Ranker's Return
Chapter 60
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 60

Hyeonu’s plan was simple. He would level up in the Hejin Great Mountain Range as quickly as possible. Additionally, he would kill any of Tian Hu’s guild members that he saw. It didn’t matter if it was a PK, duel, or driving monsters to kill them. He would use any means and methods. With this determined mindset, Hyeonu was hunting in the Hejin Great Mountain Range when he saw a group of players in the distance.

‘I think this is the first time I’ve seen that mark?’

This was the first time Hyeonu had seen the guild mark on their chests. He had never seen the guild mark despite having been in the Hejin Great Mountain Range for a few days. Neither had he seen it in the information he gained from the communities.

“How many rare items did we acquire? Eight? We need seven more...”

‘Collect rare items? Are they from a workshop?’ Hyeonu thought.

“Why are they suddenly lowering their voices? How irritating.” He hid in order to hear a bit more of their conversation.

“This time, the starters in the advance party were all killed in a PK. No one spoke about it, but it seems they touched a ranker. I think they’re aiming for revenge, so they withdrew from the work and are focused on leveling up.”

‘I’m right. It’s those workshop guys.’ Hyeonu quickly left when he saw that they were from Tian Hu’s workshop. He headed to a certain distance away before walking toward them in an obvious manner.

‘Please walk over. Please.’

As if noticing Hyeonu’s thoughts, the players from the workshop rushed toward Hyeonu.


“Hey! Don’t you have any pride? You are able to be in these mountains yet you’re copying others.” Wang Feng, Xu Jun, and four party members blocked Hyeonu’s way.

‘Right, that’s right. I need you to pick a fight.’ Hyeonu endured the desire to laugh and pretended like he didn’t know anything. In any case, his face was covered with a mask, so they had no way of knowing what he looked like.

“What’s going on? Why block the road? Additionally, what’s wrong with my outfit?”

Wang Feng yelled at Hyeonu’s question, “Aren’t you cosplaying as Alley Leader? Eh?”

Hyeonu had a good idea because of this—an Alley Leader cosplay.

‘Thank you, you jerk.’

“Does it matter if I wear a mask?” Hyeonu pretended to know nothing and simply acted as an Alley Leader cosplayer.

“Of course. I don’t like that mask. Do you know how many times I’ve seen it today?”

“Then would you like to duel? We will bet our characters.”

Once Hyeonu finished speaking, the same thought crossed the minds of those in Wang Feng’s group. ‘Doesn’t this jerk seem fully immersed?’

Wang Feng thought that things had worked out well. ‘This is just cosplay, but isn’t he completely serious?’

“Hey, you think you are Alley Leader? Then you should do a team battle like Alley Leader. Isn’t that right?” Wang Feng said and asked his colleagues for consent.

They answered with one voice, “Of course. This is the only way to get much closer to Alley Leader.”

“Did you hear? If you want to fight, make it a team battle, just like Alley Leader.”

‘Kukukuk.’ Hyeonu was filled with laughter at Wang Feng’s words. Hyeonu had never been so grateful for the presence of his mask until this moment. He was laughing to the point of tears and barely managed to answer, “Yes, let’s go with a team battle.”

Hearing Hyeonu’s answer, Wang Feng smiled. ‘Phew, I thought it was too much. I can take at least two days off if I kill him.’

Wang Feng had been anxious because Hyeonu had hesitated for a long time over the team battle. Now that Hyeonu accepted the team battle, Wang Feng smiled without hiding his joy. However, Wang Feng couldn’t see that Hyeonu was actually smiling brightly.


“Then I’ll apply for the duel.”

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ has applied for a duel.]

[Would you like to accept?]

“Of course.”


Wang Feng accepted Hyeonu’s duel and turned to blink at Xu Jun. ‘Huhu. Brother, this will allow us to take at least two days off.’

‘Well done Wang Feng. We’ll meet later today.’ Xu Jun also blinked back at Wang Feng.

The two men had known each other for many years and could already read the expression in the other person’s eyes.

‘You’re playing well.’

In Hyeonu’s eyes, they were already pieces of gold—gold pieces that would be used to pay off his family’s debt. Hyeonu moved his hands to set the rules.

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ has set the rules.]

[The rules set are ‘winner-takes-all’, ‘delete character’, and ‘team battle’.]

[Would you like to accept?]

“Of course. I accept,” Wang Feng decided coolly.


His heart wanted to start the duel right now. He wanted to meet Xu Jun and have a drink after the victory.

[Please determine who will participate in the duel.]

“Six people,” Wang Feng called out the number of party members, including himself. It was good for everyone to enjoy ‘hunting.’

‘Please struggle.’

[The number of participants who will participate in the duel has been determined.]

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ VS Player ‘Wang Feng’s team of six’.]

A 20-meter-wide semicircular dome was created around Hyeonu and Wang Feng’s party. It was a temporary duel.

[The duel will start shortly.]

[5... 4... 3... 2... 1.]

The numbers decreased, and a smile appeared on everyone’s face. The phrase ‘same bed, different dreams’ couldn’t be more appropriate.

