Ranker's Return
Chapter 33
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 33

Ultimately, Hyeonu didn’t find anything at the Teuma Tribe and headed to Lake Briang.

“There definitely must be something here.”

If there were no clues at the Teuma Tribe, then it must unconditionally be at Lake Briang. There would be at least one rebel secret camp with supplies obtained from Lipa Castle.

Lake Briang—in fact, it wasn’t right to call it a lake. After all, it was just a small oasis. However, the area was full of monsters trying to occupy the oasis. The desert wolves were the most visible monsters at Lake Briang. They were so difficult that a party of three was recommended to hunt them upon a player’s first discovery of Lipa Castle. Even so, they were just helpless dogs before Hyeonu and Tang-E.


“It is totally a dog, a dog.”

The cries of the desert wolves were bleak. Struck by Tang-E’s lightning, the desert wolves cried like wounded dogs.

[A desert wolf has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

“Tang-E, take a good look. If you can’t find it, you will rot in the desert for the rest of your life,” Hyeonu nagged at the innocent Tang-E.

It had been more than an hour since the hunt at Lake Briang started, yet the only thing that caught Hyeonu’s eyes had been the desert wolves. Now Hyeonu was worried.

“Ohh... I hate the desert, Master dude.” Tang-E’s eyes widened at Hyeonu’s words, and he started observing the surroundings. The desert was the worst. Bung Bung Island, where Tang-E came from, was a beautiful forest. This was the first time he had ever been to a desert.

“There, there are marks over there.” Tang-E raised his paws and pointed to the other side of the lake.

Hyeonu carefully examined the place Tang-E was pointing at and could see footprints walking directly toward the lake.

“As expected, I can only rely on you, Tang-E.” Hyeonu stroked Tang-E’s head.

He had found a clue to complete the quest.


Hyeonu thought of the quest as a game.

“By the way, what is this?”

He had found a trail of footprints. The footsteps came from Lipa Castle and headed to the lake. However, that was the end. The trail ended at the lake.

“Then did they enter the lake?”

No one could answer Hyeonu’s question. Hyeonu angrily kicked some sand into the lake.



Then something strange happened. He had clearly kicked the sand into the lake. However, instead of hearing the sand fall into water, there was the sound of iron being struck.

“Is this perhaps...?”

Hyeonu stepped toward the lake.

[Would you like to enter the rebel’s desert camp?]


Hyeonu’s expectations were right. It was an instance dungeon that was the same type as the desert lizard dungeon.


[You have entered the rebel’s desert camp.]

As Hyeonu entered the desert camp, he could see many people carrying numerous supplies. At first glance, there seemed to be hundreds of them. The supplies ranged from food to weapons and even herbs. No matter how one looked, they were obviously war supplies.

‘By the way, why didn’t I get a quest completion message? Is there something else to investigate?’

At this moment, a man walked toward Hyeonu. He was managing the people who were carrying the supplies. “You there! Why are you just standing there in the distance?”

The man seemed to have mistaken Hyeonu for an ordinary human. Hyeonu decided to reverse the illusion. “My name is Adele. I’m a black magician.”

“Adele? Ah! Felion’s apprentice, Adele. It is nice to meet you. I’m Charles,” Charles said. Then he pointed at Tang-E. “By the way, what is this bear?”

“It is my chimera. His name is Pepe, and he is my lifelong work. He is much better than the undead, even if he looks like this.”

“Really? Pepe... It is accurate.” Charles was wary of Hyeonu.

‘Sigh.’ Hyeonu thought that Charles knew about Adele. Otherwise, there was no reason to be vigilant after asking for Tang-E’s name.

“Then go to Felion. He will be pleased to know you are here.”

“I understand.”

Charles ended up heading back to his original spot.

“Let’s move now.” Hyeonu held Tang-E and started searching all over the desert camp.

‘It seems just like a castle town...?’

It was a rebel camp, but it didn't look special. The only difference was that there were fewer people. He was continuing to look around when he heard words that stopped him.

“The Seong Kingdom might get involved? Then I’ll have to advance the schedule. Call all the magicians to the south.” An old magician was communicating with someone through a crystal ball.

‘It must be Felion.’

“It is almost ready. Three days later, we can attack Lipa Castle. Lipa Castle’s lord is on our side.”

It was shocking. The sympathizer inside Lipa Castle was the lord.

[-Information about the rebels 1/1.]

At this moment, the old magician Felion threw a black sphere toward where Hyeonu was hiding.

“Who is it?” However, Hyeonu wasn’t there anymore. “It definitely seemed like someone was here, but it seems I was mistaken.”

Meanwhile, Hyeonu was running toward the place he had come from. He had to quickly escape and return to the palace to complete the quest.

“Three days.”

Time was short.


Hyeonu stopped just before he secretly exited the rebel camp. It was because Hyeonu saw ‘them’ and had a good idea on the spot.

‘They are being fed.’

One of them struck a desk.

“Damn, it is shameful to be tricked by humans. I am Golden Hammer of the Red Anvil Tribe!!!”


“Patriarch, didn’t they promise to release us when this matter is over?”

“Stupid bastard! Did you become a dwarf who believes in humans? It is clear. They will definitely try to bind us at all costs!”

Their identity was that of dwarves. The dwarves had been captured by the black magicians and forced to make weapons for the rebels. At this time, Hyeonu approached the dwarves carefully. “Excuse me, can I help you?”

“Abominable human! What are you doing?” The dwarf who called himself Golden Hammer pointed his hammer at Hyeonu.

“Listen to my story for a moment. I’m an adventurer on the opposite side of the ones who kidnapped you.”

