Ranker's Return
Chapter 78
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 78

At 6 o’clock, Alley Leader’s stream began. Hyeonu said nothing, but the chat window was lively. Hundreds of thousands of viewers made this possible.

-Why is this the streaming name today?

-Maybe he wants to chat.

-The amount of content has fallen, so he is doing it roughly.

-No way, our Alley Leader isn’t such a person.

-500 Questions Available has gifted you 500 gold coins.

-I Will Ask Questions has gifted you 500 gold coins.

Hyeonu watched the chat window without speaking for a while. Finally, Hyeonu opened his mouth and said, “Hello everyone, I am Alley Leader. Bbuing bbuing!”

-I hate it to death. Alley Leader is a bit stiff.

-Ah, it is offensive to the eyes.


-Sigh. Hey. I’m punching what’s in front of me right now. Is it just me?

-I forgot it was A-World and almost used Fireball...

Hyeonu ignored the chat and continued to speak as he had already expected it. Since he wasn’t hosting any special content today, he had to lead the streaming process with this small bit of fun. “It has been over a month since I started streaming. I haven’t had a proper conversation with the viewers, so I decided to do so today. Ask me questions to your heart’s content. I’ll answer everything I see.”

-Me Me has given you 99 gold coins.

-My Japanese Brother has given you 99 gold coins.

-Leader Groupie has gifted you 777 gold coins.

Hyeonu smiled at the gold coins that appeared like firecrackers.

‘If I didn’t have the mask...’

He almost left behind a large dark history. Hyeonu finished managing his expression and said calmly, “Then I will now start answering questions.”

From then on, the chat window started to heat up. The messages started to rise through the chat window really quickly. Hyeonu’s vision was good due to his high agility stat, but even he couldn’t bear it.

“Please do it a bit more slowly. Everyone, if you keep bombarding me, I won’t be able to read anything.

Hyeonu imposed some sanctions. After one message, they were restricted from chatting for five seconds. The effect appeared immediately. The speed at which the chat window’s messages rose reduced noticeably, and Hyeonu was now able to read the chat.

‘I can read it now.’

The first question he chose had to be a good one. The stimulus had to become stronger and stronger. If it started too strong, then the level could rise beyond control later on.

-What is your current state these days? What are you doing in Arena?

“I’m just hunting in the Hejin Great Mountain Range. Some time ago, I broke through a dungeon.”

-Dungeon? Instance dungeon?

-Is there a video? When will it be uploaded?

-Where is the dungeon?

Hyeonu only gave a short answer, but he was pleased with the enthusiastic response from the audience. “The video will probably go up tomorrow.”

-Are you moving around in a party?

-No matter who looks, it is definitely solo play, except for Tang-E.

-Tang-E. Come out, Tang-E!

-If you bring out Tang-E, bloodshed won’t happen.

‘Looking for Tang-E? Watching me yet looking for Tang-E...’

Hyeonu was clearly the protagonist of this stream. However, viewers were looking for Tang-E. He was in a crisis of the host and guest being reversed. Hyeonu came up with a solution to overcome the problem. “Everyone, this is a teaser video. It is around three minutes long.”

Hyeonu released a video of him hunting the mine spiders. The video was really short, but the storm it caused was long. It showed Hyeonu fighting an amethyst spider, one of the gem spiders he had been struggling with for days. The problem was the last scene. The teaser was stopped exquisitely at the last scene where Hyeonu was ambushed by a ruby spider.

-Wow, an editing boss. Crazy. ㅋㅋ

-It was cut off like a knife.

-When will the full version of the video come out? ㅠ ㅠ

-Alley Leader is the Best has gifted you 99 gold coins.

-Leader Groupie has gifted you 100 gold coins.

“As I mentioned earlier, the video will be uploaded tomorrow around this time.”

Hyeonu nodded. This was the reaction he wanted. The attention should only be focused on himself.

“Thank you to Alley Leader is the Best and Leader Groupie. I’ll buy good items with these gold coins.”

He welcomed the shower of gold coins.

‘Yes! This is it!’

Hyeonu had missed this feeling. He had been so concerned about Masked Fighting King that he hadn’t really cared about his stream. This meant the pressure from Masked Fighting King was so great. Hyeonu turned to the chat window to find the next question.

-How do you level-up quickly?

“Someone asked me about my level-up speed. There are no tips. Just hunt hard.


-I hate this type of textbook answer.

-Give a fun tip.

-Give the right information...

Hyeonu started to respond properly to the enthusiastic backlash from the viewers.

“It is my benchmark. I don’t know anything else. I just hunt alone and share my experience with my pet, Tang-E. Even so, the hunting speed is considerably faster than a party of the same level. My level-up speed is four or five times faster than yours. There is information about many hunting grounds on the community sites. Of course, I also occasionally go through dungeons.”

Hyeonu’s words were simple. In the past when Hyeonu played Arena, he took the role of a pioneer and traveled around. Now a highway had already been created by other players, and he was just accelerating on it. He had sufficient driving skills, so he could easily avoid obstacles in the middle.

“I believe this is the answer, everyone.”

-I shouldn’t have asked.

-We can’t do it.

-Let’s make an appointment for the next life.

-In the end, the difference between us...

Hyeonu turned to the chat window again.

-How do you fight so well?

-Can you take off your mask once?

-Aren’t you nervous during character deletion bets? I had to do it once, and I thought my heart would burst.

“The next question... Someone asked if I get nervous when doing a character deletion bet. Of course, I...” Hyeonu took a breath. It was to create the best tension. “I’m not nervous. Why would I be nervous when I’m going to win? Isn’t it just like taking a look and instantly solving the question? It’s natural.”

