Ranker's Return
Chapter 240
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 240

The blue sun was descending slowly. Without being aware of the impending disaster, the rest of the legion worker ants swarmed. In the meantime, the blue sun continued to approach the legion worker ants. Before long, the blue sun burned everything it touched.

[A legion worker ant has been defeated.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[A legion worker ant has been defeated.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[A legion worker ant has been defeated.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

[A legion worker ant has been defeated.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

Hyeonu didn’t even look at the constantly updated information windows.

‘Why is it so powerful?’

This wasn’t the magic of Tang-E that Hyeonu knew. In Hyeonu’s memories, Tang-E was certainly powerful, but it wasn’t at this level. Then Hyeonu noticed something strange. Tang-E was standing still and not moving. Hyeonu walked over to Tang-E’s side. The moment Hyeonu approached him, Tang-E spoke while remaining in that posture, “Master dude, are you okay?”

“It’s amazing. Other people would probably be shocked if they saw it, right? They would say ‘Tang-E is so powerful.’ So why are you like this? You’re not moving.”

“I used too much magic power, and my body isn’t listening. Lift me up in a hug, Master dude.”

“Can’t you just sit on the ground?”

“I don’t think I’m being too unreasonable. Just carry me silently, Master dude.”

The area where Tang-E stood was very clean. It wasn’t stained with the blood of the legion worker ants. Nevertheless, Tang-E wanted Hyeonu to pick him up.

‘Why is he bluffing like this? Really...’ Hyeonu inwardly clicked his tongue.

Tang-E could sit on the ground if he was tired. What was the problem with it?

-Huh, the master and pet are very similar.

-That is definitely Alley Leader’s pet.

-How are they so similar? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Has he forgotten that he is streaming? Or maybe they act like this when no one is looking.

In the eyes of the viewers, Tang-E was truly his master’s pet.


“I want to express my gratitude to the viewers who watched my stream today. I’m going now. See you next time.”

Hyeonu ended the stream with a neat greeting.

‘It wasn’t as sluggish as I expected.’

He smiled with satisfaction. After fighting the colony of ants, Hyeonu appealed to the viewers that Tang-E wasn’t in a good condition and simply lay on the ground. No, the viewers acted first before Hyeonu even spoke. They said that Tang-E’s condition wasn’t good and asked Hyeonu what type of hunting he wanted to do.

‘Tang-E really is helpful in many ways.’

It only happened once, but Hyeonu found out that Tang-E was capable of casting such powerful magic. Therefore, it was a harvest in its own way. Hyeonu moved immediately. Just because today’s streaming was over didn’t mean today’s work was over. He had to treat one day as two days since he had been relaxing for the past one to two weeks.


Hyeonu came out of the cube and shifted his attention to an object that glowed in a dark room. A blue light was flashing from his smartphone.

‘What came?’

Hyeonu lifted the smartphone and checked the screen.

-Dwayne: Please call me back.

The period of time passed since the notification popped up was short. It arrived just a few minutes ago.

‘He was watching the stream.’

This message arrived just as Hyeonu had finished the streaming. Hyeonu was certain about it. Dwayne watched the stream. Then when he saw that it was over, he came out of the cube and left Hyeonu a text message.

“Hello?” Hyeonu called Dwayne straight away.

Someone was waiting for his call, so it was only polite for him to make the call quickly.

-Hello? Mister Gang? Ohh, Jesus! Dwayne’s voice was overly excited when he received the call.

He still couldn’t believe he was talking to Alley Leader. During Alley Leader Academy, they only contacted each other through notes and whispers in Arena.

“Calm down, Dwayne. I will talk to you often in the future.”

They weren’t just words for Dwayne. Hyeonu was speaking to himself as well. After all, Dwayne was currently Hollywood’s best action star. It was impossible for Hyeonu not to tremble with excitement.

-I understand. Sigh...

Dwayne’s rough breathing came over the phone and entered Hyeonu’s ear. He seemed to be taking deep breaths.

“So can I ask you a few questions about what you sent in the email, Dwayne?”

-Yes, just ask. No matter what it is.

Hyeonu laid the groundwork to bring up the words he wanted. “You said you are going to take a break for a few months to a maximum of one year to play Arena. Is this true?”

Dwayne didn’t know Hyeonu’s intentions and replied without thinking, -I felt it after taking lessons from Mister Gang. I want to know more about Arena and enjoy it. It is nothing to invest one year in Arena. It is also a gift to myself since I’ve been running around for a while.

“Is that so? A gift to yourself... Good. Then what do you want to achieve in Arena during this break?”

-The goal is naturally to become an arena master. I want to be a master-level ranker. Of course, I have to work diligently and practice.

Dwayne clenched his fists. An arena master—this meant being 11th to 99th ranked in the arena. It was close to a dream position.

“Are you a gold medalist now?”

-To be precise, I am platinum. However, I’m losing more and more battles. It seems the limit of my level has come. There are more people with the third class advancement than I thought.

