Ranker's Return
Chapter 34
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 34

Hyeonu met the emperor and bowed as usual.

“Tell me what you know,” the emperor demanded.

Hyeonu started to report to the emperor the information he had learned, “The rebels of Lipa Castle are located at Lake Briang. They disguised the entrance using magic. Additionally, I figured out the internal traitor.”


“The lord of Lipa Castle is working with them. They are preparing to attack Lipa Castle in three days.”

The emperor was troubled. Hyeonu stared at the emperor and continued speaking, “I also got information that Brigs’ black magicians are part of them.”

After completing the report, Hyeonu looked back at the floor. The moment the report was over, the emperor exploded, “Kuahaha!”

[You have cleared the Rebel Investigation.]

“You have done what many adventurers aren’t capable of.”

[The emperor’s gift has been acquired.]

“This is a gift I promised. Go to Lipa Castle right away and help Aldred stop them. Earl Ramon will be taken care of by Aldred.”

The emperor threw an order scroll at Hyeonu.

[A quest has been created.]

[Lipa Castle’s Desperate Defense]

[Defend Lipa Castle from the rebels.

Rating: MS

Conditions: Defend Lipa Castle 0/1.

Rewards: Empire contribution, a unique item.]

“I understand.” Hyeonu walked out of the imperial palace and ran toward Lipa Castle. Hyeonu’s video attracted attention for a completely different reason.

-Milk Drinking Yuljae: Is he really letting us take part?

-Unexpected Death when Touched: As if. Why would he let us join?

-Power Muscle King: Still, I have to go.

-Pro Dreamer: I’m already at Lipa Castle. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

It was because regular players could participate in the main scenario. Hyeonu’s popularity increased due to this. The popularity was immediately felt in Hyeonu’s live stream. The number of viewers was nearly twice as high as usual—234,566. The number of streamers on A-World with that many viewers could be counted on 10 fingers.

“Hello, viewers. I have come here today to broadcast the main scenario that many people have wondered about.”

-Can we really join?

-It can’t be?

-I believe in Alley Leader.

-It is really direct access.

‘It is going as planned.’

Hyeonu looked at the chat window and clarified the situation, “Of course, it isn’t a lie. There will be a siege today at Lipa Castle. The main scenario is to protect Lipa Castle from the rebels.” He continued, “Of course, I won’t share the quest. This is what Arena’s system is like. However, I will share this event with you since it is a waste to experience it alone.”

-Aish, in the end, he is just clearing it alone.

-What is wrong with that?

-Yes. Where is the siege?

-A person like that always opens their mouth.

-Thank you for letting us participate.

Hyeonu was smiling behind the mask. This was his desired reaction and what he had planned for. Hyeonu shared the broadcast time with his viewers before turning it off and taking off his mask. The quest had to proceed. “I’m going on the quest now.”


Aldred saw Hyeonu appear in front of him and asked, “Hyeonu? Weren’t you returning to His Majesty?”

Hyeonu presented the emperor’s decree to Aldred.

“What is this?”

“It is an imperial message.”

“Imperial message? What is His Majesty’s decree?” Aldred said, quickly unsealing the message and reading it. His hands trembled as he read the words on the imperial message. “That Ramooon! I didn’t like his shameless face from the beginning! Follow me. We have to deal with Earl Ramon before they hit Lipa Castle.”

Aldred disappeared in an instant. He was moving toward the lord’s castle.

“Ah, wait for me.”

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He abandoned Alley Leader.

-Alley Leader isn’t the main. Alley MIA. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

-If it were me, I would run while grumbling. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Hyeonu grumbled as Aldred abandoned him. The viewers laughed when they saw this Hyeonu.


By the time Hyeonu arrived at the lord’s castle, the situation was about to end. Aldred’s giant sword swept all over the place, and all that was left was Earl Ramon.

“Damn Ramon!! His Majesty cared for you and left Lipa Castle to you!! Yet you dared to join the rebels!”

“Bah! What do you know? You have always been trusted by the emperor!!”

Hyeonu had to watch this scene play out. It was a fixed scenario—a fight between NPCs.

“It’s over. Your vain delusion is over!"

“If it wasn’t for you, if it wasn’t for you... Aldred!!!”

“If it wasn’t me, someone else would’ve stopped you.”

The conversation between the two people was exciting. Hyeonu knew it was a programmed conversation between NPCs, but he couldn’t see it as a joke. In fact, there were even some people who were impressed.

-I would pay money for this.

-Really. It is good to watch Alley Leader’s streams.

-I will shoot some gold coins later. I’m going to see the main scenario progress in real time.

At this moment, the story reached its climax. Earl Ramon raised his sword and charged at Aldred. His body burned blue. It was an artificial explosion of magic power. Even if he beat Aldred, Earl Ramon couldn’t avoid death.

“In the end, it is your foolish choice.” Aldred swung his sword at Earl Ramon who was rushing toward him. He struck Earl Ramon three times, and the result was disastrous. Earl Ramon failed to beat Aldred’s power, and his arms exploded.

As he fell to his knees, Earl Ramon called out a name in his final moments, “Alexander.”

