Ranker's Return
Chapter 32
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 32

“Um…” Hyeonu himself was speechless at the sight.

‘I will be eating a lot today.’

The scene in front of Hyeonu after he entered the boss room was of many desert goblins, a few goblin shamans, and one desert hobgoblin.

“I’m lucky today.”

-He is lucky, but he can’t eat them. ㅋㅋ

-Today Alley Leader will have a hard time.

-It is an Alley Leader special imprint.

-Alley Leader Groupie has gifted you 112 gold coins.

-Extend It By 3 Hours has gifted you 333 gold coins.

“Thank you for the 112 gold coins and 333 gold coins. I’m going for a quick breakthrough.”

[You have received Bear’s Momentum.]

[Physique has increased.]

[Strength has increased.]

[You have received the Forest’s Blessing.]

[Defense has increased.]

[Health will continue to recover.]

Tang-E’s buffs had also upgraded. The duration, stats increase and healing had all risen.

‘Sigh, it seems I have to spit out all the honey I ate today here.’

Hyeonu ran toward the goblin army.


[Master of Combat has been activated.]

[Your stats have increased.]

[The stat ‘fighting energy’ has caused your stats to rise.]

[The other party is stronger than you.]

[There will be an additional increase in stats.]

Hyeonu had been waiting for this voice.

“Crescent Moon Cut.”

This crescent-shaped sword energy split apart the air. As the number of desert goblins increased, many more goblins were killed by Crescent Moon Cut. Tang-E took action as well. Three lightning strikes pierced through the gap amidst the goblins.

-Can a desert goblin melt like that originally?

-Usually, even party hunting isn’t this fast.

-Alley Leader is skilled, but his weapon is also incredibly good.

The viewers watching Hyeonu’s battle started to question it. He was too strong. This standard wasn’t that of a low-level player hunting at high-level hunting grounds but a high-level player driving a bus. Then it was cleared up due to the words of one viewer. The viewer said that Alley Leader had the ability to pierce through defenses. Everyone accepted this.

-He probably got a defense penetration skill. I expect his blade to be rare rated at the very least.

-I envy the skill.

-If there is a defense penetration skill, it would be unconditionally accepted by large guilds.

-I’m going to buy random skill books.


Hyeonu drank a magic power recovery potion that he hadn’t drunk for a while. His magic power stat wasn’t low, but it was unable to handle this hell.

“Tang-E, how much magic power do you have left?”

“There is around half. These ugly guys don’t seem to be reducing in number. Master dude.”

Hyeonu and Tang-E had already spent over 30 minutes moving among the desert goblins. They used skills whenever the cooldowns ended, but the number of goblins was so high that the skills didn’t seem to make any impact.

‘I don’t care since a level up is upcoming, but Tang-E’s magic power...’

“Tang-E, just use the buffs, and only use Lightning when I’m in danger.”

“Understood, Master dude.”

Hyeonu ran back toward the goblins. Everywhere, Hyeonu caused the goblins to spill green blood. Hyeonu was truly unstoppable. He was slicing at the goblins uncontrollably. The level up was just around the corner, so he had no need to save his magic power.

An elongated sword energy emerged from the Dwarf’s Single-edged Sword. Hyeonu swung it toward the goblins and seemed like a Jedi from Star Wars from the past.

[A desert goblin shaman has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

‘Level up!’

It was the message Hyeonu had been waiting so long for. Hyeonu felt that his magic power was full and used Crescent Moon Cut again, slicing apart the bodies of dozens of goblins. The battlefield briefly reached a lull.

‘Tang-E will also level up soon.’

“Tang-E, you can just use magic!”

A light flashed toward the scared goblin shamans at Hyeonu’s words.

“Kiruk.” Exactly three goblin shamans were burned black.

“Nice shot!”


The avatar that players moved were not their real bodies and were affected by the game’s stats, but there was a limit to their concentration. For the most part, people were usually only able to stay concentrated for 10 to 30 minutes, and that was for a single hunt. However, Hyeonu showed a totally different level of concentration in the desert dragon raid.

-Now it seems like he will hunt all the goblins.

-By the way, how can he keep fighting like this for so long?

-I have to rest for 5 minutes after 15 minutes of combat. He is a monster.

“Master dude, there is one more.”

“It is done if we hunt one more guy, Tang-E.”

Tang-E and Hyeonu looked at each other and said the same thing at the same time. The ground where Hyeonu stood was sticky. The blood of many goblins had spilled to create a puddle.

“Kiruk, kiruruk!” The hobgoblin shouted at Hyeonu. He was probably angry about all his men being killed. Nevertheless, Hyeonu didn’t care.

‘I can indulge in rest as long as I hunt it.’

Hyeonu’s heart was already full of the desire to rest. His hope for indulgence was stronger than any buff. Going against the hobgoblin, Hyeonu’s movements were at their peak. His strength had risen over 400 due to the Giant skills, and he wouldn’t be pushed by the hobgoblin at all. With the addition of Hyeonu’s unique boldness, the tide of the battle was quickly established.

