Ranker's Return
Chapter 258
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 258

There were hundreds of people on board the plane flying between Incheon and New York. Among them were Jamie and Kale, Nike Management’s CEO and planning director.

“Boss, what happened with you?” Kale asked Jamie, who was sitting next to him with a curious look. Kale had no idea what was going on. He was referring to the conversation Jamie had on the plane when they came to South Korea. It was natural that Kale didn’t know since Jamie had handled it alone.

“I contacted Quency first. I also reported it to the South Korean prosecutor’s office. Things have become interesting. Very interesting,” Jamie said.

Kale cocked his head. ‘Interesting? Is this something that can be interesting?’

It was a serious matter. It couldn’t be called interesting. So he asked, “What does that mean? Interesting?”

“I think there is at least one Arena fan among the prosecutors. I didn’t have any evidence, but he said he had enough evidence. He was pretty happy to receive the documents I sent. I think the Korean side will be shut down soon. Then it will be hard for the involved parties in the other countries to avoid the blade. After that, Quency won’t be able to hesitate.”

Kale asked with an expression of disbelief, “Really? So he was already suspicious...”

“I was also really surprised. Then I heard his story, and it made sense. He could see that the players suddenly lost only when a certain game came out. It’s too strange to be called a jinx. It was just a vague feeling, but as a result, the prosecutor was right.”

“He has great senses. Really.”

Jamie smiled after hearing Kale’s words. “I also think so, Kale. I was so impressed that I still remember the prosector’s name. Kim Junsik, prosecutor of the First Advanced Criminal Investigation Department.”


In one of the restaurants in downtown Yuanyang, Hyeonu opened the map and gazed at it.

“Where should we go, Tang-E?”

Hyeonu was setting a destination. To be precise, he was choosing a stopover location. He had one destination—the capital of the Yuxin Empire. There, he had to meet the emperor of the Yuxin and deliver the diplomatic letter he brought, as well as receive an answer.

‘The problem is that I can’t go there without doing anything...’

It was a waste of time to just travel there, and it was no different from having no content.

‘Where can I suck up honey? There’s no information on it.’

Just then, the eating Tang-E said, “Then how about going to that mountain? There will be wild boar or grilled fish. It feels good there.”

Manhua Mountain—it was the name of the place where Tang-E said the boar had been cooked. The Chonghua Sect and Qing Feng were also over there.


As Hyeonu’s thoughts reached here, some words passed through his mind.

‘The Gucheon Secret Department... Buncheonru!’

When Hyeonu came to the East Continent in the past, he had gone to the Seongho Group to find the agent of the secret camp. He had found a ledger in the room of the Seongho Group’s master, and written on the ledger was the name ‘Buncheonru’. It had the smell of a quest.

‘It might not be the main scenario, but it has the same smell.’

Hyeonu had experience doing this type of quest in the fifth main scenario. It was the confrontation he had with Alkyl, who had been aiming for the emperor’s throne.

‘It is because the Gucheon Secret Department is a similar dark force.’

Perhaps the quest progress would be similar. At that time, it had been easy to get through because he had a cheat key—Sunny. However, Hyeonu had to do everything with his own strength this time.

“Yes, let’s go to the mountain and eat wild boar, Tang-E,” Hyeonu replied after a while.

Tang-E didn’t care about where they were going. He only cared that he would once again be able to eat wild boar, which had a fantastic taste. “Master is the best!”


Manhua Mountain wasn’t far from Yuanyang.

‘In the first place, Mount Nam was close to Mount Cheon.’

It just took time to get there because Hyeonu had to move around on foot.

“There are no monsters here. Why call me, Master dude?” Tang-E spoke in an excited manner from Hyeonu’s back.

Tang-E felt good that he didn’t have to fight, so he couldn’t help getting comfortable.

“Tang-E, aren’t I good? It isn’t fun to fight, but it is fun to run around with you.”

Hyeonu, on the other hand, was running directly to his destination. Due to the nature of the East Continent, there was only a small number of fields, so the areas where monsters appeared were quite limited. Of course, there were no opponents who were a match for him even if he wanted to fight to relieve his stress.

“Bah, Master dude doesn’t know romance. You are uncivilized, uncivilized,” Tang-E condemned Hyeonu.

“Then would you like to run in the dust? How about it?” Hyeonu struck back without losing.

Right now, Hyeonu was in the superior position as Tang-E was being carried because he didn’t want to run in the dirt. In the end, Tang-E ended up apologizing, “I’m sorry, Master. I will be quiet.”

An awkward silence was just about to flow between the two people when Tang-E thumped Hyeonu’s head.

“Master dude, someone’s over there. If you’re bored, how about going there?” Tang-E pointed to a fast-running group.

Judging by their luxurious fabrics, they didn’t seem to be commoners.


Yet there weren’t enough decorations on the clothes for them to be nobles.

‘They look like warriors.’

The warriors of the East Continent were a mix of the knights and mercenaries of the West Continent. The warriors were more systematic than mercenaries and freer than knights.

“Yes, let’s go and take a look. If not, it can’t be helped. It will be good if it works out.” Hyeonu followed Tang-E’s suggestion as Hyeonu also liked traveling with people rather than alone.

