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Twins of Different Fates

Ten years later, Fang Zhifei was killed in his cell, when Zhou Yun Sheng got the news, he had no time to react before he was ejected from the world. A surge of violent energy poured into his soul, when he returned to his own body, he transferred it into 008’s storage.

“He woke up, he woke up!” Someone cheered.

Then several hands reached into the dizzy Zhou Yun Sheng’s restoration bay to help him out and dry his body.

“How long have I been unconscious?” He took off his virtua helmet and looked around, it was the same underground hospital.

“You were unconscious for a day and a night.” A young nurse stuffed a nutrition capsule into his mouth.

“Did you find the self-destruct program?” The Marshal got the news and rushed over.

“No, but I found a small trail, I need more time.” Zhou Yun Sheng put on his clothes and walked into his studio, still holding onto his helmet. He said in a heavy voice, “I need to organize the data, let no one disturb me during this time.”

The Marshal nodded, they now didn’t have a better method to deal with the Queen, they could only hope knowing things were hopeless, not to mention the other party was their last bit of hope.

Zhou Yun Sheng spent three days to transform the cumbersome helmet-style 008 into a light stud earring style. Not only had the energy stored inside it not been reduced, he’d increased the thread of Yi Zheng’s mental wavelength. He repeatedly studied this wavelength, and rewrote it into code. If he could collect a complete set of code, he would be able to bring Yi Zheng back to the real world.

Seven days later, he left the studio and headed for the ICU, where the bodies of soul trapped victims resided.

“Why is even General Orr brain dead?! His physical and spiritual rank are clearly S-Class, he should be able to survive!”

“God, why did such a terrible thing happen?”

“Can we still beat the Queen?”

Some nurses were shedding anxious and fearful tears while disassembling the sensors connected to the patient. Zhou Yun Sheng took a closer look and recognized the man on the bed as General Orr, the general once praised as the Empire’s future star. He was born noble, with extraordinary ability, at only 27 years old he achieved illustrious military exploits, and was the one most likely to succeed the Imperial Marshal’s position.

More than a month of continuous sleep had made him lose a lot of weight, but his facial contours were deeper and stiffer, not like a dying man. A young man in military uniform was bent over his face, his expression very sad.

Zhou Yun Sheng walked past them and carefully glanced at the young man’s face, he recognized him as Jeram Assai, General Orr’s younger brother. His acting skills were high enough to fool everyone, except Zhou Yun Sheng, who was refined after thousands of years of reincarnation. He felt absolutely no grief from this man.

“Thank you for taking care of my brother all this time.” Seeing that the nurses had completely removed Orr’s medical equipment, he walked over to shake their hands one by one.

“No, this is our job.” The nurses shook their heads, ashamed.

Jeram wanted to say something more, but a soldier came over to tell him to get ready for a mission. He walked to the bedside, devotedly kissed his brother’s forehead, then turned around, a teardrop falling.

When he was far away, the nurses glanced at each other and sighed with infinite sadness.

“Can I stay with General Orr alone for a while? I’m his fan.” Zhou Yun Sheng knocked on the open door’s frame.

“Sure, go ahead.” The nurses recognized him and immediately walked over to help him.

“Are you sure General Orr is brain-dead?”

“Yes, the sensors can no longer detect any brain waves.”

“Can you help me connect the sensors again? I wanted to talk to him, maybe he’ll suddenly wake up? Doesn’t medical science have many examples of such things happening?”

The boy’s eyes were very black and bright, because of his sadness, they were filling with tears, he looked very pitiful. The nurses couldn’t stand his pleading gaze. Thinking that the next time he went to sleep, he might not wake up again, they couldn’t refuse such a small request made by the hero.

They were not afraid of getting into trouble, they re-connected the medical equipment, saw the still undisturbed brain waves, and couldn’t help but shake their heads sadly.

As soon as the nurses withdrew from the room, Zhou Yun Sheng bent over the bed and looked at the man. There was no doubt that the other side’s soul had been swallowed by the Queen. The person lying here was just an empty vessel, and he happened to need such a vessel.

He took off 008 and pierced it into the man’s earlobe, then pressed the energy transfer button and implanted Yi Zheng’s mental wavelength into the man’s brain. Five minutes later, the flat EEG began to jump and issue a hopeful bleeping sound. Zhou Yun Sheng smiled, then pinned the energy emptied 008 back onto his ear.

“What’s going on?” The nurses had been waiting outside in the corridor, they heard the ringing and immediately ran in, astonished to see that General Orr’s brain activities had restarted.

“Ah, he’s alive, he’s really alive! Go get a doctor.”

Several nurses ran out, leaving a colleague behind to check the various data.

“Please, you have to take good care of him while I’m asleep.” Zhou Yun Sheng stroked the man’s emaciated cheek and pleaded earnestly.

“Of course, we will.”

