Ranker's Return
Chapter 220
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 220

“I’m going to make a donation. It is the money I’ve earned from my life as a proxy knight. It is close to one billion won. I worked like a dog as a proxy knight,” Lee Hoon said.

After hearing Lee Hoon’s words, Hyeonu nodded. ‘It is convincing enough.’

Of course, some people might remain unconvinced, but many would believe Lee Hoon’s decision. The one billion won donation made it possible. He was investing a billion won to plunge into the world of streaming where success was unlikely. Most people wouldn’t understand his decision, which was why they would believe him.

Lee Hoon’s words were just like throwing a billion won into the air.

“I understand. If this is the case, it’s fine. Once things go well, we can do a joint stream. Although it can’t be too often. Just once or twice...”

“Thank you for your words, Alley Leader.”


“Hey, aren’t you pretty good? Did you practice a lot?” Hyeonu suddenly appeared near Yuri and watched her make sword energy.

“Kya!” Yuri was shocked by the voice and screamed. “Oppa!”

Yuri forgot the greatsword was in her hand and reached out to Hyeonu.

“Yuri, why don’t you put that away?” Hyeonu was frightened by the greatsword stabbing toward him and moved to one side to avoid it. His words reminded Yuri of the greatsword and quickly withdrew it.

“Oppa, I’m sorry. So why did you...”

“Sorry, I didn’t expect you to be so surprised. You did well. You’ve practiced a lot. It is a bit of a shame there isn’t more time... Still, you are pretty good among the people I’ve seen.”

This was a great compliment. The average of the players that Hyeonu knew was quite high. The majority were rankers or professional gamers. By comparing her to them, it meant she was pretty good.

“We will start streaming soon. You just have to do it the same as last time. Take it easy.”

“It would be a lie to say I’ve already adapted, right? Even so, it is fun. It isn’t hard,” Yuri said with a smile. It was sincere.

Unlike Yeongchan’s stream, Hyeonu’s stream was difficult to describe with words. It wasn’t yet clear if it was due to a difference between each stream’s the viewers or the streamer. Only one thing was certain…

‘The reason for the popularity isn’t just Alley Leader.’

Yuri thought that Hyeonu was the best streamer. There was a neat progression to his streams, and he had a personality that was sometimes infuriating. Not to mention, there was still the attraction of his skills that underlay all of it.


“Hello, everyone. Alley Leader Academy is here today.

-Demon King, give me my goddess!

-The sacred creature Tang-E as well, Demon King!!

-Bring them out straight away!

The viewers started to pick at Hyeonu from the very beginning. Now it was like a greeting. They initially asked to see Tang-E. It was natural that there would be more flames when Yuri, a beauty, was added.

“Everyone, this is Alley Leader’s stream, right? I feel really sad. I can’t believe you think of me like that. I...”

-Hey, who called out?

-Shoot this guy with gold coins.

-Defeat that guy!!

-Goddess Leah has gifted you 36 gold coins.

-Golden Tang-E has gifted you 57 gold coins.

Viewers quickly gave Hyeonu gold coins to block Hyeonu’s mouth.

“Oh, my. I’ve received gold coins. Goddess Leah and Golden Tang-E, thank you for the 36 gold coins and 57 gold coins.”

It had become a pattern. The viewers provoked Hyeonu and threw gold coins to appease him. They knew each other well. Hyeonu knew the intentions of the viewers, and the viewers knew his intentions. However, this was also fun. It was the fun that drove the stream. This was a sight that could be seen only in Alley Leader’s stream.

“Let me give you a quick overview of what we’re going to do today. I am going to evaluate the creation of sword energy that Leah has practiced in the last few days. Then I will teach her how to express it more easily. Of course, you should learn it as well. After that, we’ll have a great time with our guest.”

Once Hyeonu’s words were over, the chat window heated up again.

-Tips on how to express sword energy?

-What is it today?

-Who is the guest?

-Is it Tang-E coming out with Giant Transformation? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-No, it is Brother Sijong.

-Things will be overturnedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-God Sijong’s appearance!

Viewers were excited about today’s guest. After all, Alley Leader’s guests were always special. Well, except for Choi Yoon. Alley Leader’s past guests included Hollywood’s star Dwayne, Jin Sijong, and Gang Junggu. It wasn’t in Alley Leader’s own stream, but there was also Sunny. One by one, they were all great. Naturally, the viewers’ expectations were bound to increase.

“The guest...”

Hyeonu stopped and took in a breath. It was to deliberately create tension. However, the viewers reacted differently than expected.

-Ah, this is crazy. Surely an advertisement won’t appear?

-I will smash the head office if Porsche comes out here? Me.

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Too extreme. Let’s burn it up.

The viewers became frustrated. They wouldn’t hesitate to threaten the advertising company if they played an advertisement right then.

“I’ll call the guest after seeing Leah’s homework. Leah, please come out!”

It was Hyeonu’s exquisite push and pull. The viewers might be angry, but they only wrote good content once they saw Leah walking out with a smile.

-Gasp, my goddess!

-Leah is the best!

-I would like to ask for her to appear in more of the streaming today.

-Not that dull guy!

Yuri smiled and greeted the viewers as she watched the chat. “Hello, I’m Leah. Please look after me today.”

