Ranker's Return
Chapter 133
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 133

“Based on their appearance, I should be able to get a high price for them?”

Felion’s staff had a dismal appearance. Unlike most walking sticks, the white color and smooth texture of Felion’s staff made it seem like it was made from bone, not wood. There was a bit of sinister energy coming from the black bead attached to the end of the staff. Hyeonu’s heart was full of emotions as he checked the staff’s information.

[Felion’s Skull Staff]

[A staff created by Felion, a high ranking black magician.

It was created using a black magic stone, so it boosts black magic energy.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: More than 1,000 magic power.

Durability: 2,500/2,500

Attack Power: 3,200

Effect: Black magic energy consumption is reduced by 20%, the strength of black magic energy is increased by 20%, skill cooldown reduced by 15%.]


Hyeonu confirmed the information of the staff and was amazed. It seemed better than his weapon, Dark Star.

“I should be able to get at least one billion won if I sell this?”

Hyeonu felt regretful that he couldn’t use it, but the regret faded at the thought of how full his bank account would become. Then he checked the second item. This bracelet was also dropped by Felion.

“Isn’t this okay?”

The bracelet was a design that perfectly matched Hyeonu’s aesthetic. Hyeonu liked the black jeweled bracelet that was twisted like a pretzel.

[Dark Elemental’s Scream]

[A bracelet made by grinding the essence of a dark elemental.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: Possess the dark attribute, more than 900 magic power.

Effect: All stats +100, 10% additional dark attribute damage.]

“The item option is also perfect.”

The Dark Elemental’s Scream had an excellent stats increase. It was also clear that the additional attribute damage would play a major role in boosting Hyeonu’s damage. Hyeonu took off the Desert Dragon’s Essence and placed the Dark Elemental’s Scream in its place.

[Desert Dragon’s Essence]

[A bracelet made by gathering everything from the desert dragon.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: Desert Dragon Slayer

Effect: Magic Power +100, Physique +100, ‘Fire Breath’ is available (Cooldown Time: 24 hours.)]

It was a shame about the Fire Breath skill, but he could change bracelets if it was necessary. Hyeonu quietly pulled out the small box from the emperor. He had been looking forward to the emperor’s gift.

‘It should be rated unique at least.’

Hyeonu was more nervous than when he checked the previous two items. He opened the box and slowly observed the item inside. Its appearance didn’t conform to the style of the emperor of the only empire on the continent. Unpretentious and crude, the item looked like it could only be sold in stationery stores. Nevertheless, Hyeonu didn’t care about the item’s appearance. The important thing for Hyeonu was its performance.

[Mysterious Sky Guardian]

[A necklace given only to the best of the masters of the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art.

It has been exposed to the mysterious sky demonic energy for a long time.

The more you achieve in the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art, the more effective the necklace will be.

Rating: Epic

Restrictions: One who has learned the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art.

Effect: All stats +150, magic power consumption is reduced by 15%, the power of skills is increased by 15%.]


Hyeonu was speechless. He never thought he would get an item related to the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art here.

“What is this...”

Hyeonu was puzzled by the unexpected appearance of the item, but it was only for a moment. After all, this was a good thing. If he was good to the emperor, then he could get quests and items related to the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art.

‘Until then, I’m stuck.’

Hyeonu removed the symbol of the Meadow from around his neck and hung the Mysterious Sky Guardian there instead.

“Status Window.”

[Status Window]

[Character Name: Gang Hyeonu

Level: 203

Class: True Knight of Keon

Title: Lebron’s Disciple, Warrior Acknowledged by Khan, New Star Acknowledged by Lebron, First Person to Enter the Imperial Palace, First Person to Meet the Emperor, Achieved 100 Consecutive Wins, Solo Raider, Desert Dragon Slayer, Ruler of the Spider Mine, Viscount Vampire Killer, First Detached Force Member, First Person to Clear Laek, First Player to go Beyond The Limits, First to Become a Viscount, True Knight of Keon.

Stats: Strength: 470 (+900) Agility: 635 (+1,050) Physique: 320 (+950) Magic Power: 300 (+1,100) Fighting Energy: 423 (+700) Dignity: 100 (+700)

Remaining stat points: 0

Retained Attributes: Dark]

The difference in status window from just a while ago was extreme. All his stats had increased by over 200 points. Indeed, this was a main scenario quest. Originally, Hyeonu’s rewards should be divided among several large guilds. This was the result of the second and third main scenarios that Hyeonu had been absent from. The fourth main scenario had also been divided in many places while Hyeonu had only taken one step in there.

However, the fifth main scenario had truly been Hyeonu’s solo. His current rise in stats was the result of monopolizing the compensation.

‘I have to stop by the Black Forest. There is a reward I haven’t received yet.’

“I’m sure Tang-E will like it?”

Hyeonu disappeared from the forest outside Yusma.


A few days later, Hyeonu was preparing to go out again.

Yeongchan saw it and asked, “Hyeonu. What woman are you hiding? After paying your debts, you’re going out?”

Hyeonu put down the hair dryer that was drying his head. He had just taken a shower and was barely wearing anything. Hyeonu’s body was very different from before. It was like his status window in Arena. Due to a steady diet and PT, his body fat had reduced and his muscles had grown. As a result, Hyeonu possessed good-looking muscles.

He replied, “I think you’re the one with a woman, not me. Haven’t you been spending less time in Arena? I heard you haven’t even been going home lately.”

