Ranker's Return
Chapter 17
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 17

“You’ve come?”

“Yes, I’m here.”

Hyeonu greeted Yeongchan with a hug. He whispered so that the woman standing next to Yeongchan couldn’t hear, “Hey, are you crazy? Why did you bring her? Is your head empty? Didn’t you think?”

Yeongchan was also formidable. “Why else would I bring her? It is your own fault. Huh? Who's the one that told me to find him a priest? She is within the top three among all the priests I know. Her buff timing is good, and her shield timing is amazing as well.”

Yeongchan and Hyeonu both stepped back without anyone taking a step forward. Hyeonu’s expression was dark. The winner of this fight was Yeongchan. Ignoring Hyeonu’s face that looked like he just ate some shit, Yeongchan introduced the woman he brought, “Well, you both know each other, but let’s do a formal introduction. This is my little sister, Yuri.”

“Hello, Oppa. It has been a while.”

“Yes, it has been a while Yuri.”

Hyeonu felt burdened by Yuri. It wasn’t because she was the opposite sex but because she was Yeongchan’s sister. His best friend’s little sister—it was a really burdensome relation.

“By the way, why did you want to be introduced to a priest?”

“I just wanted to know in case I needed one for hunting in the future.”

Hyeonu didn’t know that Yeongchan would introduce Yuri and changed his plans on the fly.

“Really? Then I’m busy and will leave first,” Yeongchan signed out with these words. After Yeongchan’s disappearance, there was an awkward air between Hyeonu and Yuri.

It was Yuri’s voice that broke the awkwardness. “Oppa, how have you been?”

“I’ve been well. Is Yuri still going to school?”

It started with asking about each other, then the conversation continued like flowing water. The conversation between the two people lasted around 30 minutes. It was a conversation that wouldn’t have finished if it weren’t for Yuri working a part-time job.

“Oppa, let’s talk again like today in the future.”

“Yes, I’ll look for you again next time.”

‘Did he introduce his sister because he knew I would have trouble with her?’ Hyeonu sharpened his sword toward Yeongchan. “You’ll see soon, Kwon Yeongchan.”

At this time, Yeongchan—who was eating chicken alone—suddenly felt a chill go down his back. “Oh, is the air conditioner too strong? I’m going to have to raise the temperature a bit.”


Once he separated from Yuri, Hyeonu squatted on the other side of the square. He held a small drink in his hand.

“How to deal with them? Based on the rumors, I have to handle them well.”

Hyeonu was concerned about how to handle the Black Skull Guild. He felt the need to clean up the mess behind him before advancing with the main scenario. The Black Skull Guild didn’t know him now, but that layer of transparency was as thin as a bubble, ready to pop at any moment.

‘It will be a pain to deal with it later.’

If coincidences overlapped it could lead to a bad fate. This was how Hyeonu described his relationship with the Black Skull Guild. In the past, Hyeonu was a player who played purely for pleasure. He enjoyed Arena leisurely and didn’t play to the extent of risking his life like the other rankers.

Why? There was no reason to do so. Now, he was different. He was full of poison, unlike in the past. Moreover, it was a very toxic poison.

“Should I go and challenge them to a character deletion bet?”

Hyeonu shook his head. Why? Was it because he couldn’t beat the Black Skull members? No, it was simply because it would be a waste of time. It would take time to find them and entice them into a character deletion bet. During that time, he could clear quests, level up, shoot videos, and pay off his debts beyond the hospital bills.

Hyeonu came to a conclusion after a long struggle. “Yes, I’ve decided. I will only hit the executives. Would they dare to come find me once all the top characters are gone?”

Hyeonu drew another big picture. It was a picture where big waves would sweep over the Black Skull Guild.


The tyranny of the big guilds in Arena wasn’t something that lasted over just one or two days. Countless posts were written every day, and they disappeared into the community. Some of them were popular and some not. Large guilds usually didn’t care about them at all.

However, if it became a topic of interest, they would immediately take action. This was what Hyeonu was aiming for. He wanted to use public opinion to drag out the Black Skull Guild.

