Ranker's Return
Chapter 212
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 212


Hyeonu had a flustered expression. Things hadn’t gone as he expected. The main scenario was in a stalemate, and little progress had been made.

‘It is hard to make a camp.’

It was a mistake created by Hyeonu’s failure to take into account the difficulty of the Balder Mountains. The problem was that he used himself as the standard. It was challenging for ordinary players to even kill the black-maned lions. 30 guild members spent 30 minutes killing only five black-maned lions.

‘The standard is dismal.’

Many potions were taken at the end of every battle. It was obvious that the battles were lengthening. The buffs, shields, and heals of the third advancement priests couldn’t cover everything, so the tankers and damage dealers had to drink potions frantically. As a result, the potions ran out before the number of battles reached 10, and players started to be logged out one by one.

In the end, all the guild members were forced to return to Derek Castle. Everything had come to a stop. New World’s first expedition failed. Now there were only three people remaining—Kim Seokjung, Gang Junggu, and Gang Hyeonu.

“Brothers, there are only the three of us,” Hyeonu said while looking at the other two people.

“We have to go in deeper first and take a video. This is the only way to analyze it. Next time, we need to at least set up a camp,” Gang Junggu stated in a solemn voice.

Then Kim Seokjung lashed out at Gang Junggu, “You are in too much of a hurry, Junggu. I remember that time in the Hejin Great Mountain Range. It should take around a month to build the camp.”

It meant they had been in too much of a rush. Exploring the Balder Mountains was currently more difficult than when they explored the Hejin Great Mountain Range in the past. Naturally, they couldn’t do it immediately.

Gang Junggu nodded as if he understood. “Then let’s go inside. I know the way to some extent.”

Hyeonu led Kim Seokjung and Gang Junggu deeper into the Balder Mountains.


[A mountain harpy has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[A mountain harpy has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

The harpy’s body burst from the divine power in Kim Seokjung’s fists.

“Brothers, I’m going to move on. I have to do the stream, so it will only cause you trouble if we move together,” Hyeonu said.

“Yes, let’s act together one day a week.”

“It is like my older brother said. In any case, the difference between having your presence or absence isn’t severe.”

Upon hearing Hyeonu’s words, Gang Junggu and Kim Seokjung shared their opinions. Then when they saw Hyeonu nod, they immediately ripped the return scroll to Derek Castle. Hyeonu was left alone and sat down on the floor.

“I won’t be able to profit if this continues...” He sighed at the current situation.

If it was like this, it would be impossible to show the main scenario when he was streaming. Streaming in this state was no different from throwing prey at other guilds.

‘It is uncomfortable because it will grow bigger in this way.’

He wouldn’t have such troubles if he could do it alone. Hyeonu could’ve moved forward on his own. However, now he had something he needed to prepare.

‘So I have to come up with the streaming content right now...’

He was feeling frustrated because nothing came to mind. Just then, a word came to Hyeonu’s mind, ‘Academy.’ Alley Leader’s Academy, with Dwayne and Choi Yoon—the content had succeeded twice in a row. There was just one problem. It wasn’t a matter of his teachings but the student. It was a matter of the participant learning themselves. Dwayne and Choi Yoon were people Nike Management had voted for. They had enough time to choose and pick.

‘My next streaming is just two days away. There are no candidates, let alone a student.’

Hyeonu’s pride wouldn’t allow just anyone to appear. The viewers needed to be surprised when they saw it. It was only possible to proceed with the content if it was like this.

‘Dwayne is a famous celebrity, and Choi Yoon is a normal person. I need someone who is groundbreaking this time...’

However, such concerns couldn’t be solved at once. Hyeonu gave up after a long time.

‘There are too many other things to hold onto this.’

Ranging from his actions with New World to the players who would join the pro team, Crescent Moon… Hyeonu’s pile of work was as high as a mountain.


Hyeonu looked tired as he emerged from the A-Cube. With dark circles, dry skin, and a pale face, he looked like a zombie. Once Hyeonu appeared in the living room, Yeongchan frowned from where he had been watching TV for a long time. It was because Hyeonu’s appearance was quite unpleasant.

“Hey, you should take it easy. Take a break, exercise, reduce the time you spend in Arena, or increase your rest time. Why do you look like that?” Yeongchan asked.

“It is because I’m a bit busy. I have to do the main scenario and my own stream. I also need to pay attention to the club. I’m so busy that I’m going crazy,” Hyeonu explained.

It was a murderous schedule. Hyeonu worked diligently to get the main scenario going. The indirectly released information meant the participation of large guilds, and it would also attract the audience’s attention. In addition, a groundbreaking plan was being prepared to decorate the original streaming content ‘Alley Leader Academy’. He also had to pay attention to matters related to the professional club.

“You will collapse like this, dude.” Yeongchan looked anxiously at Hyeonu.

In Yeongchan’s eyes, Hyeonu was in a crazy state. Hyeonu was a workaholic. It seemed like there would be a big accident.

Hyeonu told him, “If you’re worried, help me.”

“What can I do for you?” Yeongchan heard Hyeonu’s mischievous words and waited.

