Ranker's Return
Chapter 226
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 226

Sometimes it was surprising to see the expected results. It was the difference between thinking and actually seeing it. Yuri’s sword, which was surrounded by a blue sword energy, cut at the opponent’s neck. Scarlet blood burst out from the wound like a fountain.

“Another battle has ended with Leah’s victory. As expected, she is overwhelming in the ranking battles. There is nothing for me to say.”

This was Hyeonu’s impression when he saw Yuri’s ranking battle. Overwhelming, oppressive, dominating—these were the types of appearances Yuri had shown during the last 20 ranking battles. After using the priest’s distinctive buffs and occasionally forming shields to neutralize the opponent’s attacks, her attacks succeeded. This was Yuri’s winning formula.

“Won’t she obtain a bronze medal today? I think I’ve raised a good student.”

At Hyeonu’s words, the comments started to rise in the chat window.

-Really... She keeps winning.

-Isn’t she actually a paladin instead of a priest? It doesn’t make sense.

-I thought it would be like this, but I’m still flustered when it turned out to be real.

-Can’t you hold one more academy? Please, I also... want to escape the deep sea. ㅠㅠㅠ

Yuri appeared from the arena and looked at the chat window.

“Don’t you believe in me? It is very sad. Do I look like that? I think I’ve shown enough skill...” Yuri spoke like she was disappointed.

The audience quickly started to write messages in surprise.

-Who said such filthy words?

-Don’t make that look!!

-Leah is the Best has gifted you with 77 gold coins.

-Goddess Leah has gifted you 88 gold coins.

-Shining Leah has gifted you with 77 gold coins.

Yuri smiled at the sight of the gold coins.

“It was my misunderstanding. I’m sorry. The viewers were thinking of me...” She bowed and apologized to the audience.

Once Yuri finished bowing, she naturally turned to Hyeonu.

‘This is really...’ Hyeonu smiled warmly at Yuri as she winked at him with an innocent expression. ‘I should buy her a proper meal with Yeongjun. I’ll give her some pocket money as well.’

Yuri was filled to the bone with capitalism and was suitable to be a streamer.


After 20 ranking battles, Yuri’s ranking was approximately 70 million. Her level was high, so the rankings of her opponents were naturally high as well. This meant Yuri’s ranking rose quite a lot higher than her initial ranking.

‘She was around 200 million when she first started, right?’

This meant she would reach 10 million approximately after 50 victories.

‘It will definitely rise quickly if the level is high.’

There was a big difference compared to just a few months ago. As the number of players increased, there would be more players in the arena and high-leveled players would attain a greater rise in the low rankings.

‘However, it is boring.’

It was good that a priest entered the arena rankings, but only the idea was good. Yuri’s skills were so good that there was no sense of dramatics at all. This was just natural. It was natural for her to win and for her ranking to rise. No tension could be seen.

‘This... What should I do?’

While Hyeonu was struggling, this happened. The image of Yuri interacting with the audience had disappeared, and the next ranking battle began.

“Everyone, it is time to watch Leah’s ranking battle again.”

-Boooooo! Let me hear a woman’s voice!

-I need a new face, not just a new voice!

-Not a dull guy! A pleasant high tone, not a low voice!

Hyeonu smiled at the audience’s enthusiastic response.

‘I must call him.’

Hyeonu had an unpaid guest who could be called at any time. Moreover, he was a great guest.

“Are you bored because I’m commentating alone? Then I should call my second guest. Tang-E!”

The moment Hyeonu’s words ended, there was a gorgeous magic circle, and a golden bear appeared.

“Tang-E is here!!!!!” Tang-E’s loud scream rang through the arena.

Tang-E’s appearance was as intense as the fancy magic circle. His five somersaults surpassed the three somersaults that he showed in the past. Tang-E made a clean landing and patted his head with his two front paws. It was like he was being stroked by someone.

-Aigoo, Tang-E is so cute.

-Will Tang-E become a commentator?

-From now on, Tang-E will commentate alone.

-Alley Leader, don’t meddle!

Viewers were distracted by Tang-E’s cute actions. They were so distracted that they made the mistake of bringing out their true intentions.

“Hah, so it’s like this? This isn’t going to work then.”

The moment Hyeonu spoke in a seemingly dejected voice, the viewers grasped the situation and started to clean things up belatedly.

-Leader Big Fan has gifted you 333 gold coins.

-I Love Alley Leader has gifted you with 55 gold coins.

-Tang-E is the Best Best has gifted you 77 gold coins.

A symbol and the flower of capitalism—it was the emergence of the power of gold. The power of money was very strong. Apart from some immune people, it was possible to shoot straight past a person’s defenses with money. Hyeonu was no different.

“Thank you for the 333, 55, and 77 gold coins. I’ll show you better guests and better content.”

