Ranker's Return
Chapter 148
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 148

Inside an office full of expensive furniture, Yoon Hyeongu was kneeling on the floor. “I’m ashamed. I’m sorry, Boss-nim.”

In front of Yoon Hyeongu was a man who was close to being an old man—President Kim. He was sitting in a chair.

“What did you say to me?! Didn’t you say you would bring them? Then what? The little brats ran away? You didn’t catch them?”

At President Kim’s words, Yoon Hyeongu continued to bow his head and repeat the same words. “I’m sorry. Sorry.”

“So what am I going to do? The association told me to choose between handing over the club or disbanding it. I’m going to make a loss!”

It was a lie. President Kim had long since recovered the money used to acquire Big Stars due to the proxy knight actions and the unpaid salaries. The task of selling Big Stars had been in full swing. At this time, the Big Stars proxy knight scandal broke out. Therefore, it was natural for President Kim to be furious.

Yoon Hyeongu raised his head and said pathetically, “I am sending people to look into it. I’ll definitely bring them in front of you in two days.”

“This is the last time. You should know.” President Kim waved his hand after his last word.

It was a sign for Yoon Hyeongu to leave. Yoon Hyeongu exited the office as quickly as if he saw a ghost.


Ever since Tang-E’s second awakening, Hyeonu had been hunting the giants more easily. His movements were accelerated by Breath of the Wind, and he was now moving at a speed that the giants couldn’t catch up to. Hyeonu swung his single-edged sword, leaving a black afterimage. The giant’s ankle was cut in half, and blood flowed from it.

[The ancient giant has been afflicted with the ‘bleeding’ abnormal state.]

After cutting one of the giant’s ankles, Hyeonu naturally turned to cut the other ankle.

[The ancient giant has been afflicted with the ‘frozen’ abnormal state.]

Starting from the giant’s cut ankle, light frost started to cover one of the giant’s feet. It was the frozen effect. With its ankles cut, the giant cried out in pain, “Kuooh!”

However, that was the only thing the giant could do. Giants were big. Therefore, the burden on their lower body was greater. Now that both of the giant’s ankles were cut, it was an act of suicide for the giant to move in this state.

‘Crescent Moon Cut.’

Hyeonu leisurely used Crescent Moon Cut. A black crescent moon passed over the giant’s neck.

[The ancient giant has been killed.]

[Experience has been gained.]

‘The difference in speed is quite big.’

It was something he felt every time he hunted. The difference between receiving Breath of the Wind and not receiving Breath of the Wind was greater than he thought. He had confidence that he wouldn’t lose to any other players with these specs, regardless of whether it was a group or individual battle.

“You are a great warrior. I will pay tribute to your combat ability.” A giant appeared from among the lush trees at this moment.

It looked a bit different from the giants Hyeonu encountered in the past. The muscles and huge stature were the same, but there was no hostility toward Hyeonu in this giant’s body. Instead, he gave off the feeling of a neighborhood grandfather. Nevertheless, Hyeonu considered all possibilities and pulled out his single-edged sword.

“You can put away your weapon. I’m not here to fight you. I have a request.”

Once the giant’s words were over, a message appeared in front of Hyeonu that announced the creation of the quest.

[A quest has been created.]

[Abandoned Giants]

[The giants have rebelled against their god.

As a result, they were abandoned by their god.

Save their souls.

Rating: S-

Conditions: Defeat the giants 0/657, Mad Ruler of the Arperium 0/1.

Rewards: Experience, the giant’s holy relic.]

The giant started to explain the quest in earnest. “My name is Chroma. I was a shaman of the Arperium, the holy land of the giants.”


“Now I’m just a bystander watching the destruction. As a shaman, I am responsible for failing to lead my clan on the right path.” Chroma looked at the distant sky like he was reminiscing about the past. His face was filled with bitterness and regret. “We were arrogant, and I was conceited. That’s why we rebelled against God. As a result, all giants except me were robbed of their courage, and even their wisdom was forbidden. I was stupid. I didn’t know the cause.”

Chroma sighed and added a few more words, “Save my clan.”

Hyeonu nodded. It was a dungeon that had to be cleared anyway. Since it was a quest with a reward, Hyeonu welcomed it.

“I will lend you my strength.”

“Thank you. Then follow me. I’ll give you a rough explanation on the method of salvation.”

Chroma led Hyeonu and Tang-E, and they climbed the mountain that was beyond the vast plains where they first appeared.

“Look over there. It is where the people who lost their place remain.”

The place that Chroma pointed to consisted of the remnants of a huge wall. Near the wall, giants often appeared.

“Floyd, the past clan chief, is at the collapsed bell tower. He was really strong. Therefore, the people believed in him and revolted. The result was disastrous.”

This time, Chroma’s huge hand was pointing at a building, which was in a much too embarrassing state to be called a bell tower. The old splendid past could not be seen, and the bell tower was now half-collapsed.

“I think it is better to save Floyd after saving the others in the clan. God might’ve taken everything away, but his subconscious instincts remain. Once Floyd’s war cry spreads, they will flock to him.”

