Ranker's Return
Chapter 77
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 77

What had upset Hyeonu? It was a blatant remark from some of JT Telecom’s players.

JT Telecom’s Jung Hanbaek came out on Masked Fighting King, was beaten twice by Alley Leader, and was forced to reveal his identity after three losses. This was undoubtedly true. The problem occurred when they were answering viewers’ questions during the team’s stream.

-Locke, wasn’t your performance too weak? You have the second highest level among the performers, yet you were the first to be eliminated. You were the first to lose three fights. Did JT Telecom sign you for nothing?

The audience’s words were naturally harsh, but they weren’t criticisms. It was because they only brought out the facts. To be precise, it was factual violence.

“No. Masked Fighting King is just entertainment. We’re pros, and they’re amateurs. Hanbaek is a thoroughly entertaining player. It isn’t about showing his power. We are pros, pros. We can’t go all out against amateurs.”

So far, Hyeonu could understand. He thought that this was the pride of the pros. The problem was after this.

-Then was it due to entertainment that you lost to Alley Leader twice? Wasn’t there a difference of more than 70 levels? It’s devastating. It wasn’t even a match between professionals.

“There was such a concept in the first place. I was careless, careless. I was somewhat aware of that. The opponent was Alley Leader. Once again, I’ll tell you. We don’t play with amateurs.”

This was the attitude that made Hyeonu angry. They used clever words to avoid the question and didn’t acknowledge his skills.

“To be honest, he is a small fry. The level difference is 70. If I were sincere, I would’ve won in 30 seconds. It’s because it’s an entertainment show that I was relaxed. It really can’t be compared.”

This was the content of the stream that Hyeonu saw. Hyeonu quit the stream without holding back his fire.


After briefly watching the stream, Hyeonu spent two more hours in front of his laptop and was finally able to reply to Kale.

-Hermes, Rolex, and Armani.

Hyeonu’s reply was simply in response to the file that was over 500 pages long.

“Ah, I’m sleepy.”

Hyeonu sent the email and fell asleep in bed.


“Hanbaek, we helped out this time. However, the next time this happens... I don’t know about the others, but I’m out,” JT Telecom’s eldest brother, Kim Jinyong, said decisively to Jung Hanbaek.

In fact, Kim Jinyong didn’t do much this stream. He just stepped up for the sake of Jung Hanbaek’s crumpled pride and the honor of the team. Moreover, he only did it once.

“Thank you, Hyung.” Jung Hanbaek bowed and showed his gratitude. However, Jung Hanbaek’s expression wasn’t that of thankfulness. Rather, it was twisted.

‘Just once? A dog like you? You have to do it every time I ask for it.’

This expression didn’t last long. Once Jung Hanbaek’s head rose up from its bow, he had already changed to an apologetic expression. Then JT Telecom’s players entered their rooms. It was time for them to access Arena.

Jung Hanbaek also entered the cube to access the game. Then once Jung Hanbaek’s roommate—Yoo Bin—determined that he had entered the cube, Yoo Bin headed back to the living room. He walked quietly so that Jung Hanbaek wouldn’t hear him. By the time Yoo Bin came out to the living room, everyone but him had gathered. Their eyes were all on a huge television.

“Is this Fairy’s Blessing?”

Yoo Bin replied to Kim Jinyong’s question, “I think so. Only one skill among Hanbaek’s items and skills looks like this. However, isn’t it a prohibited skill? Coach told him not to use it...”

“That is a problem but the even bigger problem is that he actually used it. Won’t information about it be spreading around in the community right now?”

“It can’t be helped. It is true that he lost. No matter how we cover it up, this fact won’t change.”

Kim Jinyong smiled bitterly at Yoo Bin’s words.

‘I should’ve unconditionally stopped him from appearing.’

“Maybe there will be more talk once the season starts. At that time, we should be united.”

Kim Jinyong’s words caused the expressions of Yoo Bin and the other JT Telecom players to darken.


More than a month had passed since the Hejin Great Mountain Range were revealed to the world. However, the reality was that no one could step foot into the Hejin Great Mountain Range except for some rankers. There were many people who couldn’t pass through the essential places required to reach the Hejin Great Mountain Range.

There was a man lying comfortably in the Hejin Great Mountain Range. He was unusually dressed in black leather.

“Sigh, what should I do today?”

The identity of the sighing man was Hyeonu. Hyeonu was worried about the live stream that would take place a few hours later.

“If I knew this, I would’ve used breaking through the spider mine as content.”

He was suffering from a lack of content. It had only been a month, but there was no more content.

“Place Yeongchan as the host of Masked Fighting King and hand it over to Nike altogether...”

Hyeonu had no content left. The arena, hunting, raids, and fooling around—these four contents were the wheels of the car called Alley Leader Streaming. Naturally, it rolled well. However, it would be impossible for the value to hit the ceiling like it was doing now.

‘I will struggle to maintain the status quo.’