Hyeonu was collecting gold coins while Yuri’s ranking battle was on the verge of starting. When Hyeonu saw this, he rushed to take something out of his inventory. It was a small mirror. In it, the scene of Yuri fighting the other player was shown. This mirror was a type of tablet PC. Originally in the arena, a player’s matches couldn’t be seen by other players. The developers accepted the players’ desire to be able to share their ranking battles and made a system for players to watch videos together. After making frequent mistakes and getting many scoldings, they eventually released this mirror.

Hyeonu carried Tang-E in his arms and explained the work, “Look in this mirror, and you will see two people fighting. Just watch it and voice your thoughts. Isn’t it easy?”

Tang-E looked at the mirror a few times and nodded.

“I understand. I’ll say them word for word.” Tang-E’s eyes glowed as he focused his gaze on the mirror.


Yuri’s opponent wasn’t an ordinary warrior. He was a warrior with an attribute power, similar to Reina. The difference was that Reina’s attribute was ice while this warrior had the lightning attribute. In addition, there was a great difference between his level and control and Reina’s.

However, as a rare class, his attack power wasn’t low. In fact, he didn’t lose against Yuri at all.

Tang-E had a smiling face, but his tongue was sharp. “He is a lousy guy. Master dude would’ve clearly ended it in one blow when facing him. My eyes seem to be rotting when I see such crappy movements.”

The viewers could only tilt their heads at Tang-E’s poisonous tongue. In their eyes, Yuri and the opponent’s duel was fierce. The level wasn’t low enough for Tang-E to say this.

-Looking at the opponent, isn’t he a bronze medal level at the minimum?

-Based on my experiences with the current silver medalists, there are some silver medalists who aren’t as good.

-Normally, yes... But such a comparison is possible when you consider Alley Leader.

-Isn’t this comparison too much? It is too much to compare them to the person currently ranked first in the arena, Tang-E.

However, the story was different when the comparison target was Hyeonu. No one could say that Tang-E’s eyes were rotten. Just then, Yuri managed to escape the attack from the opposing warrior. It was a dangerous timing that could lead to a series of continuous attacks.

Tang-E saw it and poured out poisonous words toward Yuri, “She still a lot of problems. If it was Master dude, he would’ve blocked the opponent’s attack with a shield and then stabbed the opponent’s neck in a counterattack. No, he would’ve cut off the head. That woman seems to have forgotten the fact that the opponent doesn’t know her class.”

It was a sobering remark. Tang-E analyzed Yuri’s current situation more soberly than anyone else.

Hyeonu looked at Tang-E like a parent looking at his child. ‘He saw it very accurately. I raised him well.’

To be precise, it wasn’t that Hyeonu had raised Tang-E. It was that Tang-E had learned it from watching Hyeonu. Tang-E had always been fighting with Hyeonu, so his eyes were able to notice such details much better than most people.

-Tang-E is sober. There is no praise.

-Listening to his words, it sounds correct?

-It’s true. Who can see Leah and think she is a priest? After she changed items, I can’t recognize her class anymore.

-Is it because she won so easily? She seems to have forgotten her advantages.

Viewers marveled at Tang-E’s eyes and agreed with his opinions. They had felt that something was wrong in this ranking battle, but they couldn’t explain it clearly. Nevertheless, Tang-E revealed it cleanly.

“Tang-E’s words are correct. Heder and I know that Leah is a priest, so we can respond accordingly, but do other players currently have that information? Absolutely not. She has also changed her equipment, so it isn’t known. She can’t be recognized.” Hyeonu added to the comments of Tang-E and the viewers.

It was a poisonous remark that went beyond calmness and tore it to shreds.

“Take a look now. Here, if she used the shield to ignore the attack and swung the greatsword, she would’ve won unconditionally. It is because there is a preconceived notion in the opponent’s mind.” Hyeonu tapped his head with his index finger. “‘If I use this skill, the opponent will block, otherwise their defense will be pierced.’ Something like this. Do you know why? It’s because it has always been this way up until now. I got a rare class and won in the arena. Still, that is due to my skill, right? Yuri’s opponent will never rise above the silver medal. He has a good class, so he will get to silver. However, that’s it. So...”


-Something’s ominous?

-Somehow... it seems to have come out.

“It has nothing to do with my class that I’m ranked first. It is just my talent. You should think so. Do you understand?”

-Kuek... As expected.

-The shock is small this time.

-It is all to show off. He is truly Alley Leader. He has a thick skin and is also showing off. It is a first-class performance, first-class.

Viewers marveled at Hyeonu’s thick skin. It was more surprising that he could say such a thing casually. He had the ability to use the right timing to brag about himself.

“Cough. Leah’s ranking battle will be over soon. Please reprimand her. I will open the door.”

Hyeonu coughed a few times. He had said those things instinctively, but he couldn’t help blushing once his behavior was pointed out like this.


-I will say it fiercely.

-I’ll dig right in.

-It will at least be the level of Tang-E.

Moments later, Yuri finished the ranking battle and appeared. Hyeonu started to give feedback to Yuri. “Leah, there is a lot to be said about this match. Viewers, please speak quickly.”

-You did very well. Leah is the best!!

-Congratulations on your winning streak!

-Goddess Leah has gifted you 77 gold coins.

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