Ranker's Return
Chapter 236
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 236

“The 30 billion... Do you need to know? No, it shouldn’t be a large amount of money for the current Gang Hyeonu, right? Can’t you just bury it?” Moon Doyeong’s face was stiff as he spoke.

There were no signs of the passionate club owner. From this moment on, only the cool CEO of Moon Capital who knew nothing but money existed.

“I want it all, all of the details. Everything that CEO Moon Doyeong knows about the 30 billion won.” Hyeonu didn’t avoid Moon Doyeong’s eyes. Rather, he glared at Moon Doyeong angrily.

“I understand. I’ll tell you everything I know. Where should I start from?” Moon Doyeong let out a small sigh before smiling at Hyeonu.

“From start to finish, please tell me all of it.” Hyeonu barely smiled in response.

Instead, his lips pressed together to form the ‘一’ character. He couldn’t even smile. The reason why his father was lying in the hospital room and the reason why Hyeonyu had to pay back the money... He couldn’t smile when the reality was placed before his eyes.

“From here on, I swear on my name, Moon Doyeong, that everything I will tell you isn’t a lie.”

Then Moon Doyeong opened the briefcase he was carrying and pulled out his tablet PC.

“My company didn’t have the 30 billion won debt for long. It was only for around three or four months. You might not understand, but the lender wasn’t interested in the huge amount of 30 billion. People would say it doesn’t make sense.”

Moon Doyeong opened the memo application on the tablet PC, picked up a pen, and drew a picture. On the tablet PC, three squares were drawn in the arrangement of a triangle and respectively filled with the words ‘an investment finance company’, ‘Damsu Construction’, and ‘Moon Capital’.

Moon Doyeong drew two lines from ‘an investment finance company’ and connected a line each to ‘Damsu Construction’ and ‘Moon Capital’.

“However, it was true. It was transferred to me as a bad debt from the investment finance company. It didn’t cost me money, so I didn’t have to worry about it. Therefore, I didn’t even think about getting the interest.”

It meant the investment finance company gave away a 30 billion won debt. This was a factor that determined the company’s financial evaluation and the reason why the company wanted to dispose of a bad debt they likely weren’t going to get back.

“However, I became interested in this money from the day that you, Alley Leader, returned 10 billion won to me.”

Someone’s name was written on the line between ‘Damsu Construction’ and ‘an investment finance company’.

Jung Cheolho—he was Jung Hanbaek’s father, the vice president of Damsu Construction, and the confidant of Hyeonu’s father for decades. He was someone who was now an enemy. Hyeonu’s eyes shook when he saw the name.

Moon Doyeong continued speaking like he didn’t see Hyeonu’s appearance or maybe he was ignoring Hyeonu. “It was this man, Jung Cheolho. The 30 billion won is the result of the debt created by him. He spent decades embezzling from the mid-sized company called Damsu Construction. Jung Cheolho made two—no, three ledgers. In the second ledger, all traces were connected to the president of Damsu Construction, President Gang Seokjun.”

A link between ‘Jung Cheolho’ and ‘Damsu Construction’ was drawn.

Gang Seokjun was Hyeonu’s father.

“However, this is where there is a problem. Jung Cheolho’s embezzlement was discovered by chance. One of Damsu Construction’s projects needed a lot of money immediately. Of course, there was no problem at all on paper, but there was no money in the company’s funds. Consequently, Damsu Construction failed to supply the needed money and fell into trouble,” Moon Doyeong said while continuing to draw.

It was to make it easier for Hyeonu to understand.

“So... what next?” Hyeonu asked in a calm voice.

When Moon Doyeong heard Hyeonu’s words, he was reminded of a saying: ‘Once you reach the peak, things become rather ordinary.’ Alley Leader’s anger had reached the peak, but at a glance, he looked ordinary.

“President Gang Seokjun ran away while trying to save Damsu Construction, but there were no positive results. He just knew someone embezzled the company’s money. Gang Hyeonu, you know the situation after that. He fell from grace. In addition to the fall of the boss, Damus Construction continued to collapse. It was torn apart. The company’s assets were sold to pay off the debt, but it couldn’t be fully paid off. Finally, President Gang was suspected of corruption, and the remaining debt of 30 billion won was placed on him.”

An (X) mark was drawn next to the name ‘Damsu Construction’. Then a ‘30 billion won’ link was created between ‘Gang Seokjun’ and ‘an investment finance company’.

“The owner of this 30 billion won was Geumgang Investment Finance. It is the company that transferred the 30 billion won debt to me. It is also the parent company of the company that Jung Cheolho is now CEO of.”

On the paper, the word ‘Geumgang’ was added on top of ‘the investment finance company’.

“This doesn’t mean they are the cause of everything behind the scenes. Everything was done by this person, Jung Cheolho. He took the money he stole from Damsu Construction and handed it over to Geumgang Investment Finance to seek his own glory and wealth. Ah! He is also the person who gave the 30 billion won debt to me. I know because he came to see me.”