‘Is this jerk serious?’ Hyeonu was inwardly surprised. He might be tired recently, but compared to doing three or four part-time jobs simultaneously in the past, he could still do this. Rather, he was happier now because it was something he wanted to do. Of course, it would be a lie if he said it wasn’t hard.

“I’m fine, but the academy is a problem. It is time to end it, but I want to give a final impact—something so big that no one will ever forget it.”

“However, the impact of the previous two people was so big that you’re afraid it will be buried?”

“That’s why I’m troubled. Nike is also worried... I know it well because it is my content. I just can’t come up with any ideas.” Hyeonu’s expression darkened.

It was a topic that had plagued him for days. Was it due to his unprecedented performance during this time? No matter what he wanted to do, the past would grab at Hyeonu’s ankles.

‘What if it fails?’

Fear would rise once there was something to lose. So, naturally, his anxiety increased.

“Crazy bastard. You are tired because you are blessed.” Yeongchan saw Hyeonu’s appearance and laughed. It was funny to see a person who had never experienced failure in the game act like this.

“Other people are clamoring to succeed once. If your soles are cut when you’re walking, then kneel down. If your knees go out, you can crawl. That is how you rise up. Then...” Yeongchan took a breath.

He sorted out the words that filled his head for a while. There were words he wanted to say as a streamer, not a friend.

“You’re so obsessive. Just look at Masked Fighting King. If others succeeded once, they would do it for one or two years. However, you let it go too quickly. It wasn’t just fast. You did it only once before handing it over to me. It is the same for the academy. Are you going to give up on this good thing after only three times? Aren’t you really crazy?” Yeongchan unleashed a passionate rant.

It was good that Hyeonu was passionate and motivated. However, Hyeonu didn’t control those feelings. No one controlled him, so he just poured them out like crazy. Hyeonu might be excellent, but it was clear that the content would run out one day. It was a streamer’s fate, so he had to slow it down as much as possible through the proper pace adjustment. Hyeonu heard Yeongchan’s advice and thought about it.

‘Am I afraid of failure just because I succeeded?’

Hyeonu recalled his own journey. He had a debut as a gorgeous streamer, disputes with various guilds, and the jackpot of the Masked Fighting King and Alley Leader Academy.

‘I’ve never failed.’

It was a winning streak. He had climbed to the top so quickly that no one could surpass him. Hyeonu murmured in a low voice, “It is okay if I fail once or twice.”

It seemed he had been too scared. He had forgotten that his viewers weren’t that harsh. All he had to do was try a bit.

‘Stream three times a week... Stream...’

Just then, Yeongchan said to Hyeonu, “So I thought about it—a theme that will be the grand finale of Alley Leader Academy.”

Yeongchan had a very confident expression on his face. It seemed he had come up with a brilliant idea.

“What is it? Tell me.” Hyeonu looked at Yeongchan with a rare warm expression. It had been a long time since he saw Yeongchan look so confident.

Yeongchan said, “Let’s bring out Yuri. Won’t you admit it’s a good idea?”

Hyeonu’s palm struck Yeongchan’s forehead. There was no hesitation in his movements, and it was fast.

“This bastard!!”


Hyeonu and Yeongchan fought on the living room floor for a long time. There was no use of martial arts. It would’ve been perfect if there was a cage ring. The two of them were soon exhausted and leaned back on the couch.

“It isn’t a joke though? It isn’t just because she is my sister. Isn’t this an amazing idea? Her class is a priest, and her control is excellent. No such conditions will appear again. It is okay to use this novel method,” Yeongchan told Hyeonu.

‘It sounds plausible?’ Hyeonu’s expression changed after hearing Yeongchan’s words. After hearing Yeongchan’s opinion, Hyeonu thought the idea seemed quite good. Magicians and priests were typical classes that wouldn’t be found in the arena. Due to the delicate control needed for magic power, a magician’s ability to cope with unexpected situations was close to zero.

On the other hand, a priest could cope with situations, but their melee ability was close to zero.

“Didn’t Yuri used to play other games?” Hyeonu inquired.

“You checked it? She was pretty good. It was worth seeing her run away with a greatsword.” Yeongchan’s words drove a nail into Hyeonu’s wavering heart.

A female priest who knew how to handle a greatsword—it was an unprecedented character. It wouldn’t be a waste to use this unprecedented formula.

Hyeonu added, “In addition, her face is pretty.”

Her appearance didn’t mean she would be more of a hot topic than Dwayne and Choi Yoon, but she absolutely wouldn’t be lacking compared to them.

“It isn’t like that. Yuri, she... No, how is she pretty? She isn’t pretty.” Yeongchan’s bright face quickly hardened.

It was because the face of Yuri, his younger sister, appeared in his mind.

‘Yuri was pretty’—this was something Yeongchan could never agree with.

‘How is she pretty?’

Yeongchan suddenly stood up, searched through his pocket and pulled out his phone.

Hyeonu saw it and wondered, “Hey, what are you doing?”

“Hyeonu, my friend—you have to go to the hospital today. How about getting a comprehensive check-up? The ophthalmology department is a must. Your body must be bad if you can’t see properly, and your memories are distorted. It is my fault for not taking good care of you.”

Yeongchan was a common Korean brother.

No, he wasn't just a brother; he was an older brother.
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