Wuxiaworld > Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil > Chapter 65
Facing a Double Rebirth Attack

After meeting and separating, then meeting and separating so many times, Zhou Yun Sheng was already completely relaxed. He took his half of the energy, then quickly jumped into the next world.

It was dark, with a strong smell of blood and a rotten stench, his body panged in bursts of pain, as if all his bones were cracked. Zhou Yun Sheng struggled to turn his neck and found that he was in a cell, opposite the door was a rack of blood stained instruments of torture, indicating that the situation the original body was in was very bad.
He didn’t rush to adjust his body’s data, he just opened the AI to see the original’s data.

This was another man, woman, and Ger coexistence world, and also a double protagonist rebirth world. Before the rebirth, the protagonist gong was Da Yanguo Country’s incapable ruler, he only knew how to waste money and enjoy luxury. Eventually, his debauchery forced his own younger brother, Xuan Wang, into rebellion, and he was killed by arrows.

The protagonist shou was a Ger, he had a strong background in the military, and was an army commander who fought for the country. But because of his beauty, the incapable ruler took him into the palace as a concubine. However, the incapable ruler was surrounded by countless beauties, all of them extraordinary schemers, how could the blunt, no nonsense protagonist cope with all the drama? They saw that the protagonist shou was being more and more favored and joined hands to deal with him, and eventually succeeded in killing his ten-year old son.

Because of that, the protagonist rejected the incapable ruler and lived in solidarity in the palace, his heart dead. But, although he didn’t love the incapable ruler, he had a soldier’s loyalty. So, when Xuan Wang aimed to take over the palace, he did not switch sides like the other concubines, but protected the incapable ruler. But ultimately, the two were shot by arrows and killed, then they were both reborn.

Then the slag gong became a loyal dog gong. Once they were reborn, these two cannon fodders destroyed all who betrayed them and built up those who were loyal to them. Those who had betrayed these cannon fodders suffered a tragic fate, entire families were killed off- it was a genocide.

This body belonged to one of those tragic families, he was named Qi Xiujie and he belonged to one of the top families in Da Yanguo Country, the Qi family. He was also one of the incapable ruler’s concubines in the first life, and was very favored, he’d even threatened the protagonist shou that his son would never be the heir.

Of course, that was in the past life. During the Xuan Wang rebellion, the Qi family had joined hands with the rebellion, and because Qi Xiujie was beautiful, Xuan Wang took him into the harem and doted on him.

So, after the incapable ruler was reborn, he had two goals; one was to protect the protagonist shou and his son; the second was to get rid of Xuan Wang and Qi family.

After three years of conflict, Xuan Wang was grinded to dust, and Qi family was uprooted. Now, Qi Xiujie was the last living family member, and his execution was the next day.

After reading the information, Zhou Yun Sheng let out a sigh of relief, then picked his teeth, bored. He always liked a challenge, but saving Qi Xiujie from death was not really difficult.

While he was pondering, a comely looking man slowly walked into the prison, he had an elegant temperament, but behind him, a harsh looking man came in and frowned. They were responsible for interrogating Qi Xiujie- Li Wang and Gao Lang.

In the first life, Li Wang was under suspicion by the incapable ruler, Emperor Li Jin Tian, so he was abandoned and not used. While he lived in leisure, he grew fond of the protagonist shou, and if not for his constant help, the protagonist shou, Gao Min, wouldn’t have lived so comfortably in the cold palace. In his past life, he’d tried to rescue Li Jin Tian and Gao Min, so in this life, Li Jin Tian treated him kindly. He went from an idle prince to one of the most powerful princes in Da Yanguo Country.

Gao Lang was Gao Min’s brother, in the last life, he was killed in a scheme by the Qi family. In this life, Gao Min warned him and saved his life, and now he was out for revenge against the Qi family. Because Li Jin Tian was deeply in love with Gao Min, Gao Jia got very preferential treatment. In just three years, he frequently promoted Gao Lang, moving him up from a small assistant minister, to a powerful advisor.

He had a ruthless personality, anyone who had even a little enmity with him would end up dead, let alone someone who plotted to kill him. So, when Qi Xiujie fell into his hands, he was inhumanly tortured. Qi family was also slaughtered by his hands, even the babies were not spared.

So, Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t need to guess at Qi Xiujie’s wishes; stay alive, then get revenge.

The two people walked into the prison cell, followed by an attendant who placed a food box on the floor- it was broken rice for Qi Xiujie.

“Why are you feeding him?” Gao Lang kicked the box, saw the rich dishes inside, and unhappily glanced at Li Wang.

“He is about to die, the former things are gone, let him eat a last meal.” Li Wang’s temperament was gentle, unlike Gao Lang, who was disrespectful and heartless.

Gao Lang sneered, he kicked the food box over and ordered, “Come eat.”

The cell was a torture chamber, due to the constant spilled blood, the ground had a layer of dark brown stinky dirt. Gao Lang’s move was an insult to Qi Xiujie.

Zhou Yun Sheng shifted his head to hide the killing intent in his eyes, and stretched out a trembling hand to Li Wang, “Please, prince, let villain see the Emperor one last time. This villain has a secret matter to tell the Emperor.”

“What secret? Telling me is the same as telling him.” Because of Li Jin Tian’s unbridled favor to his family, Gao Lang had long lost the humbleness courtiers should have.

Li Wang glanced at him, his thoughts unknown.

Zhou Yun Sheng gave a contemptuous smile and rebutted, “The matter involves the country, I need to talk with the Emperor. Minister Gao, your status, no matter how high, how could you replace the Emperor?”

