Ranker's Return
Chapter 279
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 279

Many guilds were challenging the drake raid while Hyeonu was riding in the carriage and killing time. The challenge order was according to the same rules so far, and the guilds failed as many challenges as they attempted. However, this time they shared information with each other.

It was because they had an overwhelming common rival—Alley Leader. He was so overwhelming that he acted as a bus to the East Continent for his favorite guilds and the users he was friendly with. Therefore, a temporary alliance emerged between the guilds when they concluded they couldn’t kill the drake by challenging it alone.

“Kuooh!” The drake let out a cry full of despair.

It intuitively sensed its impending death. The drake attempted a final hurrah, but it was too late. It couldn’t struggle with the little energy it had left.

Thump! The drake soon collapsed. An alliance of three guilds and 100 rankers succeeded in the drake raid. Then the masters of the three guilds reached the monument and smashed it. It was an action that could be done because they had seen it in Alley Leader’s stream.

“Did you smash the monument?” Johannes appeared there. Then he raised his head and looked around like he was looking for someone. Nevertheless, the masters didn’t care about this. No, they couldn’t care. They were busy rejoicing that they could finally go to the East Continent.

“I will give you the authority to go to the East Continent.” Johannes disappeared with a pleasant smile.

“I will proceed forward. What about you?” One man spoke to the other two.

He was ready to leave, and his guild members were already waiting before him.

“We will replenish our depleted potions.”

“It is the same for us. We hope you have a good performance in the East Continent.”

The identities of the three guilds were Venom, Five Stars, and Zenith respectively. Venom left first while Five Stars and Zenith took a break.


Alley Leader’s surprise stream was a delightful gift to many viewers. Of course, there were some people who thought differently.

‘Why is he streaming? Why?’

One of them was Sunny, who was shaking as she watched Hyeonu’s stream. She was full of anxiety about when he might call her name.

‘Yes, this is a surprise stream. He isn’t going to announce anyone’s name. Look at the number of viewers. It is more than usual... Huh?’

Sunny tried to reassure herself.

He wouldn’t announce it if there wasn’t a certain number of viewers. After all, Alley Leader should have a very high standard. This was what she believed.

“Why are there so many people?!!!”

That belief was shattered in three seconds. The stream had started without any warning, yet the number of viewers had already surpassed two million. Sunny casually ignored the numbers she didn’t dare look at.

‘What should I do? I’m not ready yet... How can I stream today?’

She was forced to watch Hyeonu’s stream anxiously. The voice of someone saying that he was changing the order kept whispering in Sunny’s ears.

‘However, this is Sunny’s choice... choice... choice...’


“Then I’ll end the streaming now. It was a stream that was turned on without any notice. I thank everyone for coming,” Hyeonu spoke as he leaned against the seat in the carriage.

Of course, even his polite words weren’t properly conveyed.

-I don’t agree.

-Isn’t this posture too slouched?

-Even if you aren’t polite, you should maintain the ordinary standards.

-Insolent. Too insolent.

Unsurprisingly, the viewers pointed out Hyeonu’s improper posture. However, Hyeonu had a reason to refute it. “I also don’t want to show this attitude to you at the end, but as you can see, in my arms...”

Hyeonu removed the garment that was half covering his body. He was holding something with golden fur. Tang-E had returned to his original bear form and was sleeping in Hyeonu’s arms.

-No! I don’t like this the most!!!

-Why don’t you show Tang-E?!

-Why is Tang-E sleeping in the arms of such a vicious villain?

-Come here, Tang-E. Hahaha...

The eyes of the viewers trembled as they watched Tang-E. The tremors quickly increased in intensity. This was because Hyeonu hid Tang-E back under his clothes.

“Our Tang-E is sleeping. I look forward to seeing you in the next stream.”

Hyeonu ended the stream before viewers could say anything. After that, he closed the open window of the carriage.

‘It has been good so far thanks to the stream...’

Nonetheless, there was still a long distance left, and there was nothing to do. No, there was work to be done. It just couldn’t be done in the carriage.

‘I just have to sleep.’

Hyeonu struggled with his thoughts for a while before leaning back in the seat. Tang-E, who was resting against Hyeonu’s chest, was hot.


The carriage was still for a long time. It was Tang-E who broke the stillness, twitching from where he was lying on Hyeonu. Tang-E removed the clothes that covered him and moved to the seat on the other side.

“I have woken up, so shouldn’t I eat?” Tang-E said while placing his paw on his chest, which was dyed red.

Then a piece of meat that boasted an appetizing appearance showed up in Tang-E’s paw. It was a giant chicken leg, which had been cooked in Taeyang—the capital of the Yuxin Empire. Tang-E ate it with no hesitation despite it being similar in size to his entire forearm.

The surprising thing was that he didn’t make any sounds despite eating so roughly. Tang-E stared at the still sleeping Hyeonu and quickly ate the chicken leg.

