Ranker's Return
Chapter 181
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 181

“I know it only needs at least six people, but it usually consists of 12 people. Six people will form two parties.” The answer flowed from Moon Doyeong’s mouth, not Jamie’s. Six people—this was the minimum number of athletes as defined by Quency.

“I think at least six people are needed for the siege and raid. Instead, a penalty will be imposed for balance whenever the number of opponents differ.” This was what Quency’s representative had stated when the professional league was established.

At first glance, it seemed good to have a team of six and not receive a penalty. Even so, there wasn’t a single team in the league with just six players. Two tankers, two damage dealers, and two healers formed a party. This was the cornerstone. No one was left out.

Of course, there were teams that challenged it with six people. However, they would fail the raid and get defeated in the siege. They might have the advantage, but they failed to overcome the numerical inferiority.

“We will go with six people. It is the minimum number of people limited by regulations. That will be the number of players on my team,” Hyeonu said.

The other two people didn’t laugh at Hyeonu’s joke. It was because they couldn’t tell if it was actually a joke.

“Really? Do you mean those words?” Moon Doyeong looked like he was in disbelief.

Hyeonu nodded and replied, “I didn’t tell you anything untrue.”

In some ways, it was an answer that surpassed confidence and went to conceitedness. Jamie saw Hyeonu’s imposing appearance and nodded slightly. ‘It is enough with Alley Leader.’

Hyeonu certainly had the ability to do so.

‘If I think about the days of meleegod, it wasn’t just about his class and items. It was about a difference in skill,’ Jamie thought.

meleegod was a myth. It was a name that was regarded as big talk among acquaintances. Yet it was real, and meleegod had returned as Alley Leader.

“Well, I respect your opinion. I will listen to Mister Gang. Then how many players do you want Nike to pick?”

“Please make a list of 10 people who meet my conditions. I’ll decide after.”

The moment Hyeonu finished speaking, the conversation of the three people came to an end.


Hyeonu once again failed to reproduce the Mysterious Sky Steps and collapsed with a whine. “Whyyyyyyy?! Whyyyyyy?! I just can’t be happy!!!” This had been his routine for the past few days. He practiced the Mysterious Sky Steps until his magic power ran out, and if it didn’t work, he would hone the Mysterious Sky Range.

Lebron felt bitter at the sight of this. This adventurer apprentice seemed to have no idea what it meant to be satisfied.

“If you want it to be so soon, then you might as well have moved like a dog or a cow. What are you whining about?” Lebron stared at his disciple who had been staying at his training field for days.

‘He is going to leave today,’ Lebron thought.

Hyeonu’s development speed was freakishly fast. It was unknown what medicine he took, but his use of magic power increased every day. Lebron had called him a genius, but this was too much. Obviously, Hyeonu practiced footwork, but other things developed as well. For example, the attack tactics that were occasionally visible now boasted a considerable level. There was also the Mysterious Sky Range. The first time he learned it, he had 10 seconds to prepare it.

Moreover, it would be with the weakest amount of power. Now, that time had been halved. No, it was more than half. Additionally, one or two swings would suffice to release enough pure energy.

Just then, the shouts of Lebron’s disciple filled the training field. “That’s it!!”

Hyeonu was successful. Lebron turned his head and could see Hyeonu moving everywhere in the training field with a bright expression.

“Master, I succeeded. Can I leave now?” Hyeonu asked playfully.

Lebron responded with the same feeling, “Yes, shouldn’t you run for the peace of the empire? After all, I heard you’re the greatest worker. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Teacher.” Hyeonu left Lebron’s mansion after four days.


After leaving Lebron’s mansion, Hyeonu headed straight for the Balder Mountains. It was to solve Hyeonu’s quest.

[Trail of the Previous Generation]

[Discovered the diary of the former master of the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art.

Read the journal and chase his trail.

Rating: A+

Condition: xxxx’s trail 0/1

Rewards: Experience, xxxx’s keepsake.]

‘I will go around to the places I didn’t go to the other day.’

Now Hyeonu was eager. It didn’t matter if the previous hunt was good or not. Things were different now. Time had passed since then, and there were rumors that clues about the main scenario had been acquired.

‘It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. It is a fact that time has passed.’

He was confident that if he could participate in this main scenario, he would wipe out everything without leaving a single bit of dust behind. Hyeonu might’ve felt dubious in the last main scenario, but he was convinced now. Having learned a new magic power technique from Lebron, Hyeonu thought he was better than he was before.

“Tang-E, can you find it this time?” Hyeonu asked Tang-E, who looked like a cute teddy bear. Tang-E, as always, was sitting on Hyeonu’s shoulder, which had become a seat reserved for Tang-E.

“This time, I feel good. Well, isn’t it good to think positively? In addition, you’re much stronger than before, so hunting will be easier.” Tang-E had a positive outlook.

