Ranker's Return
Chapter 56
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 56

“Everyone! Hello! I am Alley Leader. This is the mystery masked show!! Masked Fighting King has started!!!” Hyeonu started with a more energetic voice than in his usual streams. He would also be part of the content of today’s show. In order to hide his tension, he put on a louder and more exaggerated voice.

-Is today finally Masked Fighting King?

-Can I ask who will appear?

-Will you tell me? Think of it as your usual life.

“Everyone, today’s lineup is a really big hit. A group that hasn’t been seen on any other broadcast will come out.” Hyeonu’s guarantee received a lukewarm response from the viewers. Then they responded politely.

-Ah, he is starting again—the Bluffing Captain.

-Today, he is the Bluffing King. He is starting again.

-It is every day. He seems to always be bluffing.

Hyeonu felt wronged. He had never bluffed, and today’s cast was really famous, making him feel even more disgusted. “Those of you who say I’m bluffing will regret it later. These people are very big names.”

-Yes, Pretentious King.

-Alley Leader, just lie down and kick off the blanket.

Hyeonu finally decided not to look at the chat window. The more he looked, the crazier he would feel.

“Then I’ll bring you to the Masked Fighting King candidates—the masked fighters.”

The moment Hyeonu finished speaking, magic burst in the air. It was like watching a fireworks display. This was an Arena-style special effect. Once the flames subsided, the majestic voice of the specially invited star rang out. It was a voice that everyone around the world recognized—the voice of the world’s leading actor, Andrea Palmares. “The first masked fighter flies like a butterfly and shoots like a bee! Bee’s Flight!!”

A man wearing a cute bee-shaped mask appeared. His armor, which had black and yellow stripes, stood out.

-Oh, does he usually wear those clothes?

-Don’t tell me? It is a person with Alley Leader’s fashion sense.

-It is so hard I can’t help being confused. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

“Ah, there are many words to be said about this armor. This armor was specifically made by Quency for a one-time use. The appearance of the player’s own armor was changed. Once Masked Fighting King is finished, it will be withdrawn immediately.”

-Aha! Anybody who wears a traffic light like Alley Leader isn’t a man.

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Then Alley Leader isn’t a man?

-No man. No fashion sense. No control.

If Hyeonu had seen the chat window, there would be plenty of content to make. However, Hyeonu was putting all his attention on the progress of Masked Fighting King. It was the staff from Nike who saw the chat window. The staff members looked at the public chat room and wrote down important questions on paper.

“Then let’s bring out the second masked fighter.”

Once Hyeonu finished speaking, Palmares’ ringing voice was heard again, “There is nothing to be afraid of in the world when you have the power of a single fist. Two Fists Clenched Tightly!!!”

The second masked fighter wore only thin leather pants and no top. The leather pants weren’t ordinary tight pants. Instead, they were literally shaped like a wolf’s head. In short, they were ridiculous.

-Oh, this is crazy. ㅋㅋ

-Today’s fashion level is in line with Alley Leader’s.

-Nike deliberately dressed Alley Leader in formal clothes while dressing up the rest as a mess.

Conspiracy theories started to swirl among the viewers who saw the second masked fighter. It was a story where Nike deliberately dressed the participants strangely in order to recreate Hyeonu’s image.

“The third player! Ready! Give me strength! Medieval Black Knight!!!”

This time, it was okay. The third person came out wearing black armor. However, the armor seemed too big. The plates bumped into each other and made a clattering nose with every step.

-It is becoming more of a spectacle as time passes.

-Hya, is this a comedy show?

-It is a full-fledged fashion king selection contest.

“The fourth player!!! A contestant who is hungry-minded! Rocky’s reincarnation, Hungry Boxer!!!”


-Hey, what did he do wrong? Putting these type of clothes on him...

-Wow, Nike is really too much.

-Do they have no conscience?

Once Hungry Boxer appeared, the chat window was flooded with ridicule and sadness. Boxer’s appearance was pathetic. He had on a pair of torn pants, a frayed sleeveless shirt, and a pair of boxing shoes with worn-out heels. They were colored red, yellow, and green respectively like a traffic light. The traffic light had reappeared in Arena.

“Yes, it is very charming. It is a good representation of Hungry Boxer. Do you like your boxer’s outfit?” Hyeonu was interviewing Hungry Boxer. It was because he liked Hungry Boxer’s clothes very much.

Hungry Boxer replied, “Ah, I really wonder why I’m here. I’d like to go back in.”

It was a modulated voice, but the listeners knew… This was his sincere heart. His words were 100% pure without any lies.

“Yes, I’m afraid it can’t be canceled. From the moment you signed your appearance contract, you have to participate in five matches. If you become the Masked Fighting King, we can see each other again at the next shoot.”

“No!!!” A pathetic sigh emerged from Hungry Boxer.

Nevertheless, Hyeonu ignored it. ‘That’s why you should’ve picked it well.’

“I hope the viewers don’t misunderstand. All these clothes were purely selected from a draw. We didn’t prepare it. They were custom made by Quency. Now, shall we go to the next player?”

At Hyeonu’s words, Palmares took over the baton and announced, “The fifth masked fighter!!! A South American dancer with a burning passion, the Samba Chu Mercenary!”

-Hey, this is really offensive to the eyes.