Dwayne’s current arena ranking was 6,702nd. It was a tremendous rise in the rankings compared to a few months ago when he was in the hundreds of millions.

‘He has talent and loves his class.’

The more Hyeonu thought about it, the more Dywane fit as the player he wanted. In any case, Hyeonu didn’t want pro gamers of an exceptional level. He was satisfied as long as they could hold out.

‘It is enough to hold on until the enemies are wiped out.’

Thus, he recruited Sunny and Yuri, who had rare classes.

“Then can I ask you one more thing, Dwayne? This question might be quite surprising.”

-Didn’t I say to just ask anything? Don’t worry about it.

Hyeonu laughed after hearing Dwayne’s words. “Dwayne, would you like to play as a pro gamer with me?”

-...It seems too much to joke about this. Dwayne’s voice sank.

It wasn’t the excited voice he had been using so far. This was a voice that was heard in the movies. It was mostly used when he was furious.

“I’m not joking. Dwayne is the fourth player. If you include me, there are five people. I would like to recruit Dwayne to be a player of Crescent Moon. The duration is one season. It’s only during this winter league.”


Dwayne heard Hyeonu’s earnest words and realized that the suggestion was real.

A pro gamer...

Becoming a pro gamer...

He couldn’t believe it.

Dwayne shouted urgently like he thought Hyeonu would withdraw the proposal, -I will do it unconditionally, Mister Gang. When is the contract signing? Once you have the contract, send me an email... I’ll go to South Korea tomorrow.

“Calm down, Dwayne. Of course, I welcome you to come to South Korea but only when the lineup is completed. I will proceed with signing the contract in the same space and at the same time. Please wait for a bit.”

-Can I ask you one thing, Mister Gang?

“What is it?”

-Can I learn from Mister Gang during my time as a player?

“Of course. I will tell you everything, but it is up to you to take it in, Dwayne.”

It was a joke. However, Dwayne took it seriously.

-Of course. Then I hope we meet as quickly as possible, Master Gang—no, Captain.


Hyeonu didn’t rest after the call with Dwayne. He engaged in a skirmish for Heder. The beginning of it was to increase the community’s favorable public opinion.

‘I’ve asked Nike, so I have to do it somehow.’

Of course, he couldn’t do it under the name of Alley Leader. Nevertheless, it was possible for him to write and comment anonymously.

‘Shall I take a look at the reaction first?’

Hyeonu quickly tapped on the keyboard.

[What if Heder becomes a pro gamer?]

[What team can he enter? JT Telecom? Or UK Heights? Will it be Telecom’s rival? Or will he go below that?]

The title selection was chosen to be as provocative as possible. There was no better topic to quickly grab people’s attention. The pro debut of a proxy knight… In addition, what was the level of the team that he could join?

Various baits were mixed in. This was pouring oil onto the burning fire. People flocked to Hyeonu’s post. There was no one in the community who would miss out on such good bait.

-Milk Drinking Yuljae: Why go to a team with bad personalities like UK and JT?

-Power Muscle King: ?? Heder used to work as a proxy knight. Is this something to think about? He can go anywhere with his skills.

-Unexpected Death when Touched: He was a diamond ranker while working as a proxy knight. Can’t he be selected in South Korea?

-Adriper Jones: However, will he be accepted? What is the use of speaking so much? It needs a team that is willing to take risks.

Despite that, the fire soon went out. It was like burning paper that left only ashes in an instant. Hyeonu read a few messages and realized that this bait wasn’t as meaningful compared to the appearance of a celebrity. Who would take Heder, a controversial proxy knight, into their team? Heder’s skills weren’t high enough to take that risk. Of course, they were pretty good but...

-God God God: However, wouldn’t Big Stars take him? Didn’t it burst there?

Hyeonu couldn’t just sit still and watch it. So he used an anonymous nickname to save his bait. After a while, Hyeonu’s efforts came to light, and a person who bit the bait appeared.

-African Eagle: Is being a pro gamer a prank? JT? UK? He can’t even go to Big Stars. He was a proxy knight. Too presumptuous.

-Milk Drinking Yuljae: No, why treat someone who apologized sincerely like this? In addition, aren’t there more than one or two dirty players among the Arena professional players in South Korea? Are you perhaps a pro gamer?

-Power Muscle King: Don’t you know there are quite a few pro gamers who are suspected of being proxy knights? Aren’t you going to get rid of them as well? They are worse than Heder. He even proved his sincerity using donations. What do you know about this topic?

The topic had really advanced by one level. Hyeonu was very familiar with the name ‘African Eagle.’

‘Ah! Is he the one who was blacklisted?’

Hyeonu clapped once the memory came to mind. African Eagle was a name that was blacklisted a few months ago after it posted bad comments on his channel.

‘Brat, did you help me this time?’

“I feel good today, so I will release you from the blacklist.”

African Eagle had eaten the bait and spoken badly, causing others to rally in sympathy for Heder. It was naturally a good thing for Hyeonu.
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