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The Next Top Supermodel

Zhou Yun Sheng pulled out the energy of the Xinghai space and once again woke up standing in a very modern and magnificent living room. No one was around, but a sound came from upstairs, after careful listening he could distinguish probably fourteen or fifteen teenage men and women. The walls were decorated with huge frames, one was a portrait of a very beautiful woman, in the lower right corner was grand letters that spelled her name, Ariel Blanc.

Opposite him was a huge poster of a man, the lower left corner marked the words TOP1. The man had on a white shirt, black suit pants, and a very idle and noble attitude. He was sitting in a gothic style wooden chair, his right hand was pushing up his golden hair up, and his eyes were slanted in a faint smile.

This man, whether it was his body or his appearance or his temperament, were all perfect and impeccable. His chiseled face and deep melancholy eyes could make any woman go crazy for him, of course, some men too.

Zhou Yun Sheng stood in front of the poster for a long time, earnestly appreciating and analyzing the man’s data. The man’s temperament was similar to his lover, but he was only 187 cm tall, he didn’t meet the height standard. Even when his love was in ancient times, he was still more than 6ft 2in tall.

After clearing his suspicions, Zhou Yun Sheng looked at his AI, 007 was flashing out information. While he was reading, he heard several men and women slip down the staircase handrail, laughing and joking. They saw the young man standing in front of the poster, and suddenly quieted down, they habitually sneered and glared with eyes of disgust and contempt.

This body was in a very bad position. This villa was covered with cameras and everyone was followed by a few cameraman, they seemed to be making a reality show.

Pondering on this, Zhou Yun Sheng finished reading all the info. He felt that he could probably treat this world as a holiday, because the original’s wish was really too simple.

The protagonist of this world was a woman named Emily Taylor, Chinese, 178 cm tall, an angelic face and a devilish body, plus a very clever mind. But as the saying goes – Everyone is an apple God has taken a bite out off, nobody’s perfect.

Although Emily had beauty to make most women jealous, she had a tragic childhood. When she was three years old, she lost her father, and because of poverty, she had to follow her mother and roam around, her life was very unstable. Also, because of her height and looks, she was often bullied.

She dropped out of high school and went to work in a bar, she saw all kinds of people and experienced the darkest and most disgusting things, so she develop a very strongminded character. When she was twenty years old, her mother locked her and her stepfather in the house, allowing her stepfather to rape her, just to keep up her precarious marriage.

She wounded her stepfather and escaped the house, but didn’t bring a penny. When she was desperate, she saw a posting on the roadside for the selection of The Next Supermodel, so, she carried her last bit of hope to sign up, and stand out.

This was a supermodel world, it was full of a fashionable atmosphere. Zhou Yun Sheng felt very comfortable since he was once a supermodel and superstar, and this was not the first time he became a different race, so he didn’t feel out of place.

This body was named Romeo Parker, he was also selected to join the group of fifteen supermodel contestants. If this reality show was the beginning of Emily’s glorious life, for Romeo, it was the beginning of all the tragedy.

In fact, Romeo’s childhood was not any better than Emily’s. He was very young when he lost his parents and was fostered to his Aunt. His Aunt was a very grumpy woman, with four of her own children, and mediocre finances. If Romeo’s parents hadn’t left him a large inheritance, she wouldn’t have adopted him.

Romeo looked very thin when he was young, and he was more beautiful than the average girl, so he was often bullied. When he was fourteen years old, one day he suddenly realized that he didn’t like girls, but he was particularly concerned with handsome boys, and was eager to get closer to them. This made him feel very uneasy.

He suffered in self-doubt for three desperate years, and his character grew gloomier as his self-esteem lowered. To compensate, his external performance became very arrogant and stubborn, erecting defenses to attack all the people who may hurt him. He wanted to hide himself, while also wanting to walk under the sun, to get the world’s recognition.

When he saw a “The Next Supermodel” audition advertisement online, he made a bold decision, he would participate and become a male supermodel. Fortunately, from the age of fifteen, his height had shot up, he was not yet 18 but he was already 183 cm. Although his appearance was tender, his facial features were extremely delicate and beautiful, especially his watery blue eyes. It was as if he was carrying a whole ocean in his big eyes, he looked naive like a new born baby.

From his appearance, he absolutely wasn’t inferior to any other players, and he had a clean temperament that no one else had. His photos and videos surprised the hosts and they immediately accepted him.

This program was invested in by the most famous television station in A Country, ABC. Because of the potential value of the program, ABC invited the most luxurious production team to spend 24 hours a day to shoot the most realistic side of the players without interruption, in order to attract the viewers and make this program ABC’s trump card.

