Ranker's Return
Chapter 54
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 54

[Memories of Murder]

[-Gauntlets used by murderers in the Age of Mythology. They are thin enough to be mistaken for gloves at first. The white gloves have been stained red with numerous types of blood.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: More than 400 strength, 400 agility, and 100 victories in PvP.

Durability: 1500/1500

Attack Power: 2000

Defense: 650

Effect: Health and magic power will recover by 5% of the damage dealt to monsters (includes players and NPCs). ‘Mindset of a Murderer’ can be used.

Mindset of a Murderer: In a battle for your life, all stats are increased by as much as 15%.]

‘There’s nothing more to hope for.’

These thin red gloves were truly a specialist item to fight against giant creatures. Of course, the gauntlets’ attack power wasn’t applied because Hyeonu wasn’t a monk or fighter like Kim Seokjung, but defense was applied. The 650 defense was similar to the total defense of the Black Jaguar set that Hyeonu wore.

‘It is really good.’

Hyeonu was happy to see the gauntlets. He felt that his choice was right.

‘Now I just need to level up.’

“Brother, do you want to hunt with me again?” Hyeonu asked Kim Seokjung.

“Hunting? Good.” Kim Seokjung happily accepted the suggestion.

This started their battle against the demonic goblins.


In the past, demon goblins had appeared in the great canyon. There were monsters who pledged allegiance to the demons, one of which were the goblins of the Hejin Great Mountain Range. Compared to the different races in the mountains, they gave everything to the demons for the future of the race. As a result, they didn’t have the powerful physical abilities that other races possessed, but they were intelligent and could use magic power. They became an imposing ruling race that occupied part of the Hejin Great Mountain Range.

“Kuaack!” A demonic goblin fell.

It had inserted a dagger in Kim Seokjung’s body, but in return, it received a hole in the head. Full of divine power, Kim Seokjung’s fists were like a weapon in themselves.

[A demonic goblin has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

During his hunt with Hyeonu, Kim Seokjung was actually feeling dubious about something. He didn’t question Hyeonu’s skills. After all, their past hunt in Brigs, Hyeonu’s live stream, and his other videos fully validated his skills. Rather, Kim Seokjung questioned if Hyeonu could fight in the Devil’s Valley.

Arena was a fighting game, not an RPG game. Factors like one’s level and items couldn’t be ignored. However, Hyeonu’s items were far more superior than he thought. The damage Hyeonu dealt was also very good due to his skills, which could be called fraudulent. The most fraudulent thing of all...

“Little brother, your pet is wonderful. He is better than a decent priest.”

It was Tang-E.

“His buffs are good, and his heals are terrifying. Additionally, one blow from his magic can cause the goblins to freeze up.”

It was as Kim Seokjung said. In a way, it was Tang-E who had the most overpowered specs. His buffs, heals, and magic were enough to hit the cheeks of the same-level priests. Due to his high stats, he could even be used as a shield in cases of emergency. This was the almighty Tang-E.

“Hehe, Master dude. Do you understand now? I am so good.”

Excited by Kim Seokjung’s praise, Tang-E climbed onto Hyeonu’s head and started dancing. One, two, cha cha cha, three, two, cha cha cha... They were dazzling steps.

“Come here.”

Then right at the moment when Hyeonu gave that order with a sullen expression, Tang-E came back down.

“Little brother, why would you do that to this cute kid? It’s cute.”

In Kim Seokjung’s eyes, Tang-E was cute.


“Ah, run!!!” Hyeonu and Kim Seokjung were fleeing frantically. Demonic goblins were chasing them from behind. The demonic goblins were over 20 in number. The hunting had gone so well that Hyeonu’s party ventured deep into the Devil’s Valley.

They were greeted by two demonic goblins. Then it happened the moment they headed toward the demonic goblins. The two demonic goblins blew flutes. Then many demonic goblins emerged from everywhere in the valley. Hyeonu and Kim Seokjung continued to run, unaware that they were being driven toward somewhere. As a result, they found themselves facing a huge cliff.

“Little brother, what should we do?”

“Don't worry. I can cut them down by half before starting.”

Hyeonu was going to use the Fire Breath attached to the Desert Dragon’s Essence he had gained from killing the desert dragon. The demonic goblins didn’t know this and ran forth excitedly with the idea that they had succeeded in driving Hyeonu and Kim Seokjung to their desired place.

‘Fire Breath.’

Powerful flames greeted the demonic goblins. Flames emerged from the magic circle that appeared in the air and started to burn the demonic goblins.

“Kuaack, so hot!!”


The valley was filled with the unpleasant smell of burning skin. There were only half a dozen demonic goblins that survived.

“This is enough for us to kill.” Kim Seokjung was buffed by Tang-E, then he jumped in amongst the demonic goblins.

Hyeonu didn’t just watch. He immediately swung his single-edged sword toward the demonic goblins. A long, moon-shaped sword energy emerged from Hyeonu’s sword and cut through the air. The heads of two demonic goblins, aiming daggers at Kim Seokjung’s back, were cut off.

“Thank you, Brother!” Kim Seokjung raised a thumb to Hyeonu. He was a very pleasant man.

‘He is good, steady. It’s nice.’

The battle was quickly over. The combination of Tang-E, Hyeonu, and Kim Seokjung was excellent. It wasn’t hard work to eliminate the few remaining goblins.

[A demonic goblin has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

‘I’m now level 100.’

For most players, level 100 was a turning point. The second class change—it was an opportunity to find a new class or strengthen their current class. However, this didn’t mean much to Hyeonu. He had already changed to a rare class, Knight of Keon. So, wasn’t this just him getting a step closer to rankers? It wasn’t enough though.