“Kiruru!!” The hobgoblin was wounded all over by Hyeonu. Yet he started to rush toward Hyeonu, ignoring the blood flowing from his wounds.

Hyeonu used his single-edged sword to deal with the hobgoblin. He actively utilized its reach. As the hobgoblin approached, Hyeonu swung the single-edged sword and stepped back. The moment he stepped back, he released sword energy. This was the climax of the battle. It was smooth and clean. There wasn’t the usual glamour present in Hyeonu’s combat style. It was fierce but more intense than any other battle.

Then the sound of Hyeonu that signaled the end of the broadcast rang out. It was the sound of the hobgoblin’s armor breaking. Now once Hyeonu’s single-edged sword dug in, the hobgoblin would have its arms and legs cut off.

‘It’s over.’

Hyeonu rushed in with a desperate thought dominating his body. The hobgoblin’s dagger bounced off him. Then Hyeonu sped up. A huge sword energy passed through the hobgoblin. The desert goblins’ rule had fallen.

[The desert hobgoblin has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

“Kuah...!” Hyeonu screamed. It was finally over. The plan had crumbled, but it hadn’t broken.

-Wow, Alley Leader is crazy.

-It is like me.

-You did a good job.

-Alley Leader Groupie has gifted you 333 gold coins.

-Alley Leader Frenzy has gifted you 777 gold coins.

The long dungeon escape had a good start, but the end was a mess. However, Hyeonu still received gold coins.

“Everyone, I’ve finally cleared the dungeon. My next stream will be on Friday just like last week. I’ll see you next time! Hahat!”

-Alley Leader worked hard.

-I hope Friday will come early.

The third broadcast is over.


Who received the most damage as Hyeonu’s live streams became more popular? Instead of a large guild, it was a famous streamer. Large guilds had a lot of revenue, so they could bear it if their streaming income decreased. However, streamers were different. The quantity of gold coins decreased or disappeared depending on the number of sponsors.

Tian Hu, China’s popular streamer, was a streamer whose income was bound to it.

“Then you’re going to stop your sponsorship?”

“We want to remove all our ads that you’ve added to your streams.”

“I said that I didn’t need money, just advertising. Didn’t I say that?”

The moment Tian Hu finished speaking, Ho Lei—the president of Porsche’s Chinese branch—opened his mouth and explained, “That’s what I said earlier. The company’s answer is that Alley Leader is better suited to our company’s image than Tian Hu.”

Ho Lei’s declaration caused Tian Hu to close his eyes.

“Then I’ll leave for today. I hope I can see you again next time.”

Tian Hu touched his mouth. It was to smooth out his crumpled expression. Then once Ho Lei left his office, Tian Hu’s anger burst out, “What am I? I can’t be better than Alley Leader? I don’t fit? Looking at me and saying such bullshit?!!”

Tian Hu pulled out his smartphone and called someone, “Liu? It’s me.”

-Isn’t this Brother Tian? Why did you call me?

“Do you have time today? Let’s meet.”

-If Brother is calling me, then I naturally have to go.

“Yes, I’ll name a time and place.”

-Yes, I’ll see you then.

“Alley Leader? I will see how long he can hold out in front of Kowloon.”

The man Tian Hu called was named Liu Shei. He was one of the key executives of the Kowloon Guild, which boasted the maximum number of members in Arena.

“The bubble will go off very soon.”

Tian Hu’s lips curved upward.


The two men were drinking in the Sky Lounge on the 39th floor of the Kunlun Hotel in Beijing.

“Brother, hasn’t it been a long time? I thought you might pretend not to know me after the broadcast went well.” Liu Shei, a young man in his mid-20s, smiled at Tian Hu.

“I might be busy, but you are one of Kowloon’s Three Dragons. Let’s talk while eating.” Tian Hu raised his hand and various dishes appeared on the table.

“Did someone offend Brother?” Liu Shei wondered.

“It wasn’t directly, but it is true that my pride was cracked.”

Liu Shei heard Tian Hu's story and became angry. To him, Tian Hu was a respected older brother and benefactor. He was the benefactor who let Liu Shei play the game and allowed him to take the place of one of the Kowloon Guild’s Three Dragons.

“Who did it?”

“He is called Alley Leader. He has been popular recently.”

“Alley Leader...?” Liu Shei thought about it. He couldn’t remember who Alley Leader was. “Ah! That rising star who won 100 consecutive wins in the arena?” Liu Shei clapped his hands as he finally remembered Alley Leader.

“Yes, that guy.”

“What can I do for you?”

“He is with Nike. Will you be okay?” Tian Hu pretended to be worried about Liu Shei. It was because he knew he could keep using Liu Shei.

“Brother, believe in me. I am one of the Three Dragons. Three dragons!”

“Yes, I’ll trust you,” Tian Hu said, showing his confidence in Liu Shei. Then he continued, “How about I send one of my kids to handle them in Kowloon’s name?”

“Brother, is it possible with your kids?”


Liu Shei declared, “I’ll do it myself. I will step on that guy more than once or twice.”

Tian Hu shook Liu Shei’s hand, and Liu Shei smiled at him.
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