Ranker's Return
Chapter 194
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 194

Hyeonu entered the party venue and couldn’t help sighing. He had been to five-star hotels before, but this was different from any hotel he had ever been to. The old-fashioned design, reminiscent of a medieval royal palace, showed what glamor was.

The party started with Jamie’s congratulatory speech. Then Mason came to Hyeonu and questioned, “Brother, what did you want to say? I’ve been wondering about it for a few days and couldn’t sleep.”

However, Mason was lying. Mason had a great idea of what Hyeonu wanted to say thanks to John’s investigation.

-Nike Management recently contacted a team in South Korea. Quency’s policies are making it difficult to create a new club. The only person in Nike who can make such a request is Alley Leader. He seems to be thinking about making his professional debut.

‘I am finally going to be a pro gamer,’ Mason thought.

Being a pro gamer was Mason’s long-term dream. Since coming into contact with virtual reality games, Mason had challenged himself to become a professional gamer but failed. He had talent, but that was it. Mason didn’t want to become a professional gamer using his family’s power. Otherwise, he would’ve resolved everything with money. After all, it was easy for someone with Mason’s money and power to set up a club for himself.

Before Arena, Mason hadn’t been able to figure himself out and had played a different class in every game. Then, in Arena, he became a magician. Mason realized it after playing a magician. This was it. He could become a pro gamer if he was a magician. However, at that time, there were no teams that wanted a magician. The teams needed close range damage dealers responsible for PvP.

“Ah, that? Let’s go to a quiet place to talk. We can do it here,” Hyeonu replied.

He and Mason entered a room in the corner of the party hall. Seeing Mason sit down, Hyeonu took off his mask after closing the door. Then he asked, “Would you like to be a pro gamer with me?”

“Pro gamer?” Mason looked like he was surprised by Hyeonu’s words. He seemed to have heard unexpected words.

“Yes, a pro gamer. I’m preparing it now, but they’re all new people. You will be the team’s first recruit and the only magician player.” Hyeonu’s face was a bit red because he was drinking, but his expression was more serious than ever. He showed that he had confidence in the future.

“I like the idea. I also want to be a professional gamer. It won’t be hard to get to the top if I play with you.” Mason agreed happily.

He was originally going to do it anyway, but Hyeonu’s expression made him feel more comfortable. Mason knew that this person would never fail. Hyeonu opened his mouth and said, “Still, you have to know something. I’m only going to do it for one season.”

“It is the same for me. I think one season is sufficient,” Mason concurred.

Hyeonu smiled at Mason’s answer. “I can guarantee that we will get to the highest point faster than anyone else. The beginning is South Korea, but the end will be the top of the world.”

“I hope so,” Mason said.

Then the two of them shook hands.


Hyeonu sent Mason out of the room and wore the mask again. Then he started wandering around the party looking for someone. Soon after, Hyeonu approached a man. “Brother, did the two of you come here just to eat? Come with me.”

The one Hyeonu was looking for was Kim Seokjung.

Naturally, Gang Junggu was next to Kim Seokjung like they were needle and thread.

“Little brother, I naturally have to go if it is you. Junggu, let’s go,” Kim Seokjung said in response.

The three of them each grabbed a glass of champagne from a hotel staff member and walked into the room where Mason and Hyeonu had talked.

“Brother, how do you like the party? It is the first party I’ve been to, but I think it is okay,” Hyeonu remarked.

“I’ve been to one or two. Well, is there anything special about it? It is just good to enjoy this with you,” Kim Seokjung replied.

“My brother originally doesn’t like a place like this. Hyeonu, he’s only here because you called. Understood?” Gang Junggu said.

Hyeonu nodded at Gang Junggu’s words. He too could tell that this was the case. Compared to this type of party, Kim Seokjung preferred to drink alcohol in a noisy local pub. Hyeonu asked, “Brother, is your proposal from last time still valid?”

Kim Seokjung’s relaxed eyes became fierce and bright at Hyeonu’s sudden words.

“Suggestion? Did I make a suggestion? Junggu, do you remember?” Kim Seokjung shook his head like he didn’t know and glanced at Gang Junggu.

However, Gang Junggu didn’t remember either. The two of them didn’t remember, so Hyeonu repeated the suggestion. “It is the suggestion that you will give me territory if I join the guild.”

At Hyeonu’s words, Kim Seokjung clapped his hands like he suddenly remembered. “Ah, of course. At any time. You can gain one even if you don’t give any contributions. Are we lacking money?”

“There is no need for that...”

Gang Junggu interrupted Hyeonu. “You don’t need to be burdened. It’s fine as long as you want it. In any case, joining a guild isn’t a big deal. It is just being tied to one fence. That’s it. We don’t want anything from you, right?”

Gang Junggu’s words were lodged in Hyeonu’s heart. They didn’t want anything. They just wanted to do it for him.

“Junggu is right. Little brother, what would I want from you? Money? I have hundreds of times more than you. Am I risking my life in Arena? It was because Junggu suggested it that I started. It just means I can see your face more often than now. People of the same guild often contact each other. That’s it.”