Yeongchan frowned as Hyeonu approached. “It isn’t good for a man to come near me with his clothes off. Wear something.”

Hyeonu didn’t look offended by Yeongchan’s words and just retorted slyly, “Yeongchan, are you flustered? You’re changing the subject. Why? Do you have a lover? Is that so?”

“No, dude. I’m meeting the kids.”

“Kids?” Hyeonu asked after hearing Yeongchan’s reply.


Yeongchan didn’t go to university. Since they had been friends from childhood, Yeongchan’s friends were Hyeonu’s friends.

“The kids from high school? Hasn’t it been a while since you’ve contacted them? They’re busy because they’re in school or the army.”

Yeongchan nodded. “I got in touch with them. Those in the army were discharged, and I guess the ones in school can take it easier now.”

“So what?”

“Do you want a reunion?”

“Reunion? How old are we to call it by such a grand name?”

“Yes, it is a class reunion. Isn’t it just a survival report? It is looking at each other’s faces and eating and drinking.”

After listening to Yeongchan, Hyeonu thought it wouldn’t be too bad. In any case, he could afford to relax a bit now as all of his family’s debt had been paid off. He asked, “So who is coming?”

“The kids from the third grade of high school will come out. It is because they are the ones I’ve been meeting.”

Hyeonu’s expression became strange upon hearing Yeongchan’s words. “Then Jung Hanbaek will come?”

“I guess... so? He was in the same class as us in the third grade. Then you won’t go?”

Hyeonu shook his head. “Why should I avoid him? I don’t care. Tell me when you decide on the date. Ah! However, Monday and Friday aren’t allowed. Understood?”

“Yes, dude. I won’t interrupt your stream.” Yeongchan laughed in a dumbfounded manner.

Meanwhile, Hyeonu got ready and left the house. His destination was the hospital.


“Mother, is Father okay?”

Hyeonu’s father was currently in a vegetative state. The physical wounds had been healed with a variety of treatments, but the problem was his mental state. His mind was wounded and didn’t want to wake up.

“He is always the same. He isn’t hurt but doesn’t wake up... I hope you get up soon, dear. You should see how reliable our Hyeonu has become...”

Despite Hyeonu having hired a caregiver, Hyeonu’s mother stayed at the hospital more than three days a week. How could she leave it to others when her husband was sick? On the one hand, Hyeonu admired the love between the two of them, but on the other hand, he was worried about his mother’s health.

“He will wake up soon. Father is a strong man.”

“How good would that be...”

Hyeonu told her, “Ah, right. We’ll get our old house back in a few months.”

Hyeonu’s mother was surprised by his words. She was unaware of the amount of debt Hyeonu had paid back, but she knew how expensive their house was.

“Did you make that much? It hasn’t been long since you’ve paid back the debt...”

Love and concern for her son spilled from her eyes. Hyeonu held his mother’s hands tightly. “I am making a lot of money. My parent’s son, Gang Hyeonu—I succeeded. I will buy it right away when it goes on sale. It is because that is our house.”

“When did you become so big? Our Hyeonu...” Hyeonu’s mother continued to stroke Hyeonu’s hand.

Hyeonu and his mother continued talking for a long time. They hadn’t met in a while, and the conversation between them wouldn’t end.

...At least, that was until Hyeonu saw his smartphone.

“It is already this time? I’ll come back next time. I have somewhere to be.”

“Then go quickly. I don’t want to keep you too long.”

“No, the place is close to here, so it’s fine. I’ll come visit again soon.”

Hyeonu’s words weren’t wrong. He was just going to a different floor of the same building. After leaving the hospital room, Hyeonu walked up the stairs to another floor. Knock knock knock. He arrived in front of the hospital room and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” A young girl’s distinctive high-tone voice was heard.

“It is the Oppa who came the other day. Can I come in?”

“Yes, come in.”

Hyeonu carefully opened the door and entered. In the room, the only one present was Choi Jisu looking at her laptop.

“Did you come to see Father? He isn’t here. He will probably be back in 10 minutes. I told him not to come. I told him to play Arena instead of having boring conversations here. However, he always comes back at 4 o’clock.”

Choi Jisu’s words and actions were a mystery to Hyeonu. It was a mature mindset for someone of Choi Jisu’s age. Not only that, there was also Choi Jisu’s sincerity. It wasn’t a fake look she put on. Choi Jisu genuinely thought this way.

“Won’t you be lonely or scared without your father? I usually wanted to be with my parents at your age...”

Choi Jisu shook her head at Hyeonu’s words and said it wasn’t the case at all. Yet in Hyeonu’s eyes, Choi Jisu was a fragile girl of a young age—a girl who loved being with her father.

“Have you talked to my father? He is so serious that I can’t say anything. He is completely no fun.”

“Still, don’t you like being with your father? He is your family.”

Hyeonu’s sweet words brought tears to Choi Jisu’s eyes. Thanks to Hyeonu’s words, Choi Jisu finally revealed her true feelings.

“I would love that, but I can’t live on. Meanwhile, my father will continue living. How will my father live if he stays with me all the time?”

At this moment, the door of the hospital room opened and a man stepped in. The man was smiling brightly. “My daughter, your father has come!”

The tearful Choi Jisu greeted Choi Yoon, “Oh, you came again? I told you to stop coming. Aren’t you tired?”
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