‘I have to share it if Master dude wakes up.

“Umm...” The sleeping Hyeonu moved at this moment. Tang-E flinched when he saw that and quickly placed the cooked chicken leg to his chest, hiding it in his Subspace. Hyeonu didn’t wake up though. He just changed his sleeping posture.

“Phew... Have a good sleep, damn Master dude.” Tang-E lost his nervousness and once again took out the chicken leg to eat. Just then, Hyeonu opened his eyes.

“Tang-E, are you going to eat alone?” He sat up while speaking to Tang-E.

“Uhhhh!!!” Tang-E was shocked to see Hyeonu suddenly wake up, and he unwittingly threw the chicken leg into the air. It showed his desire to hide it before Hyeonu saw it.

“Is this delicious? You were eating this alone while I was sleeping?”

The chicken leg landed in Hyeonu’s right hand, and he took a bite of it. In the meantime, his gaze didn’t leave Tang-E.

“No, it just happened. I was hungry, yes, I was so hungry that I started eating. However, Master looked to be sleeping so well that I couldn’t wake you up,” Tang-E made excuses as he watched Hyeonu.

Actually, there was no reason for him to make excuses. In fact, Tang-E had done nothing wrong. Hyeonu had been asleep when Tang-E was hungry, so it wasn’t something to apologize for. Still, Tang-E just made these excuses because he felt a bit sorry.

“Tell me if you are hungry. It seems like I had a pretty long sleep... Just look,” Hyeonu said, gesturing at how the outside of the carriage was still bright. It had also been bright when Hyeonu was streaming, so it meant that a day had passed.

‘I slept so well that it couldn’t be just an hour or two.’

Hyeonu started to pull food out of his inventory. It didn’t matter to Hyeonu, but Tang-E was different. Tang-E had to eat when he was hungry. Hyeonu filled the table with meat. It was a table only for Tang-E.

“Eat slowly. By the way, can you use chopsticks in that state?” Hyeonu asked. He looked at Tang-E in a puzzled manner, and Tang-E shook his head.

“I’ll eat it on my own. What are you doing? Aren’t you eating? Master should eat first.” Tang-E invited Hyeonu to eat first.

Hyeonu smiled and ate a piece of meat. “You eat too.”

Tang-E smiled brightly. The carriage trip deepened the relationship between the two of them.


Eventually, Hyeonu chose to get off at a city in the middle of the journey before reaching Linakalu.

“Thank you for using our service. This is currently a city near Linakalu called ‘Caronney.’ If you bring your ticket there within six days, then you can get to Linakalu.” The coachman returned the four tickets he had received from Hyeonu.

“I understand,” Hyeonu said.

After receiving the tickets, he grabbed Tang-E’s hand and walked out of the place that was filled with many carriages. Hyeonu’s decision to get off at Caronney was simple. He was bored. After spending an hour or two seeing the good scenery and another hour or two eating, he was tired of it and eventually got off before reaching Linakalu.

“It is a nice day here as well. Warm...” Hyeonu remarked.

Caronney felt like Southeast Asia. The weather was warm, and there were clear skies with no clouds. It was like a typical holiday destination.

‘I guess it’s nearby. Did I get off for no reason?’

Hyeonu felt regretful for a moment. Then he saw Tang-E’s good expression, and the feeling disappeared.

‘I should figure out what is in Caronney...’

If there was no information, then it was best to fill up his belly. Clearly, he wouldn’t achieve anything by just thinking about it. That was just a waste of time.

“Tang-E, let’s go eat.”

Hyeonu wandered around Caronney like a mouse. There was a crisis with Tang-E frowning in the middle, but Hyeonu relieved this dissatisfaction by picking Tang-E up. Finally, Hyeonu entered a store after a lot of effort. He had his own standards for selecting a place.

‘A store that seems to have a friendly employee or a store that has an employee good at sales.’

Both meant the same thing. He found a place with an NPC who seemed like they might give Hyeonu information on Caronney.

“Welcome! Is it just the two of you?” The staff in the store was very friendly as if confirming that Hyeonu’s choice was correct.

‘Okay. So far it is good.’

Hyeonu was happy and replied to the employee’s question, “Yes, two people.”

After hearing Hyeonu’s answer, the employee guided Hyeonu and Tang-E to a window seat with a good view. There was already a menu book in place on the table.

“Please choose the dishes to order, and call for me again.” The employee then turned around and headed to his original position.

“Tang-E, what do you want to eat?” Hyeonu asked Tang-E.

“I’ll think about it for a moment. Give it to me first,” Tang-E spoke resolutely and received the menu from Hyeonu.

Then he started to think while pointing to all types of dishes. Hyeonu was dumbfounded at Tang-E’s appearance. Tang-E’s mind was filled with, ‘Grilled pork, stir-fried beef, meat, meat, meat...’

It was an endless feast of meat.
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