Ranker's Return
Chapter 153
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 153

Hyeonu kept running. It was the first time he had played so hard since starting Arena.

‘I’m almost there.’

As a result of the frantic run, Hyeonu succeeded in going to the nearest bell tower. He didn’t know Floyd’s exact behavioral radius, but this distance seemed close enough to irritate Chroma’s nerves. Of course, it would be great if Floyd got involved in the battle.

‘I will fight again here.’

“This time, absolutely never come out. The moment the opponent uses decisive magic, that is when you use Roar. Got it?”

Tang-E nodded at Hyeonu’s words.

“I know. I won’t come out this time,” Tang-E replied, grabbing Hyeonu’s hand. He waved his hand over and over as if asking Hyeonu to trust him.

Hyeonu hid Tang-E in a tree again and waited in a wide-open space for Chroma. After a while, the angry Chroma arrived at the vacant space. He turned his head and seemed to be looking for Hyeonu. Right then, Hyeonu reappeared and greeted Chroma with an attitude like they were close friends. “Who are you looking for?”

Chroma gritted his teeth when he saw Hyeonu grinning like something good had happened. “Weren’t you running away? Why aren’t you running further?”

“I don’t feel the need to do so. I think I can win now.”

It was time for Hyeonu to use all his power. Hyeonu used the giant skills that he had kept in reserve during the previous battle.

[Giant’s Power has been used.]

[Your strength stat has increased.]

[Giant’s Nature has been used.]

[Your strength stat has increased.]

He used the giant skills and felt like he could smash everything in the world. Then he ran toward Chroma who was showing a strong hostility to him.

“Floyd handed over the sacred relic! You have completely played me!” Chroma became even more furious.

This aura he felt from the human was the aura emitted from the chief’s sacred relic. From generation to generation, the chief represented the armed force of the giants. The source of their strength was the sacred relic. It was a ring that amplified the strength of the owner. Even if Chroma had made a request, it couldn’t simply be handed over to a human.

‘Handed me the sacred relic?’ Hyeonu thought about something and felt like he was floating in the air. He always thought the giants were familiar for some reason. Come to think about it, the ring he wore had the word ‘giant’ and the skill had it as well.

[Ring Containing the Form of a Giant]

[A ring containing the form of a giant. The power and spirit of a giant from the past mythical era can be felt from it.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: None

Effect: Strength +50, Physique +50, ‘Giant’s Power’ is available (Cooldown: 2 hours).]

[Ring Containing the Soul of a Giant]

[A ring containing the soul of a giant. The power and spirit of a giant from the past mythical era can be felt from it.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: None

Effect: Strength +50, Magic Power +50, ‘Giant’s Nature’ is available (Cooldown time: 2 hours).]


The background of the ring must be this dungeon. Chroma and Floyd were the giants from the item description.

‘This means...’

It meant Hyeonu could get the one remaining part of the set item—the sacred relic that Floyd would give him. This luck came to him from a coincidence.

‘I have to finish this quickly.’

It was a unique rated set. Moreover, it was a rare set of accessories. Hyeonu gathered as much magic power as possible and inserted it into Dark Star.


Hyeonu’s pure energy struck Chroma’s defensive wall. It was a simple slash using Heavy Blow, but the stats raised by the giant skills provided more attack power. Chroma’s defense wall was broken like glass. Just then, Hyeonu’s vision flashed blue again. Chroma was using the origin magic.


This time, Hyeonu was prepared to some extent and was able to pull himself out of attack range using Blink. However, there wasn’t only one strike. The lightning continued to fall to the ground.

‘There is no cooldown. How does he keep using it?’ Hyeonu grumbled inwardly and continued to use Blink. He couldn’t help it. The speed at which the lightning struck was too fast to avoid just by moving his body. Finally, Hyeonu used all seven Blinks, but Chroma’s use of magic wasn’t over yet.

Chroma would keep using it unless someone made him stop. Hyeonu’s vision once again flashed blue. This was already the eighth use, which meant that Hyeonu couldn’t use Blink anymore. It seemed that Hyeonu’s body would be struck by lightning this time.

“Chroma!” An intense voice rang from the forest behind Hyeonu at this moment. It wasn’t just the voice. The magic that was in the voice shook Chroma’s magic. The blue lightning didn’t reach Hyeonu. It died in the air instead.

‘Floyd is here.’ Hyeonu sighed with relief.

He turned and saw Floyd standing with an excited face.

“You finally came to me, Chroma.”

Chroma’s face turned deathly pale when he saw Floyd. It seemed that Chroma was quite scared of him. Floyd was likely of the highest level among the chiefs. The energy emanating from his eight-meter-long spear had a mighty power. Due to this, Floyd received enthusiastic support from most giants.

Hyeonu smiled at Chroma’s expression. ‘I will once again profit from this scenario.’

