Ranker's Return
Chapter 36
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 36

“Wait, can you give me some time to think about it?”

“I don’t know why you want to spend time thinking about it, but I understand,” Lebron agreed readily despite feeling puzzled.

Being Lebron’s disciple wasn’t the problem. It was the message that was different for Hyeonu. What did ‘???’ mean? ‘???’ appeared instead of the class name. From the moment it showed up, this had become a gamble. Even so, the offer to become the disciple of the empire’s best knight, Lebron, was too attractive. The title he would obtain the moment he changed classes would be better than the skills of many decent classes.

‘Yes, let’s do it.’

“I will become your disciple, Master,” Hyeonu decided.

“Yes, you have thought well, Disciple.”

[Your class has changed to ‘Knight of Keon.’]

[All stats will increase by 50 respectively.]

[The title ‘Lebron’s Disciple’ has been created.]

[Lebron’s Disciple]

[-A title given to the disciple of the empire’s best knight, Lebron.

Effect: 10% increase in attack and defense.]

‘It was a truly good choice.’

His gamble was a success. Considering that the stat points given when changing to a second class at level 100 were between 100 and 150 points, the 250 points given by Knight of Keon showed it was a rare class.

[A skill has been created.]

[Increased Magic Power]

[A Knight of Keon’s secret technique increases the amount of magic power in the body.

Type: Continuous

Rating: Rare

Skill Proficiency: F

Magic power is increased by 20%.]

[Magic Power Cohesion]

[The Knight of Keon’s secret technique will condense magic power.

Type: Continuous

Rating: Unique

Skill Proficiency: F

Magic power cost reduced by 20%. The effect of magic power is increased by 20%.]


Hyeonu confirmed the skills gained from the class change. There was one unique and one rare skill. They had a great synergy with the skills he already possessed. It was clear that the monsters would be sliced like radishes just by swinging the single-edged sword.

“Is this the end?”

Hyeonu felt pleased for a long while before he noticed something strange. There were only two skills, and they were both continuous-type skills. Their sustainability was good, but it was easy for a player to be disadvantaged if they did not have an immediate-type skill. After all, harmony was important for everything.

“What more do you want?” Lebron stared at Hyeonu with wide eyes.

“Isn’t there something like throwing sword energy?”

“Why is that necessary? It is magic power that is important to the Knights of Keon. Just that. You have to learn to wield it as your weapon.”

The moment he finished these words, Lebron reached out a finger and moved it through the air. Then something mysterious happened. The table was cut apart just like that.

“It is enough if you know how to use magic power correctly. So learn. Just learn it until there is no more to learn. Make the impossible possible. This is the basic knowledge of our Knights of Keon.” Lebron smiled brightly. “The work here is finished. I will give you special training after meeting His Majesty. You need to know the basics if you have the title of my disciple. It doesn’t matter how good an adventurer you are.”


Hyeonu exited Arena and kept moving. He sent a video to Ellis and set up editing guidelines in the email. Then he called Kale straight away, “Kale? It’s Hyeonu.”

-Oh, Gang! What happened?

“I have a request.”

-Say it. I am willing to consider giving you anything that is within an acceptable range. Is it an item or a skill? Kale maintained a cheerful attitude despite Hyeonu’s unexpected call.

“It isn’t like that. I need Nike itself this time.”

-Um... What happened?

“I’m thinking of creating a huge content centered around Arena. I hope Nike can help me with it.”

-Be more specific. What is the content?

Kale felt his heart beating as he waited to hear the contents from Hyeonu’s mouth.

‘What is it this time...’

“Look for celebrities. For example, stars of A-World or symbols of the large guilds are good. Then put them together and go to the arena.”

-It is too plain. This type of content has been disappearing continuously. Why? It’s fun at first when it’s fresh. One time, two times... The more times it happens, the less fun it becomes, Kale said quickly like he was rapping.

He was disappointed. It was true that he had been looking forward to meleegod’s proposal. However, not this time. This was an idea that anyone could come up with.

“I haven’t finished. If it were only this suggestion, I wouldn’t want your help in the first place. All participants will hide their identities by changing the appearance of their equipment and wearing a mask. Then they will fight. The name of this content is the Masked Fighting King.”

-Masked Fighting King...

After Hyeonu’s explanation, Kale didn’t speak for a long while.

‘I judged him too early,’ Kale reproached himself.

He had judged Hyeonu according to his own standards. It wouldn’t have been too late to make his evaluation after listening to Hyeonu completely, yet Kale had already gone ahead and criticized Hyeonu for betraying his expectations.

-I’m sorry. I made a mistake. I apologize.

“No. It’s fine. So can Nike help?”

-Of course. I’ll report it to my boss right now.

“I understand. Then I’ll be waiting for the good news.”

Hyeonu’s new content flowed to Nike.

‘The Masked Fighting King.’

The new content preparations started to hit the streaming market.


“So? You couldn’t touch him at all?”

-That’s right, Brother. I watched the video and couldn't do it at all. There was no way to make an attempt. I’m sorry.

