Ranker's Return
Chapter 213
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 213

“Hey, where are you going so dressed up? I almost couldn’t recognize you.” A young schoolboy who just came home spoke to the beauty in front of him.

Yeongjun, the young schoolboy, glanced at the beauty in front of him several times like he was amazed. He was like a child at a zoo.

“Why aren’t you speaking? Who are you going to see? Have you given up on Hyeonu hyung? Well done. How can Hyeonu hyung meet a wretch like you? Don’t stare at a tree that you can’t climb. You should know your own limits,” Yeongjun scolded Yuri who was ignoring him.

There was no one to restrain him, so Yeongjun’s teasing was unstoppable. It touched a line that shouldn’t have been touched. There was the sound of a walnut cracking. Yuri’s hand moved at an amazing speed and hit Yeongchan on the forehead.

“Hey, you barbarian. Say it with words, words! Why are you waving your fist at your one and only younger brother? I will go to Hyung’s house today!” Yeongjun shouted as he held his red and hot forehead.

There were tears in Yeongjun’s eyes. Yuri’s strength was that great.

“Really? Then can we go together?” Yuri smiled as she turned her head toward Yeongjun.


“Let’s go together. I will also go to Oppa’s house.”


“Your words are so impolite.”

“Why are you going?”

“Why am I going? I was called. He said he wanted to see me.”

‘Who called her? Yeongchan hyung? Or... did Hyeonu hyung call?’ Yeongjun shook his head. Seeing that Yeongjun wasn’t called, Yeongchan must have something to see to this hoodlum.

‘If Hyeonu hyung-nim had called, then he would’ve called me, not her.’

Yeongjun noticed from the beginning that Hyeonu was slightly burdened by Yuri. This was why Yuri was excessively stimulated. The bud was cut off in advance.

“Then go. Don’t forget to bring back ice cream and fried chicken. In addition, don’t be too insidious in front of Hyung-nim.”

After he finished speaking, Yeongjun ran to his room. He was fleeing from Yuri’s hand.

“Hey!!! Kwon Yeongjun!”


“Open the door.”

“You’re here? Wow, who is this? Did you come to the wrong place?” Yeongchan heard Yuri’s voice and opened the front door without thinking. However, a beautiful woman stood where his younger sister should be.

“What is it?”

“I think you’ve really come to the wrong place... My little sister Yuri didn’t look like this...”


Yeongchan was equally beaten by Yuri, proving there was no difference between him and Yeongjun.

“You need to be hit. You earned it. How old are you? Why act the same as your little brother? Be sensible when you are old. Hyeonu oppa is such a great person yet you are still like this.”

Yuri pulled Yeongchan away from the front door and headed into the house. In the living room, Hyeonu, the shining man who called her, was looking at his laptop seriously.

“Oppa, I came,” Yuri greeted him in a soft voice.

Hyeonu hurriedly covered his laptop and rose from his sofa. “Yuri, you’re here? You must be busy with school. I was wondering if I should’ve called you. Should I have visited you instead?”

Yuri responded with a shy smile at Hyeonu’s caring words, “You can come over next time. Today doesn’t need to be the only day you see me.”

“R-Really? It is true...” Hyeonu stammered in an embarrassed manner.

In fact, he had no intention of meeting her separately after asking her today about Alley Leader Academy. He was very busy. Even if he wasn’t busy, he had no intention of meeting her. Perhaps it would be different if he met her with Yeongjun, but it was still a burden for him to meet Yuri alone.

“Hey, did you order some food?” It was at this moment that Yeongchan appeared like a savior just before it became awkward between the two of them.

“No, not yet.” Hyeonu shook his head as he replied to Yeongchan.

“I’m a fool for leaving it to you. Come on. I will order it. Why make me do it every time? Are you doing it deliberately? Answer me!” Yeongchan pushed Hyeonu away angrily, and he sat down in front of his laptop.

He clicked his mouse a few times before closing his laptop again.

“Today’s food is from a Chinese restaurant. I ordered a generous amount. I called Yeongjun as well. I can’t just leave him alone. He will starve while playing Arena. The two of you talk first. I’ll make a phone call and come back.” Yeongchan grabbed his smartphone and went out on the veranda.

Hyeonu saw Yeongchan’s serious expression and had a rough guess about the phone call. ‘It is his ex-girlfriend. Or was he newly introduced to someone?’

Yeongchan could not have such a serious look unless it was for a woman.

“Oppa, I called Yeongjun,” Yuri said.

“Really? Well done,” Hyeonu replied.

Yuri led the conversation well despite Hyeonu’s short replies.

“Then why did you call me today?”

“I wanted to ask you something, but I couldn’t do it on the phone. So I wanted to meet up. I’ve been too busy lately. I didn’t have time to go outside. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Then what did you want to ask?”

“Um...” Hyeonu briefly paused after hearing Yuri’s question. Two thoughts had been colliding in his mind from the moment he called Yuri.

‘Can I ask her to appear on my stream?’

