Ranker's Return
Chapter 232
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 232

[A-World’s First 6th Main Scenario Release Streaming]

Hyeonu’s title choice had always been the best. His title selection was as remarkable as the position selection of the person who had been praised as one of the world’s best strikers in the past.

-Is the stream title a true story?

-Is it true that Alley Leader is opening the main scenario?

-Is it true that he will monopolize the sixth main scenario by himself?

Many viewers saw the stream title and wondered about the ‘true story’. It was unbelievable that he was making it public. Even though there had been previous examples of him doing so, this was still hard to believe. Releasing the 6th main scenario on the stream meant it would soon be shared with others. It was an act that undermined the value of information. Hyeonu intended to share the rights of the owner instead of using these rights.

-We have to be good to the real Alley Leader. Where else would we see this type of thing for free?

-Honestly, I want him to do some paid streaming. This is in addition to his twice-a-week streams.

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So each additional streaming will be paid? I also agree. Paid.

Viewers would line up to watch even if it was paid streaming. Normally, in cases of paid streaming, the criticisms of the streamer would be in proportion to the money the streamer earned. However, it was okay for Alley Leader, so they begged him for more streams.

“Hello. This is Alley Leader who brought you the main scenario instead of flowers. It is nice to see you.”

Hyeonu started his stream with his usual greeting. However, the expression behind his mask was different from the expression he usually had while streaming. He noticed something just before gold coins would usually burst out, and it made him grin widely.

‘Why are there so many viewers?’

It was difficult to hold back his laughter. The number of viewers was twice as high as usual. In other words, more than 10 million viewers were watching Hyeonu’s stream at the moment. It was the first time that a personal streamer had this number of viewers since the birth of A-World.

“First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my stream today. Thank you for watching.”

Viewers questioned Hyeonu’s behavior that was different than usual.

-What’s wrong with him all of a sudden?

-He has grown up.

-No, look at the number of viewers right now. You will soon figure out the reason. The number of viewers is over 10 million.

-Oh, over 10 million?

-Wow, amazing. Crazy. 10 million.

-Isn’t it two or three times more than usual?

The viewers were surprised. Alley leader’s usual number of viewers was unique in A-World. Today, it was two or three times higher than usual. It was the first time they had seen such a number.

“Everyone must be wondering about the main scenario, so I’ll skip the introduction and start explaining it straight away.”

-Go, go.

-Quickly give an explanation.

-I wish that there are many viewers every time. Then the progress will be fast.

“As I explained the other day, the sixth main scenario is about moving to the East Continent. I will tell you precisely what it is today.”

After he finished speaking, Hyeonu pulled something out. It was a large sheet of parchment that was sold in stores. The parchment contained large words explaining the scenario.

“I have prepared this for viewers who come in later. I have cleared the first part of the sixth main scenario. The only thing left is the last barrier blocking the East Continent. This stream is about getting rid of that barrier.”


-How to get rid of it?

“It is easy. Do you know Derek Castle? There is a field near there called the Balder Mountains. We just need to reach the mountain in the deepest part of the mountain range and then eliminate the barrier. This will allow us to move to the East Continent.”

-Isn’t that easy?

-It isn’t hard at all?

-I can do it with dogs and cows.

-Yes, we can’t be worse than dogs or cows.

Viewers thought it was easier than they thought. Just break through the field—the condition for the main scenario was too simple.

“However, there are things that have been overlooked. In order to kill the monsters present at the beginning of the Balder Mountains, you need a party of six players who have already obtained their third class advancement. Once you go a bit deeper, you need three teams working together to hunt. Do you still think it is easy?”

Hyeonu’s explanation shattered the thoughts of the viewers. In truth, it wasn’t easy at all. They felt despair that reaching the East Continent would only be a pipe dream until action was taken by Quency.

“This is why I mentioned six months in the previous streaming. By that time, many of you may have done your third class advancement. Then won’t it be possible for you to create characters in the East Continent?”

-Yes. We can just enjoy it.

-By starting in the East Continent, existing players don’t need to cross the Balder Mountains.

-Then I’ll have to work hard to level up for six months. This way, I can go to the East Continent and enjoy some content.

The viewers quickly acknowledged the situation. They were always one or two steps slower. There was no need to be obsessed when they knew it was impossible for them to go to the East Continent now. They accepted that if they enjoyed the present, the content of the East Continent would naturally emerge.

“We are going to look around the Balder Mountains today. What type of monsters are there, and what are their levels? I will show you everything if time allows.”

Hyeonu changed the perspective to first person and showed viewers the surrounding landscape. There was nothing else. It was a common view of a castle. The walls were just very thick and high. It seemed to be a castle on the borders.