Hyeonu often thought there should be this time for communication. His stress was relieved. He didn’t feel like he was streaming. It was just like having a fun conversation with his friends.

-Oh, the bluffing king. He is starting again.

-He doesn’t seem to be someone who repeated the university entrance exam after failing. It is more likely to be true.

-Come out with the question. Hold it out!!!

-I agree that God Alley Leader’s skills are very good, but I don’t approve of his personality.

“A fact isn’t bluffing. F! A! C! T! FACT!!!”

Hyeonu remained unmoved even though the audience was sarcastic. It was true. Thus, he didn’t feel ashamed at all.

“Let’s go to the next question. Ask me quickly.”

Words started to rise again in the chat window. Among them, one question stood out to Hyeonu. If it was this question, then he would be able to publicize his new content naturally.

-I’m a silver medalist. How can I win a gold medal?

“One viewer asked me how to win a gold medal as a silver medalist... Viewers, do you know? How can you do it?”

-I wouldn’t be asking if I know.

-I know. Make changes by switching the quality of the items.

-It’s true. No one can deny it.

-Or use a proxy. It will be quick if you call Mopi.

“You all know this? Changing the quality is one method. It is illegal, but if you’re desperate, you can use a proxy knight.”

Once Hyeonu finished talking, the chat window exploded. It was a backlash to Hyeonu’s overly obvious behavior.

-Do you think I asked because I didn’t know this?

-Really. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.

-We can see here that his personality isn’t proportional to his skills.

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Human nature appears at a time like this. This dog class...

Hyeonu continued to observe the chat window and felt the time had come to calm the dissatisfaction. “Of course, this is an obvious answer. I personally loathe it. It should receive the maximum punishment.”

-Oh, then is there something new?

-Will you teach us how to fight well?

-Can I get a bronze medal as long as I know this?

The viewers responded to Hyeonu’s words. If it was Alley Leader, wouldn’t he be able to teach them something new? This was the expectation they had.

“If you learn from me, silver medals won’t be a problem! Everyone!! Gold medals won’t be a problem!” Hyeonu’s cry roared through the Hejin Great Mountain Range. “Thus, I have prepared something. It is a new content. It won’t be hard to gain a bronze medal with my—Alley Leader’s—tutoring~”

-??? Is this squeezing it out?

-Look at this transition. Slapping the cheeks of national MCs.

-The smooth transition makes me speechless.

Viewers were naturally outraged at the promotion of Hyeonu’s new content. It was so natural that it was like he cooperated with the viewer who asked the question.

“I am already inviting guests to participate. I’m looking for people you might like. Additionally, if you’re a celebrity watching this stream, don’t hesitate to contact Nike. I’m looking forward to your participation.”

-Also using the stream to invite guests.

-Isn’t it totally a free ride?

-He wants to get it all with a single stream.

-Publicity from top to bottom. God Alley Leader’s class.

Hyeonu had become an example to other streamers. Natural publicity was like this. He realized there was no need to try hard to get celebrities involved.

-New York Celebrity Marie has gifted you 777 gold coins.

“I’m grateful to New York Celebrity Marie for the 777 gold coins. If you’re a celebrity, please contact Nike about being invited.”

Thanks to Hyeonu’s words, the gold coins started pouring down like rain. Those who were rich and wanted to get lessons from Hyeonu gave gold coins.

-Shinsadong Uncle has gifted you 1888 gold coins.

-Parisian has gifted you 2222 gold coins.

-My 999 Buildings has gifted you 4444 gold coins.

-I’m a Bar Celebrity has gifted you 9999 gold coins.

‘How much is this?’

In less than an hour, he had received at least 20,000 gold coins during his stream. Hyeonu shut his mouth that wanted to drop open. He had expected there to be a reaction, but he hadn’t expected them to throw gold coins like this.

“Shinsadong Uncle, Parisian, My 999 Buildings, and I’m a Bar Celebrity, thank you for the gold coins. This really isn’t a lie. Please contact Nike. Marie, I’ll have you as one of the six guests right away.”

Hyeonu started to throw out words that weren’t planned. It was due to the baptism of gold coins pouring in.

‘I can accept one of them. Moreover, she says she is a celebrity.’

It was just that Hyeonu’s words once again served as a catalyst. He poured oil onto the fire of gold coins that had been reducing in size. Why did people give gold coins for the lesson of Alley Leader (Hyeonu)? The reason was simple. Alley Leader was famous. In terms of control, he was a skilled mentor who was incomparable to professional gamers and streamers.

Even in reality, there were many people who used money to learn singing, musical instruments, acting, sports, and so on from famous celebrities. Of course, not everyone could learn. The time given to a famous person was 24 hours, and many people wanted to learn. Consequently, the price would naturally go up.

The problem was that for those rich enough to disregard the price, this was a type of competition. Who did you learn it from? In this sense, if Alley Leader were the mentor, then they would be proud with even three or four lessons. Now such wealthy people were throwing gold coins at Hyeonu.

-Third Place on the Throne has gifted you 12345 gold coins.

-I Live Well in My House has gifted you 11111 gold coins.

-Several Banks has gifted you 7777 gold coins.

Hyeonu didn’t know anything and just opened his mouth with a wide smile. “Ah, thank you for the coins. I’ll say it once again. If you have just given me gold coins and if you think you’re a celebrity, please call Nike right away. You will go into the draw to get the opportunity to register as a first-term student.”

Hyeonu’s live stream was a crucible of enthusiasm.

[1] Just a sound used to express cuteness
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