Ranker's Return
Chapter 184
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 184

-Hi everyone.

-Hi hi.

-It has been a while. By the way, why is the title of today’s broadcast like this? Do you know?

-Did he find a dungeon? There are rumors lately that Alley Leader is hunting in the Balder Mountains. Maybe it is an expedition to the Balder Mountains.

Viewers usually talked about what Alley Leader would do today while waiting for the stream to start. Most of them were previewed by Alley Leader at the end of the previous stream, so there wasn’t much curiosity. However, today was different. There were no announcements, and the title was also unique.

[Exploring a New World with Alley Leader]

A new world...

What was this new world? What did it mean?

Viewers started to express their opinions about it.

-No, it is a dungeon, right?

-Eh, no way.

-It isn’t a dungeon. It is a really strange place.

-I hope it is Tang-E’s home.

-Seriously. Bears like Tang-E...

-I’m happy just imagining it. It is a healing feeling.

The audience was united in their comments that it was Tang-E’s home.

A short time later, a man wearing a child’s mask appeared on the big screen. It was Alley Leader.

“Hello everyone! I am the streamer Alley Leader who never loses his original heart. It is nice to meet everyone.” Hyeonu greeted the audience as usual.

Then he looked at the chat window. Today was the first stream that would change things up a bit since he became first in the arena rankings. This was why he started off strong from the title.

‘The reactions are very intense.’

It was as Hyeonu thought. However, the viewers’ reactions were very intense in a different sense.


-Come out Tang-E!

-Come out in human or bear form!!

-Wicked streamer, go away!

“It feels like everyone has forgotten my personality? The chat window is very lively...?” In the end, Hyeonu couldn’t resist and revealed his true nature. “I think it is time to swing the hammer again. Have I been peaceful for too long?”

Hyeonu’s appearance as he enunciated each word was terrifying. The audience was forced to calm down at Hyeonu’s words. Tang-E was Alley Leader’s pet. In order to see Tang-E, they had to remain in Alley Leader’s stream.

-I’m sorry. The previous comment was from my cat.

-Receive these gold coins and get rid of your anger...

-An Apple Every Day has gifted you 99 gold coins.

Hyeonu’s anger only calmed down after seeing the gold coins. The viewers all knew to some extent that Alley Leader wasn’t really angry. It was just a roundabout method to ask for gold coins. Still, everyone fell for it. It was because such behavior was part of Alley Leader’s charm. He had inhuman skills but a very human nature. The enormous gap between the two was one of the driving factors of Alley Leader’s popularity.

“Thank you for the 99 gold coins. Then let me explain why today’s title is ‘exploring a new world’.”

-Yes, explain it quickly, master streamer.

-I will curse you in my heart if it is exploring a dungeon.

-Coward. Be like me and swear in the chat.

-Then you’ll be kicked out.

‘No one is expecting the East Continent.’

A deep smile appeared on Hyeonu’s face. He was smiling at the thought of giving the viewers a blow. It wasn’t only the viewers. All of Arena’s communities would probably be in turmoil. The name ‘East Continent’ was well-suited to attract a lot of attention.

“I am currently not in the empire. Do you know the East Continent? It is beyond the Balder Mountains. I am in uncharted territory.”

Hyeonu finished speaking and switched the point of view of the camera. Until now it was showing Hyeonu and a bit of the background, but then it changed to Hyeonu’s point of view. The viewers now saw what Hyeonu saw.

“Now, this is the East Continent. It seems to have mixed cultures from East Asia.”

Hyeonu chose the most scenic place in Haju for the stream. The view was really amazing. It looked down at Haju like Building 63 looked down on Seoul.

-Wow, what is this? Am I seeing incorrectly?

-My mind is spinning, spinning... Is this Arena?

-Is this being released to the public for the first time? The guilds aren’t hiding it?

-There haven’t even been rumors about the East Continent, let alone someone going there. Is he the only one in Arena who has gone there?

The viewers were shocked by Hyeonu’s shocking information. The East Continent...

It was unthinkable. This reveal was on a completely different level from the viewers’ speculation that it was a new dungeon.

“From today on, I’m not where you are. I am here in the East Continent. Please look at the videos on my channel if you are curious about the East Continent. I’ll keep posting them.”

-I will look at it 10 times a day. Please upload a lot of videos.

-His real class is different.

-Other people skip streaming once or twice when they’re looking for the main scenario. Meanwhile, our Alley Leader is doing such a big thing while streaming the entire time.

-This is a real ‘one man going against hundreds’. It seems to be beyond the level of a large guild.

Hyeonu enjoyed the reactions of the viewers. He felt rewarded when he saw them admiring himself.

‘This is the taste,’ Hyeonu recalled the catchphrase of a gagman he’d heard in the past. This was truly the taste.

