Ranker's Return
Chapter 26
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 26

“There are currently a lot of people watching. You have to be careful.”

“Where? Where are they?” Tang-E turned his head at Hyeonu’s whisper, but he couldn’t see any people. “Master dude is cheating me again.”

Tang-E held onto Hyeonu’s leg and waved. It wasn’t Hyeonu who responded to Tang-E’s actions though. Instead, it was the viewers watching the broadcast who reacted.

-Ugh, my heart...

-My heart is thumping.

-I will go and buy a pet egg.

-My Love Tang-E has gifted you 77 gold coins.

‘Tang-E is more popular than me?’

Both Hyeonu and the viewers had forgotten something. Hyeonu’s current location was the arena.

[The ranking battle has started.]

“That’s right. Tang-E, give me some buffs.”

Tang-E shook his head at Hyeonu’s words. “I don’t want to. Master dude, I won’t give them until you apologize.”

Time passed as Hyeonu and Tang-Esquabbled.

“I’ll give you a horse ride.”

“I understand. I’ll forgive you this time. I’ll have no scruples next time, Master dude.”

Hyeonu was forced to suggest the condition of being a horse, and Tang-E immediately grabbed it as if he had been waiting for it.

[You have received Bear’s Momentum.]

[Physique has increased.]

[Strength has increased.]

[You have received the Forest's Blessing.]

[Defense has increased.]

[Health will continue to recover.]

Hyeonu felt the power that took his breath away. “Sigh. I will do the last one properly. Everyone, look forward to it.”

At the end of Hyeonu’s terrifying words, the opposing warrior rushed toward Hyeonu.

‘Five minutes is enough to fight.’


For the viewers, Hyeonu’s quest didn’t seem to exist anymore. Everyone’s eyes were drawn to the little teddy bear, Tang-E.

-This cute pet can give buffs?

- ㅁㅊㄷㅁㅊㅇ It seems to be at least unique rated.

-Will Tang-E also become a BJ? (Broadcast jockey)

Still, this was only for a moment. Once the ranking battle began, everyone’s eyes returned to Hyeonu.

-Wow, how can he do that with that long blade? I don’t understand it.

-If you could understand it, then you would be ranked.

Hyeonu was fighting a fierce battle as promised. Unlike before, his opponent was a player who knew a bit about how to fight. He was a level 110 player who was ranked within the millions in the arena. The ranking was something that could never be obtained by playing around.

‘It is really strong from here.’

In the first place, a level 110 fighting a level 50 player was nonsense. For a typical player, this match would’ve finished in an instant. Yet Hyeonu defied that. In fact, he fought in a boiling manner. The warrior swung his longsword with a momentum that seemed like it would split apart Hyeonu’s head.

Hyeonu didn’t avoid it this time. He raised the Dwarf’s Single-edged Sword and blocked it. Then he stepped forward and bounced it back. The warrior’s sword turned to the sky and his posture collapsed. Hyeonu didn’t miss this gap. He used only a snap of the wrist to aim at his opponent’s neck with his single-edged sword.

It was a counterattack. Blood flowed from his opponent’s neck.

‘It is light.’

“This much won’t work,” the other party stated as he didn’t suffer from the blow. He used his skill to pull his body back in that moment.

“How are you keeping up with me? Aren’t you doing pretty well?” The warrior said as he stepped back.

“Is it this?” The warrior stuck together his thumb and index finger to make an O pattern. It was a gesture to indicate an arena proxy.

“No, I’m a streamer. I am called ‘Alley Leader’.” Hyeonu waved his hand without lifting his sword. “I’m broadcasting right now. If you win, you can be dissolute. So give me an opportunity to enjoy the glory of the sword.”

Hyeonu finished speaking and rushed toward his opponent. He couldn’t afford to waste time. There were only two minutes left until Giant’s Power was over. Tang-E’s buffs would last another four minutes. The odds of success were slimmer once these two buffs disappeared.

‘Too bad. I have fewer skills.’

As the battle progressed, Hyeonu felt that he was lacking in skills. He didn’t have many skills, and he didn’t have any immediate type skills. Hyeonu only had Bash and Heavy Blow. If he had one more movement skill, then clearly victory would be in his hands.

He couldn’t help feeling regretful. The supplement would have to be done after this ranking battle. The important thing now was to win this ranking battle. Two quests were at stake on the victory of this match.


Hyeonu checked the remaining time—30 seconds. It was time for him to take the last gamble. He had the upper hand right now. Hyeonu had never been hit properly. Meanwhile, his opponent was pale and had small wounds all over his body. If this were maintained, victory would belong to Hyeonu. However, there was no guarantee that this would be able to continue after the buffs were over.

‘I’m going to release it all this time.’

25 seconds...

Hyeonu’s sword threw back the opponent’s sword. It was the same pattern as before. However, the warrior's response was different. The warrior didn’t know Hyeonu’s circumstances. He thought he was losing and used a skill.

20 seconds...

A green light emanated from the warrior’s longsword. It was sword energy. Hyeonu also created a strong blue light. Now it was a fight without any hindrances.

15 seconds...

Hyeonu and the warrior had a short pause where they controlled their breathing. Each of them seemed to be preparing their final blow.

10 seconds...

Hyeonu and the warrior rushed at each other again.

5 seconds...

The warrior’s sword split apart the air. Hyeonu’s single-edged sword cut the warrior’s neck.

0 seconds...

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ has won.]

The message notification exploded in front of Hyeonu. All skills increased by one rank. Hyeonu’s victory was that great.