Tian Hu couldn’t do anything about Liu Shei’s words. Liu Shei was the one who made the plan, so he was responsible for the terrible mess. However, the video he saw didn’t show the usual angle.

“Liu, what are you sorry for? There is no way to do it. I admit it.” Tian Hu picked up the drink on his desk. He drank the alcohol in the cup in one breath. “Then what should I do? How can I deal with my anger?!!!”

The glass cracked.


Eventually, it burst. Tian Hu tried to maintain his sense of reason, but he was furious at Hyeonu. After a while, Tian Hu apologized, “I’m sorry. I lost my temper for a moment.”

-It is understandable, Brother. I would be the same.

“Then should we just step on him now?”

-Brother, if we’re going to step on him, shouldn’t we do it properly?

“Yes, it is even better if you step on him where others can see.”

Hahaha. Tian Hu laughed as he felt better at Liu Shei’s words. He imagined Hyeonu being stepped on in public.

-How about stepping on him while he is streaming, instead of using the kids to step on him? Liu Shei put forward a tempting proposal.

A random PK would just be a one-off joy. If this guy were trampled on in an overwhelming manner during a live stream, the video would last for a lifetime.

-Won’t it restore your pride?

“Yes! This is exactly what I want!” Tian Hu struck his knee. This was what he wanted. He wanted to place that guy in the pit—bury him so deeply in the gutter that he would never come up again.

-Brother, will you prepare your kids? Or should I prepare it?

“You put forward the suggestion. I can’t just borrow your hand. This Tian Hu isn’t such a nasty person.”

Tian Hu smiled brightly. He felt good just thinking about it. The fall of Alley Leader...

How exciting was this?

“I know a good guy. If it is him, he will be able to step on Alley Leader.”

Tian Hu drank alcohol from a bottle. This was the most pleasant day he had experienced in recent years.

“The alcohol is sweet today.”


Hyeonu reconnected to Arena and met the emperor along with Lebron. The imperial palace was now familiar to him. It was already his third visit.

“I heard from Aldred. Your performance was excellent? The word ‘heroism’ suits you. Well, good job.”

[Lipa Castle’s Desperate Defense has been cleared.]

[800 imperial contributions have been acquired.]

[A unique item has been acquired.]

“I heard that you have become Lebron’s disciple? The knight’s training isn’t easy, but I hope you can hold on.”

With these words, the emperor threw out a ring. The ring leisurely flew through the air and landed in Hyeonu’s hands.

“Can you give this out?” Lebron was startled to see the emperor’s ring. It was a treasure presented to the emperor by his master, the former leader of the knights division.

“It is useless to me, so I’m giving it away. He is the duke’s first disciple after all.”

Lebron seemed sincerely moved by the emperor’s words.

Hyeonu checked the information of the ring. It was clear that Lebron wouldn’t have reacted like this if it were an ordinary item.

[Goryeon’s Ring]

[-A treasure of the Knights of Keon. It is unknown who made it or when it was made, but it gives the wearer the power to grow rapidly.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: A Knight of Keon.

Effect: Magic power +100, the amount of experience acquired is increased by 10%. Skill proficiency will rise quicker by 10% (Applies only up to level 200 and only up to A rank skills).]


Hyeonu was also surprised when he checked the item’s information. He had never heard of an item with these options. As far as Hyeonu knew, the only thing that increased skill proficiency and experience was an elixir. It was the experience elixir that Hyeonu sold on his first day.

However, this ring not only increased the experience gained but also skill proficiency. Hyeonu was currently level 80. He still had a long way to go to reach level 200, the limit of the item’s effect.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Hyeonu now had wings. They were very large wings.


In a private training ground in Lebron’s mansion, Hyeonu and Lebron were facing each other. Lebron was showing Hyeonu the teachings he had promised him.

“To do this, gently infuse and pull at your magic power,” Lebron taught roughly.

“You mean like this?” Hyeonu listened very well.

Lebron’s expression toward Hyeonu changed dramatically. ‘What is this guy? A monster?’

It was such an expression. Hyeonu was a sponge, absorbing all the teachings like they were water. He was an astonishing talent. Regardless of Lebron’s reaction, Hyeonu was surprised in his own way.

Lebron made sword energy in a completely different way from Hyeonu’s normal method.

For Hyeonu, Lebron’s teachings were like honey.

They were sweet.

They were also addictive.

“Is there anything else?” Hyeonu taunted Lebron. ‘Have you already run out of the basics to teach? You want to make me your disciple with just this?’

“Of course, there is. It is a secret passed down through the captain candidates.”

Lebron set up scarecrows throughout the training hall. It was in a random manner. There were no rules in the way he set them up. He just set up the scarecrows however he wanted to.

“Look carefully. This is what you have to learn.”

Lebron’s sword moved. Then one scarecrow was cut. Lebron moved his sword without stopping. Once again, a scarecrow was cut. Finally, the last scarecrow was destroyed.

“How...” Hyeonu was astonished.

The first one to fall was the scarecrow in the middle. The second to fall was the nearest scarecrow. The last one was the farthest scarecrow.

“The length of the sword energy changed!!!”
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