“I don’t intend to do much today. I’m just going around to clear my quest. Is this okay?” Hyeonu asked the viewers for their understanding. The East Continent might be a novelty, but it was the duty of a streamer to show what the viewers wanted.

-It’s okay.

-Just take a tour around the East Continent.

-Watching our Alley Leader’s stream is never boring.

-After passing by the mountain, I’m afraid bandits will strike. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The viewers weren’t dissatisfied at all. Alley Leader’s streams were always dynamic. Few of them had progressed smoothly. No, it was safe to say that there were none had done so. This was because it was more common for problems to occur.

“That absolutely won’t happen today. I’m just going to move. I’m looking for another city, and my goal is to reach there. I have no intention of fighting or something similar in the middle.” Hyeonu refuted the viewers’ prophecy.

It would not happen today.

‘Today is just a stream that will show the scenery of the East Continent.’

Hyeonu hypnotized himself like this. All he had to do today was walk along the road. He had already found a way to get to Jeonggyeong. A merchant group, a representative guide in genre novels—Hyeonu invited them to join him. To be exact, before Hyeonu started streaming, he searched for merchant groups heading to Jeonggyeong, and they willingly let him join the party after seeing Hyeonu’s skills.

‘I just have to go with the merchant group. What can happen?’

However, Hyeonu struggled with the anxiety that was gradually filling his heart. After all, Hyeonu knew that he experienced quite a lot of incidents.

“Absolutely. It will never be as good as today. Never!”


The merchant group’s path to Jeonggyeong was as calm as Hyeonu wished. Rather, it was boring.

-By the way, since Arena has an Oriental area like this, does it mean they are now targeting China in earnest?

-You should say that it is all of Asia, not just China.

-Now Arena has a stagnant player base. The explosive growth has already stopped.

-Thanks to our Alley Leader, the direction of growth has shifted from its downward momentum, but it has been a while.

Hyeonu watched the messages of the audience members closely. It was quite interesting. Content aimed at Asia...

‘It is like this?’

It was naturally good news for Hyeonu. The increase in the number of Arena players was directly related to the increase in Hyeonu’s potential viewers. It also meant that Hyeonu’s income would increase.

‘Then shouldn’t Quency give me something?’

If Kim Jinyeong and Park Hyeonjun heard these words, they would slap Hyeonu’s cheeks several times.

“Is that so? I hadn’t thought about it at all. Since it’s released on my stream, shouldn’t Quency do something for me?” Hyeonu spoke proudly.

Sincerity could be felt from his attitude. He really wanted a gift.

-You really want something?

-Really pure.

-So pure that it is scary. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Quency employees, if you are watching the stream right now, give a subscription. If our Alley Leader becomes angry, it will last a long time.

-He is really narrow-minded. Extremely narrow-minded.

Hyeonu was lost in the communication with the viewers when he saw a man waving at him.

“Wait a moment. Someone seems to be calling me over. I won’t be able to see the chat for a while. Thank you for your understanding.”

Hyeonu turned off the chat window and ran toward the man who called for him. He had kept a small distance from the merchant group for the sake of streaming, so he needed to move quickly. Hyeonu asked, “Did you call, Mister Zhang Hun?”

He spoke politely to Zhang Hun, the person in charge of the merchant group. This was natural as it was Zhang Hun who let Hyeonu join the merchant group. Hyeonu naturally needed to keep a submissive attitude toward Zhang Hun.

“Mister Zhang Hun... You don’t have to call me that. Just Brother Zhang is fine.” Zhang Hun shook his head like he was burdened by what Hyeonu called him.

Zhang Hun thought Hyeonu was crazy when he asked to join the merchant group. This was natural. They might be a merchant group on the way back from their job, but who would let a stranger they didn’t even know join? However, Zhang Hun gave permission due to Hyeonu’s constant persuasion and the strange pressure he felt from Hyeonu.

‘His skills look pretty good.’

It was unknown when and where a merchant group would be attacked. Therefore, it wouldn’t be bad to have a talented person like Hyeonu with them. Of course, even if Hyeonu had an impure purpose, Zhang Hun was confident he could overcome it.

Zhang Hun told Hyeonu, “I called you because I thought you should go with us now. Do you see the mountains over there? There is a famous mountain stronghold. They naturally won’t hit our merchant group, but it isn’t bad to be prepared just in case.”

Hyeonu nodded at Zhang Hun’s explanation. It made sense. “I understand. From now on, I’ll move with the group.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

Hyeonu and Zhang Hun understood each other, but the viewers didn’t.

-Screeeeeam! He clearly turned off the chat window again!

-He has no intention of reading the comments!

-You need to communicate, communicate!

-Another habit came out again. Sigh.

Hyeonu had forgotten to turn on the chat window. For a moment, viewers couldn’t shut their mouths at the situation occurring in front of them.



-It is like this...
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