Ranker's Return
Chapter 40
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 40

Hyeonu’s Masked Fighter King was now an open secret among the rankers. There was no way they could not know. Nike contacted big names from amongst the large guilds, pro-gamers, and even famous streamers.

“You and me? Nike? Masked Fighting King? What is that?” Kim Seokjung rubbed his ears after hearing Gang Junggu’s words.

Having often seen this side of Kim Seokjung before, Gang Junggu explained with a casual expression, “It is the content that Alley Leader created. They seem to be talking to every big name.”

“Alley Leader? Will he appear?” Kim Seokjung took interest after hearing the mention of ‘Alley Leader.’ Hyeonu’s face appeared faintly in his mind. Kim Seokjung wanted to find this person.

‘I haven’t seen his stiff face in a long time.’

Now that the fourth main scenario was over, Kim Seokjung was just leveling up in newly discovered areas until someone opened another main scenario. In other words, he was bored. Nike’s invitation at this time was like rain after a drought for Kim Seokjung who was so bored. It was worth noting that it was nice to see Hyeonu in particular.

“The fee isn’t set yet. I just know that if you’re willing to participate, you will obtain unique items and incentives based on viewership.”

Kim Seokjung stated, “Then I will participate. Will you go?”

“If you go, I have to go. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be the vice-president of the guild,” Gang Junggu said in a natural manner. He gave an implied meaning instead of saying he would go where his brother was going.

“Aigoo, our Junggu has grown a lot. Then the guild’s leaders will go.”

This was the moment when Kim Seokjung and Gang Junggu decided to join Masked Fighter King.


A conversation was taking place elsewhere. It was in the Phoenix Guild.

“Carey, are you going to appear?”

“Of course. When else would I get a chance to fight those guys? I couldn’t find them before in the rankings. This is an opportunity! A chance!” Carey said like it was obvious. An opportunity like this was rare. If a dancing mat were laid out, he would be dancing.

“Additionally, Rachel, I got information from someone trustworthy inside Quency...” Carey spoke in a low voice. “There are rumors that a huge event will be held to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Arena’s opening. The thing that interests people the most is the PvP division.”

Rachel nodded. Carey’s words were true. Pro-gamers took part in events such as PvP, a siege, a raid, and so on. However, the most popular of them were in charge of the PvP and individual categories. They were overwhelmingly popular and had overwhelmingly high salaries. The spotlights only illuminated them. The rest of the people were just like a bride’s bridesmaids for them.

Rachel asked, “Really? Then this is us gathering information for that event?”

“Of course. It isn’t just because I want to appear. There are so many videos out there. Still, the most important thing is to experience it once. You can’t tell just by looking at videos,” Carey made an impassioned speech.

It persuaded Rachel. “Then we will both appear.”

“By the way, will Alley Leader also be there?"

“I don’t know. Will he come out? The level is different.”


“Everyone, thank you for watching my live stream today. See you next time!”

After the match against Clear, Hyeonu ended the live stream. It was because he received a note.

-Brother, please contact me if you have time.

It was a message from Mason.

“Did something happen?” Hyeonu wondered and sent a whisper straight back to Mason.

-To Mason: What's going on?

It was answered immediately as if Mason had been waiting for Hyeonu’s contact or perhaps the timing of his break was well-matched with Hyeonu’s.

-From Mason: Hyung? Do you have time now?

-To Mason: What's going on?

-From Mason: I found an instance dungeon and was wondering if you could help me.

“Instance dungeon? Unconditionally, I have to go to the dungeon.”

Hyeonu decided to unconditionally accept after hearing the word ‘dungeon’.

“By the way, what level is it?”

-To Mason: What is the level of the dungeon?

-From Mason: I think it is over level 100. It is in the Cherun Plains.

Cherun Plains...

The Cherun Plains had a similar level to the Arti Desert. In other words, it was a hunting area up to level 110.

-To Mason: I’m coming right now. Wait a bit.

-From Mason: I understand, Hyung. I’ll be waiting.

After the whisper, Hyeonu immediately headed to the Cherun Plains that Mason mentioned.


At this time, Nike Management was holding a detailed meeting on how to run Hyeonu’s Masked Fighting King. In recognition of his efforts to unearth Hyeonu, Kale was promoted from the existing sales team to head of the planning department. This was the first meeting he was holding since becoming the head. Yet Kale was leading the meeting skillfully.

“They are all big names, so I think we’ll have to proceed with it being once a week or once a month.”

“I agree with that. It is hard to bring them together once a week at a certain time.”

“Then how many people should participate in a shoot at one time?”

“I think eight people is a suitable number. It will be hard to schedule if there are any more.”

Kale coordinated the opinions. The framework had been decided to some extent. Once the framework was established, fine-tuning was an easy task.

“It will happen once a week. The shooting time is between approximately four to five hours. The day of the shooting is Monday or Friday in Korea. It is because the parties in this plan are Korean.”

“Finally, the total number of people is eight. How about it?”

“I think it is good.”

“Me too.”

“It is perfect.”

