Ranker's Return
Chapter 210
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 210

“Recruit the big guilds. We will share the main scenario as long as they agree to the conditions.” Hyeonu started to give an explanation like a teacher in Noryangjin.

“The condition is to share their maps. Large guilds need to establish maps of their own areas and provide them to us. Then we’ll discard them, ignore them thoroughly. Instead, we will think about our relationships and give the maps to someone who can give us information on Cruise Mountain.”

Speaking up to here, Hyeonu took a breath. ‘I should think about where to share the information.’

“Then it will be easy to grow the pie. We will do as you said,” Gang Junggu said.

There was no way other than the method Hyeonu mentioned. Another guild would promote it, then people’s attention would follow. After all, in A-World, viewers and subscribers were money.

Gang Junggu nodded as if he understood Hyeonu’s words. Then he raised a hand and hit Hyeonu’s shoulder. “Your mind works quickly. Is it because you are young? You must spin round and round. I used to fly from flower to flower when I was young."

“Junggu, don’t you know you will get caught while flying around? I was there, and you were so red-faced...”

“Brother!” Gang Junggu screamed at Kim Seokjung who was slandering him.

“700 million people... Little brother, how many of them do you want?”

“Shouldn’t we gain at least half? Right now, it is 100 million. We should increase it if possible, but it should absolutely never decrease,” Hyeonu declared to Kim Seokjung with confidence.

Hyeonu said this to Kim Seokjung, but he actually wanted more viewers and subscribers. ‘I have to make it big if I’m going to set a goal.’

That’s why he planned to give only his closest acquaintances information about Cruise Mountain. This way, he would be able to prevent viewers from scattering. Simultaneously, he could concentrate on his own streams.

‘First... I have to give it to Kowloon.’

Hyeonu had to take care of Liu Shei. He had to do it at least once to clear up the bad ties of the past and build up good ones.

‘In any case, I plugged him into Nike...’

Moreover, they were now under the same management group. Hyeonu thought about everything Nike had given him and had to give back to them to some degree. This was Hyeonu’s motto, ‘give and take.’

‘I don’t think Pioneer will work. It will probably have to be Red Bull or the New York Warriors.’

Pioneer had around one hundred guild members, but this number was too small. It was clear that numbers would be everything when it came to hunting in the Balder Mountains. Although it might be good for exploration, it didn’t fit with this large-scale development. Meanwhile, Red Bull and New York Warriors had continued the relationship that began with Masked Fighting King. Even if they weren’t his friends, Reina and Mascherano were close enough with Hyeonu to be called his acquaintances.

Hyeonu was thinking about the list of guilds to share information with about the main scenario. Then he suddenly turned to ask the two men. “Brothers, do you have anyone you want to join the scenario?”

Kim Seokjung reflexively shook his head. Then he saw Hyeonu’s strong gaze on him and hurriedly mentioned a person he remembered. “There shouldn’t be. However, if it is necessary... It is probably that guy that you beat. I wish he would join the guild.”

Hyeonu wondered, “Do you mean Rain?”

Kim Seokjung remembered Rain’s name due to Hyeonu and continued to speak. “Yes, Rain. The guild that he leads is also pretty good.”

“Behemoth is more suitable for attracting attention than for their skills. Brother, unlike your words, it isn’t a very good place. In terms of strength, other large guilds will be better.” Gang Junggu refuted Kim Seokjung’s words. It was revenge for when Kim Seokjung slandered him earlier.

Nevertheless, Gang Junggu’s words were true. The value of the Behemoth Guild was lower than that of other guilds despite the fact that the 1st ranked Rain was a guild member. Indeed, its value was definitely low. This could be ascertained by looking at the views of the videos on the Behemoth Guild’s channel in A-World. All of them were terrible except for Rain’s videos.

“So it is a typical one-man guild. I see. I will take it into consideration,” Hyeonu said.

However, Hyeonu still felt they were worth recruiting in terms of making a topic. The value of Rain’s name was enough to attract people.

‘Then that means there are four in total.’

They were the Kowloon Guild, Red Bull America, New York Warriors, and Behemoth. Hyeonu didn’t consider too many guilds. In any case, rumors would spread sooner or later.

‘Rumors will definitely leak from somewhere.’

Any hyenas who appeared would serve as the foundation for Hyeonu. Once the sixth main scenario was over, they would be dedicated to the viewers.

“Okay. Good. I’ll gradually adjust the details. Thanks for your hard work today, Brothers.”

There was a bright smile on Hyeonu’s face.


Kale’s morning was busy. It was good to be the head of the planning department.

...At least, for the first few days. After all, Nike Management was huge. Leading such a huge department was a much harder and busier job than he had expected.

‘It would be good if the boss worked hard.’