‘I have to be at least level 110 by Friday.’

There was no significant change at level 110, but it was a type of goal for Hyeonu. It was like a leash that tightened to prevent him from relaxing.

“This is enough hunting for today, Brother.” Hyeonu suggested to Kim Seokjung to return to camp.

“Yes, little brother. I’ve hunted enough for today.”


There were many words to describe Ket—‘the Pioneer Guild’s leader’, ‘eccentric’, ‘a fourth-generation chaebol’. Ket’s full name was Ket Porsche. He was a direct descendant of Ferdinand Porsche, the company’s founder. Then Ket visited New York. To be exact, he visited Nike Management.

“It has been a while, Jamie. Your face looks pretty good.” Ket gave a greeting and reached out a hand to Jamie.

Jamie grabbed Ket’s hand. “Do you think my face is more handsome than the last time we met? I’ve been so busy these days that I thought I became thinner.”

“Then Jamie, you should keep being busy. That way you can keep this handsome face.”

“Haha, let’s stop joking around. You came here for a reason, right?”

Ket nodded. Jamie was right. Ket visited Nike due to Alley Leader. “I want to put an advertisement in. I want to be a supporter.”

“Ket, is this what you’re thinking? Or is it Porsche’s opinion?” Jamie was keen on the idea.

Was it a deal with a fourth-generation chaebol or was this a proposal from the business group? He made a smile that concealed his sharpness.

“The sponsorship is my idea but it is because it is a company-wide decision that I’m here now. The video of Masked Fighting King. The advertisement will be played for 15 seconds before the video starts. It can’t be skipped. The amount is whatever you want. How about it?” Ket replied in a leisurely manner.

Rather, the dagger was turned to Jamie. His terms had already been set. So what was Nike and Alley Leader’s opinion?

“Everything is up to him to decide. We are just the primary filter,” Jamie said. Then he stopped talking and took a sip of water.

In contrast, Ket frowned slightly. ‘So his decision is also important...’

It was a slightly different development than he expected. Jamie continued speaking, “If it is Porsche, then he will probably accept. Alley Leader isn’t as particular as you might think.”

He stood up and said, “Congratulations in advance on becoming his new sponsor.”

“I hope so.”


“Kale, it has been a while.”

Hyeonu went out for the first time in a while. He had an appointment with Kale and Jamie. Finally, the day had arrived for them to bring Masked Fighting King into the world.

“I thought you only played Arena all day, but your body looks better than before, Mister Gang.” Kale’s words weren’t insincere. Hyeonu had been caught by Yeongchan, from whom he steadily received personal training. There were many reasons why Hyeonu continued doing it, but the biggest reason was because Hyeonu felt it too. Since he started exercising, he became more focused in Arena and his health improved.

“Ah, this is my boss. He is Jamie Moore,” Kale introduced the tall Caucasian man standing behind him.

“Hello, Alley Leader. I am Jamie Moore.” Jamie shook hands with Hyeonu. This was the first time he had met Hyeonu. Ironically, he met Ket—who volunteered to sponsor Hyeonu—first, instead of Hyeonu who could be considered his client.

“Hello. I am Gang Hyeonu. You can call me ‘Mister Gang’.”

“I wanted to meet you—the protagonist of the fantasy, Alley Leader.”

Hyeonu looked over and saw Jamie’s shining eyes. Why was Jamie looking at him with such eyes?

‘You’re a man, and I’m also a man.’ Hyeonu shivered and shook his head as a horrifying image struck him. It wasn’t discrimination or disgust that he felt toward Jamie. He just didn’t want to be a target.

“Shall we start talking about Masked Fighting King?” Hyeonu pulled his hand away. It was in a very fast and strong manner.

‘What did I do wrong?’ Jamie wondered.

“Kale, does a handshake have any other meaning in South Korea?” Jamie whispered in Kale’s ears.

“Boss, he didn’t do that last time... I don’t know either.”

It was impossible for Kale to know. Only Hyeonu knew his own mind. They told Hyeonu, “There is an advertisement offer for Masked Fighting King.”

“Advertisement?” Hyeonu asked with a bewildered expression. Masked Fighting King was a program that hadn’t even been filmed yet. What crazy guy would advertise on such a program?

“The request came from Porsche. Do you know Ket? He knows Mister Gang very well.”

“Ket? The Pioneer Guild’s Ket?”

“Yes, he is Ket Porsche, a major shareholder of Porsche. Didn’t you know?”

“I didn’t know. I met him, but...”

“Do you want to accept it? I personally recommend accepting it. Porsche isn’t a sponsor for just anyone.”

Hyeonu thought, ‘He said he would suggest it again the next time we met.’

“I understand. Porsche is a world-class automotive group. There is no fool who would refuse.”

He rejected it the other day, but this time he agreed.

‘I didn’t know it was Porsche the other day. If I had known, I would’ve said okay.’

From there, the three of them talked about Hyeonu’s current playing style as well as the story of Masked Fighting King.

“This is this week’s roster.” Jamie handed over a piece of paper. Hyeonu took it and checked the contents. It was the lineup he had dreamed of. All the celebrities seemed to have been brought in.

“Is this real? All these people are appearing in it?” Hyeonu was shocked as he looked between the paper and Jamie. His eyes kept blinking. No one would believe it if they saw the lineup. They would think it was a hoax. People would show this sort of reaction.

“Most of them will appear in the episode. Honestly, we didn’t expect it either.” Jamie thought it was natural to see Hyeonu’s expression. Who would’ve imagined that all these people could be seen in a single live stream? Masked Fighting King was predicted to be a bomb from the very first episode.
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