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Old Bernard arrived on Empire Star that night and took his grandson back to the main house.

He opened the long abandoned underground training room and allowed two loyal Bernard family physicians to use the medical equipment inside to carry out a precise test for his grandson. Before he got the exact data, he couldn’t believe it was true.

Zhou Yun Sheng laid down on the test table and let the medical staff attach sensors to his temples.

“Cecil, enter your spiritual power into the machine through the sensor. Exhaust your efforts to attack its core.” Old Bernard commanded.

“Grandfather are you sure? I heard that this machine is very expensive, at least ten million star coins.” Zhou Yun Sheng raised his eyebrows.

“I said exhaust your efforts so exhaust it. Don’t tell me, you think you can break this machine? It can bear a lot more than you’re capable of imagining. Ok start.” Old Bernard urged.

Zhou Yun Sheng hooked up his lips and inputted his huge spiritual force accumulated over numerous reincarnations into the tester core. If he could rely on spiritual power to create the vast expanse of the Xinghai space, destroying a machine was a piece of cake.

So unfortunately, the testing started up for a second, then there was a loud bang inside the machine, and it exploded into a pool of fragmented pieces of metal rolling on the ground. The two medics and Old Bernard were so frightened that they were speechless for a long time.

“Can the test results come out?” A few minutes later, Old Bernard pushed down his heart palpitations and opened.

“Sorry Marshal, young master Cecil’s input of spiritual power was too fast, we couldn’t get any useful data.” The two medics shook their heads, horrified expressions still hung on their faces. Spiritual power manipulation was a slow process, like climbing, you must rely on willpower to push it up little by little, but Cecil’s spiritual power didn’t need this process, its outbreak was like the explosion of a volcano.

This spiritual power was completely different from the spiritual power of others. Other people’s spiritual power could be used to heal, detect, connect personal terminals, manipulate mecha … … in short it could only play a supporting role. But Cecil’s spiritual power could be used directly to kill.

That was terrible. The two physicians’ faces paled.

Old Bernard also thought of this and his complexion changed a few times, he warned, “This matter cannot be leaked out.” Able to use invisible spiritual power to kill, if such a strong person appeared, it would attract many people’s fear and distrust. They would definitely try to kill Cecil before he could grow up.

Fortunately, the two people were very loyal to the Bernard family and quickly nodded in promise.

No one knew better than Zhou Yun Sheng about his own spiritual power. In the last world, he would run his soul force throughout his body, trying to break the shackles of the godhead every day, and over time his soul force became extremely pure and powerful. Suddenly asking him to exhaust a machine was like asking him to chop vegetables in a balloon, it was difficult to control his strength and not burst it.

He coughed and waved away their concerns, “Change the machine, I’ll be gentle.”

The two physicians’ mouths twitched slightly, and soon a new machine was pushed over.

This time Old Bernard didn’t dare give a reckless order, he asked for a slow input.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded and trickled his soul force into the sensor. The idle arrow on the scale at 0 suddenly soared up, directly across the A line, arriving at A +, Zhou Yun Sheng continued entering his soul force and the arrow continued to rise, in the end it came to a steady stop at 3S, like someone was holding it down at that level, without the slightest fluctuations.

Old Bernard looked at his grandson’s relaxed face, then looked at the arrow that didn’t move, and suddenly understood that his grandson hadn’t exhausted his efforts. However, spiritual power 3S level was the highest value in human history, anything further was undocumented. It’s good to keep a little hidden trump card.

He nodded, then ordered a doctor to test his grandson’s physique, the results also left him satisfied.

“Grandfather, can you sign my medical order now?” Zhou Yun Sheng removed the various sensors on his body and casually asked.

“Arrange the operation for Cecil as soon as possible.” Old Bernard looked to the two physicians.

The two nodded, no objection. Young master Cecil had so much potential, they were afraid even the well-known strongest in Empire Star, Osborne Matthew, was not his match. It would be insulting to let him maintain his Omega’s status, where at any time he could enter estrus and succumb to an Alpha’s body, stifling the one hope to restore the glory of the past of the Bernard family.

Marrying young master Cecil off to another home would be considered too cheap a bargain, fortunately Osborne had no eyes and he’d taken the initiative to break the engagement. The two physicians were secretly pleased as they headed to the surgical unit to prepare for surgery.

Old Bernard stroked his bald forehead and laughed heartily.

“Don’t get distracted by happiness, arrange a training plan for me immediately. This underground training field is my property in the future, no one is allowed in. If I must enroll in Chelman by early September, I need to pass the assessment to become a reserve soldier. The lost Marshal status of the Bernard family will be recaptured by me.” Zhou Yun Sheng walked into the gravity training room and adjusted the data.

