Ranker's Return
Chapter 231
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 231

A day before the main scenario was released on the stream, Hyeonu took some special action. It was a decision he made for a more perfect monopoly.

‘It is also a test...’

His armor had changed, and Hyeonu’s specs had changed beyond imagination. The extra stat points that appeared on the information window was more than 2,000. Considering the changes that would occur with Tang-E’s buffs and Hyeonu’s buffs, it was right to think of it as an increase in thousands of stat points.

Currently, Hyeonu wasn’t far from the camps of the five guilds, including New World. However, this location was far away from the place where Hyeonu was originally hunting. Why had Hyeonu come here alone? It was related to the special measures he had taken. The special measures were taken so that ‘they’ could devour the monopoly together, rather than him alone.

‘Shooting a video.’

It was about providing information about monsters. This was a type of attack strategy. Just as he taught the viewers of the arena, he was going to teach them how to hunt the monsters.

‘I have to gather the maps faster.’

The maps the five guilds had given to Hyeonu combined to make a complete map of the beginning of the Balder Mountains. Nonetheless, it wasn’t enough. Hyeonu didn’t need the initial map but the map that went deeper.

‘At this rate, there will be no effect other than an increase in viewers.'

This was the problem. One of the reasons he provided information to the four guilds, apart from New World, was being nullified. If Hyeonu fought alone, then it would be no different from clearing the main scenario alone. It was why Hyeonu made this decision. He wanted to use them more efficiently.


The monster’s arm, which was covered in metal, stretched out and destroyed the space where Hyeonu had just been standing. Hyeonu dodged effortlessly and spoke quickly without taking his eyes off the monster, “The name of this monster is the wire monkey. As you can see, its body is covered with iron, and its arms and tail stretch out like this to attack.”

Even as Hyeonu spoke, the attacks of the wire monkeys continued. The silver tail elongated and flew at Hyeonu.

“Of course, it is covered with iron, so it has a very high defense. They also have a lot of health. Instead, there are weaknesses.” Hyeonu stopped talking and flicked his left hand. Tang-E, who had been standing silently behind Hyeonu, fired a blue flame at the wire monkey’s tail. The tail of the wire monkey that was hit by Tang-E’s flames melted little by little.

“Kiiiiik!!!” The wire monkey screamed with pain as its tail melted.

Hyeonu pointed to that wire monkey and said, “As you can see, they are vulnerable to attacks with a strong fire attribute. In addition, one more thing.”

As Hyeonu flicked his finger again, Tang-E launched dozens of blue ice spears at another wire monkey. The ice spears struck the body of the wire monkey in a gruesome manner, and the pierced monkey showed a pained expression. Then something strange happened. The silver objects seen all over the wire monkey’s body started to break.

Hyeonu watched the wire monkey for a while before swinging the Mysterious Sky Sword. The black pure energy that was produced along the trajectory of the Mysterious Sky Sword struck the entire body of the wire monkey.

“Kiing!” The wire monkey gave a last scream and was transformed into a mass of experience.

[A wire monkey has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

“Once hit with magic of the ice attribute, the armor that covers its body will be broken. Then its defense will be very low. You can kill the wire monkeys like this. So this is the end of the third monster in the Balder Mountains, the wire monkey.”

After the battle, Hyeonu called out to Tang-E, “How was it? Was it okay this time?”

“It was okay this time. It is impossible to show anything more,” Tang-E answered.

Hyeonu sighed with relief at Tang-E’s words. It was already the fifth time he shot it. The first three times, the wire monkey died so quickly that he couldn’t film it.

‘I overlooked one option...’

[-Increase the effect of magic power related skills by 100%.]

Previously, he wasn’t aware of it properly because he was fascinated by Tyrant’s Advent that could summon Caruso. He only realized how strong it was once he started hunting. The monsters that previously needed to be hit by Crescent Moon Cut and Mysterious Sky Range now just needed to be cut at their vital points several times with pure energy.

Hyeonu discovered the reason after that. How had he suddenly become so strong? This option was the answer he found.

‘It matches really well with my class characteristics.’

Hyeonu’s class, Knight of Keon, possessed more magic power related skills than the magician class. He had also gained other additional skills, so the set effect was more efficient.

“Then let’s go hunt the next monster.”

“What is it this time, Master dude?”

“We are going to kill a cow.”

“A cow is good.”

Tang-E was embraced by Hyeonu.


The videos Hyeonu had taken throughout the day were spread around by Gang Junggu and fell into the hands of the five guilds. The blonde beauty focused her entire attention on the video on the screen, which showed a man hunting a monster. It was a video with no major features, but the pleasant voice and neat movements of the man made her look at the screen. She wouldn’t have looked away from the screen if it wasn’t for her smartphone vibrating.