In addition, Jamie—the final decision maker and most capable boss of the company—showed boldness in taking the weekends and holidays off, as well as not missing out on a single one of Alley Leader’s streams. This made it even harder for Kale. Jamie said he trusted Kale with the job because Kale was competent. However, wasn’t it just because he didn’t want to work?

‘I also want to watch the streams...’

However, Kale was happy today. It was because he was going to work outside instead of at the company. Furthermore, he was going somewhere other than a stuffy building. Kale lowered the window of the driver’s seat and said to the surveillance camera, “This is Kale of Nike Management.”

Then a loud mechanical voice came from the speaker under the camera. -Kale from Nike Management. The appointment has been confirmed.

The iron gate that was blocking Kale’s way moved steadily. Soon after confirming that the iron bars had been completely removed, Kale drove into the huge mansion. The mansion was spacious, with features ranging from the unseen gardens to the swimming pool on one side. It was more like the residence of a rich person rather than that of a professional gamer.

‘Is it here?’ Kale wondered.


He got out of the car and looked at the white building in front of him. The building matched the one in the photo that was sent to him. Kale stood in front of the building, and the door opened automatically to reveal a familiar beauty standing there.

“I didn’t know you would make a decision so quickly, Miss Reina,” Kale said.

“Please speak to me comfortably. We will be partners in the future,” Reina replied.

“I understand, Reina.”

Kale had come to the New York Warriors. It was for the contract with Reina. Kale pretended that he thought it would take a long time, but in fact, he had the feeling that Reina had already decided from the moment she went to Nike’s party.

‘In a way, Reina is also part of those recruited by Alley Leader... She is the second one after Liu Shei.’

Outsiders didn’t know it, but Kale and Jamie knew. Alley Leader’s influence was significant to Reina signing a management contract with Nike instead of Adidas.

‘Reina has agreed, and Mascherano will be in touch soon.’

Reina and Mascherano were well-known best friends. They played in the same league but were friends instead of rivals. Still, some people said it wasn’t real and that it was just an image they made for popularity.

“By the way, why did you come here? It would’ve been much better for me to go to Nike...” Reina questioned the words she heard from Kale a few days ago. She had been told that it was common to meet in a third-party space when making a contract. However, if the company was this close, then most of them would go to the company. It was rare for the management to come to the player’s home directly.

Kale smiled lightly and replied, “There are many reasons. The most important thing is that someone requested it.”

Reina shook her head and asked, “It was a request? Who asked for such a request? Was it Mascherano?”

“Why would he ask me for a request? He hasn’t even signed a contract with Nike.”

‘Who is it?’ Reina had more questions as she kept listening to Kale.

She couldn’t think of a person who would make such a request no matter how she thought about it. The smile on Kale’s face deepened when he saw Reina’s expression. “Mister Gang asked me to come here.”

“Mister Gang? Who is that?” Reina cocked her head at the unfamiliar name, but one person’s face soon filled her mind. Her eyes widened. Stepping toward Kale, Reina asked like she wanted to double-check her guess, “Is it him? Really?”

“It’s true. He made the request himself. I was told to meet you in person and convey something to you.”

“Tell me quickly,” Reina urged.

Then Kale delivered Hyeonu’s words to her. “I will start with congratulations. Welcome to Nike. I think that Nike will be of great help to Reina. In addition, I have something to say about Arena. Please be sure to send me a whisper when you log in.”

“Is that the end?” Reina had a look of disbelief. ‘He had Kale come to my home just to tell me this?’

The planning director of Nike Management, a huge company, came just to convey these words. Reina was upset by Alley Leader’s actions. At least, she thought she must be. Otherwise, there was no way to explain this disappointment she was feeling.

“I understand. I really appreciate today’s visit, Kale.” Reina smiled and sent Kale away.


“Kale? Did she listen to my request?”

-Yes, I told her your message, but her expression didn’t look very good. I noticed a bit of disappointment?

“Really? Did you do something wrong? Was your hospitality bad?” Hyeonu cocked his head to one side.

There wasn’t anything disappointing about his words. Why would she be disappointed from hearing just a few words?

-Hospitality? Not at all. Today, I went to the New York Warriors’ accommodation. I didn’t invite her to Nike.

Kale’s visit to the property of the New York Warriors’ accommodation was his idea. It was a timid rebellion against his boss, Jamie, who didn’t do any work. Kale had used it as an excuse, and it had nothing to do with Hyeonu’s request.

“Yet she was disappointed? Isn’t it because of Nike’s conditions? What does it have to do with me? Kale, are you blaming me now?”

-How can that be? We have always given the best treatment.

“Groan... I see. I will take responsibility this time. Instead, please speak to Mascherano.”

-I will do as Mister Gang requests at any time.

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