At this moment, someone opened the door to the meeting room and entered. It was Jamie, the leading representative of Nike Management. “Kale, I have an objection.”

“Boss! Why are you here?” Kale was surprised by Jamie’s appearance.

Jamie should’ve been at headquarters right now. “I just finished a video call with the head office. I don’t need to go there. I feel this is where I’m needed,” Jamie said. Then he sipped the Americano in his hand and continued, “The set up is too normal. It should be more dramatic. First, the loser has to take off their mask and reveal their identity.”

Jamie held up his right hand and folded one finger. “Second, the eight players should play in a league format to eliminate any fuss caused by a draw.”

He folded a second finger.

“Third, the winner will become the Masked Fighting King and attend the next shoot. Fourth, the winner of the next round will fight with the Masked Fighting King, the winner of the last round, in order to determine who will be the Masked Fighting King.”

This time, he folded two fingers in succession.

“In order to get rid of boredom, after becoming the Masked Fighting King for the fifth consecutive time, they will graduate from being the king. How about it?”

Jamie’s last finger finally folded, and everyone was enthusiastic.

“Boss is the best!”

It was unanimous. Everyone in the meeting room had the same thought.

‘It will be an unconditional success. It is incredible.’


“Hyung, you’re here?”

Hyeonu reunited with Mason, who looked completely different from when they were fighting the orcs.

“Wow, your level looks a bit higher?”

Every piece of armor Mason was wearing was unique. His weapon was also unique. It was similar to his entire body being painted with gold.

“I spent some money and leveled up a lot.”

“What level are you now?”

“I’m level 100. I hunted 12 hours a day. I finished my second class change yesterday.”

Mason was level 100 and a magician who had completed his second class change. Additionally, his unique item was good. Thinking about it, he was rather powerful. It went without saying that Mason was known for his firepower. Hyeonu wondered, “Why did you have to call me? Is the dungeon that hard?”

Based on Mason’s current status, he should be able to blow up a dungeon of this level.

“I can’t do it alone at all. The monsters are too quick.”

“Isn’t your casting fast? Can’t you hunt them?”

Hyeonu was curious. What type of dungeon was it? His motivation was rising.

‘Will there be good rewards?’

“There are werewolves inside. In this case, they should probably be called lycanthropes? They are really fast. I was caught running away and almost died.”

“Lycanthropes? Werewolves?”

Lycanthropes—they were an awful monster in Arena. They had mainly silver fur and were agile, powerful, and difficult to deal with. It was understandable that Mason had been unable to attack when a lycanthrope had appeared. No matter how good Mason was, he was still a magician.

“It makes sense if it is a lycanthrope. You will die if you can’t kill it in one blow. However, it will be different if I come.” Hyeonu was full of confidence. Rather, it was easier to deal with this type of monster. Their damage was high, but they had low health.

“I won’t get hit.”


[You have entered the Temple Trail.]

Hyeonu entered the instance dungeon, and the first thing he did was summon Tang-E. Tang-E’s buffs were the best, not to mention his lightning. It would be a good combination if he were used alternately with Mason.

“This is Tang-E, my pet.”

“Pet?” Mason’s gaze was strange as he stared at Tang-E. It was like a child seeing his favorite toy.

“This human dude, what are you looking at? Is this the first time you’re seeing such a handsome bear?” In the end, Tang-E was Tang-E. That serpent-like tongue never disappeared. He spewed out disses toward Mason, who was looking at him.


“Can’t you fix your tone?”

“Bah.” Tang-E snorted after being hit by Hyeonu and had Mason kneel down. He stepped on Mason’s shoulders and landed on Hyeonu’s shoulder. “Let’s go, Master dude. We are going hunting.”

[You have received Bear's Momentum.]

[Physique has increased.]

[Strength has increased.]

[You have received the Forest's Blessing.]

[Defense has increased.]

[Health will continue to recover.]

Tang-E buffed Hyeonu naturally. He was now a machine, casting the buffs even if Hyeonu didn’t speak. Mason was envious. It was obvious as to what he was thinking when his eyes were shining like lanterns.

“Hyung, I’m going to get a pet when I go to town.”

“What do you want to do with such luggage?”

“Luggage? This damn Master dude.” Tang-E hit Hyeonu’s head.

“I still have to buy one.” Mason made up his mind when he saw the chemistry between the two. He would definitely get a random pet egg.

Then something broke the pleasant atmosphere between the two humans and the bear. He was as tall as a human and had silver hair all over his body. The interruption was a lycanthrope, and he also wasn’t alone.

“Hyung, they have appeared.” Mason remembered being beaten by them and trembled.

“Yes, I saw.”

On the other hand, Hyeonu was relaxed. The lycanthropes looked faster than Lebron and stronger than Daken. However, they were just good sources of experience and a mass of items for Hyeonu.

[Master of Combat is activated.]

[Your stats have increased.]

[The stat ‘fighting energy’ has caused your stats to rise.]

[The other party is stronger than you.]

[There will be an additional increase in stats.]

These messages rang out to mark the beginning of the battle. Simultaneously, Hyeonu flew toward the lycanthropes.
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