After Yuri’s greeting ended, Hyeonu started talking again. “Then let’s see Leah practice. I’ve already seen it, but... Her improvements are significant. To a certain extent, it is a waste for her to be a priest. She is great.”

Viewers became more interested in Yuri’s ability since she was praised by Alley Leader, who gave a more careful evaluation than anyone else.

-Really? This isn’t throwing a bait?

-A real bronze medal priest will come out...

-It seems to be unprecedented—Arena’s first bronze medal priest.

-Perfect, perfect. She has a good personality unlike someone else.

“Then Leah? Do you want to show it right away? I’m sure the viewers are curious.”

“I’ll give it a try straight away.”

At Hyeonu’s behest, Yuri pulled out her greatsword. ‘Focus, focus.’

“I can do it. I can do it,” Yuri kept repeating these words. She fixed her gaze on the greatsword and concentrated on the divine power in her body.

‘Do it slowly, just like I’ve practiced.’

She wanted to show a perfect sword energy. Yuri had even postponed hunting for a few days because she wanted to show everyone great results of her training. Now, she would show it to the millions of viewers and Hyeonu. A bright blue sword energy emerged from Yuri’s sword. Just based on how brilliantly it shone, the sword energy seemed like a jewel.

-Wow, amazing!

-Isn’t this better than most warriors I’ve seen?

-It usually takes quite a while to use sword energy without a skill.

-Yet a priest did it in five seconds. Warriors, wake up.

Viewers marveled that Yuri could produce sword energy so quickly. Only warrior players who invested hundreds of hours into practicing the skill could make sword energy so quickly. Even though Alley Leader taught her, it was still amazing to see that she had developed such a high level of skill after just a few days of practice.

Hyeonu suggested, “Why don’t you swing it once? The sword energy can’t disappear while fighting. Let’s try it.”


The light blue sword energy didn’t lose its shape no matter how violently it was swung. Hyeonu clapped when he saw that the appearance remained intact. Additionally, the sword energy was cleaner than during the previous stream.

“You’ve done a great job. So let’s meet the guest I’ve invited for a spar. Please come out.”

Once Hyeonu’s words were over, Lee Hoon walked out from one corner of the arena. Like Hyeonu, Lee Hoon was wearing a mask, so viewers couldn’t recognize him. Only question marks appeared in the chat window.


-The guest also comes wearing a mask now.

-It will be a masked fighting battle sometime soon.

-Will he take off his mask if he loses to Alley Leader?

-Or will he take it off if he loses to Leah?

It was rife with all types of speculations. However, the speculations eased due to Hyeonu’s words.

“He has helped me a lot in my streams. It is Heder.”

“Hello, I’m Heder. It is an honor to appear on Alley Leader’s stream again.”

The viewers understood after hearing Lee Hoon’s greeting. He was the former proxy knight, Heder.

-Ah, this guy came out again.

-He comes out often. It has already been a few times now.

-Why does a proxy knight keep appearing?

-He has quit.

-He was still a proxy knight. I don’t like it.

-That is true but...

Hyeonu saw the chat window and smiled bitterly. The first time made them curious. After that, discomfort was all that remained.

‘Well, it will be different when it’s over.’

Hyeonu understood the viewers’ hearts. He also didn’t have a good impression of proxy knights. However, Lee Hoon had reflected on his past and donated a billion won. The work of a proxy knight wasn’t illegal according to law, so this apology would be sufficient.

“We will start the spar. The two of you, come over here,” Hyeonu said.

Taking extraordinary measures, he started the spar before the two of them could look directly at the chat window. Yuri and Lee Hoon each headed to where Hyeonu pointed. “Heder’s stats are significantly higher than Leah’s, so he will be given a penalty. Apart from his weapon, he has removed his items. It is purely a fight of skills,” Hyeonu explained.

-What is this? Of course, the goddess will lose.

-It doesn’t make sense for her to win. It is a matter of how long she is going to last.

-I’ll still watch.

-Who will beat her up without a conscience?

In the eyes of the viewers, the spar’s results were already decided. It would be one person being pushed one-sidedly.


Lee Hoon and Yuri bowed to each other. Then without saying a word, they pulled out their weapons. Lee Hoon took out a normal long sword—the most common weapon in Arena. It wasn’t said directly, but he knew why Hyeonu called him to assist in the stream.

‘He is trying to give Yuri some experience.’

Lee Hoon was a former proxy knight. He hadn’t climbed as high as Alley Leader, but he had experienced a wider range of players than anyone else.

‘Long sword, spear, single-edged sword, and dagger.’

They were the weapons that Lee Hoon had prepared. Yuri was going to experience them all today.

“Then I’m going,” Lee Hoon said. His stats were more limited than usual, but his footsteps were still stable. He made extremely practical movements without any waste.

Lee Hoon sword reached toward Yuri and was overflowing with dark sword energy. When he appeared before her, Yuri swung her sword at Lee Hoon. She didn’t have any proper instant-type skills, but she was able to gain the advantage in strength due to her buffs.

Hyeonu watched them closely.

“Then shall we appreciate it for a moment?”

Then Hyeonu took out some dried fruits from his inventory and placed them in his mouth.
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