This was the first season and there will be a second, third, fourth……… All the people that were carrying a supermodel dream and had the strength to keep it, could find their own position on this stage.

Now, the program had broadcasted three episodes, in the first episode, Emily won the first prize, in the second episode, Emily won the first prize again, and the third episode winner, Hayden Brown, became Emily’s boyfriend- the man in the poster.

All the players were young men and women between the ages of 16-25, with all the outstanding appearances and tall figures, it was inevitable that there would be romance. Hayden not only looked masculine and handsome, his family background was very strong. His father was the world’s top fashion designer, Valentine, his mother was retired supermodel, Susan. This made him grab everyone’s attention from the beginning.

Emily was a very clever schemer, out of all the female players who coveted him, she managed to pull him into her palm. The two people would comfort each other, help each other, and become invincible. They would enter the top three, and finally, Hayden would take the initiative to give the supermodel title to his girlfriend.

Then, Emily would begin her stunning and dazzling life.

Under the radiance of the heroine, Romeo was just a humble cannon fodder. He was too eager to win the game, so he treated all the players as enemies. He would criticize their appearance, dress, makeup and hygiene, and he especially liked to slander Hayden and Emily, like a pesky buzzing fly, everyone wanted to slap him.

His popularity was very poor, and in the men and women players, only one or two were willing to defend him, most thought that Romeo was like a hedgehog and skunk hybrid, no one could or wanted to get close to him.

Just 10 minutes before Zhou Yun Sheng’s arrival, he had criticized Hayden’s victory, garnering the player’s hatred.

To ensure fairness, the show not only used the three heavyweight judges’ scores, it also allowed viewers to vote on social media. Judges and challenge scores accounted for only 40% of the votes, the audience accounted for 60% of the vote. In other words, if the audience doesn’t like you, then you absolutely couldn’t make it to the end.

The audience weren’t as professional as judges, but their impressions were very essential. To get their favor, you have to one, look outstanding, two, perform perfectly and three, have a pleasant personality. Because of Romeo’s outstanding appearance, he was very popular at first, but as the episodes progressed, his performance was mediocre, and his character was very poor. Plus, he especially liked to attack Hayden and Emily, angering their huge fan base.

His net score was getting lower and lower. In the next program, Hayden would make him shave off his hair, then he will be eliminated.

Romeo was a very sensitive child, he faced all kinds of cynicism when he went back to his home town and he quickly collapsed. He began overeating and indulging in bad habits, and when he was less than 30 years old, he died of a heart attack in bed from morbid obesity. The police received calls from the neighbors and came to check, and they couldn’t believe that the heap of rotting fat was once that beautiful, fairy-like young boy.

So, Romeo’s wish was very simple, he wanted to win the championship, and live freely under the sun.

Zhou Yun Sheng read the data, smiled at the poster on the wall, then bypassed the sneering players and went back to his room. Standing in front of the dressing mirror, he lifted Romeo’s soft hair and took a careful look at his face.

This was a carefully carved face by the hand of God, although he didn’t have the masculine and handsome appearance of a manly man, he was not any less appealing, he had feminine softness. His silk-like skin was white and tender, glowing a healthy color, and his big, blue watery eyes were his most powerful weapon. When he used those eyes on others, no matter what his request, not many people could refuse him.

In Zhou Yun Sheng’s view, Romeo’s looks weren’t inferior to Hayden and Emily’s, but he didn’t know how to use it. The reason Hayden bribed the host to set him up, was mostly just to get rid of a rival. Because he knew, the fashion circle currently favored manly looks like his, but if Romeo’s fairy-like look entered show-biz, he would undoubtedly start a trend.

To gain a foothold in the fashion circle, a beautiful appearance was not enough, you must also have a unique temperament, so you’re unforgettable after the first glance. Hayden’s looks were impeccable, his temperament was also very outstanding, but ‘unique’ wasn’t a word to describe him. Handsome men like him were common goods in the model world.

But Romeo was different. Romeo looked like a fairy lost in modern times, clean and pure, even if he was standing in a crowd of millions, he could still be distinguished. Because his looks were too sparkly, the gap from when he opens his mouth to spew scornful words attracted a lot of the audience’s resentment. Romeo was not a fool, once he had a chance to reflect and correct his attitude, he would definitely have the strength to seize all the prizes. His pure appearance and naive temperament could easily grasp the world’s most cold hearted person’s forgiveness.

Hayden saw his potential from the beginning, so he’d set him up to be kicked out in the early episodes. But now, Zhou Yun Sheng was here, the future will be very different.