‘Alexander’ was the name of the current emperor.

“The first step is done. Now all that remains is to get rid of the heinous traitors,” Aldred said to the fallen Earl Ramon.

Then Aldred’s gaze found Hyeonu. “It is your turn.” He found the person who would proceed with the scenario. “I need your help. I liked you since the first moment I saw you. You are someone who will do big things.”

Hyeonu replied to Aldred’s words, “Lipa Castle will be protected by us.”

-Wow, what a cool boss.

-The bluff is flowing from him.


Liu Shei was going to find Hyeonu. However, Hyeonu exploded a bomb in Arena.

‘Regular players are participating in the main scenario.’

Even if he was the Third Dragon of the Kowloon Guild, it would be a burden to touch Hyeonu who was currently at the center of Arena.

“Damn, it became twisted like this.” Liu Shei slammed his fist against the desk. He could casually step on Hyeonu when they met. After all, Liu Shei was level 170 and currently in the top 100 of the rankings while Hyeonu was only level 70 at best. By general standards, the 100 level gap was an insurmountable number.

“What do I say to Brother?”

Liu Shei wasn’t worried about anything else. The problem was giving Tian Hu the impression of incompetence.

‘Do I have to do it myself?’

Liu Shei pulled out his smartphone and called someone.

“Brother, please do this.”

This was the moment when Liu Shei made another plan to catch Hyeonu.


Hyeonu was busy performing the quest without knowing that a conspiracy was being established against him. The rebels had finally emerged. The first one to discover the rebels was an ordinary level 100 player. In commemoration of reaching his second class, he saw Alley Leader’s post and arrived at Lipa Castle. He couldn’t resist his boredom and tried to leave the castle.

Then a huge force entered his eyes. Regardless of who saw it, the huge force was obviously an army. There was also a sparse group of undead at the front lines of the army.

He made a decision, “I need to go back and show off.”

Finally, the real script of the fourth main scenario appeared.


‘Now it is starting.’

Hyeonu looked at all the troops outside Lipa Castle. It had been two hours since the army was first discovered. The rebels had now arrived close enough to be seen from Lipa Castle’s walls.

“Viewers, do you see this? The rebels have finally emerged.” After Hyeonu spoke, the chat became flooded.

-Ah, I would go there if I have a higher level.

-I’m in the Seong Kingdom right now and can’t see it.

-I’m at Lipa Castle.

All the viewers wanted to participate in the battle of Lipa Castle. However, many of them were unable to participate due to individual circumstances. They could have a low level or be in a distant area. Thus, they felt a surrogate sense of satisfaction through Hyeonu’s live stream. They felt like they were progressing through the scenario by projecting themselves onto Alley Leader.


At this moment, something in the chat caught Hyeonu’s eye.

-New World and Phoenix are also proceeding through the scenario.

-It is a fight against the black magicians. They seem to be gathering from all over the place to the Seong Kingdom.

-Really? It is worth seeing that side as well. However, there isn’t a stream. I’m going to watch Alley Leader.

-Yes. We have to pay to watch it live.

‘The south is the Seong Kingdom...? Then does that mean Lebron is coming?’

“The balance is right.”

Hyeonu looked around. Many players were waiting on the walls for the attack signal. The moment they entered within the range, the extensive magic bombardment would begin and the close-range classes would rush out. Aldred seemed to perceive such thoughts and hit Hyeonu on the shoulder.

“In a little while, the war will begin. We are just buying time. The real force is Lebron’s Knights. I’ve been informed that the Knights of Keon are coming.”

“Duke Lebron?”

“Yes, he is coming directly. As you know, Duke Lebron is the best knight of the empire and perhaps the best knight of the continent,” Aldred praised Lebron for a long time before looking over the walls and quickly leaving. “Be ready. Now the war for Lipa Castle’s fate has begun.”

“I understand,” Hyeonu replied with a trembling expression. ‘Oh, if only he wasn’t an NPC...’

-He has been saying the same words for 10 minutes.

-I thought he was the principal.

-I thought he was the school president.

-I thought he was the president.

The viewers were also united with Hyeonu.


Arena’s most spectacular sight was a magic show. Compared to the fireballs and lightning that erupted here and there, the fireworks in real life were just a joke for kids. It was in a siege that the most magical bombardments were seen. Sieges were considered the essence of Arena after all.





-Lightning Storm.

“Don’t spare your magic power! Pour out your magic!” Aldred shouted his lungs out. Under Aldred’s command, fireballs flew and thunderbolts struck from the sky. However, the rebels were great. They were hit by the magical bombardment, but there wasn’t a significant change in their numbers.

‘Can we endure it?’ This was the question in the minds of every player who saw the rebel army. The size of the rebel army was enormous. In addition to the soldiers, there were the golems and undead that the black magicians summoned.

“It will be hard to endure if they all act together.”

Aldred made a decision. In any case, it was impossible to defend the castle without any damage. The walls weren’t safe as long as there was a large number of undead. Rather, it would become difficult for the magicians and archers to fire their support.

Aldred gritted his teeth. He decided to go forward. “All knights, follow me!”

Aldred drew his greatsword.
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