It felt like he was selling his friend’s sister for his stream. If it were Yeongchan, he would’ve sold Yeongchan a hundred times, a thousand times, or even a million times. However, Yuri was different. She wasn’t a streamer. She was just an ordinary player.

‘I will just ask,’ Hyeonu decided. Then he asked, “Do you want to appear on my stream? You don’t have to if you feel burdened.”

‘Streaming? Me?’ Yuri seemed perplexed by Hyeonu’s unexpected suggestion. “Me? Why me?”

“I want to organize Alley Leader Academy, but... at the end, I want to do something that no one else can do. Yeongchan recommended you. In addition, you will be a priest fighting in the arena. That isn’t easy to see.”

‘Oppa recommended me?’ Yuri frowned. It was possible to appear on the stream. There was nothing wrong with selling her face. She was already a half-celebrity at school. Streamer Argon’s sister—it was a title that followed after Yuri.

“You don’t have to do it if you feel burdened. There is no need. Don’t worry.” Hyeonu spoke urgently after seeing Yuri’s expression.

“No, I accept. By the way, can I ask you something?” Yuri said.

Hyeonu smiled brightly after hearing Yuri’s answer. Then he soon looked confused.

‘She isn’t worried about her face being exposed?’

Hyeonu had this thought because he didn’t know Yuri’s usual life. Yuri had more recognition than some streamers in South Korea.

“Yes, go ahead and ask. What do you want to know?”

“What did Oppa say when he recommended me?”

“He didn’t say that much? Just that you fight well. And that you aren’t crazy? He said he will never meet such a woman until he dies.”

Hyeonu used 1% truth and 99% lie. As a result, Yuri went out on the veranda to catch Yeongchan.

‘I will have to give Yeongjun some pocket money.’ Hyeonu dressed casually in outerwear and went to the nearby bank.


Yuri and Yeongjun left after dinner, and Hyeonu pulled out his smartphone to make a call.

“Kale. It’s me.”

-Mister Gang. What is going on?

Hyeonu’s phone call to Kale was no longer surprising. It was routine for him. In fact, it was natural to call Kale a few times a week.

“I have to convey some bad news. Alley Leader Academy will end with the next lesson.”

-What are you saying all of a sudden?! The Academy is over? Kale was dumbfounded by Hyeonu’s words and couldn’t help shouting.

It was ridiculous. Why was he throwing away content? It wasn’t that old.


It had only been used as content twice. They received requests to be a student of the academy dozens of times a day.

-This isn’t possible. Never. I can’t accept it.

Kale cried out that it was absolutely impossible, but Hyeonu had already made up his mind. Kale’s persuasion was too late.

“You will understand if you listen. The time given to me right now is a period of three or four months. After that, I have to focus on the life of a professional gamer. It is impossible to proceed with such big content. Don’t you know?”

-...I’m aware of it. That’s why you should make a promise. Don’t directly abandon it. You have to go to the end of season 2.

‘Does he want to keep the possibilities open?’

Hyeonu could understand it. Yet what would he do if he didn’t have any content in the future?

“I understand. However, ending it is a good choice. In addition, the student for the last lesson has been decided. Kale, you will also be satisfied.”

-Are you so confident? Kale said reluctantly.

He was still unable to extricate himself from the aftermath of Hyeonu’s words.

“I am planning to make a third advancement priest gain a bronze medal.”

-Huh? Are you kidding me now? OMG! Kale forgot he was on the phone with Hyeonu and screamed again. It was a shock different from the one he got because of the decision to close Alley Leader Academy.

“Kale, your reaction will probably be the reaction of the viewers. In my opinion, there is nothing better for the finale.”

-Is it... possible? I always believe in Mister Gang, but it doesn’t seem possible this time.

“It won’t be any different this time. It will be as always,” Hyeonu said gravely.


[The Last Academy of My Life]

-What is he saying?

-Giving up on the academy after three times?

-Isn’t this a complete premature ejaculation…? There is no long-term content.

-He is thirsty for novelty.

The viewers weren’t bored when they saw the title of Alley Leader’s stream. From one to ten, everything was a talking point if it was Alley Leader.

“Hello, everyone. I am Alley Leader.”

-Hi hi.

-Let’s go for a long time today.

“Yes, I’ll try. There is someone waiting today, so I won’t talk long. Everyone, did you see the title?”

The audience confirmed it in the chat window after Hyeonu’s question.

-Yes. I saw.

-Why stop it? There is still a lot to learn.

-Don’t you have to do one for each level?

-You have to do it by class. Why is it already over?!!

“It is due to my situation. I wanted to apologize to the viewers. However, this isn’t the end. I’ll come back later. I promise.”

The expected response came out, so Hyeonu used his prepared words.

“In addition, that isn’t the important thing right now. The important thing is this academy lesson.”

-This time, Nike didn’t even advertise a selection.

-Is it a parachute?

-Shout! I refuse a parachute student!

“Their class is a priest.”

The chat window stopped the moment Hyeonu revealed the student’s class.

There was literally silence.

“The priest will obtain a bronze medal in this Alley Leader Academy.”

Hyeonu drove in another nail.

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