“You might not know, it but this is Derek Castle. We’ll start here and go to the Balder Mountains,” Hyeonu said. He moved diligently and continued speaking, “I am coming out of the east gate. You will be in big trouble if you go somewhere else.”

After that, Hyeonu explained how to move to the Balder Mountains. It was really at the level of a strategy guide. He gave detailed examples like he was teaching a kindergarten child how to count from one to ten. At this moment, one viewer remembered what Hyeonu had written a while ago and asked about Zenith and Five Stars.

-I heard progress was slow due to Zenith and Five Stars. How did you solve it?

-Yeah, that’s right. I was relieved because I thought you would do different content for the streaming today.

-They’re complete bastards! I know!!

-I was subscribed to their channel. Then I unsubscribed, and now I don’t watch any videos that show their names.

Hyeonu stopped walking.

He stood still and said in a low voice, “Um... I want to thank those who have been concerned. I will tell you that I’m done with them. You probably won’t see them in the Balder Mountains. ...At least, during the time when this main scenario is happening. I don’t know about later.”

Hyeonu spoke normally like it was nothing special. It was just the viewers who got goosebumps at the sight. Alley Leader had killed members of Zenith and Five Stars, and the two guilds would no longer appear in the Balder Mountains. This meant it would be considerably hard for them to recover from the damage they were dealt upon dying.

What were the penalties for those with high points in wicked deeds? The viewers all understood the meaning hidden in Hyeonu’s words:

-It means he killed everyone. He says it like he is having lunch.

-Alley Leader’s toughness is truly awesome.

-Isn’t this the same as having a meal?

-They should’ve known their opponent and walked away. Is Alley Leader an opponent who can be defeated by using numbers?

Then they scolded the folly of the two guilds. No matter how much someone coveted the main scenario, they should look at the identity of the opponent. It was a common idea. They brought about this result because they failed to properly estimate their opponent.

“Then I’ll stop talking here. I have arrived. This is the beginning of the Balder Mountains.”

There were endless mountains on the screen. They all had a huge height that soared into the sky. Hyeonu stepped onto such a mountain.

“Diya Mountain, the first of the Balder Mountains, has two types of monsters—the black-maned lions and the mountain harpy. Among them, be careful of the black-maned lions.”

At this moment, three black-maned lions appeared.


The lions were close to 10 meters tall and had gorgeous black manes that made the viewers sigh.

-The lions are huge!

-They are very fast.

-Look at those teeth. If I get bitten, my head will be crushed in one shot.

Viewers shuddered when they saw the black-maned lions move.

“You can see that they are fast. Their claws and teeth are also sharp, while their skin is tough. You may die easily if you don’t handle them properly.”

Hyeonu dodged the attacks from the lions while continuing to explain to the audience.

-Hey, what is this? Don’t they seem weak?

-It is only fierce on the surface; it is completely empty inside.

-Isn’t it actually an easy hunting ground?

-I think we’re being scammed.

-Don’t tell me...? He isn’t the type to joke around. He just bluffs a little bit.

Just then, blue pure energy soared from the Mysterious Sky Sword. Hyeonu swung the Mysterious Sky Sword exactly three times. All three black-maned lions were cut and split into two. Hyeonu lightly brushed the blood off the Mysterious Sky Sword and placed it back in the sheath.

“It is easy for me to kill it, but this is because I’m so good. Be careful when you come here because they are terrible.”

-Yes, you are scamming us right now.

-I see. Alley Leader’s personality has come out.

-Why are you hitting someone in the back?

-In fact, the lions are level 100.

Hyeonu’s words were already echoes that no one listened to. None of the viewers believed him.

“Eh? It’s real though? They really are strong. I’m not lying about this.”

Hyeonu was very frustrated.

‘Why don’t they believe me?’

He never dreamed that coming to the Balder Mountains would be so poisonous.

-Yes, I can’t trust you.

-He one-shot killed a monster that requires a party of six players with the third class advancement to hunt. As expected of Alley Leader.

-You think of us as idiots.

Now they wouldn’t listen to Hyeonu no matter how he explained it. It was because the gap between his words and reality was too great. Dozens of minutes passed, and Hyeonu broke through Diya Mountain at a frantic pace.

“It would be great if those watching my streaming now would log into Arena and come to the Balder Mountains. You will just lose experience.”

-Yes, I’m sure.

-Those people are so pitiful. What to do?

-Yes, listen to Alley Leader.

The viewers still ignored Hyeonu’s words and mocked him. Just then, Hyeonu saw some people in front of him and came up with an idea.

‘Won’t they understand if I do this?’

“Everyone, I will show you how dangerous this place is.”
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