Ranker's Return
Chapter 146
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 146

‘A blessing in disguise’ was an idiom that meant life was changeable and that a person should not worry too much about the things they had done. Hyeonu’s current situation was just like that—a blessing in disguise. The hunt started with the unpleasant encounter with the Venom Guild, yet today’s hunt went better than ever.

After killing one group of monsters, another group appeared. They flocked over to Hyeonu one after another like they were on strings. Additionally, they dropped items for Hyeonu. Of course, they were rare and uncommon rated items. Then at this moment, the finishing touch to Hyeonu’s blessing arrived. An instance dungeon appeared in front of Hyeonu.

[Would you like to enter the Ancient Arperium?]

Hyeonu looked at the message window in front of him and asked Tang-E, “Tang-E, this... Is it right? It is a dungeon, right?”

Hyeonu held Tang-E by the armpits and shook the bear. Tang-E felt the world shake and responded with much difficulty, “That... It seems so. Damn Master dude!! Stop shaking me!”

Hyeonu was very excited about the dungeon he had discovered after a long time. The last dungeon he went through had been Vampire Roton’s dungeon with Gang Junggu and Kim Seokjung. The main scenario had also been done in a dungeon, but that was another topic.

“Huhu.” Hyeonu smiled slyly. The dungeon had already left his mind. It was now full of the rewards he could get from the dungeon.

‘A skill? A unique item? No, perhaps an epic item can come out.’

On the other hand, Tang-E looked disgusted at the word ‘dungeon’. He thought of using magic in a dark cave or similar environment for a day or two and felt choked up. ‘I already miss Bung Bung Island...’

Still, a slight smile appeared on Tang-E’s face when he saw that his master, Hyeonu, liked it.

“If you’re going, then let’s go quickly, damn master. Enter quickly and leave quickly.”

At Tang-E’s urging, Hyeonu entered the dungeon.

[Would you like to enter the Ancient Arperium?]

“I would.”


[You have entered the Ancient Arperium.]

Hyeonu and Tang-E entered the dungeon, and a vast plain appeared in front of them. It was a very familiar sight.

“Isn’t this the same as the Balder Mountains?”

That’s right. It was very similar to the scenery before Hyeonu entered the dungeon.

“Yes, Master dude. It is similar to where we used to be. I like it.”

Tang-E had a satisfied look as he observed the plains, forests, and mountains he could see.

‘What is the clear condition for this dungeon?’

Normal instances had the condition of defeating the boss monsters. A similar environment to this one was the rebel base that was the site of the main scenario. At that time, Lebron’s defeat of Edward was able to satisfy the clear condition. The current dungeon environment was different, but the clear condition should be similar.

‘It means I need to defeat the boss monster to clear it...’

“Tang-E, how do I defeat a boss monster here?”

After Hyeonu asked this question, Tang-E stared at him. “When did you start thinking while hunting? Just beat it as usual with your body, Master dude.”

Hyeonu bowed over like a wounded heroine in a movie after hearing Tang-E’s words. Tang-E didn’t care about Hyeonu’s appearance and moved his small body.

‘Just a bit more...’

The time of his awakening was clearly visible.


Hyeonu and Tang-E were carefully hiding behind a tree and looking at something. They were watching a fight between monsters. A giant that was over five meters tall was fighting an ogre the same size as it. The giant was holding a huge piece of metal that fit its size.

Meanwhile, the ogre was wielding a log that looked like it had just been pulled out. At some point, the ogre started to be pushed one-sidedly. It might be due to the difference in weapons or strength. Eventually, the log failed to withstand the force of the collision and broke.

The giant aimed precisely at this gap and hit the ogre’s head. It swung so hard that the ogre’s head exploded without leaving a trace behind.

‘It’s terrifying.’

Hyeonu frowned at the power struggle between the giant and the orc. He thought that the giant was the boss monster. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to beat the ogres of the Balder Mountains with a club in an instant. However, Hyeonu’s speculation was completely wrong. The giant was just one monster. Forget a boss monster, it wasn’t even a named monster. It was just strong—strong enough to kill an ogre instantly.

“Tang-E, we have to kill that guy later. Understood? So quickly awaken.”

Hyeonu realized that Tang-E’s second awakening was necessary in order for him to hunt more boss monsters. Just like before the first awakening, Hyeonu started the awakening plan.


A blade made of black steel separated the ogre’s ankle from its body.

Hyeonu cut the ogre’s ankle and shouted at Tang-E, “Do anything!”

Upon hearing the words, Tang-E released a lightning bolt toward the ogre who couldn’t control its body. Tang-E’s Lightning skill, used with his 1,800 points in magic power and the B+ proficiency, boasted a great power. He neatly cleaned out the ogre table prepared by Hyeonu.

[The ancient ogre has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

“How long left?”

“How many times have you asked already? Be patient, Master dude,” Tang-E lashed out at Hyeonu who had asked the same question again.