“Um, will this be okay?”

Hyeonu stuck to his usual traffic light fashion. He was wearing a mask that looked like the face of a naive child, so his face wasn’t exposed. Now, even if he wanted to change it, this fashion itself was one of Hyeonu’s iconic identities. It was this costume that was famous, not Hyeonu himself. Hyeonu spoke in an imposing and intense tone, -The reason I’m shooting this video is because I’ve received multiple emails.

They were all thanking me. Most of them were from low-level players.

Why? Why did they thank me? It is simple.

Hyeonu raised his fists as he spoke.

-Monopolizing hunting grounds! Killing because you interfere! Tyranny! It was because I did the character deletion bet with those Black Skull guys.

Thus, I declare here. I will make all the remaining characters of the Black Skull Guild delete their character or something equivalent.

Hyeonu recited the information he received about the Black Skull Guild through Yeongchan.

-From what I’ve discovered, there are a total of 15 officers, including the guild leader. Two of them have already deleted their character because of me. There are only 13 left!

I have a suggestion for them—make a character deletion bet with me! A captain battle is good, and a relay is also good.

Hyeonu pulled out his single-edged sword and replied,

-Let’s try it once.

It was a hot topic. So far, it was nothing substantial from the Black Skull Guild’s point of view. The guild’s name would be blemished, but it wasn’t worth the gamble of deleting their characters. It was a provocation that wouldn’t have been successful if it wasn’t for the Dwarf’s Single-edged Sword, which Hyeonu pulled out at the end.


Hyeonu stretched his hands. It might be a game, but he couldn’t help feeling embarrassed. He would never have done this in his lifetime if it weren’t for his relationship with the Black Skull Guild.

“Oh, my hands and feet are still curled up from cringing.”

“Jerk, you are acting. Acting. Just do it like a musical.” Yeongchan marveled at Hyeonu’s video. Hyeonu’s words and actions had the power to attract people. His expression didn’t appear, but his voice was good enough. “If I send this over right now, it can be uploaded tonight by the latest. Are you going to sign the contract tomorrow?”

“H Hotel? 1 p.m. I remember.”

Yeongchan felt relieved as he watched Hyeonu’s back. His heart eased at the fact that his proposal hadn’t harmed his friend.

At this time, Hyeonu muttered, “Thank you, Yeongchan.”

Yeongchan pretended not to hear Hyeonu. “What? Why are you muttering alone? Come, eat some rice!”


That night, the video reborn through Ellis’ brilliant compilation struck the Arena community. The Black Skull wasn’t a large guild, but it was still famous among Arena’s guilds. A player raised a challenge against such a guild.

-Milk Drinking Yuljae: What did I hear?

-Unexpected Death when Touched: Is it the Black Skull Guild?

-Power Muscle King: I was also robbed by them.

-Pro Dreamer: I was beaten by them a few times. That group of gangsters.

The underdogs were enthusiastic. There were more people who didn’t enjoy the game as much in the shadow of the large guilds than those who did. As a result, public opinion was overwhelmingly focused on Hyeonu. Under such circumstances, the guild leader of the Black Skull Guild, Cheron, also watched Hyeonu’s video.

“Shit, that guy is the one who stole my damn item? Catch that son of a bitch! Right now!” Cheron yelled at the executives who didn’t know what to do.

How could they catch this guy when they didn’t know where he was?

‘The guild leader is so stupid...’

One of the executives, the one who was usually in charge of talking to Cheron, opened his mouth, “What if we do this? Set a duel date. Then...”

Cheron quickly interrupted the executive, “You dare say that now? Are you going to do the character deletion bet? Or do you expect me to do it?”

“Guild Master, please listen a bit more. It is just an agreement. Why don’t we step on him when he comes?”

Cheron touched his chin. This was Cheron’s habit. It was an action that came out when there was a situation he liked.

“Really? Then set a date straight away.”

At this time, a senior person entered the Black Skull Guild’s house. The executives, including Cheron, bowed at a 90-degree angle toward him.

“Boss, you came!”