Now was the end of July, he must graduate from A-level physical exercise to 3S level in a month’s time. Chelman Military Academy’s entrance examination was very strict, every candidate must sign a life and death release form, and the death rate was as high as 3%. Those who could enter Chelman Military Academy were ruthless people who had witnessed bloodshed, it was not a joke.

Thinking of a future full of explosions and death, Zhou Yun Sheng’s blood started boiling in excitement.

Old Bernard carefully observed his grandson’s expression and saw the ambitious light radiating out of his eyes, he obviously wasn’t scared of the bloody admissions test, and was suddenly cheerier. He changed the authority of the training ground to allow only himself and his grandson to enter, then returned to his study to develop a training plan.


The operation was very successful, Zhou Yun Sheng touched the gauze winding around his neck and felt refreshed. Old Bernard didn’t tell anyone at the main house because he was worried that the news would be dangerous for his grandson.

But the scheming busybody Cornell had grasped onto some clues, he tampered with the data of the robot responsible for cleaning Cecil’s room and made it collect all the garbage Cecil threw away. He found several medications wrapped up in gauze which were usually prepared for an Omega whose glands had become cancerous, in order to regulate their body’s hormones. Because their glands didn’t work, these unfortunate Omega needed to rely on the drug to gradually return to normal living conditions, otherwise, they suffered from insomnia, hair loss, and mental weakness.

Cecil just had a physical check before he got engaged, and his glands had no problems. Why did he need this medication? Did he cut out his glands?

The idea was absurd, but after Cornell observed for many days, he became surer that it was the truth. Cecil began growing taller and his body became more robust, although he was still small compared to an Alpha, his original soft and delicate body was gradually covered by thin and smooth muscle.

His facial features were still outstanding, but his brows were thicker, and his dark pupils sometimes radiated a sharp edge, making him look very dangerous. In just half a month, he evolved from a flashy flower into a beast of prey, making Cornell, who was secretly observing him, feel frightened.

But when the feeling of intimidation receded, Cornell felt that it was a great outcome. Cecil cut out his glands, he could never marry in this life, so Matthew’s marriage proposal could only go to Jasper. He was simply happy enough to thank God that Cecil’s psychology was so fragile, allowing him to destroy his own life on impulsive because of a man.

No wonder his father-in-law came back so suddenly, it was certainly to take care of Cecil and prevent him from doing such stupid things again.

Cornell told the news to his son Jasper that night, to encourage him to urge his father and fight for the marriage rights, either way, Cecil had no hope.

As the saying goes, the color blue is made out of indigo but is more vivid than indigo, when it came to scheming, Jasper didn’t lose to his mother. His eyes widened in glee and he quickly published an anonymous message on the Star Network – Cecil Bernard couldn’t stand the blow of rejection and castrated himself.

Cecil had previously attended the Sinderson Art Institute, in fact, most Omega went there for education. Their delicate physique limited their range of employment, and they were inherently more emotional than the other sexes, very suitable for the arts. In a galaxy where Omega were so scarce, most of the Alpha and Beta wanted to pursue them.

So the prestigious Omegas with outstanding appearances usually became world-renowned superstars before marriage, and Cecil was one of the best. He’d taken a few movie roles in his two years of schooling, and they all received great reviews, he was on a lot of Alphas’ list for dream lover. This was the reason why him being rejected was so widely spread, he was very popular.

Now a new problem arose before the old one was solved and it caused an uproar. His fans almost blew up the Star Network to seek out the truth. They couldn’t believe that Cecil would despair to such an extent, if he couldn’t marry Osborne he would never marry? How can he be so foolish!

Osborne had been having unusually rough days lately, when casually walking down the street, he would always meet strange Alphas who would attack him unprovoked. He’d made an appointment to have lunch with Joshua, but he had to beat down several challengers before arriving at the rendezvous site, he even had a small gash on his forehead.

“Sorry I’m late, I had to fight a few challengers today. For some strange reason I keep getting random challenges from random people suddenly popping up lately. I can’t even go for a walk without someone getting in the way.” He gracefully smiled at the young man.

He only showed his gentle side when he was in front of the boy. He was obsessed with his hair, eyes, and lips, as long as he laid his eyes on him, he couldn’t contain the shaking in his heart. He would call out his name again and again even in his dreams, as if he could never get enough.

He never would’ve guessed that he would fall in love with someone at first sight, the feeling of his soul being struck by a hard blow almost made him lose his mind. He’d noticed the boy among thousands of new students at almost a glance, and he couldn’t control his desire to pursue him. When he’d learned that the boy’s inner self was even more excellent than his external appearance, it made it even more difficult to extricate himself from this love.