In Da Yanguo Country, who would dare say that they could replace the Emperor? Is that not a rebellion? Xuan Wang’s body, which was publicly impaled with a thousand stakes, then burnt to ashes, would pop into mind. Moreover, Qi Jia was once a top-class family, they had a lot of major secrets, who could conclude that Qi Xiujie’s secret about Da Yanguo Country was unimportant.

Thinking of this, Gao Lang had to concede.

Li Wang ordered a replacement meal and sighed.

After the rebirth, Li Jin Tian’s temperament changed. In the past life, he was an incapable ruler, in this life, he’d turned into a suspicious tyrant. Whenever a courtier displeased him, genocide was not far behind. If the protagonist was not subject to him, and didn’t give birth to a brilliant son who inherited the throne and stabilized the country, the Emperor’s death would also lead to Da Yanguo’s death.

When he heard that Qi Xiujie had a confidential matter to tell him, he couldn’t get it out of his mind, and finally paid the prison a visit.

“What did you want to tell me?” Li Jin asked impatiently from behind the screen.

He looked kingly, with a graceful temperament, but his height was less than six feet, so he was not his mysterious lover.

Zhou Yun Sheng was relieved, he slowly opened, “Please, Emperor, look into my eyes.” His voice was very low and soothing, magical, so Li Jin Tian involuntarily looked down, then he was caught in an inescapable black, star filled whirlpool.

“Emperor, what do you see in my eyes? Is it not sincerity? Qi family was loyal to the Emperor, why did the Emperor destroy my family? The Emperor is mistaken, the Emperor should not trust Gao Jia. They are plotting against you.”

After planting a series of suggestions into Li Jin Tian’s mind, Zhou Yun Sheng waved him away, then adjusted the physical data of his body to the optimal state, quietly waiting for tomorrow’s show.

Li Jin Tian went unexamined back to Yang Xin Temple, and fell down in his bed to sleep. He had a dream, the dream was the last memory before he died. He was taken away from the palace by Li Wang and Gao Min, so when Qi family home had sent a few soldiers to rescue him, they were unable to find his shadow anywhere in the palace. Seeing Xuan Wang’s soldiers approaching the city, they had to retreat. A few days later, the Qi family found his arrow pierced corpse, and wept bitterly as they secretly buried his body.

When Qi Xiujie approached Xuan Wang, he used his magnificent appearance and graceful temperament to become the pet concubine, but he never forgot the old Emperor, not only did he secretly enshrine Li Jin’s memorial tablet, he also secretly poisoned Xuan Wang.

Xuan Wang eventually died to the poison, and Qi Xiujie led an army to besiege the Imperial City, then killed Xuan Wang’s children one by one. He then secretly fostered Li Jin Tian’s last descendant and crowned him on the throne. On the day the child ascended the throne, Qi Xiujie personally buried his bones in the imperial tombs, then committed suicide to follow him.

The death bell sounded, and the whole cemetery drifted with white banners to send him off.

Li Jin Tian woke up from the shock. Although it was dreams of memories, it actually felt scarily real, as if his soul was really tied to the concubine palace, accompanying Qi Xiujie for five humiliating years.

How? Did I recover lost memories? After his miraculous rebirth, Li Jin Tian had a strong belief in the supernatural. He rubbed his forehead in thought, more and more bewildered.

“Are you having nightmares? Then go sleep in one of the other rooms. I can’t sleep if you keep twisting and turning.” Gao Min woke up and impatiently asked. Before he’d died, he’d vowed to never love Li Jin Tian again, so in this life, his attitude to Li Jin Tian was very cold.

Li Jin Tian would’ve usually said something to pamper him, but today, for some reason, he actually felt a bit uncomfortable. He got up, dressed and really went to one of the other rooms. He made an attendant pour him a hot cup of tea and massage his temple, then he once again fell asleep.

He dreamt of the current world, in order to repay Gao Min for his loyalty and kindness, he treated Gao family very well. Not only did he promote Gao Lang, on the day of the Longevity Festival, he treated Gao Min as second after the Emperor. He looked on as Gao Min walked up to himself, the courtiers kneeled in congratulations, the red carpet constantly stretch until it reached the throne. He smiled, and was reaching out to pull Gao Min’s hand, when the scene suddenly distorted and changed. He was dead, a transparent ghost, the palace was decorated in white banners and the palace courtiers were kneeling in front of the temple, weeping.

Inside the hall, Gao Min was standing in front of the huge coffin, his face had no grief yet his tears were flowing and he had a strange smile.

Li Jin Tian felt scared and was about to take a closer look, when he saw Li Wang walk out from the temple, hold Gao Min’s hand and sigh, “The day we’ve been waiting for finally arrived.”

Gao Min nodded and slowly leaned on his shoulders, his eyebrows relaxed in fatigue and relief.

What is your relationship? What are you doing? How did I die?! Tell me! Li Jin Tian wanted to grab the two and question them, but his hand passed through their bodies. He remembered that he was dead again, he’d died prematurely in both lifetimes.

Panic and hatred swallowed him until he drowned, he shouted as he woke up, then realized that it was fortunately a dream. But the contrast from the real world to the dream world was too real, so he couldn’t stop trembling when he recalled it.

Did I trust the wrong people? Was Qi family innocent? Is Gao Min really having an affair with Li Wang, and the two will join hands to plot against me? Li Jin Tian’s head burst in pain, an attendant was holding out his robes and kneeling by the bedside, he quickly asked them, “What time is it now?”

“Replying to the Emperor, it is now 5:40 am, the Imperial Court starts in two quarter hours.”

The execution was at three o’clock, it was not too late. Li Jin Tian immediately changed his clothes and rushed to the prison.