Ranker's Return
Chapter 211
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 211

“Long time... Long time no see?” A masked man, Hyeonu, spoke to the three men in front of him.

“I just saw your face at the Nike party, and now I’m seeing you again after two weeks? I think we’re meeting quite often,” Mascherano replied cheerfully.

His words were true. It was hard to see the same face more than once a month unless they were in the same guild or party. This was true for ordinary players and even more so for rankers as they didn’t have enough time for their own work. Some rankers considered meeting others as a luxury. In that sense, Hyeonu was meeting with Reina, Mascherano, and Liu Shei relatively frequently.

“Why did you call us today?” Liu Shei asked with a blank expression. Liu Shei was still uncomfortable with Hyeonu. The aftermath of their first bad encounter was evident.

“You’ve gathered busy people, so shouldn’t you talk about it quickly?” Reina added to Liu Shei’s words in a cold manner.

Hyeonu nodded at their words. The Pro League had started the other week, so it was natural for them to be busy.

‘Liu Shei is still cleaning up Kowloon,’ Hyeonu remarked inwardly. After that, he said, “Then I’ll get straight to the point. As you know, I got a quest for the sixth main scenario. I will tell you about it. It is your choice whether you reveal it or hide it.”

After Hyeonu finished speaking, Liu Shei came in immediately, “What are the conditions? You aren’t someone who would just tell us this for nothing.”

It was a heavy straight ball. However, Hyeonu gently turned over Liu Shei’s attack like he had expected it. “Of course, I’m not just telling you. You have to give me what I want. Of course, it isn’t expensive. It isn’t something that you need. Do you accept this condition?”

Hyeonu’s words troubled the three people. They thought about the validity of Hyeonu’s proposal:

‘What does he want? An item?’

‘What does he want?’

‘Surely our items aren’t better?’

The answer didn’t emerge no matter how they thought about it. Their items were useless to Alley Leader; his items would be better. Of course, some of their items were better. However, they were their own exclusive items that Alley Leader couldn’t wear.

‘Then what the hell is it?’

It was a mystery. A short time later, Hyeonu’s words resolved their doubts. “I don’t want your items. It is absolutely not a disadvantage, so please think about it carefully.”

Mascherano replied to Hyeonu, “I don’t know what you want, but I will listen and participate. I don’t know if there is anything I can offer...”

After Mascherano announced his participation, Reina and Liu Shei accepted Hyeonu’s offer.

“I will participate in the main scenario.”

“The New York Warriors will also join.”

After the three people made their decision, Hyeonu told them what he wanted. “The thing I want is a map of a specific area. It is also related to the main scenario. The Balder Mountains. Give me a map of the Balder Mountains that will be created by your guilds. Bring it to me the moment it is done.”

Once Hyeonu’s words finished, a common emotion was displayed on their three faces. It was outrage. They couldn’t believe he had spoken such grand words because of one map. Liu Shei couldn’t stand it and criticized Hyeonu, “You are just asking for a map. What is the big deal?”

Hyeonu explained, “Maps are important. They are a sign. A sign that we are on the same side.”

“The same side?” Liu Shei asked Hyeonu.

“The three of you know that what I’m going to say today will definitely spread, especially among the large guilds. There is something related to the sixth main scenario in the Balder Mountains. In particular, more people will gather as I continue streaming. To be precise, this map is a spoon.”

“A spoon?” This time, it was Reina who questioned it. She looked like she didn’t understand Hyeonu’s words.

“It is a spoon full of the rewards of the sixth main scenario,” Hyeonu declared seriously.

“I will cause friction with any guilds who don’t turn over the map. It will also be streaming material. They will pay the price for not knowing who they’re up against.” Hyeonu laughed loudly.

“I like it. We have to get rid of the garbage who don’t know who they’re up against,” Liu Shei said, completely agreeing with Alley Leader’s opinion this time. “I want you to call me at that time.”

“I will contact you when the time comes, Liu Shei,” Hyeonu said. Then he looked briefly at the two silent people, Reina and Mascherano, and resumed the explanation of the main scenario. “There is one final goal—breaking the monument at the top of a mountain in the Balder Mountains. That is the goal of the quest.”


“By the way Mascherano, do you know Rain? Rain, first in the level rankings and the master of Behemoth—the other two say they don’t know him,” Hyeonu finally asked Mascherano. He had asked Reina and Liu Shei, but they said they didn’t know him at all.

‘Perhaps all three of them don’t know him?’