Although Tang-E words might have no sense of professionalism at all, Hyeonu was still in a good mood. “Yes, thank you for saying so.”

He added inwardly, ‘I hope this is the case.’


There was a saying about how unlucky words became a curse. The meaning of the saying was that spoken words became a reality, and it was generally used to advise others to ‘speak carefully’. Right now, however, the saying was used in a good sense.

Hyeonu discovered a dungeon, and it was one that looked pretty good.

“It’s good, it’s good. It’s good that such a thing happened. Don’t you think so, Tang-E?”

“That’s right. It is because I said good things.”

The expression in Hyeonu’s eyes looked as sweet as honey as he stared at the cave in front of him, and his mouth was wide open in a grin.

[Would you like to enter Johannes’ Residence, the foundation of this mountain range?]

The name of the dungeon was Johannes’ Residence. This told him that the name of the boss monster was probably Johannes.

‘I have an opportunity to test the Mysterious Sky Steps and Mysterious Sky Range.’

“I will enter.”

The moment Hyeonu spoke, black light poured out of the cave and started to devour Hyeonu and Tang-E.


The view inside the dungeon was like the interior of a typical stone building. The size of the current area was approximately the size of a football field. The smoothly-cut interior was impressive.

‘There is a passage over there.’

Hundreds of meters away, there was a passage that connected somewhere else. Hyeonu naturally stepped toward it. The moment Hyeonu stepped toward the passage, a wall that had no passage moved to the side and giants poured out.

“Intruder alert!”

“Wipe out the intruders!”

“Make those who invade Johannes’ residence pay!”

The giants rushed toward Hyeonu with bizarre cries.

[Master of Combat is activated.]

[Your stats have increased.]

[The stat ‘fighting energy’ has caused your stats to rise.]

[The other party is stronger than you.]

[Your stats have increased.]

[The stat ‘dignity’ has caused the opponent’s stats to fall.]

‘Mindset of a Murderer wasn’t activated?’

There was one thing Hyeonu could figure out just by looking at the message windows in front of him. It was the identity of these giants.

‘It is a golem, not a living thing.’

They were golems. Golems ranged between low-level monsters and high-level monsters, depending on the skill and materials of the producer. This was a rule that wasn’t only used in Arena. It was a rule that was common in all virtual reality games so far.

‘Golems have appeared, which means the master here is a magician...’ Hyeonu started to speculate about Johannes’ identity.

This only lasted a moment though. His thoughts were forced to stop because of the golems rushing in.

“Tang-E, buffs!” Hyeonu asked for buffs from Tang-E and then moved toward the incoming golems.

[You have received Bear’s Momentum.]

[Physique has increased.]

[Strength has increased.]

[You have received the Forest’s Blessing.]

[Defense has increased.]

[Health will continue to recover.]

[You have received Breath of the Wind.]

[Your agility has risen.]

[Your movement speed has increased.]

“Ohh!” Tang-E’s eyes were filled with wonder after buffing Hyeonu, and he purely admired Hyeonu’s movements. “Master dude has become a different person in a few days.”

In front of Tang-E’s eyes, Hyeonu’s body seemed to split into two or three. Hyeonu was so fast that he created afterimages that were more like clones. He generously showed off the magic power control that he had honed for several days. Every time Hyeonu’s sword swung, two or three blades of pure energy struck the golems. The golems that got hit by Hyeonu’s pure energy dropped their stones like buildings crumbling after getting hit by a wrecking ball.

Hyeonu didn’t stop there and continued to emit pure energy. The giant pure energy took on the form of a crescent moon and shot forward fiercely with enough momentum to destroy everything in front of him. It was no different for the golem. The golem’s torso was separated from its cut waist and fell to the ground with a loud roar.

[Johannes’ Guardian No. 1 has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

‘I gained a lot of experience. I think I can gain a few levels here.’

In Arena, dungeon monsters basically gave great experience. Even after taking that into consideration, the amount of experience given by the golem was still huge. Maybe their level was quite high. Other rankers would’ve struggled if they came now. Yet for Hyeonu who had high defense penetration, the golems were nothing more than fun stones.

The movement of Hyeonu’s sword resumed. Simultaneously, the golems started to explode again. It was a clean sweep. The golems fell.

[Johannes’ Guardian No. 1 has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[Johannes’ Guardian No. 1 has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

It took Hyeonu less than 10 minutes to get rid of the remaining golems. This was a crazy hunting speed. If other people had seen it, they would have found it astounding. After all, it usually took a party of six people around 15 to 20 minutes to complete a single hunt. Moreover, this was based on monsters with the same or slightly higher level than them.

Hyeonu had a much faster hunting speed than that, and this was while hunting monsters at a level far higher than his own.

“Tang-E, did they drop anything?” Hyeonu questioned the looting Tang-E.

The answer came back steadily.

“Being expectant will only make my stomach ache more, Master dude. Always think of the worst.”

It was a completely different attitude from a few hours ago.
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