Ranker's Return
Chapter 149
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 149

“Today, I’m returning to the arena for the first time in ages. I think that I’ve neglected the arena because of the various things and content. Many people are saying that my videos have been focused on hunting, so I’ve decided to challenge the gold medal today,” Hyeonu briefly explained today’s streaming content to the viewers.

Naturally, the viewers liked it. Hyeonu hadn’t streamed his ranking battles in a long time. This was due to minor content such as basic dungeon exploration, boss raids, and so on as well as important content such as the main scenario, Alley Leader Academy, and Masked Fighting King.

-This is the original type of streaming. Thank you.

-I was excited when you showed a small preview during the academy. It will go well today.

-By the way, what is the winning streak so far? I think he will get a gold medal soon.

-Yes. Once the winning streak isn’t broken, the level of the matched opponent will go up.

“My current level is 206. I think it will go smoothly until I win the gold medal.”

Hyeonu’s level was currently among the highest in Arena. The difference between him and the 1st ranked Rain was approximately around 20 levels. Based on level alone, Hyeonu could be ranked in the top 1,000. For him, getting the arena’s gold medal was as easy as twisting a child’s wrist.

-Wow, then he will get off work on time today. Look at this personality ㅋㅋㅋ

-In the survey last week, wasn’t the average level of the silver medalists around 175? I think it was level 180. Level 206... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-In fact, winning a bronze medal is the hardest thing.

-Honestly, I think he will go undefeated and rise to the top of the arena rankings now.

-No one can stop him. Reina is currently 7th in the rankings, and she was beaten twice in Masked Fighting King and once outside it.

-It is the 1st undefeated ranking. Wow ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

‘Is that so?’

Hyeonu hadn’t thought about it when he was alone. It was only now that he realized there was such a big gap between him and the other silver medalist players. He had known there was a difference, but for it to be this big...

Hyeonu decided to bet with the audience here once.

‘It is time to win hearts.’

Hyeonu thought it was good to win people’s hearts. As long as a good image was properly embedded in them, the viewers would gather. Streaming was like drinking water. It could easily be ruined if he drank alcohol instead.

“The difference is greater than I thought? The difference is around 20 to 30 levels. In that case, you guys decide. Should I fight 20 ranking battles or until I get a gold medal? I will pick one of them.”

There was virtually no choice. The viewers had to unconditionally choose the former. In order to win a gold medal, Hyeonu had to beat 220,000 players. However, due to his endless winning streak, Hyeonu’s ranking would draw an endless upper limit curve. It was certain that the gold medal would be obtained within 20 matches. So, it was a good choice to pick 20 matches in order for Hyeonu’s streaming to last longer.

-The first one!!

-20 games unconditionally.

-It seems we will only be able to watch a few games if it is until the gold medal is obtained.

-if he obtains a medal every time he streams, won’t it be platinum, diamond, and then master?

-Then there is the last peak—1st place in the ranking.

-I have to gather gold coins. It is to give them to him on the day he gets the 1st place ranking.

Hyeonu didn’t stop here. If he stopped at this level, there would only be intangible benefits. There would be no tangible benefits returning to Hyeonu straight away.

“Instead, I will take tasks for every match during the 20 matches. I will call ‘start’ and receive a task from the person who gives the most gold coins in exactly three seconds. How about it? Is this okay?”

-Leader Groupie has gifted you 59 gold coins.

-Diving Rate has gifted you 99 gold coins.

-I’d Like That has gifted you 77 gold coins.

Instead of words, the viewers expressed their opinions with gold coins. Hyeonu nodded with a smile that satisfied the viewers.

“Yes, then I’ll take opinions starting three seconds from now. Start!”

Gold coins frantically spilled in right after Hyeonu finished speaking. It might be an exaggeration, but Hyeonu could see more gold gifting messages than chatting in the chat window.

“The end! Stop shooting coins now. No! Stop!”

Hyeonu was perplexed because more gold coins poured in than he expected. Then he calmly looked at the chat window and started looking for the person who gifted the most gold.

‘I found it.’

-Alley Leader’s Big Fan has gifted you 1,999 gold coins.

“Oh, my! Thank you Alley Leader’s Big Fan for the 1,999 gold coins. So let me explain to you. There are two decisions you can make for me—the weapon I will use and if I should use immediately activated type skills. Do you understand? Then once you’re done thinking, tell me.”

There were two choices that the viewer could make for the task—the weapon Hyeonu could use and if he should use immediately activated type skills. Hyeonu didn’t think he would lose regardless of the weapon he used. He wasn’t afraid to fight with his fists even if he faced a professional gamer. Indeed, he was proud of his character and skills.

-Yes, the Pretentious King.

-It is like tying his hands or feet if he can’t use his weapon or immediately activated skills.

-Still, there is a difference with level and items. He will win.

-However, is it worth it without skills?

-Alley Leader only has a handful of skills anyway.