Hyeonu felt like he was grabbing at any life-saving straw he could find. He never imagined that the plan would go wrong in such a place.

“Ah, Rain? I know him a little bit personally. Last time, I saw him before he was miserably defeated by you. He asked for advice. We have such a friendship. Why are you asking about him?” Mascherano replied.

Then Hyeonu quickly approached him and grabbed his hand. “I would like to meet and share some information with him.”

“…? There’s such a reason? Why?” Mascherano couldn’t understand Hyeonu’s words.

Why did he want to meet Rain and share information about the main scenario? Perhaps?

“If you’re sorry that you beat him in the ranking battle, it’s fine. Rain isn’t that narrow-minded. Ah, I never realized it, but you are quite affectionate.” Mascherano grasped Hyeonu’s hand and shook it vigorously.

Hyeonu ignored Mascherano and urged him again, “Please do so. Make sure he participates in the main scenario.”


“What brings you here? Don’t you know that the season has begun? Do you have enough room to relax?” The blunt-faced man, Rain, asked the moment he saw the handsome Mascherano. In many ways, it was a busy time. Rain had to level up and clear quests. He was also running around trying to get information on the main scenario that Alley Leader had released publicly.

Mascherano called him during this time, so Rain’s reaction couldn’t possibly be good. Mascherano, however, didn’t care as he had met Rain more than a few times and knew that this person didn’t mean it. “Why are you so grumpy? Relax~ I told you the other day. You’re too stiff. Would I call you as a joke? Am I such a frivolous person?”

“You are more frivolous than anyone I know, especially your mouth. I think you’ll probably fly away in the near future?”

Pfft. Mascherano burst out laughing after hearing Rain’s words. “Is that a joke? Kukuk...”

“Don’t laugh. Tell me why you called me. You are interrupting my busy time,” Rain demanded in a serious manner.

Mascherano smiled. “Aren’t you worried about the main scenario these days? In the fifth one, you couldn’t participate because of your class advancement. The number of viewers will increase if you just show your face this time. Isn’t that right?”

“Are you making fun of me? Did you call me just to do that?” Rain’s face was red, and he looked like he was going to run out.

Mascherano gestured for Rain to calm down. “It isn’t that. I’m going to give you good news. Alley Leader made a request of me. He hopes that you will get involved in the main scenario.”

“Why did he ask you? How did he know I have a relationship with you?” Rain looked like he didn’t understand Mascherano’s words.

‘No one should know that he is close with me...’ Rain thought.

Very few people knew that Rain and Mascherano were friendly. No, there were none who knew. The two men always met at a restaurant, bar, or hotel lounge, which weren’t places where strangers’ eyes reached easily. They didn’t mean to hide it, but it somehow happened like this.

“He asked Reina before asking me. Then I got caught. Don’t look at me like that. So what if Alley Leader is investigating you? This is something that only opponents who are competing will do. He is giving you a gift, and you should accept it gratefully,” Mascherano retorted this time.

In his opinion, Rain was nothing compared to Alley Leader. It was fortunate if Rain were a passing extra.

‘It is the same for me.’

“Take what is given. There might not be such an opportunity in the future. I think I was lucky to be in the first Masked Fighting King. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have met Alley Leader or had this chance,” Mascherano advised seriously.

He was sincere. The fact that he had a close relationship with Alley Leader earned him quite a few things. The benefits were both in Arena and with the streaming viewers.

‘I should participate,’ Rain thought. It was a great opportunity. The chances to participate in the main scenario were rare. However, this was uncomfortable.

“No? Tell me if you don’t want to do it. I have to go back to the dormitory and access Arena straight away. Alley Leader will understand if you refuse.” Mascherano noticed Rain’s hesitation and smashed his troubles.

“I-I’ll do it. Tell me the information,” Rain said urgently.

Mascherano smiled. “The location is the Balder Mountains. The goal of the main scenario is to break a large monument somewhere in the Balder Mountains... There is just one condition. You must give Alley Leader a map created by an adventurer in your guild. Got it?”

Rain nodded. This condition didn’t matter. The Behemoth might be weak for a large guild, but there were many players with the adventurer class. They had enough manpower to make a map.

‘He isn’t as bad as I think?’ Rain remarked inwardly.

Alley Leader seemed to be different from their last meeting in the arena.

“So relax now. You won’t get a girlfriend if you are so narrow-minded. Be more generous.” Mascherano was happy to the end.
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