The picture that was completed on the tablet PC was similar to a mind map. All the branches stretched out around Jung Cheolho. Geumgang Investment Finance, Damsu Construction, and Moon Capital—everything was associated with him.

‘In the end, it is as Jung Hanbaek said. Jung Cheolho planned everything...’

Hyeonu heard all the details regarding the 30 billion won, but he still felt empty. No, it was still lacking.

‘I have to hear it from either my father or Jung Cheolho, one of the two parties involved.’

He wanted to hear their story.

‘Why did you do that? What the hell did you do just because something was lacking?’

He would hear all of it.

Hyeonu opened his mouth and said, “Thank you for telling me. I said it the other day, but I don’t blame you. You didn’t pursue an illegal collection of the debts or cause any trouble.”

“If you like, I can try finding out more. If you want to understand more than this... it probably isn’t impossible.”

Hyeonu seemed to know what Moon Doyeong had refrained from saying: ‘I am a third party while you are an involved party.’

As such, Hyeonu said, “I am grateful for the kindness, but I’ll just accept your good intentions. I will hear it directly from my father in the future.”

It was at this moment that the door opened, and the waiter served the food they had ordered.

“First, why don’t we focus on happy stories today, CEO Moon?”

“Okay. Then would you like to watch the Arena League videos?”


“Then I’ll see you next time.” Hyeonu said goodbye to Moon Doyeong, who was sitting in the car.

Then Hyeonu headed to a red Panamera. He got into his car and put his hand on the steering wheel without even starting the engine. A short time later, the red Panamera exited the hotel’s parking lot. The place where Hyeonu arrived at was situated on a road lined with huge buildings. It was the hospital where his father was hospitalized.

Hyeonu couldn’t resist coming to see his father, Gang Seokjun, after hearing Moon Doyeong’s story.

‘It must’ve been a big shock.’

Now that he thought about it again, the betrayal must’ve been a great shock to his father. Hyeonu imagined Yeongchan stabbing him in his back and felt like his vision became dark. Upon entering the hospital room, Hyeonu was in tears when he saw the skinny man. Now just looking at his father caused him to cry. His father had always been someone with a strong physique, yet he was now so skinny that the shape of his bones could be seen.

“Father...” Hyeonu called out in an woeful voice.

Of course, there was no response. A person who was in a vegetative state couldn’t move. Hyeonu clutched his father’s skinny hand with both hands. Then he started to talk about what he had heard today.

“Today, I heard the story about the 30 billion won that only you know about, Father. Uncle Jung—no, Jung Cheolho was the one who did everything, wasn’t he? I didn’t know that at all. I just knew he stabbed you in the back. He was just a completely fake human being...”

Hyeonu didn’t know when Gang Seokjun’s hands had started being like this, but they were dry. As he held his father’s dry hands, the water in Hyeonu’s eyes fell onto them.

“So I will surely get revenge. I won’t just take his property. Instead, I’ll totally ruin what he cherishes most. I’m going to shatter him to the point where he will never be seen again. So... wake up before that and stop me, Father...”

Hyeonu raised a hand and rubbed both eyes. Then he stared at his father through bloodshot eyes, wanting to keep his father’s image in his heart. He didn’t know when he would see his father again.

“Then I will go for today. I hope that I can see you smiling next time, Father.”

Hyeonu carefully closed the door of the ward and went outside without making a sound. There was a very, very weak movement in the hospital room that Hyeonu left.



Upon returning home, Hyeonu didn’t wash up. He just roughly changed clothes, sat at his desk, and opened his laptop. In order to keep a promise with his deeply sleeping father, it was necessary to arrange a schedule as leisurely as possible.

‘My anger has intensified. I was too relaxed when I was doing well.’

His sense of revenge might’ve been affected by the richness of his current life, but it didn’t matter. He was aware of it now.

‘I will send an email to Nike.’

He would tell them that he wanted to advance the schedule. In addition, he would write roughly about the players he would recruit. The team would be set as he had told Moon Doyeong.

Sunny, Dwayne, and Yuri—it would be the three of them.

Some people might laugh. Their names might be known, but their skills weren’t verified. Weren’t they just stars? However, this was not the case. Everyone was worthy of being picked. Sunny would make up for the team having only six people while Dwayne specialized in one-on-one, and Yuri could utilize her skills that were close to perfection. Looking at their true selves, the Crescent Moon team that Hyeonu was going to build was really like a dream team.

‘It is perfect once Mason is included.’

There was only one thing to say about Mason. Hyeonu had never seen a better magician player in New World or any large guilds.

‘But I need one more person.’

The question was who to get to fill the remaining spot. Two magicians, one priest, and two melee classes… In terms of proportion, one more melee class was needed. It would be even better if it was a paladin. Since there was a priest, there was no better class than a paladin who had high defense and could heal themselves.

‘Who should it be?’

Hyeonu pondered on it as he wrote an email to Nike. There were no names that came to his mind.

‘I have to go to the community.’

Eventually, Hyeonu sent the email and started to scour the Arena community. How far did he search in the Arena community? Hyeonu found an article related to a familiar name.
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