Ranker's Return
Chapter 59
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 59

Fox, the nation’s leading broadcaster, was screaming happily at the unprecedentedly high viewership.

“We are currently over 2% TV viewership!” Jane, Fox’s new producer, yelled.

“What’s the highest viewership of Arena programs in recent years?” Jane’s boss Matthew asked after hearing the fuss Jane was making.

“1.2%. That was the result of bringing on all the people of Red Bull America, including Mascherano. I was told that it probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

‘Hundreds of thousands of dollars? I think this shoot didn’t even cost $30,000?’ Matthew thought about it. Then he asked Jane again, “The Internet? How many people are watching on the Internet?”

“15 million people. It is similar to the viewership.”

‘So roughly 40 million. This time, we hit the jackpot.’

At this moment, Jane exclaimed, “Manager! The viewership has jumped. It’s now 2.4%!!”

A scream burst from Jane’s mouth.


Those who saw Masked Fighting King all over the world were astonished. It was due to the organized conversation between Daniel and Hyeonu.

“Alley Leader, something urgent has happened. I’m really sorry. Please wait 30 minutes, even an hour.” These were Daniel’s words when he came to Hyeonu immediately after the match against Kim Seokjung, Two Fists Clenched Tightly.

“What are you talking about? Why didn’t you say this earlier? If so, I would’ve delayed your appearance to the next shoot...”

“I really wanted to appear. I didn’t expect for things to overlap like this. I’m sorry.”

Behind the mask, Hyeonu’s face was filled with panic. ‘What is this bullshit?!! Throwing away the first shoot like this? It can’t happen.’

Hyeonu gently bit his lip before he opening his mouth to say, “Can't you come back as soon as possible? We’ve currently only played four matches. I can buy enough time.”

However, Daniel’s attitude was resolute. He seemed to have already sorted out his thoughts. “I’m sorry. I will abstain from all future matches for this shoot, but I’ll come back next time.”

Daniel soon disappeared, and Nano Robot Jackson reappeared. After a while, Alley Leader was also seen again.

Then as if nothing happened, Nano Robot Jackson played one more match. After that, Nano Robot Jackson and Alley Leader disappeared again. This time, Alley Leader reappeared first. Then Daniel reappeared just before the end of Masked Fighting King.


Chris, Nike’s editor, turned to Ellis and asked, “Can we really edit it this way?”

The expression on Chris’ face suggested that Ellis’ decision didn’t make any sense to him at all.

“This is the direction that Alley Leader wanted. We have to respect his opinion. I might be the executive producer, but the owner of the video is him. It isn’t me. Chris, it isn’t you either.” Ellis smiled with a cold expression and just did as he told. He didn’t say it directly, but he gave off such a nuance.

Chris muttered, “But this... It isn’t necessarily good for him either. It is going to be controversial.”

“That is what he wants. He wants to create controversy. He has the ability to deal with it though. Believe in him, Chris,” Ellis said and took a sip of the water in his hand. Then he continued, “Anyway, I’ll edit it right away... Right now.”


After the first episode of Masked Fighting King, everyone who saw it started discussing it. The discussion plagued all the Arena communities.

-According to the video, didn’t Daniel win against Two Fists Clenched Tightly?

-There were four matches, and he won one.

-Then who did Mascherano fight?

-That’s the problem...

-Based on Mascherano’s rankings, there is no one capable of winning like that.

-Isn’t the video edited to make it controversial?

-Based on the comment, there were four in five games. I don’t think it’s that hard.

Opinions varied in the communities. Was it ‘devil’s editing’ or manipulation? The evidence was simple. It was impossible for a random strong man cast in an instant to be able to defeat Mascherano. Still, it wasn’t that difficult because only one word in the name needed to be changed. Then a new opinion emerged.

-Didn’t Mascherano fight Alley Leader?

-Alley Leader? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Alley Leader is a stronghold these days.

-What is his level now compared to those who are around 180?

One person thought Nano Robot Jackson—who fought against Mascherano—was actually Alley Leader, but he was attacked intensively by others. It didn’t make any sense. They knew Alley Leader’s level and items. It made no sense that he would show such an overwhelming performance against Mascherano, who was one of the best among current professional gamers. It didn’t make sense yet some people kept talking about it. Nevertheless, rebuttals came up every time.

-Alley Leader was hosting. How could he fight? Can Alley Leader clone himself?

Some refuted this.

-They are masked, and his voice doesn’t appear during a match. Wasn’t a screen put up or voice modulation used?

-Bring the facts. Don’t just speculate. Stop talking nonsense.


“Hey, look at this. Isn’t this Gung Ye?”

Yeongchan laughed at a comment in the community. The commenter was like Gung Ye of the old days. It was impossible to speculate on such a detailed situation without the power to read minds.

“Yes, I was just trying to raise the stakes when a fortune teller appeared.” Hyeonu also looked dumbfounded.

‘How did they get this idea?’

It just didn’t make any sense. Usually, most people would think it was manipulation because it didn’t make sense. It destroyed common sense. A human’s attitude toward such things was naturally disbelief.