-At this point, didn’t the participants get the losing ticket?

-Are these people called rankers?

-It seems they have no luck...

The masked fighter appeared in a red see-through top and slacks that clearly showed the lines of his lower body. The viewers who saw the outfit were disgusted. The outfits weren’t done well. How on earth were these outfits created? It was unbelievable.

“The last masked fighter! Please clap for them. A collection of high-tech civilization, a myth of the future industry—Nano Machine Jackson!”

This was the finishing touch. The appearance of Nano Machine Jackson stood out among the masked fighters who had emerged so far. The green and black humanoid was suitably coordinated.

-Isn’t that a watermelon?

-An authentic watermelon robot has appeared.

-In the meantime, only Alley Leader is fashionable.

-This design is really... Alley Leader has bought Quency.

At this time, Nike’s staff raised a sign from a place that couldn’t be seen by the audience.

-Explain how this will proceed.

Hyeonu saw the sign and proceeded to obey. He was now smooth enough to be considered an MC. “From now on, we’ll take the time to pick the Fighting King in earnest. It is a simple fight. The first player, Bee’s Flight, please come out.”

Hyeonu was standing in the middle of a huge sparring field. At Hyeonu’s call, Bee’s Flight came up to the center of the sparring field.

“The rules are simple.”

[1. If anyone wins five games, the masked fighter will become the king, and the shoot will end immediately.

2. The first masked fighter to appear in the sparring field is the masked fighter whose order of entry is first.

3. After one game, there will be a 10-minute break. (In the meantime, I’ll talk to the audience.)

4. If there are no challengers in 30 seconds, the masked fighter on the sparring field will win by default. (They will earn one victory every 30 seconds.)

5. The player who ascends to the position of Fighting King will compete with the challengers in the next round for the title of Fighting King.]

“These five rules are it. Aren’t they simple?”

They were improvised rules, but Hyeonu thought they were overwhelmingly better than the previous ones. The new rules would touch on the pride between players and make them do their best. Whose idea was this? It was a brilliant idea.

‘Yes, I don’t know who thought of this.’

It was Hyeonu who came up with this idea. He had been annoyed by Kale’s urging about the lack of broadcast time and came up with it.

‘Who knew that what I saw in the army would help here?’

Hyeonu’s idea wasn’t unique. It was a frequent feature in the ‘management’ novels he’d read to help him survive his last year in the army.

“The first challenger of Masked Fighting King! Who wants to challenge Bee’s Flight?” Andrea’s familiar voice rang out.

At Andrea’s words, someone came to the sparring field.

“I’ll challenge you.” It was the man without a top, Two Fists Clenched Tightly.

-Then we won’t be able to see who it is until the end?

-I want to see it.

-Masked Fighting King’s audiovisual will be like this until the end.

Nike’s staff member, Amanda, saw the chat window and started to write something down on a sign in a hurry. Then she waved it.

-Give an explanation about the loser revealing their face.

Hyeonu was trying to progress quickly but stopped when he saw the sign that Amanda was shaking. He realized that he hadn’t explained about the identity reveal. “Oh, there is one thing I haven’t explained. Three losses. If someone loses three times, they will remove the mask immediately. Even if they don’t lose three matches, they will also immediately reveal their identity if they don’t become the Masked Fighting King,” Hyeonu explained with three raised fingers. “In the case of a default win, all players below the sparring field will receive one loss. However, masked fighters who have already won will be excluded. I apologize for missing the rule description due to my inexperience."

He apologized with a bow.

-Then when will it be three losses? It is still the same.

-Just look at the end.

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You are writing like this when you’ll definitely start watching again.

“Then I’ll start the match straight away. The first match, Bee’s Flight against Two Fists Clenched Tightly has begun.”

Once Hyeonu’s words were spoken, a message appeared in the air.

[Bee’s Flight VS Two Fists Clenched Tightly]


‘I will finish it soon.’

Two Fists Clenched Tightly’s mind wasn’t on the match at all. He was already ready for the next shoot. So, he didn’t have time to play around.

“Hap!” White light burst out along with his cry. A fist full of divine power struck at Bee’s Flight’s sword.

“Brother, you need to hide your identity as much as possible. You’ll have to fight two or three times?” Gang Junggu’s advice had long disappeared from his mind.

Two Fists Clenched Tightly—Kim Seokjung—did his best from the start. In any case, he wasn’t the only Liru Monk among the rankers.

‘Bah, what’s the big deal? I have to win to meet my little brother.’

Light emitted steadily from Kim Seokjung’s fist. It was an atmosphere that seemed like he wouldn’t lose his prey.

“Groan.” Bee’s Flight—Ryan—tasted death. Contrary to the expectation of hiding their true identity, Two Fists Clenched Tightly was emitting power common for a monk.

‘It is that Kim Seokjung bastard.’

However, this was a story for when monks were commonly present. Among those rumored to be participating on Masked Fighting King, there was only one monk. It was Kim Seokjung.

‘I think I will lose if this continues.’

Ryan would either die or black out if he didn’t take action. There was no reason to hide his power when he would lose here. He had to win first and see. A yellow sword energy rose from Ryan’s sword. His sword energy took the shape of a cross. Grand Cross—the British pride and the pillar of Manchester—was Ryan’s patented move.

The powers of the two men clashed.
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