Ranker's Return
Chapter 120
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 120

“Team Leader-nim, can I leave it alone?”

“You originally designed for him to be killed by Lebron, right? What’s the problem? Is it because it is over faster than expected?” Kim Jinyeong replied with a smile to Park Cheolhyeong’s disbelieving question. “Didn’t you say it the other day? This is only possible because it is Alley Leader. Do I have to say it again? There are no bugs. It is just a ridiculous coincidence.”

Kim Jinyeong hit Park Cheolhyeong’s shoulder. He knew what Park Cheolhyeong’s words meant, but there were no problems.

“Additionally, it will only be called an error for a few days. From now on, it is the real thing. Sooner or later, the guild war will begin.” Kim Jinyeong smiled meaningfully. “Therefore, work hard. Don’t waste time on these useless things. Understood?”


[The Imperial Detached Force quest has been cleared.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

[25,000 imperial contributions have been acquired.]

‘It is a bit empty.’

Hyeonu had thought it was a brilliant idea. but he couldn’t help feeling empty when he saw Edward die instantly from Lebron’s attack.

‘It is the best thing.’

Still, this only lasted a moment. So that Lebron wouldn’t hear him, Hyeonu spoke quietly, “Did you see it? This is the end of one part of the fifth main scenario. The next part will occur in the next month.”

-The profit was eaten.

-The raid has been eaten.

-The other guilds must feel empty when they see this.

-It is ridiculous. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

“Honestly, I feel a bit similar. I wanted to do it. Well, isn’t this still good? To be honest, no one could kill him. Did you see it before? He has to be suppressed hard with pure energy. It is impossible unless all the third class advancement users are gathered.”

-Yes, the next excuse.

Hyeonu fell silent at the words in the chat window. He noticed that he would be the only one to suffer losses if he kept talking. At this moment, Lebron called out to Hyeonu, “Disciple, come to the imperial palace with me. Shouldn’t we finish it?”

-Ohh, the imperial palace.

-Is this the first time a live stream is revealing the imperial palace?

-If he streams the meeting with the emperor, there will be at least 10 million viewers.

The viewers were the ones excited by Lebron’s words, not Hyeonu.

Hyeonu had already visited the imperial palace and met the emperor several times, but the viewers had only seen the video released by Hyeonu. However, Hyeonu had no intention of going to the imperial palace and streaming it. Keeping it a secret or keeping the viewers. Between the two, he was naturally inclined to secrecy.

“Then today’s stream will end here. I’ll see you at the next stream. Bye bye.”


-Don’t hang up here. This...

-Please stream for one more hour!!

-Ah, he always cuts it off. Hah...

Despite the audience’s words, Hyeonu boldly ended the stream. Many people had now succeeded in entering the imperial palace. Of course, they couldn’t meet the emperor. The time had come to hide even the smallest details about the emperor. “Let’s go, Master.”


“Boss, Alley Leader’s stock price has risen even higher. Now it is unique. There is no one who can compare. Now we aren’t comparing an individual to another individual but an individual to an organization.”

“Those words are good to hear. An individual and an organization... Didn’t he do something big this time? Calling Duke Lebron to deal with the main scenario boss... His senses really are the best.”

“I think so as well. His senses are natural, and he is a genius. By the way, can you look at this and sign it? It is regarding the second student of Alley Leader Academy.”

Jamie had a short conversation with Kale and accepted the documents from Kale.

“Is it… a Korean?”

The nationality he saw on the documents was familiar. It was Korean. The second student was a South Korean person. Kale noticed what Jamie was thinking from his muttered words and answered in advance, “I didn’t pick him because he is Korean. His story is different. He just wants to play well. It isn’t at that level.”

Jamie nodded and started reading the rest of the paperwork. The more he read, the more he started to understand what Kale was saying. This story seemed interesting enough. Jamie was disillusioned with himself. ‘Even these things can be converted into money...’

Jamie opened his mouth with a bitter smile and said, “I unconditionally agree. In some ways, I think it will have a bigger impact than Dwayne.”

“I thought that you would give permission. Then I will suggest it to Alley Leader.”

Kale was about to leave the office when Jamie called out to him, “Right, did you ask him?

“Ah... He said it isn’t over yet, but it will be over soon.”

“I didn’t expect him to be in so much debt...”

“It is an individual’s situation. That’s why I don’t think it will make any difference.”


Hyeonu turned on his laptop and entered the website of his main bank. Today was the day when all of Hyeonu’s earnings would arrive. This meant that soon...

“It will be the day to pay off my debts.”

Hyeonu checked the balance of his bankbook.


He had collected so much money in a month. Perhaps in the next few months or years, he wouldn’t be able to earn this much. This was a down payment from various sponsors. It was a huge amount of money even taking this into consideration—21 billion won.

21,000,000,000 won...

It was a big deal. However, after paying off his debts, Hyeonu would have only one billion left. One billion wasn’t a small amount of money, but it definitely wouldn’t feel like that much after seeing 21 billion won.

“Let’s pay off the debt.”

