Ranker's Return
Chapter 234
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 234

A purple ogre’s club struck the ground. Mascherano managed to escape from its territory and avoided being forcibly logged out.

“Holy sh...! I was about to die.”

Mascherano passed through the death crisis and fell behind. He felt uneasy when he looked at the current appearance of Red Bull America. It was clear that all of them were in danger of dying, but none of them were frowning or feeling dread. Rather, they were smiling. It was because they had something to believe in.

“When is Alley Leader coming? I’m going to die.”

“I don’t know. He’ll come when he comes. However, can he kill them?” The king of positivity, Mascherano, was throwing up his hands. He, for one, couldn’t kill these monsters. So now he began having doubts.

‘Could Alley Leader kill them? How did he break through here and move onto the next field? Perhaps there was a way to bypass this area?’

Many doubts raged and swirled around in Mascherano’s head. Just then, a man holding a golden-furred bear ran over. It was Alley Leader. Mascherano saw him first and shouted loudly, “He’s coming!”

The other players turned their heads toward Alley Leader.

“I came to help, Mascherano.”

“Thank you for your help, Alley Leader.”

“Then leave it to me and rest behind me.’

Hyeonu placed Tang-E on the ground and drew the Mysterious Sky Sword.

‘The buffs were used before coming here. I just need to use the two giant skills and One Who Yearns.’

Hyeonu wanted to use all his skills, but he should hide some because he was streaming in real time.

[Giant’s Power has been used.]

[Your strength stat has increased.]

[Giant’s Nature has been used.]

[Your strength stat has increased.]

[One Who Yearns has been used.]

[All stats have increased.]

This alone made Hyeonu’s strength stat close to 10,000. Hyeonu used everything possible and kicked off the ground toward the purple ogre.

“What is this...?”


The Red Bull America players, who were restoring divine power and magic power at the rear, were astonished. It was crazy. The worst thing to do in a high-level field was to jump through the air. It was because a person had very limited ways to move once in the air.

-Wow, did he finally go crazy?

-It’s the same as us. Don’t you think we look like that when we’re caught?

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I never thought I would see this here. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-I’m watching Alley Leader’s stream for the first time today. Is he normally like this?

Viewers laughed while holding their stomachs. To them, Hyeonu’s actions were reckless and ignorant. However, Hyeonu never thought so.

‘I won’t be pushed when it comes to strength.’

It wasn’t a reckless act to jump in now. Rather, it was an act that could be done due to his last experience fighting the purple ogres. He calculated that this was enough as his stats and items were different from the previous time. The purple ogre’s club aimed at Hyeonu who was floating in the air, and everyone instinctively frowned at the sight.

The future that would soon occur was obvious. Nevertheless, reality turned out differently. In the collision between the Mysterious Sky Sword and the wooden club, it was the wooden club that was pushed back. The purple ogre took precisely three steps back, simultaneously revealing the fact that the tip of its club was cracked.


-Is this a true story?

“What is this?” Mascherano’s eyes shook. He was puzzled by what he saw.

This was too unbelievable. It was amazing enough that the purple ogre was attacked. In addition to that, it was pushed back one-sidedly, and this broke common sense. The higher the field, the more difficult it was to clash directly with a monster’s attack. In fact, it was almost impossible to receive it with all types of skills. Yet Alley Leader did it with a mere expression of strength.

‘Good, good.’ Hyeonu enjoyed the situation. He enjoyed the reaction of the viewers and Red Bull America who were surprised by him. Still, Hyeonu wanted a greater response. He wished for them to be even more shocked.

‘Area Proclamation.’ Hyeonu inserted the Mysterious Sky Sword into the ground. The black energy that flowed from the Mysterious Sky Sword permeated the body of one of the three purple ogres.

[The purple ogre has received the abnormal condition ‘slowed down’.]

Nonetheless, this wasn’t the end. A red line stretched out from Hyeonu’s body and connected to the purple ogre. It was Fighting Energy.

[The purple ogre has received the abnormal condition ‘slowed down’.]

The purple ogre’s movements slowed significantly.

“Kuoooooh!” The 10-meter-tall monster roared.

It was shouting toward the thing that was getting in its way.

[The Fear of the purple ogre, the naughty one of the Balder Mountains, has been heard.]

[The influence of fighting energy allows you to ignore the Fear of the purple ogre.]

However, the party involved wasn’t affected; only the purple ogre’s neck was hurt. Unaffected by the purple ogre’s Fear, Hyeonu narrowed the distance between them. His movements were as varied as the leaves falling on an autumn day. It was the footwork of Mysterious Sky Steps that Hyeonu had learned.

Simultaneously, the Mysterious Sky Sword danced. The black pure energy created by the movements of the Mysterious Sky Sword filled the air. The space was full. By the time everyone watching felt this way, the pure energy was already being shot at the purple ogre. The purple ogre waved its broken club at the pure energy flying toward it. If it were possible, it would’ve blocked with its body, but its instincts were saying that it shouldn’t be hit. The purple ogre’s club struck Hyeonu’s pure energy, and explosions occurred.

One, two, three...