“It is marvelous creativity. Hey, I’m logging into Arena.”

Hyeonu shook his head and left.

‘I have to start hunting now that I’ve gained new armor.'

The controversy he created already left his mind. Hyeonu’s mind was filled with the idea of hunting with his newly acquired armor.


[Status Window]

[Character Name: Gang Hyeonu

Level: 105

Class: Knight of Keon

Title: Lebron’s Disciple, Warrior Acknowledged by Khan, New Star Acknowledged by Lebron, First Person to Enter the Imperial Palace, First Person to Meet the Emperor, Achieved 100 Consecutive Wins, Solo Raider, Desert Dragon Slayer

Stats: Strength: 200 (+450) Agility: 320 (+500) Physique: 140 (+450) Magic Power: 130 (+500) Fighting Energy: 95 (+200)

Remaining stat points: 0

Retained Attributes: Wind]

‘The armor is really good, and it raised my stats.’

Hyeonu had received some unique things this month, ranging from skill books, items, and materials.

“Griffin’s Heart.”

This was a unique rated material that could only be obtained from hunting the Giant Griffin of the Great Gorge, one of the boss monsters of the Great Gorge in the north. It was also the most important material in the Great Gorge Wind Set, one of Hyeonu’s recipes.

Based on it, he spent two days pouring more than 30,000 gold into buying materials. As a result, Hyeonu was able to create the Great Gorge Wind set, with a helmet, top, bottoms, belt, and shoes. The rare leather set consisted of five pieces and was more powerful than wearing five unique items of the same level. The reason was the set effect.

[The Great Gorge Wind set (5/5) has been equipped.]

[The five part set effect is applied.]

[-All stats +100.

-Movement speed is increased by 20%.

-The wind attribute is generated.

-Blink is available seven times a day (move to within 10 metres of the caster’s location).]

“It was worth going through all that trouble.”

Hyeonu had been staring at the equipment window and status window for more than five minutes. Just looking at it seemed like compensation for his two days of struggling. “Now it is enough to hunt alone here in the mountains. Then...” Hyeonu gulped.

He was cautious of there being someone who might hear it. Of course, there was no one, but it wasn’t bad to be careful.

‘It is enough to start the plan.’

Hyeonu left the Devil’s Valley that was the stronghold of the New World Guild. He probably wouldn’t come back here. It was unfortunate to leave without seeing Kim Seokjung, but he could send a note. There was an urgent need for him to gain additional levels.


It was very tedious to do the same thing all day long. This was the same even with something they liked and made money from.

Wang Feng was a member of Tian Hu’s guild and complained of extreme fatigue due to the simplistic grinding that continued to be boring today. “Brother, how long do we have to do this? Isn’t there still a long way to go to meet the quota? We’ve been doing this for five hours already. I think I’m going crazy.”

Xu Jun agreed with Wang Feng’s words. The others didn’t speak, but they responded with hard nods.

“You aren‘t the only one like that. I’m annoyed too. The others as well. However, what can we do? The president has increased the quota.”

“Why did it increase? Haven’t we been cooperating with the other places lately to adjust the volume?”

“Don’t you know?”

“Know what?”

Xu Jun looked around and lowered his voice, “This time, the starters in the advance party were all killed in a PK. No one spoke about it, but it seems they touched a ranker. I think they’re aiming for revenge, so they withdrew from the work and are focused on leveling up.”

Wang Feng’s face distorted when he heard this. ‘It is due to these starter bastards...’

For the other guild members, the advance party was like a thorn in their eyes. They were people who typically tyrannized others due to the trust that President Tian Hu placed in them.

“So we are struggling now because of those jerks?”

“Be patient, Wang Feng. Even if they level up, they will be unable to overcome that ranker. If they are able to beat a ranker so easily, then they would already be rankers.”

Wang Feng nodded at Xu Jun’s words. ‘I hope so.’

Then a man entered their eyes. It was a man dressed in green leather clothes and had on a child’s mask.

“Is that an Alley Leader cosplay? There have already been a few today.”

“I think they are following the Masked Fighting King. This person is strong enough to come to this place. Doesn’t he have any pride?”

Wang Feng heard Xu Jun’s words and glanced at the man. “Brother, I’m tired of hunting. Shall we do PK? I don’t think it is a big deal for us, and he is alone.”

“PK?” Xu Jun was troubled by Wang Feng’s proposal. ‘PK... PK. Um...’

The man was still coming toward them.

‘Yes, we need to relieve some pressure to help fill today’s quota,’ Xu Jun thought this. Then he made a decision, “Yes, let’s catch him.”

Wang Feng and the other party members smiled when they heard the words. They felt better when they thought about playing PK after a long time. Meanwhile, the lips of the masked man walking toward them—Hyeonu—also curved up. ‘Those workshop bastards all think the same. They bit the bait.’

Hyeonu’s plan began.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gung_Ye

[2] Gung Ye claimed to have the power to read minds
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