Ranker's Return
Chapter 84
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 84

[A noble of the night, Viscount Roton Seynod, has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

[Your fighting energy stat has increased by 3.]

[The title ‘Viscount Vampire Killer’ was created.]

[Viscount Vampire Killer]

[A title given to adventurers who kill a noble of the night, a vampire. The title will grow when hunting high-class vampires.

Effect: All stats +50, attack power against vampires will increase by 5%.]

Roton Seynod was a pile of ashes, but he left many things for Hyeonu, Kim Seokjung, and Gang Junggu—experience, a title, and items.

“Level 198...” Kim Seokjung looked thrilled. He had already leveled up. Usually, it would take him five days to level up even if he hunted for 12 hours a day. Leveling up in the absence of the main scenario quests was very tedious and slow. It took Kim Seokjung a week to level from 196 to 197. Yet he hunted for one day in the dungeon and reached level 198. It was a miraculous speed.

“Brother, did you get a title?”

Gang Junggu nodded at Hyeonu’s question before he turned to face Hyeonu. “Viscount Killer?”

Hyeonu nodded before picking up an item from the spot where Roton’s ashes had disappeared. Four items were dropped. As expected, there were great rewards for defeating the boss of a multi-floor dungeon.

“Four items?”

“Yes, there are four items.”

Hyeonu was ecstatic to see the fallen items. This was completely different from when he hunted alone.

‘I need to do party hunting...’ Hyeonu even had this idea. The drop rate was different compared to hunting alone.

Four items...

Hyeonu would’ve been grateful even with just one. In fact, Hyeonu’s drop rate wasn’t so bad. Among the items he was wearing, there were many items that had never been seen before.

“I will confirm the items first.” Hyeonu smiled brightly as he picked up the items.

[Roton’s Ceremonial Gloves]

[Ceremonial gloves worn by the vampire, Viscount Roton Seynod.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: 400 strength, 350 magic power

Durability: 700/700

Defense: 150

Effect: Magic power +50, recover by 5% of the damage dealt to the target. Blood Claw is available (Cooldown Time: 60 minutes)

Blood Claw: Fire bloody nails with powerful strength. The target hit will be in the ‘unrecoverable’ state.

However, the skill uses physique rather than the magic powers stat.

Unrecoverable status duration: 5 minutes.]

[Roton’s Ceremonial Coat]

[A ceremonial coat worn by the vampire, Viscount Roton Seynod.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: 500 strength, 600 magic power

Durability: 800/800

Defense: 200

Effect: Magic power +100, physique +100, ‘Wraith Form’ is available (Cooldown time: 30 minutes)

Wraith Form: You will be in a wraith form for 10 seconds and unable to be hit. Immunity to all attacks except divine power.]

[Roton’s Heart]

[The heart of the vampire, Viscount Roton Seynod.

Rating: Rare

Restrictions: None.

Effect: Once consumed, the player’s race will convert to a vampire.]

[Let’s Go! Enter the World of Blood Magic!!]

[A skill book containing the foundations of blood magic.

Rating: Uncommon

Restrictions: None

Effect: Once used, will change class to a ‘blood mage.’]

“Wow...” Hyeonu couldn’t close his mouth after checking the information on the four items. They were items he had never seen before while playing Arena. Kim Seokjung and Gang Junggu didn’t know the information on the four items, so they were looking at Hyeonu with curious expressions.

“What is it?”

“Little brother? Is something wrong?”

“Yes, there’s a problem. It’s a pretty big one.”

Hyeonu’s words caused the expressions of the two men to stiffen. There was a common thought in their minds.

‘The items aren’t good!’

This happened because Hyeonu was wearing a mask. Gang Junggu started to comfort Hyeonu, “Hyeonu, there are always days like this. It can’t be consistent.”

“Yes. Today is just a bit different.”

“It will be better in the future. Don’t be too upset.”

“Huh? What are you saying? The problem is that the items are too good...”

Hyeonu watched Gang Junggu with strange eyes. Why was he hearing Gang Junggu comforting him? Was this person crazy? Hyeonu’s eyes seemed to imply this.

“Look here.” Hyeonu shared the information on the items.

The eyes of the two men doubled in size when they saw the items’ information. However, that only lasted for a short moment. The two of them soon showed unenthusiastic expressions.

Then Hyeonu became the perplexed one. “What’s wrong? Your rotten expressions...”

“This isn’t useful for us. Little brother, you take them.”

“Hyeonu, you have done a lot of the work. Take all of them. We came all the way here thanks to you, and you took care of the hard work.”

The two of them patted Hyeonu’s shoulder. Hyeonu was grateful to the two of them, but his conscience didn’t allow him to take all four items.

“Then I’ll just take two.” Hyeonu handed the gloves and books to Kim Seokjung and Gang Junggu respectively. “Think of it as a gift from your little brother and accept it.”

“A gift? Huhuhu!” Kim Seokjung laughed at Hyeonu’s words. He seemed to be in a really good mood. “Little brother, we should go out now. I hope you can give me an answer the next time we see each other.”

Kim Seokjung and Gang Junggu left Hyeonu alone with these words.