‘It is a summoning.’

Based on Chroma’s description, Hyeonu understood why Chroma encouraged him to catch the giants first and the boss monster Floyd at the end. It was a typical pattern of boss monsters. The summoning of subordinates—it was because of this.

‘It is better to have fewer variables.’

Hyeonu decided to follow Chroma’s words. It wasn’t good to have unnecessary pride. Pride could easily make him a pushover. He had never died, so he didn’t want to suffer his first death.

“I understand. I will save the ordinary giants and then finally go to save Floyd. By the way... will you be able to help me?”

Chroma shook his head at Hyeonu’s question. “I’m sorry, but I have something to do. It is hard for me to help. I’m going to ask God for forgiveness. If so, maybe God will someday feel pity for my clan and call us back.”

It was a grand statement, but in the end, it meant he wouldn’t help. Hyeonu nodded with disappointment. If it wasn’t for the mask, Hyeonu’s expression would’ve been revealed to Chroma.

“It’s okay. However, it seems like it will take me some time to do it alone. It will probably be three days at the minimum?” A bit of dissatisfaction was revealed in Hyeonu’s words.

Chroma was either unaware of it or he just ignored it. “I’ve waited decades for someone to save my people. In comparison to that, a period of three days isn’t too long.”

Stretching out a huge hand toward Hyeonu, Chroma said, “Then please. Please save them...”

Hyeonu raised his hand and barely grabbed the giant’s little finger. “I’ll try as hard as possible.”


Since then, Hyeonu steadily embarked on the hunt to save the giants.

[The ancient giant has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[Giants defeated 193/657]

Tang-E had been hunting since yesterday, and Hyeonu was busy soothing such a Tang-E. “There is still a long way to go, Tang-E.”

“Heung, let’s take a break. It has been a few hours already. Damn Master. This is exploitation. Exploitation!” Tang-E’s anger didn’t soften despite Hyeonu’s soothing.

“Then do you want to take a break in Bung Bung Island? I also have something to do.”

“Understood, Master dude. Then summon me later.”

Hyeonu eventually released Tang-E’s summoning. It didn’t matter if he had Tang-E anyway. Why? It was now time to stream, rather than hunt. Today’s content wouldn’t be disturbed at all even if Tang-E was absent. Of course, there were still people who told Hyeonu that they wanted to see Tang-E.

‘Well, then I will show him to them for a second. Isn’t it the same resting here or in that place?’

At this thought, Hyeonu prepared to log out. The time remaining until the start of his stream was around an hour and a half. It was enough time to rest.


Hyeonu didn’t just rest though. He was busy making calls on his smartphone. Hyeonu frequently used this time to call his mother, but today’s call wasn’t to his mother.

“I called because I’m curious. Tell me the backstory.”

-Is that so? Well, our boss liked it very much. It is the brightest I’ve seen him look in recent years.

“Jamie, what do you think will happen to Big Stars? Perhaps... will they be disbanded?”

Hyeonu was currently in a call with Jamie Moore, the CEO of Nike Management.

-Probably not. Since the conditions for establishing a team in Arena are tricky, it will be sold instead of disbanded. According to the Korean Association, they have already found a buyer.

Jamie’s words caused Hyeonu’s eyes to widen. There was already a purchaser. Was Arena so great? Hyeonu couldn’t help feeling that way.

“I see. I’m glad it was solved nicely. By the way, was Choi Jisu’s surgery successful?”

-Oh, that’s right. The doctors said this is the best result they’ve had for the surgery so far and she should be very healthy. Still, you really don’t want to spread news of this? Journalists and people are already writing novels that are close to the truth. I’d rather announce it myself...

“No need. My skin isn’t that thick. I can’t say it with my own mouth. Then I’ll call you next time, Jamie.”

-I understand. If you have time, please come to the United States.

Hyeonu ended the call in a hurry. Regardless of whether it was Kale or Jamie, they brought up Choi Yoon and Choi Jisu every time. They wanted to make the announcement at a management level, not from the reporters’ inferences.

‘How can I announce it?’

He couldn’t do it himself. It was enough for him to be a streamer called Alley Leader. Looking at the time from the clock on the wall, Hyeonu thought he should prepare for the stream and got up. Today’s content was plain, so there was nothing to prepare for.

“Arena’s gold medalists...”

That was referring to rankers between 10,000 to 99,999. The goal today was to get a gold medal. Hyeonu’s current arena rank was approximately 320,000. Could Hyeonu, who pursued streaming as efficiently as possible, raise his ranking by 220,000 during the stream?

However, this didn’t matter. He had been undefeated so far. Hyeonu’s rank would rise exponentially after a single win. Hyeonu was confident that if he fought 20 matches, he would be able to get a five-digit ranking in 15 matches. It was because he was Alley Leader who never lost.

“Hello, everyone. I am Alley Leader.”

From this moment on, Hyeonu was the undefeated Alley Leader.
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