Ranker's Return
Chapter 189
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 189

[A Buknung Mountain bandit has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[A Buknung Mountain bandit has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[A Buknung Mountain bandit has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[A Buknung Mountain bandit has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

‘It is definitely a scam.’

Hyeonu felt it the more he hunted. This battle was pleasant compared to the time when he didn’t have the Mysterious Sky skill.

Clap clap clap.

Hyeonu was thinking about the Mysterious Sky skill when someone clapped. The person who appeared was a Daoist in a white robe. If there was a distinctive feature about him, it was the plum blossoms on his sleeves and sheath.

“Amazing. I don’t know what martial arts sect you are from, but you have great strength.” The Daoist sincerely admired Hyeonu.

Hyeonu pointed his sword at this Daoist. “I just learned the martial arts of an unknown sect—an up-and-coming talent...”

There was a reason why Hyeonu said it like that. It was because of the plum blossoms drawn on the Daoist’s sleeves. Hyeonu knew what they meant.

‘Plum flower... Huanshan Sect!’

Asia was the backdrop of the East Continent. Among them, China’s nine sects had a concept similar to an earl-grade or higher nobility title in the West Continent. It meant they were a huge force. In other words, if the scenario provided was carried out against the backdrop of the East Continent, then there was a high probability of the nine sects being involved. This was why Hyeonu started his image management like this.

“Excessive humility isn’t good. I am Qing Feng, the master of the Chonghua Sect. What is your name?” The Daoist responded. However, Qing Feng’s response was a bit strange. The Chonghua Sect...?

‘It isn’t the Huanshan Sect?’

It turned out that the sect was Chonghua, not Huanshan. Just then, something passed through Hyeonu’s mind. ‘Don’t tell me... It is actually a mix of Asia. It isn’t China but the whole of Asia...’ Hyeonu smiled at Qing Feng while concealing his bewilderment. In the meantime, he had already removed Crasul’s Curse. It was because the appearance and aura of Crasul’s Curse were too conspicuous.

“I am Gang Hyeonu. I’m on the way to Shuiyang.”

“Shuiyang... Fortunately, we are going to the same place. I have some business to attend to there.”

Hyeonu still had no knowledge of the East Continent, so he questioned Qing Feng. “Is the Chonghua Sect in Shuiyang?”

“It isn’t Shuiyang but Manhua Mountain near Shuiyang. Did you come down after training in the mountains?”

For Qing Feng, Hyeonu’s question was absurd. This man who learned martial arts didn’t even know the location of the Chonghua Sect. Based on Hyeonu’s tone of speaking, he didn’t know the position of other sects, not just the Chonghua Sect. No, it seemed he didn’t know the overall geography of the land.

‘I guess he didn’t learn anything other than martial arts. I don’t know who his master is, but he taught rather awkwardly...’ Qing Feng remarked inwardly. Then he said, “You are lucky to have met me. We will arrive in Shuiyang in a day. I’ll teach you a lot on the way.”

Hyeonu wondered how to react to Qing Feng’s words. Should he accept the offer favorably? Or should he refuse?

His worries didn’t last long though. After all, Hyeonu didn’t know anything to be worried about.

‘Yes, I don’t know anything. I will appreciate anything he teaches me.’

“I will be grateful for your teachings.”


“Little brother, do you now roughly understand how great I am? You should know that you are lucky. Think of me as an older brother,” Qing Feng said as he wrapped an arm around Hyeonu’s shoulder.

Qing Feng felt more like a friendly neighborhood brother than a Daoist.

“I think so as well. I am very lucky,” Hyeonu replied with a smile, but inwardly, he was thinking differently. He was thinking about someone else—a man who had saved him by chance. An image of the man who treated Hyeonu well enough to be burdensome was drawn up in Hyeonu’s mind.

‘Isn’t this totally just a classy version of Brother Seokjung?’

Qing Feng was exactly the same as Kim Seokjung. If Kim Seokjung’s appearance and tone of speaking were to change, then it would be enough to believe they were the same people. Perhaps this was why Hyeonu and Qing Feng got along quickly. Hyeonu felt a sense of familiarity the moment he thought of the NPC as Kim Seokjung.

“Little brother, why are you going to Shuiyang? Are you following your master’s will? That’s something that would’ve been done 500 years ago.”

Hyeonu heard Qing Feng’s joke and really felt that he was similar to Kim Seokjung. “It isn’t like that. It is a personal thing.”

“Really? Then go and do your business. If you have time, come to Manhua Mountain to find me. Or you can find me if you need help.”

“I understand. I’ll definitely visit you.”

“Why do you think I said this?”

“How can I know that? Brother, I can’t read your thoughts.”

Qing Feng laughed because Hyeonu’s answer was funny. “Yes, of course. I have to part with you here. Once again, if you need help, come to the Chonghua Sect and find this Qing Feng.”

After saying these words, Qing Feng left.

He disappeared in a flash. Perhaps he used the qinggong in martial arts novels... (A technique in Chinese martial arts that is visually reminiscent of parkour, despite having different training methods. The use of qinggong has been exaggerated in wuxia fiction, in which martial artists have the ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed, and perform gravity-defying moves such as gliding on water surfaces, scaling high walls, and mounting trees.)

Anyway, Hyeonu was left alone, and he moved quickly toward Shuiyang. It was at a different speed than when he was moving with Qing Feng.


