Ranker's Return
Chapter 119
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 119

“I didn’t turn on the streaming mode!” Hyeonu screamed as he forgot he was challenging the scenario boss, Edward.

So far, half the raid had gone to waste. Why did Hyeonu take the risk and challenge the raid in the second turn? It was intended to make viewers take one step further with the gold coins they gave and to make them patrons of Hyeonu’s stream. However, the streaming mode wasn’t turned on.

‘Did the audience leave?’

Hyeonu resumed the live stream. “I’m sorry, everyone. I forgot because I was fighting with the boss monster. You can see it from now on.”

-I thought it was like this. Who said the stream was stopped in order to charge for the video? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It turned out he was stupid and forgot.

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The undisputed king of stupidity. How can he forget?

-Gather the kids who went to the other room. Alley Leader has turned the streaming mode back on.

-By the way, the boss is recovering again. Sure enough, Alley Leader is different. The recovery pattern can be seen right away.

‘It’s okay? The number of viewers is similar.’

Hyeonu was relieved. The number of viewers hadn’t decreased much. If so, the worst had been avoided. Hyeonu thought so.

“To put it briefly, I challenged a raid against Edward and hurt him a lot, so the recovery pattern was activated. This is what has happened so far.”

Hyeonu briefly gave the viewers an overview of the 10-minute situation. He moved soon after. Edward’s recovery was over.

‘Ah, he really filled up with dirty blood.’

Hyeonu gave a small sigh.


One hour passed since the Edward raid was announced. Edward, like Held, wasn’t lacking in magic power. Additionally, the number of magic power operations he could do wasn’t small. His magic power might not be expressed as freely as Hyeonu and Lebron, but consumption was reduced to a minimum through the proper use of his talent. This meant that Edward still had strength after the recovery pattern.


Hyeonu had actually believed in the Cursed Spear to some extent. He thought about just stabbing the spear into Edward, but it was just Hyeonu’s dream. These were the messages that appeared in front of Hyeonu when he stabbed with the Cursed Spear.

[Edward is using black magic energy. The Cursed Spear’s effect is invalidated.]

[The damage dealt per second will disappear.]

Hyeonu thought it was ridiculous when he first saw it, but he quickly accepted it. If Edward’s black-red air currents were made of black magic energy, it could be understood why he wasn’t damaged by the Cursed Spear. A monster tainted by black magic energy would only receive half the damage of the Cursed Spear. Naturally, boss monsters could invalidate it.

‘It is a waste. If it is 20%...’

This was a moment of regret. However, due to the weapon ogre, Hyeonu had expected it to some extent.

[The weapon ogre is contaminated with black magic. The effect of Cursed Spear is halved.]

[The damage dealt per second is halved.]

The weapon ogre had been tainted by black magic energy and resisted the Cursed Spear. There would be nothing more ironic than if Edward was affected by the Cursed Spear when he used black magic energy itself as a weapon. At this moment, something flashed through Hyeonu’s mind.

It was a memory of the last main scenario quest. Hyeonu was too embarrassed to call himself a supporting character at that time. Rather, he was a passing level-1 player. In fact, it was Alfred who dealt with the important boss and the Knights of Keon who completed the main scenario.

Hyeonu got an idea from this.

‘Then I have to call Suped or Lebron to beat him.’

The problem was that there was no way to contact them. There was no method of sending whispers to NPCs. He couldn’t convey his words to anyone.


No. There was one person—one person who could pass his message onto Lebron. Hyeonu hurriedly sent a whisper, -Uh, Yeongchan? Yes. Are you busy? No, it’s urgent. That’s why I contacted you. Do you know Duke Lebron? Go and tell him something. I’m fighting with Edward.

The other person was Yeongchan.


After the sudden whisper from Hyeonu, Yeongchan found Lebron straight away.

‘I have to repay him for the favor of inserting me in here.’

In any case, the Edward raid was something his guild didn’t dare dream about. Yeongchan knew he had to listen to Hyeonu’s request because he knew that if Hyeonu did well, he would also reap some of the profits.

‘It is the same for being the host of Masked Fighting King.’

“Yes, you are a friend of my disciple?”

Yeongchan saw Lebron and thought this person was very huge. To be precise, his presence was huge.


“So what brings you here? I’m busy.”

“I’m here to give you some news. Hyeonu is now fighting one-on-one with the leader of the rebels.”

The moment Yeongchan’s words were over, a terrifying pressure burst out from Lebron’s body.

“Where is it? Let’s go right now.”

“It isn’t far from here. Hyeonu said it was a similar place to the imperial palace’s grand hall. There are also many adventurers around it.”

“I understand. You go back first. I’m going to find him,” Lebron issued an order.

Yeongchan bowed his head and returned to his guild. Lebron was left alone and murmured, “I always told you not to be too greedy...”

As the saying goes, waiting at the end of excessive greed was ruin. It was the same for the second prince of the empire, Edward.


Hyeonu was pushed to a corner. There wasn’t a problem with his body nor was he running out of magic power. He was at his peak due to Memories of Murder yet he was helpless. Starting with Tang-E’s magic, Hyeonu used all types of skills he had to attack.