Hyeonu had already asked the same question several times, and Tang-E’s answer would also be the same.

‘I’m almost there. Just a little bit more.’

This process had been repeated for several hours. In fact, Tang-E was feeling more anxious than Hyeonu. Having the second awakening within sight made Tang-E nervous. He just didn’t express it outwardly. Tang-E was a wonderful Marionette Bear as always. He couldn’t seem anxious.

“There really is only a short time remaining. I have to kill more monsters.”

He merely felt encouraged at Hyeonu’s urging.


Despite Hyeonu spending a day to level-up Tang-E, there were no signs of a second awakening.

‘Tang-E’s status window.’

[Status Window]

[Name: Tang-E

Level: 199

Species: Marionette Bear (First awakening)

Title: Bung Bung Island’s Heir

Stats: Strength: 793 Agility: 739 Physique: 905 Magic Power: 1,758

The heir of Bung Bung Island. Bear-like physical abilities and high magic power are racial characteristics. He is very affectionate, unlike his prideful tone.

Intimacy: 100

Skills Possessed: Bear’s Momentum, Forest’s Blessing, Magic Power Affinity, Lightning, Giant Transformation, Roar, Ice, Fire, Subspace.]

Tang-E was at level 199. All the accumulated experience had increased Tang-E’s level by one. However, there was definitely a sense of regret. Hyeonu believed it would be possible for Tang-E to reach level 200 as long as he worked hard.

“I think I can awaken if we kill that, Master dude.” Tang-E hit Hyeonu who was looking at the status window. He looked at Hyeonu and pointed at something with his paws.

“Hey, that isn’t small.” Hyeonu was frightened when he saw the target Tang-E pointed to. Tang-E was pointing at the giant they saw yesterday. The giant, which hadn’t been seen for a day, reappeared.

“Won’t I help Master if I awaken? Let’s hunt it.”

Hyeonu recently noticed how much Tang-E wanted to awaken based on the way he was saying ‘Master’ politely.

“Don’t spare your magic power. Pour out your magic whenever it’s available—Lightning, Fire, and Ice. Understood?” Hyeonu grabbed Tang-E and gave new orders.

“I know. I will show everything.”

Hyeonu stressed it over and over again. He was now acting like the giant was a boss monster. Hyeonu thought calmly about the fight against the giant. There was a big difference between doing a rough simulation and not doing one. Hyeonu knew the difference quite well.

‘In any case, my attack power isn’t lacking. The problem is that I can’t get hit...’

Considering the attack power of the giant who killed the ogre in one blow, even a three-year-old would know what happened if Hyeonu was hit.

‘I can use Blink seven times. I have to end the battle before that.’

“Tang-E, give me the buffs.”

Hyeonu grabbed the buffs that he had almost forgotten about. It was impossible to leave out the buffs that had the greatest effects.

[You have received Bear’s Momentum.]

[Physique has increased.]

[Strength has increased.]

[You have received the Forest’s Blessing.]

[Defense has increased.]

[Health will continue to recover.]

Hyeonu felt power rising as he rushed toward the giant in front of him. The distance between the giant and Hyeonu was approximately 200 meters. It was a distance that would’ve taken dozens of seconds to run in reality, but in Arena where transcendent movements were possible, it only took a few seconds. Once the distance between Hyeonu and the giant was 50 meters, the giant turned to Hyeonu. Only then did it realize Hyeonu’s existence.

“Kung,” the giant snorted when it saw Hyeonu.

From a giant’s point of view, Hyeonu was just a fly—a fragile being who would die just by being grabbed. Such a being was rushing toward it. The giant swung its club lightly like it was annoying, but the result wasn’t light. The iron club ripped through the air and rushed toward Hyeonu quickly. Hyeonu aimed his single-edged sword at the iron club that was flying with an eerie momentum. Then messages appeared at the same time.

[Master of Combat is activated.]

[Your stats have increased.]

[The stat ‘fighting energy’ has caused your stats to rise.]

[The other party is stronger than you.]

[Your stats have increased.]

[The stat ‘dignity’ has caused the opponent’s stats to fall.]

[Mindset of a Murderer has activated.]

[All stats have increased by 15%.]

The messages signaled that the battle had begun in earnest. Hyeonu swung his single-edged sword and ignored the messages that appeared. It was suicidal to try and hit the giant directly. If so, there was only one remaining option.

An elongated black pure energy appeared around Hyeonu’s single-edged sword. The pure energy kept increasing in size until it was as long as the giant. It was Crescent Moon Cut. The huge pure energy targeted the giant’s club. The giant’s club and Hyeonu’s pure energy collided.

Neither of them pushed each other, and sparks flew. Eventually, the winner of the power fight was the giant. The giant’s club bounced off Hyeonu’s pure energy. The deflected pure energy disappeared only after dozens of trees were cut.

Hyeonu’s expression became strange when he saw this. It looked as if he had realized something.

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