Ranker's Return
Chapter 233
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 233

Shortly after the league ended, Mascherano threatened his teammates, who wanted to rest, and accessed Arena.

‘Today, we will break through.’

He didn’t know how Alley Leader did it, but in order for Red Bull America to move to the next area, they needed to kill the monsters called the purple ogres.

“Today, we will kill them using any means,” Mascherano declared in a solemn voice. However, he only received cold gazes and criticism in return.

“You previously guaranteed our rest time. This is a garbage dealer.”

“It is your fault that we can’t kill them, Mascherano.”

“You really don’t have a video of this monster among the ones Alley Leader sent you?”

The other professional gamers of Red Bull America were furious with Mascherano who limited their rest.

“Why are you doing this? We watched all the videos together. In any case, we have to kill them before we can move onto the next area. It has already been three days. Aren’t we gamers for Red Bull? Didn’t the New York idiots kill them? Shouldn’t we keep up?” As always, Mascherano deflected the accusations of his team members with a soft attitude, then he cleverly changed the topic.

“They’ve already moved onto the next area?”

“We can’t lose to the idiots of New York.”

Red Bull America competed against the New York Warriors. The reason for that was simple. They were part of the same American League, and the two teams were first and second respectively in the league.

The New York Warriors were number one of course.


“Everyone, I’m going to follow them now. Of course, I’m not going to stab them in the back. I just want to let you know how scary this place is.”

Hyeonu was watching the dozens of Red Bull professional gamers, including Mascherano, as they walked.

-Yes, I don’t believe it.

-He is still dreaming of fishing. We won’t get caught anymore.

-Give it up and reveal the true level here.

“Everyone, if you don’t believe me, then believe them—Red Bull America. Yes? Don’t you know? They are Red Bull, one of the leading teams of the United States.”

The perspective of the stream had changed. The display of Hyeonu’s surroundings was synchronized with his vision, and the viewers could see what Hyeonu saw.

-Is it the real Red Bull?

-Isn’t that Mascherano?

-Guys, are we being cheated once again?

-He even invited Red Bull? Are they all trying to deceive us?

The viewers who saw Red Bull America decided they were being deceived once more. They wondered if Alley Leader had invited Red Bull America, one of the best teams in the world.

‘I’m going to have to talk to Mascherano.’

It was the minimum courtesy. Mascherano was someone Hyeonu knew, but politeness should still be maintained.

-To Mascherano: Mascherano? It is Alley Leader. I’m streaming right now, and I accidentally came across you. Hyeonu carefully sent Mascherano a whisper. Of course, the voice that was sent to the stream was turned off. It was so that the viewers couldn’t hear it. However, the viewers didn’t feel it was strange as it was common sense for a person to remain quiet when following someone.

-From Mascherano: Huh? Me?

Mascherano instinctively turned his head at the whisper he abruptly received.

-To Mascherano: Stop. Don’t look for me!! I am streaming. Please pretend you don’t know. I have my reasons for this.

When he heard Alley Leader’s urgent whisper, Mascherano managed to prevent himself from turning back, stopping his head to look at the colleague next to him instead.

“What are you looking at? If you have time to watch me, why not try doing a simulation against those monsters? If we are destroyed like last time, we will be sleeping in a coffin today, not a bed.”

It was Alley Leader’s secret yet Mascherano was forced to hear such spiteful words.

“Sigh...” Hyeonu sighed with relief as he saw it from a distance.

His stream would’ve become a mess if Mascherano made contact with him.

-From Mascherano: I understand. Now I’m on my way to hunt the purple ogre. Please help me if it becomes dangerous.

‘Help him?’ Hyeonu shook his head at Mascherano, who asked something so natural. Hyeonu was currently streaming, so it was undoubtedly impossible for him to just pass by if Mascherano was in a crisis. After all, more than 10 million viewers were watching.

-To Mascherano: Absolutely. I’ll show up at a dangerous moment.

Mascherano smiled as he received Hyeonu’s answer. “We will unconditionally kill it today. No, it isn’t unconditional. It is certain.”

After Mascherano’s confirmation, his fellow players looked at Mascherano like he was crazy.

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“What is this confidence? Did you get a sudden realization?”

“He seems to have received a whisper. Who is helping? Is it Alley Leader?”

Mascherano nodded with a face full of confidence. The other players cocked their heads at the same time.

“Did you learn that Alley Leader is coming?”

“Alley Leader is behind us.”


Mascherano’s players tried to turn their heads, so Mascherano quickly opened his arms and wrapped them around the neck of the two players standing on both sides of him. The gazes that were aimed at the surroundings naturally turned back to Mascherano.

“Alley Leader is streaming. He discovered us by coincidence and is now following sneakily. He must have his reasons for doing so. Just think of it as having an invincible bodyguard. Don’t worry about it too much.”