In an inn on one side of Shuiyang City, there was a man with distinct features and a golden-haired boy with outstanding cuteness. The unusual thing was that the boy’s pupils were of different colors.

“Tang-E, is it delicious?” Hyeonu asked with a smile as he watched Tang-E inhale the food on the table.

“This is delicious. This one seems a bit salty,” Tang-E answered. The dumplings were what Tang-E said was delicious. To be exact, they were shrimp dumplings. In the game, the dumpling ingredients were plentiful, and the shrimp had a rich aroma. On the other hand, Tang-E was calling the stir-fried noodles and vegetables salty. The dish was suitable for Hyeonu’s taste buds, but it was salty for Tang-E, who rarely ate food with seasonings.

“Yes, tell me if there isn’t enough. I’ll order more.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Hyeonu saw Tang-E’s happy expression and felt his hands move on their own. At this moment, he received a whisper from someone.

-From Mason: Brother, what’s going on? Why send me a whisper?

‘He’s only replying now... I was wondering when it would come.’

Mason was the last person Hyeonu was inviting to the party that Nike was hosting.

-To Mason: It’s been a while. I have something to say. By the way, why can’t we call each other in reality? Isn’t that the fastest way?

-From Mason: That is true. But Brother, it is because you didn’t want to give me your phone number. So what did you want to say? Mason grumbled after hearing Hyeonu’s question.

It was Hyeonu who always answered his notes with short sentences. He would also refuse to meet using the excuse that he was busy.

‘I did? I don’t remember...’ Hyeonu had no memories of such things. It was the side effect of training constantly over the past few months. He had ignored everything that didn’t have a direct impact on him. No, he had tried to do so.

-To Mason: Nike is going to hold a party this weekend. I’d like to see you there. At that time, I will have a proposal for you.

‘This weekend? Three days later? A proposal? What is it?’ As Mason thought this, his expression changed several times. He looked embarrassed, questioning, and then curious. In the end, he had a very complicated expression.

-From Mason: I understand. I have to go to New York? I’ll see you then.

-To Mason: You aren’t going to ask what the proposal is?

-From Mason: I want to leave it until then so I can have fun imagining it.

What proposal would his brother make? Mason was looking forward to it. After all, this was a proposal being made by Alley Leader. Mason’s voice revealed that he was already excited. Even Hyeonu sensed it.

‘Why is he so excited?’

Hyeonu didn’t understand, but he didn’t make the mistake of expressing his confusion. He wouldn’t make the mistake of expressing his position before he met Mason directly and heard the answer to his proposal.

-To Mason: Then let’s meet in New York.


Mason finished his whispers with Hyeonu and exited the A-Cube with a look of excitement. Then he pressed his phone’s buttons and started to speak. “John, please prepare the car. I’ll wash up and come out.”

John was the name of Mason’s secretary and butler. Mason’s full name was Mason Rockefeller. Mason was a member of one of the United States’ three largest conglomerates and had a direct lineage of the family that owned the US’ top conglomerate.

“I understand, Young Master. I will make the arrangements.”

Upon hearing John’s words, Mason turned on the shower.

‘I need clothes to go to the party.’

Unlike the name Rockefeller of America’s top conglomerate, Mason was quite frugal. Of course, he couldn’t be called frugal by normal standards, but he was frugal when one took into consideration his vast assets. Mason barely used his money. He only bought items in Arena and spent a bit of money on his favorite hobbies. His hobbies didn’t include clothes. He always wore what John would bring. Therefore, there was no specific piece of clothing that Mason liked.

Just then, a cold stream of water fell from the showerhead.

“Uwah, it’s cold!” Mason hurriedly turned the lever to control the temperature of the ice-cold water. Then lukewarm water poured out, and Mason leaned pleasantly into it.

‘What is he going to suggest?’

“I should’ve just asked Hyeonu. Did I refuse for no reason?”

He thought about it and became even more curious. Alley Leader was currently the best in Arena. What proposal would he make to Mason?

‘Is he creating a guild? Or is it a proposal to form a party?’

This was currently the limit of Mason’s thoughts. Hyeonu was currently in the East Continent. No matter how much Mason thought, there was nothing Hyeonu could ask him about regarding Arena. Moreover, Hyeonu didn’t know that Mason was rich. Therefore, the proposal certainly wouldn’t be related to this.

‘Shall I give him a fright?’

What if Mason already knew what Hyeonu would suggest? What if he made the suggestion first? Hyeonu would obviously be surprised. It would also be a pretty big surprise.

Just then, Mason suddenly pressed back against the wall of the shower. He was surprised because he heard John’s voice.

“Young Master, the car is ready. Is there anything else you want me to do?”

Mason heard John’s words and ordered, “John, Nike— Please do some research on Nike’s trends related to Alley Leader.”

John had no doubts about Mason’s sudden instructions. He only asked for the investigation deadline. “When do you want to see it?”

“By Friday.”

Friday was the latest that Mason could wait until. The information was only meaningful if he got it before the weekend party. It would be completely useless after receiving the offer from Hyeonu. It would only be meaningful if the timing was right.

‘Please let John discover it.’

Mason wanted to see Hyeonu look embarrassed.

[1] Famous fictional martial arts sect in several wuxia novels.
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