“An adventurer? How is an adventurer going to help us?” The dwarves questioned it.

It was natural. Players, currently known as adventurers, weren’t very powerful in comparison to the NPCs of Arena. They grew rapidly, but that was it.

“It is the rebels who kidnapped you. They are rebelling against the Yusma Empire. They are very reckless people.”

“So what?”

“Escape with me. It is good for you to escape since it will strike at their combat power. It is killing two birds with one stone.”

“How can we believe you?” This time, another dwarf stepped out. The dwarf looked like he didn’t believe Hyeonu.

The moment that Hyeonu was about to answer, Golden Hammer interrupted, “Enough, look at that blade he is holding. It is a sword I made. No magicians can hold a sword. They don’t know the value of a weapon itself because they don’t have a discerning eye. They only know magic.” He paused before declaring, “Gather all the kids. We’re leaving here now.”

“I understand, Golden Hammer.”

The young dwarf disappeared. It was an amazing speed for the short-legged dwarves.

Hyeonu wondered, “Do you trust me?”

“I don’t trust you. I just need a way to escape.”


All the dwarves gathered with their luggage.

“What are those?”

“These are the weapons we have made. We won’t leave anything behind here.”

Seeing the dwarves carry luggage bigger than their bodies, Hyeonu asked Golden Hammer, “Can you carry all of this out?”

“Why not? Aren’t you the one who suggested to escape?”

Hyeonu was dumbfounded. He had only told them to escape. Anyone would feel doubtful when seeing them carry such loads of luggage. This concern soon became a reality.

“Adele! What are you doing now?” Charles called out to Hyeonu.

Hyeonu’s expression distorted. Then he quickly restored his original appearance before it caught Charles’ eyes.

“Why, if it isn’t Charles!”

“Yes, I asked what you are doing. Where are you going with the dwarves?”

“It is my master’s command. This place will be closed soon. The dwarves are an important resource. I was instructed to move the dwarves and weapons first.”

Charles shook his head at Hyeonu’s brazen words, but he accepted them so smoothly that perhaps such a move had been mentioned before. “Really? If it is an order from Felion, then I have nothing to say.”

‘Sigh,’ Hyeonu gazed after the disappearing Charles and sighed. “We’ve passed through that.”

“Are we going out now?”

“By the way, are there no magical measures placed on you?”

“Their magic doesn’t work on us. It is because of our pride.”

“Then let’s go out quickly. I don't want to stay in this place anymore.”

Hyeonu and the dwarves moved quickly.


The dwarves and Hyeonu successfully escaped the dungeon. After this, Hyeonu felt uneasy and walked for a long time before stopping.

“If you come to me later, I will give you the right weapon,” Golden Hammer said.

[A quest has been created.]

[Red Anvil Tribe]

[Find the Red Anvil Tribe somewhere in the Hejin Great Mountain Range and meet Golden Hammer.

Rating: B+

Conditions: Meet Golden Hammer 0/1

Reward: Golden Hammer’s weapon.]

Golden Hammer left this quest and disappeared, leading his tribe away.

“I have to go back and see the emperor.” Hyeonu ripped open a return scroll.


A blond man and woman were sitting in front of Kim Seokjung. They were the masters of Phoenix—Carey and Rachel.

“So, what are you saying now?”

“How many times do you have to ask? Are you deaf?”

Carey tried to figure out Kim Seokjung’s intentions. There was no need for Kim Seokjung to share his accomplishments with them. New World was currently the most advanced guild in the main scenario competition. By comparison, Phoenix was one step slower. This point was clear.

Rachel asked, “Then when do you want us to join?”

Kim Seokjung replied, “Your personality is as great as your face. Come at your convenience today or the day after tomorrow.”

Kim Seokjung liked Rachel’s personality. It was rumored that her personality was very fiery. In reality, it was fierier than rumored.

Carey’s eyes were fixed on Rachel after she accepted Kim Seokjung’s offer. However, Rachel was right.

“In any case, it will make no difference if we join. They are giving it to us, so just accept it. There is no future if we lose here.”

Hearing Rachel’s words, Carey agreed inwardly, ‘Right. There is no next time.’

“Then please.” Carey shook Kim Seokjung’s hand.

Kim Seokjung exclaimed, “Ah! Get your hands off Alley Leader. In fact, it is why I sent you the invitation.”


The cooperation between New World and Phoenix struck Arena’s community.

[Meeting between New World and Phoenix. Are they cooperating for the main scenario?]

[It is virtually the acquisition of Phoenix by New World.]

[Phoenix, can it jump up using New World?]

This cooperation between New World and Phoenix was what awaited Hyeonu after he quit Arena for a short break.

“That Hyung-nim, what is this? He is the guild leader of New World.”

Hyeonu heard of Kim Seokjung’s identity from Ellis.

Ellis had wondered, ‘The video shows the guild leader of New World. Does he need to be edited?’

After checking the video, Hyeonu realized that the other person in the video was Kim Seokjung and immediately canceled the video.

“In other words, they’re taking care of the main scenario in the south while I’m the west...”

He was lacking people. It was a topic that bothered Hyeonu. Currently, Hyeonu was lacking too much to tackle the main scenario alone. It was impossible for him to protect Lipa Castle alone when he was going to go against an army. Since that was the case, a minimum number of people had to be met.

“That’s it!” Hyeonu thought of an incredible idea. He immediately grabbed his laptop and sent an email to Ellis. Ellis received the email and immediately reflected on Hyeonu’s needs. As a result, Hyeonu’s video caused another storm.

-Players who want to participate in the main scenario should gather at Lipa Castle in three days.

This was the note left by Hyeonu in the video.
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