Everyone nodded. An invincible bodyguard—there were no other appropriate words to describe Alley Leader in the current situation. They had nothing to be afraid of with him behind them.

‘This is an opportunity.’

In fact, today’s hunt was just to gain experience with the purple ogres. Mascherano actually had little idea of reaching the field beyond the purple ogres. The purple ogres were too powerful. In fact, one purple ogre didn’t matter. The problem was...

‘The biggest problem is that three of them appear at once.’

The issue was that there were no melee players who could face three purple ogres simultaneously.

If they had Reina, then they might be able to do it even if it was very tiring. However...

‘There is also the league schedule...’

There was a complete conflict. Red Bull rested when the Warriors played, and the Warriors rested when Red Bull played. Mascherano barely managed to make time in his schedule for his last visit to Reina. At this time, a huge opportunity arrived because Alley Leader encountered Red Bull America.

There was a chance for them to reach the next field without Reina.


“Everyone, the battle seems to have begun,” Hyeonu whispered in a low voice. It was as Hyeonu said. Mascherano and Red Bull America had started the purple ogre raid. They were going against three purple ogres.

-Isn’t this completely different from the lions just now?

-Did the ogres look so scary before?

-Look at those ugly faces. You will die if you get hit.

-Hey, what is with those clubs...? I think they’re the size of five poles put together?

Viewers were overwhelmed by the appearance of the huge purple ogres. The black-maned lions and the mountain harpies were huge and gave off overwhelming pressure, but the purple ogres went beyond that. It was like watching boss monsters.

“It seems ridiculous, but they aren’t boss monsters. Then what are they? They are named monsters. That’s it.”

-What? It is a named monster?

-What are you talking about, Mr. Streamer? How is that not a boss?

-Are you lying again?

The viewers denied Hyeonu’s words. How could such monsters only be named monsters? They should at least be boss monsters.

“It is true. Didn’t I tell you? This is a very difficult place. The purple ogre doesn’t count as a boss monster.”

It was true.

The title ‘Solo Raider’ wasn’t activated when Hyeonu fought the purple ogres in the past.

“Oops. Right when I’m speaking, Mascherano just fired a strong pure energy at the abdomen of one of the purple ogres. He was hit in return, but isn’t the important thing that he hit the monster?”

Hyeonu forgot the concept of following them secretly, and the viewers also participated in it.

-Oh, isn’t it dangerous?

-The healer’s divine power must be exhausted. The heals are stopping.

-The tankers and damage dealers are still fine.

-The magicians seem to be running out of magic power. They can’t use CC or high-grade magic?

Then the situation reached the climax. Out of the 12 players, there were three priests and two magicians. Consequently, they didn’t have the power to continue fighting the purple ogre as before and fled the battlefield.

“Did you see? This is the beginning of the Balder Mountains. Level 100? That is an insult to the Balder Mountains.”

-Stop the white noise and save them quickly.

-It isn’t too late to bluff after saving them!

-Save Red Bull!! Save America!!!

-Save the stupid Mascherano!!!

The viewers urged Alley Leader, who was too relaxed despite the urgent situation. Nevertheless, Alley Leader wasn’t in a hurry. His body remained motionless as he moved his mouth.

“Do you know that Mithrilman? I admire Mithrilman. He is a paid hero. Isn’t he the perfect hero in this day and age?”

The viewers realized something after hearing Hyeonu’s words. Why wasn’t Alley Leader moving? It was because the ones protesting were the fans of Red Bull America, not the viewers.


-He is being like this...

-Red Bull fans, what are you doing? You have to use a gold coin tribute.

The quick-witted viewers noticed it and gave advice. Red Bull fans had to use gold coins if they wanted Red Bull America to be saved. Only give and take could save Red Bull.

-Red Bull Master has gifted you 100 gold coins.

-Fire Bull has gifted you 99 gold coins.

-Wonder America has gifted you 123 gold coins.

Hyeonu stared at the chat window. He couldn’t keep his eyes off the emoticons in the shape of gold coins that kept rising.

‘Is this the power of Red Bull America?’

The gold coins were great. He could feel it without looking. His bank balance was becoming a bigger number.

-You got it, so get to work, this Alley Leader!

-Mascherano is about to die!! He will die if he is hit one more time.

“Wait a minute. Really wait a minute. My energy was charged, but my equipment isn’t here. I will use my final weapon. Tang-E, come out.”

Tang-E appeared in the magic circle with his paws raised as he shouted, “I am here today.”

The atmosphere was good, but it was only temporary. Tang-E was unable to bear Hyeonu’s gaze. His ears turned hot and used buffs as he moved into Hyeonu’s arms.

“Then I, Alley Leader, will come out now.”
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