This was a trait of virtual reality games these days. If he used NPCs well, then he could achieve good results. However, it didn’t take long for the smile on Hyeonu’s face to disappear. ‘Why isn’t he moving?’

After reaching a certain distance, Floyd stopped approaching them. Hyeonu shook his head. If Floyd took one step closer, then his huge spear would pierce Chroma. Yet Floyd didn’t move anymore. Chroma saw it, and his face became rosy again. He noticed that Floyd’s limit was up to here.

“Floyd, the curse is still present. Look well at how this human will die.”

While Chroma was speaking and Floyd was feeling angry, a black figure approached Chroma. It was Hyeonu trying to attack in this gap. Chroma was so concerned about Floyd that he forgot about Hyeonu. To be exact, he forgot about Hyeonu’s attack power. Dozens of black energy blades filled the air. Hyeonu had used Mysterious Sky Range after the cooldown ended.

“Where are you looking?”

Hyeonu’s pure energy broke through Chroma’s defensive wall and left him with a body full of wounds. This time, it inflicted more wounds than before. This was due to the reduced strength required to remove the wall, leaving more strength for the attack on Chroma’s body.

[Fallen Shaman Chroma has been inflicted with the ‘bleeding’ abnormal state.]

[Fallen Shaman Chroma has been inflicted with the ‘bleeding’ abnormal state.]

[Fallen Shaman Chroma has been inflicted with the ‘bleeding’ abnormal state.]

[Fallen Shaman Chroma has been inflicted with the ‘binding’ abnormal state.]

[Fallen Shaman Chroma has been inflicted with the ‘binding’ abnormal state.]

Something red sprayed from Chroma’s body. The bleeding state caused by Crasul’s curse increased the amount of blood flowing out from Chroma’s body by several times.

“Kuah!” Chroma screamed as energy drained from his body. Then dozens of fireballs flew toward Chroma.

‘Avoid it...’ Chroma instinctively noticed that if he were hit by this magic, his chances of winning would be significantly reduced. However, the binding around his body betrayed its master’s willpower. The fireballs made from Tang-E’s Fire skill struck Chroma in turn, even striking the places where the wounds Hyeonu dealt him were still present.

This was a fatal blow to Chroma. His physique was fine, but concentration was required to cast magic. Now his entire body was hot and stingy. Not only that, he still had to pay attention to the opponent’s attacks. This should be impossible even for the great shaman Chroma.

However, he did it. Chroma endured the pain and used magic. He pulled magic power from the surroundings to restore his wounds and prepared a new spell to escape. Just then, Tang-E appeared. It was the timing Hyeonu had told him about. Tang-E’s Roar prevented Chroma’s magic from activating. It twisted Chroma’s magic power. Hyeonu dug in at this important moment. The pure energy left a huge cut from Chroma’s left thigh to his right shoulder.

Thump! Chroma knelt down in pain. A rumble emerged from the ground the moment the massive mass collapsed. Once again, Hyeonu aimed his single-edged sword at his opponent. Dark Star cut Chroma’s neck neatly. It was a result achieved with Hyeonu and Tang-E’s proper coordination.

[Fallen Shama Chroma has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

[Fallen shaman who led the clan down the path of extinction 1/1.]

‘Now all that’s left are the 100 giants.’

Hyeonu waited for Chroma’s body to disappear and said to Floyd, “I am thankful. I was almost hit by lightning...”

Hyeonu expressed his gratitude to Floyd.

“I have to express my thanks on behalf of my clan. The fallen shaman is finally dead and my clan avenged...” Floyd gestured for Hyeonu to come closer.

Hyeonu approached Floyd.

Then Floyd removed the ring on his finger and handed it to Hyeonu. “I don’t know how you got them, but you have the sacred relics which disappeared after we were cursed. They are sacred relics that only show their true power once all three are gathered.”

Hyeonu received the ring.

‘The quest isn’t over yet...? But I received the compensation first?’

“Why are you giving this...?” Hyeonu muttered although he didn’t know who he was talking to. The question was quickly resolved. It was because the quest update message appeared.

[The quest has been updated.]

[Defeat the giants 557/657 -> Defeat the giants 557/557.]

[The Abandoned Giants quest has been completed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

[The giant’s sacred relic has been acquired.]

“I ended the rest of the clan with my own hands. That’s why I was late. My life has been maintained by the sacred relic so far. Now that I am no longer necessary, I think it would be okay to give it to you.”

As Floyd finished talking, he slowly started to disappear. He began to turn into powder from the tips of his toes. Soon after, Floyd disappeared, and Hyeonu was forced out of the dungeon.

“I came out on my own...?” Hyeonu looked around at the Balder Mountains in a slightly flustered manner. Then he realized...

“Items!! The items that Chroma dropped!!”

He had been distracted by Floyd and missed picking up the items.


A beast was added to the Balder Mountains today.
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