Viewers started to express their thoughts about Hyeonu’s request. After a while, Alley Leader’s Big Fan chose the terms.

-Fight with no weapons apart from gauntlets and don’t use immediately activated skills.

Hyeonu read the message of Alley Leader Big Fan and cocked his head. The message was somewhat lacking.

‘Gauntlet? Do they want me to just use my fists?’

“For the weapons, does that mean to not use my feet, shoulders, or other body parts? Just my fists? Like boxing?”

The question wasn’t only for Hyeonu. The other viewers were also curious.

-Yes, just use your fists. The other day with Dwayne, you seemed to be fighting well. I want to see it again.

Hyeonu nodded.

It was the request of Alley Leader Big Fan who gave nearly 2,000 coins. How could Hyeonu have difficulty accepting it?

“I understand. Then in the first match, I will only fight with my fists. It might end in an instant, so you should watch carefully.”

-A procession of bluffs that never stops.

-He is born to bluff, the Bluffing Leader.

Upon hearing Hyeonu’s words, the viewers got busy teasing him for being a Bluffing Leader. At this time, Hyeonu was matched with an opponent in the ranking battle.

“There is a match. I will put my single-edged sword in the inventory.”

Hyeonu put Dark Star in his inventory before the ranking battle began. It was cumbersome to have a weapon he wouldn’t use tied to his waist.

“Is that person a fighter?”

The matched opponent was a fighter, which was a bit rare to see in the silver medal matches. He wore sharp blue claws.

“I don’t know if it is lucky or bad, but the other person’s class is a fighter. The confrontation can become longer if he uses his skills, so I’ll finish it quickly.” Hyeonu thought it was a good opportunity for him to speak to his audience.

‘He is the right opponent to test my Fighting Energy Emission.’ Hyeonu could maximize the effect of Fighting Energy Emission if the opponent had a lower level than him.’

‘Shit. I’ve lost.’ Matthew, the fighter matched against Hyeonu, frowned the moment he saw Hyeonu’s face. He knew it from Hyeonu’s appearance. With a mask of a child’s face and a long coat, this was obviously Alley Leader.

‘Sigh... I’ll have to ask him for a verification photo after it is over.’

Matthew felt resigned. There wasn’t a chance of winning at all. Still, he would do his best.

‘Let’s not have any dark history.’

This was his small wish.


[The ranking battle has started.]

Once the ranking battle began, Matthew felt a momentum that locked up his body. It was like starting Arena and meeting a monster for the first time.

[The player is weaker than the opponent.]

[The player’s stats will drop at a certain rate during the battle.]

[Player ‘Matthew’ has entered a ‘slowed’ state.]

It wasn’t a mere feeling. The intense energy that Alley Leader gave off dealt a debuff to Matthew. It was also a serious one.

‘What is this?’

It felt like he was 10% slower than usual and as if he was moving in the sea. Matthew was feeling panicked when Hyeonu moved. Hyeonu didn’t move quickly. It was slow but not slow. Like a movement in reality, he took a step toward Matthew. It was as if he was giving Matthew time to respond.

From the start, Matthew took out his hidden technique. He thought he wouldn’t get a chance if he didn’t use it now.

‘Fighter’s Spirit.’

It was a buff skill that increased his strength stat and his defense. Matthew’s ability to win a silver medal was entirely due to this skill that he obtained from the Random Rare Skillbook.

[You have used Fighter’s Spirit.]

[Strength has increased.]

[Defense has increased.]

Matthew felt his movements ease steadily, and he prepared his skill to meet Hyeonu, who was approaching him. He was also one of the viewers of Alley Leader’s stream. So, he didn’t make the mistake of thinking this was an ordinary punch since he was well aware of Alley Leader’s attack power.

‘Iron Punch.’

Matthew’s fists became gray, and he raised them confidently. He thought that even Alley Leader wouldn’t be able to easily accept Iron Punch after Fighter’s Spirit was used. Then a loud noise erupted. Matthew’s face was visibly distorted. “What is this?”

His fist was being held in Hyeonu’s left hand, which contained pure energy that was black like the night sky. Hyeonu raised his fists toward Matthew. This time as well, there was another loud sound. However, the result was huge. Matthew literally rose up and flew back meters.

Hyeonu advised him, “If you fight this way, there is no possibility of a higher future ranking for you. Fighters should always prioritize short, bold, and fast hits.”

Hyeonu thought it was a problem to do his best in the ranking battles. It didn’t matter if he was playing the ranking battles alone. The problem was that he was currently streaming and there were more than a million viewers watching. Thus, this was what he thought up. It would be a short Alley Leader Academy—a very short one.

“I will fight with you for two minutes. Try out all your skills.”

Then Hyeonu proceeded to receive all of Matthew’s skills for two minutes. Then with one light punch, he reduced all of Matthew’s health.

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ has won.]

Matthew didn’t disappear after the ranking battle ended. He smiled brightly and approached Hyeonu.

“Can I request a verification photo?”
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