Hyeonu continued to scour the Hejin Great Mountain Range after his dungeon attack with Kim Seokjung. Now he was able to explore areas deeper in the mountains. Then Hyeonu received a note.

[To. Alley Leader:

We need to determine the cast of the first episode of Alley Leader Academy.

Please call me as soon as you see this note.]

The note came from Kale.

“Has the cast been decided? I’ll have to get in touch.”

Hyeonu immediately stopped exploring the Hejin Great Mountain Range and disconnected from Arena. He exited the cube and called Kale straight away.

“Kale? It’s me. Has the cast been decided?”

-You got in touch quickly. I just sent the note... Well, it’s good. Mr. Gang is very interested.

“Of course. This is my content. Additionally, the performer isn’t first. Alley Leader is number one.”

-Keuk... A total of eight people got in contact with us, and all of them are celebrities. Then I thought about how it is the first time and narrowed the candidates down to the three who will create the hottest topics.

“Three people? Who are they?” Hyeonu was surprised that all eight had applied. He had felt dubious as the streaming process progressed. They all claimed to be celebrities, but he hadn’t believed it.

‘I thought it was a prank...’

-Dwayne Evans, Hollywood’s best action star at the moment. The British diva, Christina. The last one is Korean. Ryu—he is also a Hollywood actor.

Hyeonu was surprised when he heard the list. This wasn’t the level of celebrity he had expected. He thought that they would be celebrities with enough fame to barely be called celebrities or famous streamers.

‘For example, streamers famous for not playing games...’

Then he thought about it again and felt something was strange. Dwayne Evans was a hugely popular action star. Wasn’t he famous for shooting movies without a stuntman? “How did Dwayne Evans meet the conditions? Does this mean his arena rating isn’t a bronze medal?”

-Surprisingly, it is true. Unlike reality, his combat ability in virtual reality is close to extremely bad. In fact, his ranking is very low.

“So how did he level up?”

-He says that hunting and PvP are different. I think he must’ve ridden a bus.

“I see... I have one more question. Kale, who would you recommend?”

-I recommend Dwayne Evans.


-He is the most famous of the eight. Additionally, he is known for his excellent sense of humor.

“Then I’ll go with Dwayne Evans. I have already decided to pick a celebrity, and he is the best in the world.”

-I will let him know. Then we will meet at the arena tomorrow at 5 o’clock, Seoul time.

“Sure, Kale.”

Hyeonu hung up before turning on his laptop and searching for ‘Dwayne Evans.’

‘I need to know him if I’m going to meet and talk to him.’

In fact, Hyeonu didn’t know much about Dwayne Evans. He was a famous actor. His action scenes were good. He was handsome and very rich. That was all. Hyeonu didn’t know anything else.

“What? It’s all about me?”

[Dwayne Evans’ recent interest is Alley Leader. “His style is phenomenal.”]

[Dwayne Evans, a fan of Alley Leader.]

[Dwayne Evans revealed his intention to meet Alley Leader.]

Hyeonu saw the title of the articles and was stunned.

‘Hollywood’s top action star wants to see me?’

“No, this is impossible.”

Hyeonu shook his head. He quickly moved to an Arena community. However, Hyeonu immediately shut down the Arena community. He didn’t know why such interesting articles weren’t interesting today.

“No, I have to sleep quickly today.”

Hyeonu’s expression was as excited as a primary school student on the eve of a picnic day.


Hyeonu sat at the table and looked particularly haggard. He looked so strange that Yeongchan was worried.

“Hey, are you okay? Are you sick?”

“No, no. I’m fine. I couldn’t sleep.”

Last night, Hyeonu couldn’t sleep because he kept thinking about meeting Dwayne Evans.

“Then go ahead and sleep a bit more. There is still a long time until your stream.”

“What about you? Are you okay?”

This time, it was Hyeonu who asked. Was Yeongchan okay? Hyeonu felt apologetic for his atrocious actions from not so long ago.

“I’m not fine. Because of you...” Yeongchan’s fists were shaking.

He remembered that day and ignored the normal-sized cup, drinking an entire bottle of water instead.

“Didn’t you really like it at the time? Hey, I’m just trying to make you happy. I gave you the MC’s position.” Hyeonu’s face became rosy as he spoke.

“Yes, but you only told me at that time...”

“Hey, I’m disappointed. You are the one who sneaked home and went on a blind date,” Hyeonu interrupted Yeongchan’s words.

Then he started to attack Yeongchan in reverse. Hyeonu talked for a long time before glancing at his watch and standing up from the table. “Hey, I have to go stream. Let’s do this next time, friend.”

Yeongchan was left alone and wanted to cry.


Hyeonu connected to Arena and immediately entered the arena. Then he created a friendly game room.

“The name of the room is Alley Leader, and the password is ‘a good man.’ Okay, that’s it.”

Hyeonu created the room and sent a note to Kale that included the name and password of the room. A short time later, two people appeared in the arena. One was a familiar male. It was Kale.

“Hello, Alley Leader.”

Then there was the other person. He was 190 centimeters tall, full of muscles, and the owner of a manly face. Based on his form alone, he should be able to compete for the top position in the arena rankings.

“Hello, Dwayne Evans.”

It was the appearance of Alley Leader’s first student.
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