“Brother...” Hyeonu’s feelings for them deepened. He could feel the consideration of the two people.

‘I’m very lucky.’

Hyeonu had a friend, Yeongchan, who might be noisy but always treated him like family. Now there were also these two brothers who cared for him. Hyeonu’s eyes became red. “Thank you. I will definitely repay this kindness."

“What kindness? It is just a gift. If you’re grateful, come visit me later.”

Kim Seokjung couldn’t see Hyeonu’s face, but he noticed from Hyeonu’s trembling voice that he was crying. However, Kim Seokjung didn’t show that he knew and walked out of the room naturally with his empty wine glass. “Have I already run out of alcohol? I’ll bring some, so just wait.”

The night of the party progressed.


Reina was looking for a place to rest because her legs were sore, but there was nowhere to sit and rest. It was because most people were already sitting down and many people would flock if she sat down alone.

‘Isn’t there a place to rest?’ Reina wandered to a corner of the party.

She couldn’t sit on the floor in her dress, so when no one was looking, she sat down at a table to relieve the fatigue in her legs.

‘What is that over there?’

Just then, Reina noticed a room in a corner of the party hall.

‘It is a room.’

Reina smiled as she found a place to rest.

Knock knock.

Reina knocked slightly and opened the door carefully when there was no response. “Is there really no one?”

Something caught Reina’s eye as she entered the room. A man was sleeping in a chair. His face was slightly flushed like he was drunk.

‘Who is it? He is sleeping well in a place like this.’ Reina wondered about the man’s identity. She knew that not many Asians came to the party today. In addition, there wasn’t a young man like this. At most, there were Liu Shei, Argon, and Alley Leader.

‘Liu Shei doesn’t look like this.’

Liu Shei wasn’t so tall. This man was really tall. It just happened to be Reina’s favorite height.

‘What am I thinking right now?’ Reina rubbed her slightly flushed cheeks and was about to leave the room when something fell from the man’s hand. It was a small mask—a mask with a child’s face. This was a mask that Reina had seen in Arena many times.

‘Is this person Alley Leader?’ Reina stopped trying to leave and approached the sleeping Hyeonu. She stared at Hyeonu’s face. He had well-groomed black hair, dark eyebrows, a sharp nose, and red lips. Hyeonu’s face started to become visible as she neared.

Reina watched Hyeonu for a long time before leaving the room.



Hyeonu returned home from the party and avoided reality. He had enjoyed playing in the United States. Although he might’ve fallen asleep in the middle of the party, these regrets were eliminated because he wandered around New York on Sunday.

The problem occurred now that he was back home. Tired from the aftermath of the trip, Hyeonu stayed stretched out on his bed from the moment he got home. He wandered through dreamland like it was his home. Then he arrived at the current situation. There wasn’t much time left until his next stream, and there was a pile of work for him to do in relation to professional gamers. The meeting with Moon Doyeong was also a few days away.

“Crazy. Why did I go to America?”

Hyeonu was already in pain from the thought of paying the price for taking three days off.

‘First, let’s connect to Arena.’

He sighed and entered the A-Cube.


“You only came now? Weren’t you really curious? I thought you would come every day to ask me about it,” Qing Feng said with a slightly sad expression to Hyeonu who came to visit him.

“I’m sorry. There was a situation...” Hyeonu had wanted to come, but he couldn’t. He hadn’t been able to access Arena at all during his three days in the United States.

“I was joking, joking. There wasn’t much information about the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior. I don’t care too much.” Qing Feng pulled out a white piece of paper and handed it to Hyeonu. “Look at this, and I’ll give you an explanation.”

Hyeonu nodded and examined the paper that Qing Feng gave him.

[Report on the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior]

[-Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior, a martial artist from the Mysterious Sky Sect. He possessed excellent force, just like all disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sect. He wasn’t judged as one of the 10 grand masters due to a lack of activity, but his actual force was deemed to be equivalent to theirs.]

The moment Hyeonu read the paper, Qing Feng started to explain. “He was a disciple of the Mysterious Sky Sect. He was a great martial artist, but he didn’t have a high reputation. Since you made a request, I looked at all the old materials. At one point, his traces disappeared altogether. He was like someone who never existed. In Jianghu, the meaning of this is simple.”

“Does it mean he is dead?” Hyeonu asked.

After hearing Hyeonu’s words, Qing Feng made an admiring expression and said, “Yes, you know it well. It is impossible to disappear without dying, even more so from the influence of the Chonghua Sect.”

Hyeonu smiled and went on to ask a question as it wasn’t possible to end the conversation here. The important thing was the last act of the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior. “So was there anything unusual before the disappearance of the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior? Did he fight anyone or...?”

“Who knows? A conflict in Jianghu is as natural as breathing. It wouldn’t be strange if he fought with someone.” Then Qing Feng pressed a hand against his forehead like he suddenly had a thought. “Ah. Generally, a master like him doesn’t fight against bandits, but he did fight bandits often.”

Just then, Hyeonu’s most desired message window appeared in front of his eyes.

[A quest has been created.]
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