Ranker's Return
Chapter 107
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 107

-Hey, this is crazy. Isn’t this a complete crushing?

-It is the difference in class. Marco must be suffering a great deal.

-Kuoh... God Alley Leader implemented justice.

-Mano must have the taste of being beaten!

The viewers cheered when they saw Hyeonu beating Marco one-sidedly. Hyeonu’s movements were fantastic, but the viewers weren’t surprised anymore. They had adapted to the man called Alley Leader. He had wiped out two guilds and won against Mascherano, Reina, and Jung Hanbaek. Sometimes he also raided boss monsters alone.

Of course, it was with the help of his pet Tang-E, but Tang-E was one of Alley Leader’s cards. It wasn’t worth criticizing him. If they took issue with Tang-E, then they would also have to take issue with items and skills.

-Oh, now it’s the last hit.

-Blow him away!

-Go Crescent Moon Cut!

-Our leader’s defense penetration will cut through the paladin!

At this moment, Hyeonu used Crescent Moon Cut. No matter who looked at the scene, it was certain that Marco would die.


There was no reversal. Hyeonu’s sword energy passed through Marco. With high damage and defense penetration, it was enough to turn Marco’s health to zero.

‘Shall I see what is happening with Tang-E?’

After killing Marco, Hyeonu turned to look at where Tang-E was fighting. Tang-E restored his health through buffs, but he wasn’t able to handle the attacks of so many players.

‘It looks a bit dangerous?’

Hyeonu saw Tang-E’s precarious situation and swung his single-edged sword toward Tang-E. He shouted Tang-E’s name loudly, “Tang-E!!”

Tang-E turned his head when he was called. ‘Crazy master!’

He saw it. A giant black sword energy was flying toward him. The frightened Tang-E quickly left the scene and waited until the cooldown of Roar was over before using it again. Soon after, Giant Transformation was released, and Tang-E’s size gradually shrank. Tang-E hid behind Hyeonu’s back.

“How can you aim that type of thing at me, crazy Master dude? If you have any complaints in the future, then please tell me. Don’t do such a dangerous thing.” Tang-E spoke faster than anyone else.

Hyeonu whispered toward him, “What are you talking about? I did it to create time for you to escape. Don’t misunderstand me.”

‘You’re crazy. Completely crazy!’ Tang-E yelled inwardly, unable to express it with his mouth.

Hyeonu ordered, “Please give me buffs. I have to wipe them out.”

After experiencing Hyeonu’s show of force, Tang-E gave the buffs in a submissive manner.

[You have received Bear’s Momentum.]

[Physique has increased.]

[Strength has increased.]

[You have received the Forest’s Blessing.]

[Defense has increased.]

[Health will continue to recover.]

“I’ll summon you again soon. You go back first.”

Hyeonu released Tang-E’s summoning because his role was over for now. Without Marco, there was no player in the Mano Guild who could threaten Hyeonu. A large number of magicians were logged out. Under these conditions, the stage was enough for him to jump onto alone. Hyeonu was running back to the Mano Guild when a player walked out from the ranks of the Mano Guild.

“Alley Leader, can you listen to me for a moment?” It was Patrick, the actual manager of the Mano Guild and the man who brought Mano up to its current position.

Hyeonu knew Patrick. ‘He’s a pretty resourceful guy. He grew this big guild under Marco who only knows how to wield a sword.’

“Is there anything that still has to be said between us? I think the only conversation left is with a sword,” Hyeonu replied sharply. Currently, Hyeonu was releasing a lot of killing intent. It wasn’t a lull. He was still in a fighting state.

“I will admit that this is our fault. We would like to reimburse you, so please stop here.”

Patrick’s words were shocking. The Mano Guild was bowing down to the lone Alley Leader.

“Patrick! What are you saying? Back down?!!”

“If we fight a bit more, we will win!”

There was also a backlash from the Mano Guild members. Why should they withdraw? They were still alive while Alley Leader was alone. His pet was gone, so they were more likely to win. This was what they thought. The viewers had a similar idea. The Mano Guild was unlikely to back down like this. This had to be nothing more than a deception.

-Crazy. Isn’t this throwing the bait?

-I think so as well. Is Mano the type of guild to bow down to Alley Leader like this??

-They fight for everything. Yet they’re backing down like this?

-Are they afraid?

-No way, they wouldn’t have joined a big guild if they were scared here.

Hyeonu had the same idea. ‘Why are they suddenly backing down? What are they up to?’

Still, he remained silent. It was because Patrick was ready to explain. “Do you think you can win against Alley Leader who even Marco couldn’t beat? Let’s say we win. What is the damage? More than half of us will be logged out. What will occur during that space? Now is a time when even one person is important. Pride isn’t the problem. The more damage we receive, the more likely it is that we will fall out of the main scenario.”

Patrick’s words couldn’t be refuted. Falling out of the main scenario—it was the unwanted result for everyone in the Mano Guild.

‘This is something I never expected either.’ Hyeonu marveled at Patrick’s words. Even Hyeonu hadn’t thought this far. During the gap of a day in which these Mano Guild members were forcibly logged out as a group, Red Bull America would be able to perfectly occupy the Kunta Plateau.

“So you will give up on the Kunta Plateau and focus on the main scenario. Is this what you mean?” Hyeonu asked in a cold voice.

