Ranker's Return
Chapter 5
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 5

[The duel will start shortly.]

[5... 4... 3... 2... 1.]

[The duel has started.]

“Don’t be too nervous. You will lose when you’re fighting someone like me. Think of it as an experience,” Park Junu taunted Hyeonu.

However, Hyeonu didn’t listen to Park Junu. Hyeonu was thinking about the current situation. It was about the realistic power difference between himself and Park Junu.

‘Based on the items he’s wearing, he is approximately level 40 based. Most of the items range from normal to uncommon for the warrior class.’

Assuming that Park Junu was an average warrior player, he would’ve invested two points in strength, one in agility, and two in physique with every level up. This meant his strength was 90, his agility 50, and his physique 90.

‘If I use the skill attached to the ring, my strength will boil over while my agility will be lacking. Still, I will win.’

Hyeonu was confident in his control. If he couldn’t win against a small fry like this, it would be impossible for him to make money by coming back to the game. At this thought, Hyeonu moved.

Park Junu, who had swung his sword first, teetered. “Where are you?”

Park Junu also avoided Hyeonu’s attack, as if this level of attack wasn’t enough to harm him. He quickly launched a counterattack using his high agility stat. By Park Junu’s standards, this was the best attack. Nevertheless, this was only at Park Junu’s level.

Hyeonu gently deflected the sword that was approaching with enough momentum to split apart his head.

“!!!” Park Junu saw Hyeonu gently deflect his attack, and anxiety appeared in his mind. He started to once again wonder if Hyeonu was a hunter. Park Junu shook his head violently to get rid of the uneasy feelings and swung his sword faster.

From the beginning, Hyeonu had no intention of prolonging this duel when it involved deleting a character. He wanted to get it done as quickly as possible. Therefore, he took a more aggressive offensive. Hyeonu’s single-edged sword drew a neat line and cut at Park Junu’s thigh. Blood started to flow from the open wound.

At this moment, Hyeonu had a strange thought. It was normal for a person to frown when they got hit. Yet this person’s expression didn’t change at all. No, there was a change. This person was just unhappy. It was the unpleasantness of being hit by a blow from the opponent he had no expectations of.

‘Don’t tell me... Did he shut off the pain sensation altogether?’

“It will be easier than I thought.”

Hyeonu changed his plan. There was no need for excessive gambling.

‘Giant’s Power.’

[Giant's Power has been used.]

[Your strength stat has increased.]

‘My strength stat will be 120 for the next five minutes.’

It was enough time to beat his opponent.

“Shit! Will I lose to a beginner?” Park Junu shouted as he allowed Hyeonu’s attacks. His attacks missed or were blocked. Meanwhile, his opponent’s attacks injured him. Park Junu’s anger erupted. His combat effectiveness declined. The black trajectory of his sword headed toward Hyeonu, but he only cut through empty air.

Park Junu was lost in his anger, and his sword path was extremely straight. Such an attack couldn’t do any damage to Hyeonu. Perhaps it would’ve been different if he hadn’t used Giant’s Power, but Hyeonu’s already boiling strength meant Park Junu couldn’t gain any slight advantage. Rather, Hyeonu’s perfect control caused Park Junu to be hurt repeatedly and withdraw often.

In some ways, it was natural. Putting the stats aside, the problem was the difference in skill. The difference between Park Junu and Hyeonu was like the difference between heaven and earth!

“Why? Why?!! Why isn’t it hitting?”

“It isn’t that it isn’t hitting. You can’t hit me. You should know your subject.”

“Idiot. It isn’t possible for you. You have no talent,” Hyeonu added in a low voice, but Park Junu could hear it.

“It has been five minutes. Let’s finish this now.”

Hyeonu’s words precisely pierced Park Junu, who had already lost half his spirit.

‘Idiot? I don’t have talent? Me? Park Junu? Lose to this beginner brat?’

“Die!!!!” Park Junu screamed and ran toward Hyeonu.

“Those are just words. What can you do with that body...”

‘Block it,’ Park Junu instinctively thought when he saw the blade flying toward him. He tried to stop the sword, but his body didn’t listen.

“There is only death.”

It was a brutal sentence, but Park Junu couldn’t hear it. His head had already been blown away by Hyeonu’s single-edged sword. Park Junu fell to the ground without even a scream.