“What’s going on? Aren’t you busy, Mascherano?” Reina answered the call with a sharp voice.

-What’s happening today? Why are you so cold? Did I get the timing wrong? Mascherano seemed to have this experience more than once or twice.

“I am watching a video of Alley Leader. I’m in the middle of it.”

-Ohh, I was also watching. Shall we watch together?

“No, I will watch it alone. I’m hanging up.” Reina really tried to hang up.

Mascherano noticed it based on previous experience and cried out urgently, -I’m at your door right now. I’m in front of the accommodations. I bought something to eat. It’s a bunch of cakes.

Reina was instantly stunned and stopped trying to hang up.

-I bought them all from your favorite cake shop. It was to the point where I was scolded by the people behind me. So please open the door...

The nail was driven in, and Reina was persuaded. She picked up her smartphone and said, “Okay, I’ll let you in.”

Reina was a cake enthusiast. She really liked desserts. Even if she didn’t eat a proper meal, she would eat bread, cakes, and sweets. Mascherano knew this and used it as a way to gain a visit. A short time later, Mascherano appeared with his hands full of shopping bags. “He...”

“Give it to me,” Reina interrupted Mascherano and grabbed the shopping bags he had brought.

They were filled with cheesecake, chocolate cake, pretzels, macaroons, eclairs, and more. Reina started eating the cakes and sweets like she had forgotten about Mascherano or was just ignoring him. Mascherano was familiar with Reina and pressed the remote control to play the video that had been paused.


His eyes never left the screen.

-So this is the end of the third monster in the Balder Mountains, the wire monkey.

Reina cleaned up the desserts while she was absorbed in the video sent by Hyeonu. Mascherano saw it when he turned his head, and he opened his mouth to ask, “Have you killed this monster before?”

“I have. It took me around 20 minutes.”

Hearing Reina’s response in her usual tone, Mascherano pressed the remote control toward the screen again.


Then he said, “Does this make sense? We killed one while he is killing two monkeys at the same time!”

“Yes, it took us 20 minutes while Alley Leader took less than three minutes to fight like that. He even knew their weaknesses.”

Mascherano couldn’t understand the videos he had been sent. How could a person be so strong? Hyeonu was also a player like them, yet he was so leisurely against monsters who attacked so fast. He did what he said. They realized this was the commonly called ‘playing Arena with your mouth.’

In short, Alley Leader was like a man of a different world.

“How the hell did he raise his character?” Mascherano said bewilderedly.

Reina scoffed at Mascherano’s words. Mascherano’s face distorted after he saw her ridicule. “What is it?!! Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Do you have to ask? Do you think you could do that if you have the same character?”

“Do you think I can’t?”

“Yes, you can’t. Aren’t you worse than me? I don’t have the confidence either. You still don’t understand him.”

Knives poured out of Reina’s mouth, and Mascherano’s face turned red like he had been struck by a sword. Mascherano’s hands shook. He failed to overcome his anger, but there was nothing he could do. Instead, he just ate the cake he bought.

“Are you crazy? Stop eating.” Reina wasn’t happy as her precious cakes were disappearing into that idiot’s belly. She had to stop him quickly.

At this moment, Reina’s smartphone rang.


The hand that was reaching toward Mascherano changed directions and grabbed her smartphone.

[An email has arrived.]

It was a notification that an email had been sent to the account that was only known to her close acquaintances. Reina tilted her head in a confused manner. This account rarely received emails. Those who knew this email address knew it was faster to make a phone call than to send an email.

‘Who is it?’

Reina accessed her account with the laptop connected to the projector. It showed the sender’s name.

‘There’s no such name among my acquaintances though?’

It was Gang Hyeonu. Reina moved the mouse over the delete button. Just then, Reina was fickle and moved the mouse back again to click on the email.

-I should’ve told you when sending the video, but I forgot. Thus, I am sending you an email. It will be hard to see Zenith or Five Stars in the Balder Mountains in the coming months. Just focus on the league and the main scenario, Reina.

‘Don’t tell me...?’

Did he fight them for her?

All sorts of speculations filled Reina’s mind.

Meanwhile, Mascherano regained his sense of reason and looked at the email on the screen. ‘What does this mean? Focus on the league and the scenario? What is the relationship between the two of them that they’re exchanging words like this?’

Mascherano couldn’t resist his curiosity and asked, “What is this, Reina?”

However, Reina’s reaction was chilly. “Shut up and watch the video. Otherwise, leave.”
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