Hyeonu was preparing to go out without saying anything to Yeongchan. Today, he was planning to stop by the hospital for the first time in a while.

‘I feel like I can only go on the day I pay off the debt.’

He had used the excuse that he was busy to delay it. Maybe he wasn’t comfortable. However, from today, he would be able to go to the hospital a bit more often and visit his mother.

“Just pay off the debt.”

Hyeonu got ready and left the house. The difference was that he didn’t take a taxi anymore. It was because Hyeonu had a car—a high-end car in an intense red hue, a Porsche Panamera. The Panamera possessed both intensity and sophistication. It was a gift from Porsche because they thought it best suited Alley Leader’s image. Hyeonu also gave this Panamera a name. “Hope.”

It was meant to be a hope for his future life. The pleasant heavy exhaust sound warmed Hyeonu’s heart.

‘Desire, I’ll bury you in my heart.’

At this moment, Hyeonu buried the Mustang, his former Desire in his heart.


“Did you say that you want to pay off all the money?” Moon Doyeong, the CEO of Moon Capital, was shocked and couldn’t hide his expression. He tried not to be surprised, but it couldn’t be helped. It was the first time in his decades of being in this business that someone had paid off their debts so quickly.

“Yes, the remaining 20 billion. I’m here to repay all of it.”

However, his long career wasn’t a waste, and Moon Doyeong soon regained his original facial expression.

“Oh, thank you. I have to greet the debtor who paid back the money so sincerely.” Moon Doyeong bowed toward Hyeonu.

Hyeonu couldn’t help frowning at Moon Doyeong’s actions, but he erased the expression before Moon Doyeong raised his head.

“If you need money in the future, please contact us. The president will invest as much as possible.” Moon Doyeong laughed, and his scar moved in an ugly manner.

Hyeonu carefully accepted the business card that Moon Doyeong handed over. He pretended to put it in his pocket while crumpling it. “I hope I don’t see your face in the future.”

Hyeonu quickly exited the office of Moon Capital.

Moon Doyeong, who was left alone in the office, pulled out his smartphone and made a call. He spoke once the other person picked up. “It’s me. The fish has escaped the fishing net. Huh? What kind of dog is so creative? 30 billion isn’t the name of a dog. What person doesn’t know that Moon Doyeong is a friend and family member in front of money? This time, I’ll take it as a mistake. Yes, I’ll see you soon.”

Moon Doyeong hung up the phone and took out a cigarette. “Now it is over with President Zheng...”

Just then, someone opened the door and came in. “Ah! Hyung-nim, I told you not to smoke indoors! I told you yesterday. Have you forgotten it already?”

“I know. This dude... I will put it out because you think it is dirty. Spit.”

“Ahhh! Hyung-nim, you clean up today! I can’t live because it is so dirty. Just...” Moon Daecheol eventually exploded. He couldn’t stand it anymore and shouted at his older brother, Moon Doyeong.


After leaving the Miwol Building, Hyeonu couldn’t hide his relief. It felt like he had crossed a huge mountain. However, the reduced bankbook balance made Hyeonu’s stomach bitter. It felt like a momentary dream. All that money had disappeared in an instant.

“What is the point of looking at it? It will only make me explode inside.”

Was it because there had been over 20 billion won? The remaining amount of one billion felt like too little. Hyeonu turned off the banking app and thought about it.

‘The money I will make from now on is my property. Hospital expenses, houses, cards, various expenses, and so on. It will be used for myself and my family.’

“From now on, I will thoroughly engage in capitalism.”

Hyeonu regained his mind.


“You sent it just now? I understand. I’ll check it right away. No, you don’t have to hang up. I’ll take a look and talk about it with you.” Hyeonu spoke with Kale while turning on his laptop to check his email.

He clicked on the email called ‘Second Lesson Candidate Suggestion’. The email contained detailed information about one person, consisting of their name, age, current residence, and nationality. If there was a self-introduction, then it could almost be a resume.

“Isn’t it very detailed? The person is also a Korean.”

Kale responded like he expected this, -The person was chosen due to his story, regardless of Alley Leader. Read below, and you’ll know why he was picked.

At Kale’s words, Hyeonu scrolled down with anticipation.


After reading the story, Hyeonu couldn’t keep his mouth shut. If this story was true, then there couldn’t be a sadder story.

“Will it be better if there is a surgery?”

Hyeonu bit his lip. He remembered his father lying in bed. The powerlessness of a family when a family member was sick and they realized there was nothing they could do—Hyeonu knew this feeling better than anyone else.

-It costs a lot of money, but some people think that it can unconditionally be cured if they have the money.

Hyeonu sighed at Kale’s answer. It was an expression of relief. “Then we will unconditionally go with this person. Additionally, I’ll pay for the medical expenses. No. Please send me the contact information first. I have to meet this person.”

-...I understand.

A short time later, the email from Kale arrived. Hyeonu stored the number on his smartphone and went out again just an hour after arriving home. The goal...

“Where is your father?”

It was the hospital. It was the hospital Hyeonu’s father was being treated in and the one he had visited before going home. The main character of the story was there.
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