Hyeonu approached them cautiously, silencing himself when he was still a long distance away. Nonetheless, as he approached, he deliberately made some sounds, little by little. As Hyeonu intended, one of the group grasped Hyeonu’s movements and opened his mouth, “Who are you?”

“I am a person going to Shuiyang alone. If you excuse me, can I join the group?” Hyeonu politely put forward his purpose, with his mask already removed.

There were both male and female warriors in the group.

“Oh, my. Of course. Are you going to Shuiyang? We are going to Shuiyang too.” One of the women smiled brightly and dragged Hyeonu into their midst.

“Ling!” A man called out to the woman gripping Hyeonu’s arm.

However, he only got a vicious answer in return.

“Brother? Why did you call me? Do you have something you want to say?” Sparks were flying from her eyes.

The man couldn’t say anything and just moved his mouth, “Ah... It is nothing, Ling.”

“Then we should let him join, Brother,” Ling insisted.

Hyeonu looked bewildered. It was much easier to join the group than he had expected.

“Oh, my. Is this kid your nephew? So cute. His hair is too good.”

The female warriors brought Hyeonu and Tang-E to one side and started to observe the two of them. Among them, the woman called ‘Ling’ stuck to Hyeonu like chewing gum. “Warrior, why are you going to Shuiyang? Travel? Or to see someone?”

Hyeonu couldn’t help remembering a familiar person from this appearance. If Qing Feng was Kim Seokjung, then the woman called ‘Ling’ resembled Yuri. The behavior was the same, not the appearance.

‘Yuri was like this the first time I met her.’

It was really just like this. She had approached him like this, no more and no less friendly.

Hyeonu didn’t panic and skillfully answered the question, “Yes, I’m going to meet someone. Why are you going to Shuiyang?”

He pointed at Ling, and she realized that she hadn’t given her name.

“Please call me Yong Ling. I am also going to meet someone in Shuiyang,” Yong Ling stated.

“Really?” Hyeonu asked this, but he wasn’t curious at all. He just accepted it. Instead, he changed the topic, “Who are the other people you are with? Can you tell me?”

“Ah, yes,” Yong Ling said. Then she called out to the women who were trying to hug Tang-E, “Everyone, shouldn’t you give your names? How long are you going to be so rude?”

Yong Ling smiled, but there wasn’t the feeling or sound of laughter at all.

“I’m Gang Hyeonu. I have a place to visit in Shuiyang,” Hyeonu greeted them first.

Then the women started to introduce themselves to Hyeonu.

“I am Qing Hua. It will be a short time, but please take care of me, Warrior.”

“I am called Mi Li. It is a pleasure.”

The women who introduced themselves as Qing Hua and Mi Li were also very sociable. Hyeonu thought they were similar to Yong Ling.

‘At least I won’t be bored.’

“Please look after me.”


After running with them for several hours, Hyeonu was able to reach the gates of Shuiyang.

“Then I’ll see you next time, handsome warrior,” a woman’s distinctive high voice pierced Hyeonu’s ears.

“Yes, I’ll see you next time,” Hyeonu said and swallowed the words, ‘It would be nice if we never meet again.’

“Uhh... Master dude, am I still alive?” Tang-E was on the verge of dying.

“We escaped, Tang-E...”

Hyeonu and Tang-E embraced each other.

Their journey to Shuiyang had been plagued with pain. This was because Hyeonu had overlooked some things, such as how much women of this age talked and that he couldn’t predict their behavior. These two things caused a lot of trouble. On the way to Shuiyang, they had talked, answered his questions, and dragged him around.

Deep sympathy could be felt from the gazes of the young men looking at Hyeonu.

“Master dude, let’s cook a boar. I want to catch a boar,” Tang-E cried out from Hyeonu’s arms.

Hyeonu hugged him and spoke affectionately, “Before that, we should buy some things. For example, drinks and spices to sprinkle on the boar? It will be more delicious that way.”

“Okay. Let’s go.” Tang-E thought about the cooked boar meat, and some energy started to return to him.


After all the preparations, Hyeonu left Shuiyang and headed to Manhua Mountain. He ran using magic power, so he arrived there more quickly. Upon his arrival, Hyeonu said, “It has been a while, Daoist. You are still a guard.”

The gate of the Chonghua Sect was guarded by a young Daoist. On Hyeonu’s previous visit, the young Daoist had left Hyeonu alone to look for Qing Feng.

“Uh... Are you looking for Qing Feng shishu? Shishu has been looking for you several times. Why have you only come now? Just go inside. Shishu will probably welcome you.”

It was just like how the saying went. ‘Speak of the devil’, and he would come. Qing Feng suddenly appeared at the gates. When he found Hyeonu, Qing Feng blinked several times. “Oh, my. Little brother!”

Hyeonu smiled when he saw Qing Feng greet him energetically. However, it wasn’t just Qing Feng. There were a few more people behind him.


The group of warriors, including Yong Ling, were with Qing Feng.


‘This is bad,’ Hyeonu and Tang-E thought as they looked at each other.
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