His attacks always hit. There were even countless hits, but Edward didn’t budge at all. The recovery pattern was repeated like his magic power was infinite.

‘Yeongchan, this bastard, didn’t answer.’

Nevertheless, Hyeonu didn’t despair. He was alive and well. This type of battle could take five or six hours. Additionally, his last bastion still remained.

[Giant’s Power has been used.]

[Your strength stat has increased.]

[Giant’s Nature has been used.]

[Your strength stat has increased.]

Hyeonu finally used his giant skills. Someone was coming. Could he hold on? He used the skills with this in mind. If he thought calmly, it was more efficient to use them one at a time. However, Hyeonu didn’t have the spirit to do this.

-Oh, he’s finally losing.

-Will he lose?

-This would be his first loss and first forced log out. Why do I feel good?

-Everyone, pray for a defeat.

It was due to the presence of a chat window that filled one side of the screen. The viewers already thought that Hyeonu’s defeat was a foregone conclusion, and there were a few particularly delighted viewers.

‘I’ll die? That won’t happen until the end of the Arena’s service.’

Seeing the comments, Hyeonu felt fighting power surge in his heart. He was filled with momentum as he rushed toward Edward. Edward was thrown back by Hyeonu’s strike. He had been pushed back in a power fight.

“Ohu? Were you hiding your strength? I was getting bored,” Edward responded differently from before.

Hyeonu’s eyes narrowed. He looked like a snake seeking prey. ‘The atmosphere is dirty.’

Hyeonu swung his sword at Edward once again. It was the first time this attack was seen by viewers. This was natural. It was the reward for killing Held. So it was normal for no one to know about it.

[Mysterious Sky Range: Use magic power to create a blade storm.

Cooldown Time: 5 minutes.]

The Mysterious Sky Range was a skill that came from the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art. Hyeonu used that skill now. Dozens of black sword energies flew toward Edward. Edward thought it was a bit dangerous and started swinging his sword to counterattack.

The black-red pure energy and black sword energy collided. The result was naturally the dark-red pure energy’s victory. Edward’s strength broke through Hyeonu’s sword energy storm and flew toward Hyeonu. Hyeonu saw it and was about to dodge when a cold-blue pure energy flew from behind Hyeonu. The blue pure energy tore through the black-red pure energy and directly struck Edward.

“It was a bit dangerous just now, Disciple.” Duke Lebron, the empire’s number one knight, appeared.

“Lebron!! Lebron!!! You showed up in front of me. Kuahaha!” Edward laughed madly like he was unaffected by Lebron’s strength. “I will kill you here and then go kill Alexander.”

The expression in Edward’s eyes changed in an instant. Those snake-like eyes returned. However, Lebron just laughed at Edward. “You have never won against me once in your life. What type of talent do you have to beat me today, Edward?”

“I was weak at that time. Now it is different. I have learned black magic that is more powerful than magic power. As long as I have this power, I can beat you and Alexander. Didn’t you just experience it? I didn’t budge from your petty attack.”

Both Hyeonu and the viewers were silent at the bickering of the two people. This was a time to be fully enjoyed as an observer.

“Kuhaha! What is the difference between magic power and black magic energy? I see you are still bound to this type of thing. I knew that this isn’t my grave but yours.”

Lebron swung his sword again with these words. The power of the sword was completely different from when he fought Hyeonu. It contained several times, perhaps even dozens of times, the strength that he used during his spar with Hyeonu. Edward also attacked Lebron with the sword surrounded by the dark-red pure energy.

The result was disastrous. After a single blow, Edward became a bloody man. He failed to endure Lebron’s attack, and his entire body exploded.

“Kuah! Lebron, you!!!” Edward shouted at Lebron in a voice full of anger. Shortly thereafter, Edward’s body was covered with the dark-red air current. It was the recovery pattern.

Hyeonu saw Edward’s change in state and shouted, “Master, he is restoring his health now! You have interrupt it!”

It was like a child being hit by a local child at the playground and telling his parents.

“Disciple, this type of thing needs to be broken with strength.”

Once Lebron finished speaking, he poured magic power into his sword. Then he ran toward Edward. It was at a speed that couldn’t be seen. Lebron moved, and a blue light appeared in the air. The light flew dozens of meters, and its final destination was Edward’s black-red air current. It pierced through the black-red air current. He didn’t stop there, and even Edward’s body was pierced. In the two raids conducted by Hyeonu and the Mano Guild, the black-red air current had never been pierced.

“Edward, I regret that I didn’t stop Alexander's whim on that day. If I had, you wouldn’t have been spared...”

“Groan... You’re interrupting me to the end... It was the same on that day. If it wasn’t for you, I would’ve been the emperor, not Alexander...”

The sound of a huge explosion came from inside Edward’s body. He was torn apart to the point where no traces were left behind. Lebron just looked casual as he shook the blood off his sword. “Don’t you know that the only one stronger than me is Alexander, Second Prince Edward?”

At this moment, a message window emerged in front of Hyeonu who was staring blankly.

[Second Prince Edward has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

[Wipe out Alkyl’s base 1/1.]

[The Imperial Detached Force quest has been cleared.]

The fifth main scenario reached its peak.
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