Hyeonu frowned. He imagined a future where he would have to act like other streamers to get attention. Arena’s streamers made a lot of money. This was something that everyone knew. Thus, competition was very fierce. Not everyone could show their skills like Hyeonu. They put forth other things like fighting in silly clothes, exploring the back country, or enjoying gourmet food in Arena. Even so, they were never mainstream.

Such a niche market was the result of a struggle between those who couldn’t become mainstream. To become mainstream, they needed to be one of the best, if not the best. Those who had no talent for combat could never become mainstream.

“Can I? Can’t... yes!”

At this moment, Hyeonu suddenly sat up from where he was lying on rocks. An amazing content filled his mind again. If it was like this, Hyeonu would be able to lead it without much time and investments, unlike Masked Fighting King.

“I will invite famous people who can’t fight and teach them how to fight. If they don’t have an achievement, I can teach them two or three times to achieve it.”

Hyeonu touched his head several times like he was pleased with the idea and disappeared from the Hejin Great Mountain Range.

He was going to strike while the iron was hot and immediately invite celebrities.


“I’m going to have to ask Kale first.”

Hyeonu’s first action when he got out of the cube was to turn on the laptop. It was to send an email to Kale.

[To Kale:

I’m sorry to tell you such an important story by email.

My judgment is that Masked Fighting King has become too big for my streaming content. I still have a goal. That goal doesn’t involve continuing to be the MC for Masked Fighting King. As my successor, I think it is a good idea to ask my friend, Argon.

Now I’m going to talk about new content.

My new content is called ‘Bronze? It isn’t too hard?’ Celebrities are needed to participate in it. It is best if they are enthusiastic about Arena, and the more public awareness they have with the general public, the better. Gender doesn’t matter. I just want them to have a good personality.

The time is every Friday. If the stream is short, they will appear two times. If it is long, they will be featured three times.

P.S. Kale, I’m sorry.]

“That’s it. Kale will understand.”

Masked Fighting King took up too much time. Hyeonu thought it was a burden. The recording time was at least six hours or more. Of course, with such a long recording time, the income was high. It was just that it was better for Hyeonu to use that time to hunt and do quests. In any case, the foundation to pay off his debt was already established.

All that was left was revenge. He had already stepped on Jung Hanbaek in Masked Fighting King, but that wasn’t enough. Alley Leader had beaten Sword Eagle Locke. It wasn’t Gang Hyeonu who beat Jung Hanbaek. Hyeonu’s ultimate goal was to make his professional debut and crush Jung Hanbaek in the pro scene… in a terrible manner. It was so he could never say he was an Arena pro gamer again.

“Now I have to talk to Yeongchan.”

Hyeonu pulled out his smartphone and called Yeongchan. Yeongchan wasn’t at home. He had gone out, leaving behind a message that he was going to visit his family. However, Hyeonu knew Yeongchan well. That guy should be dating right now.

“Otherwise why go out of his house in broad daylight? Moreover on a Monday?”

That’s right. Today was Monday. There might be no set work days in a streamer’s life, but Yeongchan did live streaming four times a week—Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. He streamed until dawn and then went to see his family without sleeping properly...?

This Kwon Yeongchan? It wasn’t possible.

Then Yeongchan finally picked up the call.

Hyeonu said in a bright voice, “Eh? Yeongchan?”

-Why did you call? Did you just wake up? But why are you calling me? Shouldn’t you be getting ready to stream? Yeongchan’s voice sounded baffled after he accepted the phone call.

“Jerk, I’m going to your house. There is some time until I start streaming, so I want to meet the kids and your parents. Are you at home?” Hyeonu had a wicked smile.

A lich would be envious.

-Hey, why are you coming to my house? Next time, yes. Come next time. We’re going to spend today alone. Yeongchan had a trembling voice.

Even someone who didn’t know Yeongchan could tell that it wasn’t filled with his usual spirit. Additionally, he stuttered. It was certain. This was a blind date.

‘Is he dreaming of escaping the single army alone?’

Hyeonu prepared a nuclear bomb. It was going to ruin Yeongchan’s blind date. That guy was sure to say the wrong thing. He had such a personality. Then the game was over.

“Really? I understand. Then I’ll see you next time. By the way, I have something to say to you.”

-What? Tell me quickly. Yuri is calling for me.

Hyeonu ignored Yeongchan’s urgency. He calmly pulled out what he wanted to say, “Take over Masked Fighting King for me. I’ve already told Nike, so they’ll get in touch soon. Do you understand? And dude, we should’ve gone on a blind date together. What do you want to do alone?”

Then Hyeonu hung up. He could hear Yeongchan speaking before he hung up, but he coolly cut Yeongchan off.

“I have said everything I needed to say. I delivered everything I could say.”

Hyeonu completed his work and turned to the cube again. It was time for Gang Hyeonu to become Alley Leader.

[If you’re curious, come and talk with Alley Leader.]

This was the temporary measure chosen by Hyeonu, whose content was depleted.
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