“Thank you.” Zhou Yun Sheng slightly nodded and strode towards the engine room. His guess had been correct, he really could bring his lover back. He couldn’t afford to relax now, he had to decipher his lover’s original code, then help him form a souled body in the real world, so he could really live.

He knew that this was also what the Queen had always wanted to achieve, it devoured so many souls, one, for the energy, two, to find the secret to reshaping the soul and body.

If it could find a human in the real world to help it, it would be successful if it told its source code to them. But Zhou Yun Sheng wasn’t worried about this situation happening. There might be a human willing to help the Queen, but it was impossible for the Queen to hand over its source code, it was too cautious and paranoid.

Zhou Yun Sheng hurried to the engine room, pushed open the door and loudly said, “I want to re-enter the Star Network.”

“Yes.” Everybody methodically prepared.

“I don’t need a virtua helmet, I can wear this.” He pointed to the black earring on his earlobe and took off his clothes, then immersed himself in the restoration bay.


When he opened his eyes, Zhou Yun Sheng was sitting in a speeding car, the scenery outside the window like a shadow, leaving behind an indistinct, gray blur.

He sensed someone sitting by his side, but he didn’t turn around to take a look, he just searched his own memory, then his lips hooked up in a wry smile.

Great, this was another world that once let him die a miserable death, and the humiliation far exceeded the last world. Here, he was a left behind child named Huang Yi, living in a very remote and poor mountain village. He was raised by his grandparents, and grew up to 16 years old seeing his parents’ faces only a handful of times. Because the family was poor, the couple had to work day and night, and because there was no travel expenses, they often couldn’t return home even on the New Year. They could only send most of the money they earned to their parents, so they could provide for their child’s studies.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s paternal grandparents passed away the first year of middle school, and in his first year of high school, both his parents got into a car accident and died in an altercation with the driver. He could’ve followed his parents to the big city and improve the family’s situation by developing software, but the system hadn’t allowed him to do that, instead, giving him the task of staying in the countryside. The perpetrator tried to cover up the truth of his parents’ death with a few handouts, so Zhou Yun Sheng was furious to the extreme, but he couldn’t do anything because of the system’s imprisonment.

The only thing he could do was wait quietly- wait until his paternal grandparents died, wait until his father and mother died, wait until his maternal grandparents died, and finally, wait until the fate of the world’s son arrived.

The other man looked very handsome, long and narrow eyes full of gloom and indifference. When his expensive white suit and white glove clad body had appeared in Zhou Yun Sheng’s dilapidated, little loess cave, Zhou Yun Sheng had thought he’d seen an angel. The man’s cold temperament seemed to purify the turbid air.

At that time, Zhou Yun Sheng had thought: If this man’s gay, I’ll certainly perform any task.

Unfortunately, the man was not gay, nor was he an angel, on the contrary, he was a demon, a no sense of morality or right and wrong, downright demon.

He walked up to Zhou Yun Sheng and looked at his mud stained face with cold eyes, only lightly opening after a long time, “You have a family member, want to see her?”

The system promptly released the task to follow the man and leave, so he nodded and wiped his runny nose while the man watched him with eyes full of disgust.

Whoever the system allowed to get close to him would certainly be a threat, already aware that he was the villain, Zhou Yun Sheng immediately threw any trace of goodwill for the man to the back of his mind and stayed alert. However, this was just a pointless effort, under the system’s control, he had no choice but to walk into extreme danger with his own two feet.

As usual, his guess was spot on, that dark future had really been awaiting him.

Currently, the time period he dropped into was when he was leaving his hometown with this man. The man had a very serious case of mysophobia, he brought him into the city’s best hotel and scrubbed him down for three hours, waiting for the attendant to rub three layers of skin off him before putting him into clean casual clothes. Then they drove to the capital.

Huang Yi’s hometown was very far away from the capital, the two, together with an assistant, transferred by several modes of transport before smoothly arriving at their destination. On the more than 10-hour long journey, the man never talked to Zhou Yun Sheng, his face had no expression, and his eyes were unfathomable. As more time passed, he seemed to fade out of existence, like air, but his eye-catchingly handsome appearance and elegant demeanor made him resemble a ray of sunshine.

No matter where he went, someone would always recognize him, but they never rushed over to bother him. They were either afraid of polluting his air, or blinded by his brilliance.

At that time, Zhou Yun Sheng was very curious about the man’s identity, but the villain system wouldn’t give him any information. It wasn’t until much later that Zhou Yun Sheng learned that the man was the youngest and most talented professional pianist in China, at the age of twelve, he won the Chopin International Piano Competition. Today, now 26, he’d already held numerous piano concerts, the seats packed.

From small to big- a prodigy, a genius, the king of pianos, and other reputations have been continually added to his head. Such a man, he was arrogantly proud of his capital, while also despising the rights of all the secular world’s people.

At the moment, they had just gotten off the plane and were heading for the man’s suburban mansion, where Zhou Yun Sheng would meet the key figure that enabled the tragic fate in his last life, this world’s goddess.