Patrick nodded. There would be no more opposition from the Mano Guild.

“Please give me permission. Even if it isn’t guild level compensation, I’ll definitely compensate you personally.” Patrick’s expression was now desperate.

Hyeonu kept postponing his answer, and Patrick feared he would refuse.

‘This should be enough... Well, should I hold on a bit more to increase the compensation?’ Hyeonu’s heart had already firmly decided to accept the offer.

He was just a bit greedy about the compensation Patrick would give him. It was a type of push and pull. Silence flowed on the Kunta Plateau. Everyone focused on Hyeonu. Everything depended on Hyeonu’s words.

Finally, Hyeonu opened his mouth and said, “Okay. I don’t like fighting anyway. Instead, you will have to keep your promise. Give up on the Kunta Plateau and give me reparations. If you don’t keep this promise, I can’t guarantee what will happen in the future. Then it will really be a war between the Mano Guild and Alley Leader.”

The moment Hyeonu spoke, sighs of relief burst from all over the place. Patrick was relieved that he had kept the minimum of things with this.

‘I just have to convince Marco.’

All of the Mano Guild members left the Kunta Plateau, and Patrick approached Hyeonu.

“What is going on?”

“This is the personal compensation that I promised. The guild-wide compensation needs to be agreed upon, but even so, please accept this first.” Patrick handed over a pair of earrings.

Hyeonu currently wasn’t wearing earrings because he didn’t have the right ones.

‘Is it rare rated?’ Hyeonu accepted the earrings without hesitation. “There is no need for guild-wide compensation. Let’s finish it here. I don’t want to receive anything more.”

Hyeonu no longer wanted to be associated with the Mano Guild. He received only these earrings and ended the compensation.

“Then thank you. I hope we’ll have a good relationship the next time we see each other.” Patrick said goodbye to Hyeonu, and like the other guild members, he left the Kunta Plateau. Once everyone had left, the Kunta Plateau echoed with only Hyeonu’s voice.

“Everyone, shall we confirm the item I received?”

Hyeonu relaxed and focused on the stream. Now that the Mano Guild had fallen out of the Kunta Plateau competition, JT Telecom would never be a match for Red Bull America. It was safe to say that Hyeonu had done everything he could. The unsuspecting viewers were focused on the earrings Patrick had given.

-It will be a big twist if it is common or uncommon rated.

-Bullshit. That would mean fighting with Alley Leader. Is he crazy? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Why? Perhaps he thinks he only needs to escape at this moment.

-Would you play a trick on Alley Leader just to save a bit of money?

-Surely it isn’t unique?

-If it is unique, it must be his own equipment. Did he give a unique rated item?

‘Unique? Did he really give a unique? If it is unique, I’ll endure it the next time we meet.’

Hyeonu made a pledge only he knew and confirmed the information of the earrings.

“Then I’ll check it now. Umm...?” Hyeonu’s mouth dropped open. Then he continued to moan weakly. In some ways, it was close to a sigh.

‘This is absolutely an exemption... an exemption.’

Hyeonu thought it would be okay to be generous to Patrick at least once. The earrings were worth this much.

‘It is a big thing to give this to me. It must definitely be one of his main equipment.’

The viewers who saw it questioned it. They were curious. Why did Hyeonu react like this? Maybe it was a good item.

-What, what, what is it?

-Don’t look at it alone and share it!!

-Share the good things!

-Surely it isn’t unique?

The audience was clamoring for information, so Hyeonu revealed the information of the earrings.

[Forest’s Spirit]

[Earrings made from the young leaves of the world tree, the origin of the elves.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: More than 500 magic power.

Effect: Magic power +100, ‘Forest Species’ can be used.

Forest Species: There will be a 10% increase in all stats in the forest. There is a 10% increase in movement speed.]

“I received a better item than I thought. I’ll have to treat him well the next time we meet.”

They weren’t empty words. He wasn’t someone unscrupulous to hit a person after receiving this item. This was what Hyeonu thought.

‘Right... I’m fair.’

“I previously had friction with Mano, but I will forget about it completely. A man who goes back on a promise isn’t attractive. I’m cool. Cool~”

There were no viewers who responded to Hyeonu’s claims. All eyes were on the description of the earrings.

-How much is that worth?

-Wouldn’t it be a billion won?

-There are many forests in Arena itself. It is the best thing if movement speed is increased.

-It seems essential for magicians. You are treated differently if you are a bit fast.

-500 magic power might be high, but it can be fully worn with rare items.

For the viewers, Hyeonu already didn’t seem to exist.

‘These guys!’

Hyeonu turned off the item window and said quickly, “I’m going to end the stream here today. See you next time.”

He ended the stream after these words. Anyone could tell that he was abruptly shutting down the connection out of anger.

-Eh, don’t go back on your promise. You are the one who is best at going back on promises. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-There is no answer. This is Alley Leader’s personality.

-What happened to make him disconnect angrily? Streaming... ㅋㅋㅋ

-You still don’t know? Be careful, be careful. Be careful when chatting. You never know when he will disconnect angrily.

-Then I’ll be sure to see everyone next time.

The viewers weren’t surprised by the end of the stream. They had adapted to Hyeonu’s style of escaping by now
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