‘We can go on holiday when we kill this guy.’ This was the idea of Wang Feng and his group.

‘It will be a real pain for Tian Hu with six people gone.’ This was Hyeonu’s idea.

Soon, the duel began.

[The duel has started.]


In Tian Hu’s guild, Lao Yu—one of the elite experts—raised his sword with a light heart. “Shall I play with him for five minutes before killing him?”

“Yes, take care of it,” Wang Feng replied to Lao Yu’s words.

Lao Yu felt at ease as he ran toward his opponent. ‘Let’s relieve some stress.’

He had this relaxed heart for only three seconds. Then he collided with the sword energy that came from the weapon of Alley Leader’s cosplayer and flew away without maintaining his center of balance. Lao Yu flew helplessly like he had collided with a giant boss monster. He flew out, collided with the transparent dome, and lost consciousness.

[Player ‘Lao Yu’ has entered a ‘stunned’ state.]

At this moment, Hyeonu disappeared. Then he reappeared right in front of the unconscious Lao Yu. This was Blink, the built-in skill of the new Great Gorge Wind set. Hyeonu thrust his single-edged sword into Lao Yu’s neck.

‘This is the first one.’


Wang Feng went out of his mind. He raised his hands like he couldn’t believe reality, rubbed his eyes, and blinked. Reality didn’t change. Lao Yu had been brutally blown away and killed. It had been done with only one attack. At this moment, a thought popped into Wang Feng’s mind, ‘Did we touch the wrong person?’

Wang Feng shook his head. It was obvious that Lao Yu had been negligent or else he wouldn’t be so powerless. No, he must’ve been careless. Otherwise, this couldn’t happen. Wang Feng tried to ignore the anxiety that was burning in his chest.

“Everyone gather and act simultaneously. Use the buffs well. He doesn’t have a healer, and he’s alone. Think of it as a raid,” Xu Jun encouraged the party members.

Some things had been twisted, but this much should be taken into account. They had been too comfortable in the beginning. It was a mistake to think that a person wandering alone in this place wouldn’t have some strength.

“Receive the buffs and return to the front line.”

There was just one thing they were mistaken about. Hyeonu had a healer. Moreover, he was a very good healer.


Hyeonu didn’t attack them when they gathered and talked. Why?

‘I should summon Tang-E just in case.’

It was to summon Tang-E in order to cope with unknown variables.


Before Hyeonu finished speaking, the magic circle opened, and Tang-E showed up. Tang-E was noticeably furrier now compared to a few days ago.

“Hey, Master dude. Are you fighting again? Humans are no good. You fight and sleep all day... Yes. What do you need me to do today?” Tang-E scolded Hyeonu while showing off his presence from the moment he appeared.

Hyeonu was used to it and casually ordered buffs from Tang-E, “Place buffs on me and then sit on the rocks over there like a doll. Got it?”

“I’m like a doll? Hehe. This body does have that side.” Tang-E misunderstood Hyeonu’s words and laughed alone. He soon buffed Hyeonu and walked toward the rock with a smile.

[You have received Bear’s Momentum.]

[Physique has increased.]

[Strength has increased.]

[You have received the Forest’s Blessing.]

[Defense has increased.]

[Health will continue to recover.]

“This is enough.” Hyeonu felt the power filling his body as his opponents ran toward him.


Wang Feng learned from Hyeonu.

‘Even if he takes potions, he will reach his limit soon. Then we will win.’

It was natural. The difference between the presence of a healer and the absence of one was excruciating. However, Hyeonu had a healer they didn’t know about. Wang Feng wielded his sword, stabbing at Hyeonu’s shoulder. This was Wang Feng’s mistake. All he stabbed was air. The only thing he saw was Hyeonu’s afterimage.

“Kuack!” Wang Feng’s back was stabbed by a dagger. Hyeonu had been watching Wang Feng’s sword, and he then used Blink in the final moments to move behind Wang Feng. He stabbed the dagger at the place where the heart was believed to be and scraped it to the right.

“Now, who’s next?” Hyeonu shouted at the remaining four. It had been a long time since the dagger was placed into his inventory. Hyeonu was holding the long single-edged sword that could be called Alley Leader’s trademark.


“The Dwarf’s Single-edged Sword...”

They finally realized it. This person wasn’t a cosplayer. He was actually Alley Leader.

“A-Ah...” A sigh emerged from Xu Jun’s mouth, but the water had already been spilled. They couldn’t gather it back up anymore.

Xu Jun fell into despair.


‘There is no need to hide my identity.’

Hyeonu revised his plan. Originally, he would attack indiscriminately and kill the members of Tian Hu’s guild. Now a story was created thanks to them.

‘Good, good.’

Hyeonu laughed at the situation that was better than expected. He had a justification for himself. Wang Feng’s group attacked him first. They were also a workshop group. He was convinced that if these two things were combined, he could create a bigger incident than what happened with the Black Skull Guild.

Hyeonu was convinced that this video would take his name to the next level.

“Come, come!!”

Hyeonu held the single-edged sword on his shoulder and waved his other hand.
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