make better use of the abilities they already had, but he couldn’t actually teach them new abilities. This was entirely the responsibility of an NPC.

“Master!” Hyeonu walked through Lebron’s mansion like it was his own house. Nowadays, no one stopped Hyeonu. It was only Lebron who was bothered by him.

“Why have you come? It should be hard to manage Phinis.” Lebron frowned the moment he saw Hyeonu.

There was no sign of welcome on his face. Still, there was a bit of affection deep in his eyes.

“Why would a disciple look for his master? Isn’t it because I need help? Please help this poor disciple, Master.” Hyeonu bowed like he was going to kneel.

Lebron sighed and raised Hyeonu up. This was still his only disciple after all.

“Tell me. What can I do to help you?” Lebron asked.

Hyeonu smiled at Lebron and handed him the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art book in his hand. “This is a book that contains all the techniques I use. Please take a look.”

Lebron received the book from Hyeonu and showed a serious expression. He slowly turned the pages without any change in his expression. Hyeonu gulped when he saw Lebron’s serious expression. Before long, Lebron closed the book of secret techniques. Then he stared at Hyeonu silently before saying, “What do you want?”

“Please teach it.”

“Teach you?”

“Not me. Teach the knights that I will raise. I want to teach them, but you know I can’t do that, Master.”

Lebron nodded at Hyeonu’s words. His disciple might be a monster, but he was an adventurer.

‘The utilization speed of adventurers is unmatched, but... they can’t teach from the ground up,’ Lebron concluded inwardly. Then he asked, “Do you want me to learn this?”

“No. I hope you don’t learn it. Since I am the master of the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art, you will come under me once you learn it,” Hyeonu answered.

“Puhahaha!” Lebron burst out laughing when he heard Hyeonu’s words. He felt they were too funny.

Hyeonu didn’t know why Lebron was laughing. The title of Mysterious Sky Sect Leader truly had such an effect. Those who learned the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art wouldn’t be able to escape Hyeonu’s influence.

“Do you believe that you can restrain me with just that? The number one person in the empire? Even the monster who lives there can’t say that to me...” Lebron pointed to the imperial palace as he spoke.

The imperial palace was home to the emperor, so he was obviously the monster Lebron was referring to.

“Now, I have learned the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art. Try what you said once,” Lebron said.

Black magic power started to burn in his body. Lebron had just seen and learned the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art, yet the air he gave off was stronger than that of Hyeonu, who had reached six stars in the art.

[Dignity of the Sect Leader is activated.]

[You can limit the movements of those who have learned the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art.]

The message to prove it also appeared. This message window appeared in front of people who learned the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art.

‘Suppress magic power.’ Hyeonu attempted to control the black flames covering Lebron’s body. It was just like how he had blocked that girl’s movements in the past. However, it was impossible this time.

[Your opponent is overwhelmingly stronger than you.]

[Dignity of the Sect Leader doesn’t work.]

“Your worries are groundless. I am Lebron, the number one knight in the empire and your master. It would be nice if you showed that type of worry to the bear that accompanies you.” The aura around Lebron’s body disappeared in an instant.

“I see... I was worried for nothing.”

“In addition, this is pretty good. No, it is very good. The thing you asked me about last time is written here.”

“That’s right. It’s a technique included in this martial art.”

“Can I pass this onto the Knights of Keon? Wouldn’t that be faster? It would be better for dozens of knights to teach than just me alone. Let’s make the Phinis Knights the second Knights of Keon.”

Lebron really liked the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art. Otherwise, he wouldn’t want to teach the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art to the Knights of Keon.

‘Is there such big gain?’ Hyeonu was just as satisfied.

He had come to ask Lebron to teach the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art only to hear a proposal to turn the Phinis Knights into the second Knights of Keon.

‘It is unconditionally okay.’

Hyeonu had witnessed the strength of the Knights of Keon several times before, so he naturally accepted the proposal.

“Thank you, Master.”
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