Joshua usually enjoyed basking in Osborne’s affections, but he found it particularly hard to face him today. Osborne had rejected his family-arranged marriage for him and declared that he didn’t need a birthing machine, but a lover who could stand by his side with their own strength. This sentence had simply melted Joshua’s heart.

He’d finally made up his mind to be with Osborne, and was planning to find time to reveal his Omega identity, but he didn’t expect Cecil would do such a crazy thing.

Now, he felt that the happiness between Osborne and himself was founded on Cecil’s pain, making him not have the mood to enjoy feeling the sweetness of love.

“I think I know why. Look at this.” Joshua opened his personal terminal and projected out Empire Star’s hottest news headline.

Osborne’s relaxed and happy expression gradually turned solemn. He shook his head in disbelief, he wanted to say something but found himself speechless.

“You shouldn’t have refused him in public at his own engagement party, you should’ve communicated with him in private.” Joshua’s mood was very low. He felt that he had ruined a man’s life, and that burden was so heavy that he couldn’t breathe.

“I had no choice. Grandpa didn’t even tell me that it was my own engagement feast. At the end of the banquet, he suddenly called me out and asked me and Cecil to drink engagement wine. All the nobles and military higher ups were present, if I’d compromised I wouldn’t be qualified to be with you, I had to refuse on the spot.”

“I didn’t want to disappoint you, so I could only disappoint him, can you understand my decision? I’m not the kind of Alpha than can casually mark any Omega, I can only stay true to the one I love.” Osborne firmly held Joshua’s hand, his eyes steady and clear.

Joshua was very touched, but he also felt some resistance. He shook off Osborne’s hand, picked up his backpack and left without a word.

Osborne drained the glass of wine on the table and left in disappointment.

After a few days, not only did the gossip storm not subside, it intensified. There was constant urging for Cecil to come out and clarify, curses at the Matthew family’s ruthlessness, and demands for the Matthew family to take responsibility. But in any case, Old Matthew couldn’t let his grandson marry a barren wife, so he made a proposal to Johnny Bernard, intending to give Cecil a large sum of money and send him to live on another planet.

Of course, the premise was if he really had castrated himself.

Zhou Yun Sheng spent day and night in the training room, he had no interest in the rumors of the outside world. Old Bernard was furious, he kicked out the men Old Mathew had sent and threatened that the Bernard family would never marry into the Matthew family.

Jasper and Cornell’s wishful plans failed miserable, the anxiousness in their hearts didn’t even need to be mentioned. But they knew that Osborne had a very strong sense of responsibility, he would never leave things in limbo.

Sure enough, after one week of uproar, a haggard looking Osborne visited the Bernard family’s main house. Under Old Bernard’s orders, no one entertained him. Johnny was at work, Jasper and Cornell were under house arrest in another room, so only Cecil’s younger brother with the awkward identity of a Beta, Archie, greeted him, staring at him with big eyes.

“I want to see Cecil now, otherwise I’ll visit the Bernard home every day until I do.” Osborne made a tough request. He despised Cecil’s self-mutilating behavior, if he felt that he could force him to give in because of it, he was wrong. He could never fall in love with a man with such a foolish character.

“Wait here a moment, I’ll ask my grandfather.” Archie opened the personal terminal on his wrist.

Old Bernard’s rough voice came out, “Has Matthew’s annoying brat left yet?”

Archie glanced at Osborne in embarrassment and shook his head, “No grandfather, he refused to leave. He said he must see big brother Cecil now, or else he’ll come to our house every day.”

“What? What a spoiled brat! You wait there, I’ll send someone to kick him out and break his two legs!” Old Bernard had wanted to do that from the day Osborne refused the engagement.

Archie felt even more embarrassed, but Osborne didn’t even furrow his brow.

But soon, a breathless voice came out from the terminal, “Wait a minute, tell him to stay. I want to make a video with him to clarify the rumors. Arch, tell him to wait a moment, I’ll be right up.”

The terminal hung up and the hoarse sexy voice disappeared, Osborne felt his eardrum itch, and he shifted in discomfort.

A few minutes later, hurried footsteps sounded outside the living room, Osborne turned to look and his expression froze. In only one month, Cecil had become a completely different person from his memory.

His facial features were still gorgeous, but because his eyebrows were slightly thicker, he looked extremely fierce, his original pink lips had somehow turned into a bright crimson color, which looked like a drop of blood in contrast to his now snow white skin, revealing a shocking beauty. He’d also grown a lot taller, although he was still boyish when compared to the burly Alpha, when observed by himself, he looked extraordinarily tall and strong.

His black hair was cut short, and it seemed to be stained with sweat, almost dripping wet. He only wore a black workout vest, exposing his thin and smooth muscles, each nimble step shaking off drops of sweat, he looked erotic and hot.