[You have won the duel.]

[The rewards will be paid in accordance to the rule of ‘winner-takes-all.’]

“How much do you have?”

What was this wealth? This was Hyeonu’s impression of the inventory he obtained from Park Junu.


“Now I just need to make it?”

After the duel with Park Junu, Hyeonu entered the dungeon and managed to obtain the last material while the Black Skull members were running around in confusion. Then he headed to Aslan’s workshop. It was a place where it was possible to manufacture items even without a production class.

Hyeonu stood in front of a large capsule that didn’t match the fantasy style on the other side of the workshop. The capsule’s name was: Now I’m also a Production Class!

This capsule was in charge of producing items for players. However, there was one downside…

There wasn’t any skill correction.

[Please put in the materials.]

“Put in this one, this one as well. Oh, I’ll put this in too.”

Hyeonu took the materials needed for production from his inventory, put them in the capsule, and lowered the lid. Then he pressed the production button.

Thump! Thump! Thump thump!

Exciting music flowed out, and numbers started to emerge above the capsule.

[0%... 10%... 20%... 50%... 100%.]

[The production is a success!]

[Check the item that was created.]

A message appeared in front of Hyeonu, and the capsule automatically opened, revealing the item it had created. It was a small glass bottle. Hyeonu carefully checked the information of the glass bottle.

[Ancient Rapid Growth Elixir]

[-Elixir of growth made using ancient secrets.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: None

Effect: Increases experience gained by 20% for the next four hours.]

“I didn’t remember it incorrectly.”

Hyeonu was grinning. He would be able to put out the urgent fire with this item. If there was one disappointing thing, it was that he could only make an elixir once a month.


On an Arena-only trading site, a huge bomb was dropped in the Arena store. It was because the experience elixir, which had been discontinued six months ago, reappeared. There was only one.

Streamers, dark gamers, rich people, and professional gamers rushed in. It was a great opportunity to bully or chase after competitors. As a result, the price of the elixir rose exponentially. Additionally, people were looking for Hyeonu who made the elixir.

“Hey! The restrictions on expenses have been lifted. There is only one. Buy it right now? Understood.”

“Who made the elixir? Who is selling it? Find out using all means!”

“5,000 gold? Is that a problem? Buy it immediately! Buy it no matter the price!”

Six months ago, an equivalent experience elixir sold for 3,000 gold. The time remaining for the auction of the elixir was 30 minutes. The current price was 5,000 gold, which had already surpassed the previous 3,000 gold.


“I was lucky. I didn’t expect to sell the elixir for such an expensive price.”

Hyeonu arrived at his father’s hospital room with his arms full of gifts. Yesterday, the growth elixir in Arena’s store sold at a ridiculous price, allowing him to buy these gifts. Hyeonu felt better about giving his mother a gift he had been afraid to buy.

“Why was money so good?” Hyeonu muttered as he stood alone in front of the room. It raised people’s spirits. Hyeonu was now gradually learning about money, unlike in the past.

Knock knock.

“Come in.” It was his mother’s voice. She couldn’t hide the tiredness in her voice.

‘Mother...!’ Hyeonu’s thoughts became complicated when he heard his mother’s voice. He wanted to get revenge against those who destroyed his family, and he felt the need to move his father and mother to a better environment immediately.

“Mother, I’m here.” Hyeonu hid his thoughts and entered the hospital room.

“Oh, my? Why are you coming here when you are so busy? It must’ve been tough. Rest at home. By the way, what is this?”

“It is Mother’s birthday. We might not be able to hold a party, but you should at least eat meat.” Hyeonu held a bag in each of his hands. Hyeonu’s mother might be very tired, but she was worried about her son who she hadn’t seen in a long time.

“If you have money to buy something like this, you should save it for your meals. Your face has become thinner. Let’s see...”

“I’m eating fine. What about Father?”

“He isn’t bad. I hope he recovers soon...”

“I’ve paid off all the medical bills. He will be moved to a hospital room with double beds. I’ll even get a caretaker if you want. That... Mother should also take a small break,” Hyeonu said in a voice that was close to tears.

His mother hugged Hyeonu silently. “I’m fine... I’m fine...”
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