The collisions with the pure energy continued, and the purple ogre’s club gradually lost its shape. In the end, only the handle of the club remained in an ugly shape, and the purple ogre could only take the hit of flying pure energy with its body. The sound from that was sharper than when the club exploded.

The purple ogre’s skin and muscles were split apart, and blood spurted out. The black pure energy passed through the purple ogre’s body, and only pieces of blood and flesh remained of it.

[The purple ogre, the naughty one of the Balder Mountains, has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

‘This is being what it means to be overgeared...!’

Hyeonu was thrilled by the sense of catharsis that filled his body. Not long ago, he had to pour out everything he had to kill three purple ogres, but things were different now. He could save what he needed and hide what needed to be hidden. Hyeonu killed the purple ogre so easily and quickly that it was incomparable.

‘There are two remaining.’

Hyeonu turned his head toward another purple ogre only to find a group of players already in front of the purple ogre. They were Red Bull America.

“We’ll take care of this one,” Mascherano shouted.

They couldn’t just sit still on the bus. It was precisely due to the viewers watching Alley Leader’s streaming.

‘We have to kill at least one.’

They didn’t want to be branded as weaklings who couldn’t kill monsters that Alley Leader could kill easily. Mascherano said, “Everyone, take your place. Go to the raid position.”

Perhaps the others were in the same mood as Mascherano as they moved so quickly that it was reminiscent of the league match from a few hours ago.

‘It is because of the viewers.’ Hyeonu realized why there was such a sense of unity. It must be because they were appearing in his streaming.

That’s why he was troubled. Should he deal with the third purple ogre in moderation and hand it over to them? Or should he kill it as per usual?


His worries didn’t last long though. Since when was he ever troubled by this?

‘Let’s take the video of the year.’

Was he in a position to be considerate of others? Hyeonu was just one streamer. He was aiming to be a pro gamer, and they were people in the position he was aiming for.

‘Who am I being considerate of?’

During the short time when Hyeonu was distressed, Red Bull America skillfully fought the purple ogre together. It was like watching a raid in the league. They managed their skills and aggros like a well-oiled machine. It was simply a formula in itself.

-This is it. This is Red Bull America!

-They will be America’s champions for this league! The New York idiots can get lost!

Viewers were excited to see Red Bull America’s usual appearance. This was it. This was their original look.

-Still, Alley Leader defeated that ogre by himself.

-It is already out of the norm.

-Just praise Alley Leader. Shout!! God Alley Leader!

-Our captain is worth 12 people. They can’t be compared.

Suddenly, Mascherano’s right arm was surrounded by blazing flames. It was terrifying to see how much magic power he could pour out. When the purple ogre saw that, it started to struggle.


[The Fear of the purple ogre, the naughty one of the Balder Mountains, has been heard.]

[The waves of fire allow you to ignore the Fear of the purple ogre.]

Even so, Mascherano was a ranker; he had skills to fight against CC. He safely hit the purple ogre while his teammates constrained the movements of the purple ogre.

“Eradicating Fire,” Mascherano said.

His fist struck it, and the purple ogre’s body started to burn. The skill Mascherano used took a long time to complete, but it was one of his most powerful skills.

[The purple ogre has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

Eventually, the purple ogre became a handful of ashes. Mascherano smiled at the message in front of him, but his smile disappeared in an instant. It was because an unbelievable sight unfolded before his eyes. “This is ridiculous.”

Simultaneously, the other players already looked like they lost their soul. They stared at Alley Leader with open mouths.


Hyeonu was aiming for this year’s best video, but he still thought of the minimum of consideration he should give to Red Bull America. Consequently, he waited for them to kill the purple ogre.

‘They’ll be mentioned. I have to show this much consideration.’

The streaming perspective was in the third-person point of view, so both Red Bull America’s and Hyeonu’s battles could be seen. Hyeonu fought a slow battle just like when he hunted the purple ogres the previous day. On the third purple ogre, Hyeonu made only a few wounds that were light enough for a few blood drops to flow out. Not a single decent wound could be seen on the purple ogre’s body. Soon after, Mascherano’s cry was heard. When Hyeonu realized that the battle over there was done, he started fighting in earnest.

‘Make as much impact as possible.’

He didn’t need it to be gorgeous. It would be enough just to shock the minds of those who saw it. That was different from being gorgeous.

“Kuooh!” The purple ogre cried out at Hyeonu’s mysterious movements that changed in an instant.

It instantly lost sight of Hyeonu. After disappearing, Hyeonu reappeared at a spot near the purple ogre. He swung the Mysterious Sky Sword without having formed sword energy. It was a reckless attack that was ridiculed by viewers. Yet it took only one second to turn the ridicule to amazement.

One of the purple ogre’s knees was cut by the Mysterious Sky Sword. It was a sight that didn’t make sense, but this was just the beginning. The Mysterious Sky Sword moved again before the purple ogre even realized its knee had been cut. The goal was the knee on the other side.

Once again, one of the purple ogre’s knees was cut. The next target was the waist, followed by the neck. Hyeonu killed the overwhelming purple ogre with just four cuts.
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