He had broad shoulders, a manly-looking face, and a tall height. The person with a fierce momentum was Gang Junggu—the acting captain of the New World Guild, a higher ranking guild than the Black Skull Guild. “Hey, greetings. What are you planning to do with this one?”

“We have a plan and will soon resolve it.”

Gang Junggu heard Cheron’s words and replied sarcastically, “Resolve it? I heard you are going to beat him collectively?”

Gang Junggu called out to someone in a relaxed voice, “Hey, this friend, come out.”

One of the executives came running at Gang Junggu’s words. It was the executive who talked with Cheron earlier. He stood in front of Gang Junggu and took a firm stance. “Park Cheolgu is here.”

Paack! Peng!

“You son of a bitch, who allowedvyou to monopolize the dungeon?"

“Oof... eok...”

Gang Junggu made a fist at the end of his words. He punched Park Cheolgu and started kicking him the moment he fell. Park Cheolgu was being beaten by Gang Junggu and seemed to lose his mind. Gang Junggu didn’t pay attention to the fallen Cheolgu.

He approached Cheron and whispered, “Shoot a video to respond and proceed with the duel. Understood? Handle it like a gentleman, like a gentleman.”

Cheron nodded with a tremor. While watching Cheron, Gang Junggu continued to talk, “Then I’ll spare you today.”

Gang Junggu patted Cheron’s shoulder a few times before leaving the guild house. Cheron took care of the situation. “Cheolgu, quickly take a video and put it up. The date is three days later. The venue is Yusma’s arena. Let’s make the rule a captain battle.”

Cheron’s eyes shone with a despicable light.


‘I can help my family to rise up again.’

This was the thought that dominated Hyeonu’s mind when he arrived at the hotel, the promised appointment place. Nike Management was a subsidiary of the Nike company that all modern people knew. Many Arena streamers wanted to join it. However, Nike set a tricky standard and only scouted those they wanted.

‘Jung Hanbaek.’ Hyeonu gritted his teeth every time he thought of this name. This person’s father had betrayed his father. He was determined to crush Jung Hanbaek. Hyeonu pledged at this moment that he would make this person know regret and despair.

Meanwhile, Hyeonu arrived at the hotel restaurant. It was the front desk staff who greeted Hyeonu, “Do you have a booking?”

“I have a booking with Kale.”

“I will guide you.”

The front desk staff took Hyeonu to a room deep in the restaurant. Inside the room, a white man in a black suit greeted Hyeonu, “I am Kale. You are actually quite handsome.”

“Kale is also a tough opponent in that regard.”

“We should eat first before talking.

The dining atmosphere was pleasant. Hyeonu’s English was fluent, so there was no problem with their conversation. They talked about the contract only after the dessert came out.

“This is the modified contract. Please check it.”

Hyeonu read over the contract. The contents of the contract were excellent. No, based on what he heard from Yeongchan, it was the highest level in the industry.

“Isn’t this good? As expected of Nike.”

“Check the back. There is something added.” Kale smiled.

The contract contained a hidden card that Nike had prepared for Hyeonu. It was a condition that only Nike could add. Hyeonu’s eyes passed over the contract, and his expression became increasingly sweet.

In short, it was like this:

The contract period was two years.

Hyeonu would get a payment of $10,000 per 10,000 channel subscribers. There would be additional bonuses when it broke through 100,000.

He promised to commit to doing the best publicity possible. He could choose from a rare skill book, rare rated item, or unique rated material every month.

Things might’ve improved to a certain extent, but a rare skill book was something that couldn’t be seen without feeling emotions. There was another thing that was just as good—the unique rated materials. There were a few recipes in Hyeonu’s mind from his experience in the past, but there was no way for him to get the materials for these right now. Though if he had a way to get them, this story would change.

Hyeonu confirmed everything and returned the contract. “Are these really the conditions?”

“Of course. We believe that Mr Gang deserves all of it. Mr G—no, meleegod, I believe you are good enough.”

“I saw Mr G’s video and remembered it, so I looked it up. It was a video of meleegod. Your movements are similar. Thus, I was full of the expectation that Mr G would turn out to be meleegod.”
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