He was more gorgeous than before, the kind of gorgeous that could burn everyone to ashes, like meandering, flowing magma. Osborne stared at him, frozen stiff, he seemed to have now clearly understood what Cecil had done to himself.

The boy’s eyes briefly touched him with indifference, but he felt as if his pupils were cutting into him, he involuntarily looked away, awkward. He quickly looked back up and watched the boy take a towel Archie had stretched out to him and hastily rub the sweat off his body and hair.

His current actions were nothing like regular Omega, who always paid a lot of attention to their appearance. He carelessly rubbed his hair with the towel, giving him more of a wild and debauch appearance. He threw away the towel, grabbed a white shirt from a hanger and pulled it over his head as he casually greeted, “Long time no see, Osborne.”

After the strenuous exercise, his breathless and husky voice made Osborne’s eardrum grow numb. He smelled a touch of sweat, so wonderfully sweet, which suddenly made him feel unable to stand or sit still.

Cecil’s sweat smells so good, maybe he didn’t actually cut out his glands. Osborne absentmindedly thought as he reflexively returned the greeting.

“I’m sorry for the trouble I’ve caused you, but I’ve been very busy lately, so I had no time to come out and clarify the matter. Now that you’re here, the time is right, let’s shoot a video to show them the truth. It should be stated that my decision has nothing to do with your previous marriage refusal.” Zhou Yun Sheng walked over to his side and sat down.

“So, you really did cut out your glands?” Osborne asked with difficulty.

“Yup!” Zhou Yun Sheng lifted his hair, showing the scar on his neck to the other man, and gave a hearty laugh, “You don’t have to feel any psychological burden. I did this for my future, it’s not self-harm because of your rejection. In fact, I’m glad you decisively rejected the marriage, I, Cecil, don’t need the bondage of marriage.”

“Okay grandfather, help us record the video.” He handed the camcorder to the still irritated Old Bernard, and waved, beckoning Osborne to sit a little closer.

Osborne moved to his side, his handsome face stiff like a sculpture. The smell of Cecil’s sweat seemed to be invading his body, making him feel very uncomfortable.

“Ready?” Zhou Yun Sheng looked to the camera.

“Ready, say what you need to say.” Old Bernard pressed the record button.

“Hello everybody, I’m Cecil, this is Osborne, and we’re sitting here today to clarify the rumors. I really did take out my glands, but it’s not because I couldn’t handle the blow from the marriage refusal, it’s to prepare for entering the army. In fact, I submitted an application to Chelman and will take part in the three admissions exams in early September.”

Osborne looked at him with astonishment and anxiously said, “Chelman’s entrance exams are very harsh, even Alpha can’t escape the 3% death rate, not to mention Omega like you. Please don’t be impulsive, don’t put yourself at risk to prove something to me. You can have a better future.” He remembered that during his refusal he’d said that he didn’t like delicate and helpless Omega, if Cecil had made this decision because of that remark, he had to stop him.

“No, you’re wrong,” Zhou Yun Sheng smiled cheerfully, a confident gleam flashing in his eyes that dazzled everyone who watched him, “I’m not trying to prove anything to you or anyone else. I just think that the extent of a person’s ability should dictate how much social responsibility they have to bear. People born with my ability should assume greater social responsibility than plain ole marriage and child care. Of course, the Omega who continue to produce descendants for the Empire are also very honorable, they deserve respect.”

Osborne tried to persuade him, but the young man suddenly hugged him and sincerely opened, “We’re still friends, Osborne. I don’t hate you, on the contrary, I sincerely bless you and your lover from my heart.” His eyes were full of deep warmth and pleasure, there was no doubt that he had come out on top of the setback and intended to live for himself.

His mental state was very stable, dazzling like a star.

Osborne had arrived with a gloomy mood, but he didn’t feel the slightest bit relaxed at his departure. He stood at the door, turning his head to look at the back of the boy hurrying away, his heart felt like a large chunk had been carved out from it. The vague impression the original Cecil had given him was now replaced by a bright, gorgeous, and confident boy who couldn’t be expelled from his mind.

He closed his eyes and walked away, unexpectedly cutting a sorry figure.

The video that Cecil and Osborne co-produced gained a lot of people’s attention. They insisted that Cecil produced such a crazy idea because he was trying to prove to Osborne that he was not delicate. The fans tried hard to discourage him from being impulsive, the haters were anticipating seeing him die in the entrance exam, and the apathetic ones set up a bet on him, treating his life and death as a joke.

In the face of all this, Zhou Yun Sheng took everything in stride. He only left one status update on the Star Network – Wait and see.

The day after the video was uploaded, Jasper and Cornell were sent to a very remote Bernard family owned planet by Old Bernard and ordered to never return to Empire Star.