[The skill proficiency of Weapons Mastery has increased to E+.]




[The skill proficiency of Master of Combat has increased to E.]

[-Victories in the arena 100/100]

[-Win the battle against the opponent 1/1]

‘I won!!!’

Hyeonu almost forgot to stream because of his victory. However, the bomb of gold coins awakened Hyeonu.

-Get 10,000 If You Win has gifted you 9,999 gold coins.

-100 Consecutive Victories has gifted you 100 gold coins.

“Thank you Get 10,000 If You Win for the 9,999 gold coins. Thank you 100 Consecutive Victories for the 100 gold coins. I will use it well.”

Once the unbelievable amount of 10,000 coins exploded, Hyeonu forgot how hard it had been so far and felt strength rise in his body.

‘This is the power of capitalism!’

However, it was only for a short time. Hyeonu had been doing the ranking battle for more than 10 hours. It was impossible for him not to feel exhausted.

“Then I am going to end the streaming for today. My next stream will be at 6 p.m. on Friday.”

-Show the teddy bear!!!

-The bear please!!

The viewers clamored for Tang-E to show up, but Hyeonu had already ended the live stream.


“Oh, I’m going to die.”

Once his first live stream ended, Hyeonu collapsed on the sofa in the living room. He no longer had the strength to even lift a finger. Streaming was very stressful. There was nothing comfortable about it. Arena was Arena while chatting was chatting. He had to worry about his words and deeds and take care of everything.

“Why, is it hard? You will adapt after one or two more.” Yeongchan handed water to the stretched out Hyeonu.

Yeongchan knew this feeling himself. Even now, sometimes his entire body was covered with sweat after finishing a stream. It was obviously different from just enjoying Arena. However, if one was supported by skill and luck, then becoming successful in Arena went far beyond simply selling items and uploading videos. That’s why he recommended live streaming to Hyeonu. It might be difficult now, but it was the only way.

“Still, you would’ve made a lot of money. No?”

“That’s right, my gold coins!!!”

Hyeonu’s spirit flashed when he heard this. Why did he suffer this? Everything was for the gold coins. Hyeonu connected to A-World using Yeongchan’s laptop.

“Where is it? Where? Is this it?” Hyeonu desperately searched for the settlement page.

Then Yeongchan reached out and clicked the settlement page. “Eh?”

“What is this? Why is it so much?” Hyeonu was stunned when he saw the number of gold coins.

Yeongchan was also pressing the refresh button in a disbelieving manner. “Isn’t this an error? Why is it so high?”

1,000 won per 1 gold...

57,384 gold coins...

57,384,000 won...

He had hit the jackpot. It was truly amazing.

“Yeongchan, let’s have jajangmyeong and sweet and sour pork today. No, spicy fried chicken and mixed vegetables and seafood!! I will give you a treat!” Hyeonu shouted with joy.

No one knew if this amount of gold coins would burst in the next stream. Nevertheless, he was not worried.

“Sweet and sour pork, mixed vegetables and seafood, spicy fried chicken and...” Yeongchan was already ordering from a Chinese restaurant.


Hyeonu’s first live stream was successful. The waves brought about by Alley Leader’s streaming were larger than anyone had expected. This was a huge tsunami that destroyed areas which already existed. The damage was huge to those who had vested interests.

One of the victims was Marco, the guild leader of the giant guild ‘Mano’. He didn’t feel good because he had been hearing bad news since morning.

“Funding has been reduced. The sponsors won’t renew unless we reduce the amount in the contract.”

“What is the reason? Have we lost our shares lately?”

Patrick, who was in charge of Mano’s real-life aspects, mentioned Hyeonu in response to Marco’s question, “It is due to Alley Leader. Sponsors are snooping in that direction. Our main content is in the arena, and the arena side seems to have turned completely.”

Marco knocked on his forehead. “Alley Leader, Alley Leader...”

He thought for a long time before opening his mouth, “What level is he at?”

“He is at level 50. It was revealed yesterday, so I think the margin of error is within three levels.”

“Recruit him or step on him so I never see him again.”

“I understand.”

Those who were looking for Hyeonu started to appear. Most of them were those with vested interests or wanted to have a vested interest.


Hyeonu was sitting in a corner of Lebron’s mansion with a teddy bear sitting on his shoulder. The reason why Hyeonu was here was simple. Hyeonu visited Lebron to meet the emperor. Then on the way to meeting Lebron, he thought about it.

“Ah, I received a reward. The quest.”

Hyeonu looked around before sitting in a corner and checking his title and inventory.

[Achieved 100 Consecutive Wins]

[-Title given to the first player to achieve 100 consecutive victories in the arena.

Effect: There is a 20% increase in damage against humanoid monsters (including PvP) during combat.]

“Oh, good.” Hyeonu clapped like a seal. Then Tang-Eclapped as well.

The title had fairly decent effects. There were quite a few humanoid monsters in Arena. They were often met when doing quests. PvP was also included, so it would clearly have an effect in the arena and in sieges. Hyeonu’s heart swelled when he checked the item he had obtained as a reward.

“A ring?”

Hyeonu’s hand grabbed a small ring. The only item in his inventory that he did not recognize was this ring, so it was clearly the reward. Before he finished his second class changed, he could only wear two rings on one hand. After the second class change, two slots were added, and he was allowed to wear four.

Thus, Hyeonu removed Dell’s Ring and put on this little ring. Then a message appeared that made Hyeonu doubt his eyes.

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