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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
Author :Casanovanic Bookworm Feng Liu Shu Dai 風流書呆 风流书呆
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Chapter 63

The day after the concert, Lin Siqing and Ge Mengshu had held separate press conferences to make a statement on the matter. But this matter involved the death of the music godfather, and with Sun Xi Mu’s stimulation, the reporters treated the two very roughly. They pushed out one sharp question after another, rendering the two speechless.

Lin Siqing had tried several times to bow and apologize, but he couldn’t think of an excuse to say in his apology. How could he justify it? The documents he’d submitted to the court had also been published on his blog. The misleading manuscripts had thoroughly proved that he was a liar, an ungrateful villain.

“I’m deeply aware of my own mistakes, please forgive me, please, give me another chance.” He’d choked and uttered this sentence. The Song God was now choking on his tears, crying like a child.

“No forgiveness! We’ll never forgive you!” An Ou Zinan fan hidden in the crowd had shouted loudly. Then someone rushed up and threw a bag of dog shit at him.

Security had quickly carried the man out, leaving the embarrassed Lin Siqing exposed to the cameras. He finally realized that his reputation was now like his suit- putrid, no matter how many times he washed it, he can no longer wear it, it will always look dirty in his mind.

The despair was unbearable, he almost collapsed on the spot, but he resisted. He needed to save Ge Mengshu first. Ge Mengshu never knew the truth, she was innocent, he couldn’t ruin her future.

His manager had tried to pull him away, but he’d refused to leave. He spent a few minutes clarifying Ge Mengshu’s name. Subsequently, Ge Mengshu was also holding a press conference, but he had no knowledge of this. He finally carefully apologized to Ou Zinan and Ou Bai Bo.

Apparently, the fans hadn’t bought it. Her previously soaring number of fans had crashed down, leaving only a few thousand people. Even the recently debut newcomers had more fans than her.

Seeing Ge Mengshu’s incoming destruction, Yun Zhiyuan became alert, and now he’d come to find Sun Xi Mu.

They walked into the office and seated themselves on the couch. Ge Mengshu had on heavy makeup, but it couldn’t conceal her haggardness. She greeted Sun Xi Mu, then quickly glanced at Ou Zinan, who was reclining on the sofa.

The youth was drinking tea, his porcelain white skin fluorescence under the weak sun sunlight. His drooped eyebrows revealed a quiet and melancholy temperament, a picture of beauty. It was hard to imagine that such a usually shy person had such an intimidating stage presence. He could make tens of thousands of people cheer for him, screaming, crying, and never forget him.

He’d smashed all the rumors that were against him, and those who’d said he couldn’t write songs had nothing to say after listening to his concert. As he’d explained on his blog, he wasn’t talentless, but his father worship was so strong that he’d imprisoned himself. He’d thought that he could never go beyond his father. But his father’s death had cracked open the shell around his soul, and now, he was brave enough to fly freely in the sky.

Yun Zhiyuan also felt very tangled when he saw Ou Zinan. The young man had transformed into one of the world’s hottest rising musicians. His songs occupied all the big and small music charts’ top 10, each land had a growing number of his fanatical fans. He was called a rock leader, the next music emperor, he’ll be able to create a more glorious feat than his father.

And such a hidden treasure was unhesitantly abandoned by Times Records, they’d even issued a ban on him, ultimately forcing him to switch to a competitor. Because of this, Yun Zhiyuan was not only scolded by his father, he was also repeatedly criticized by the board members, some were even demanding that he abdicate.

Ou Zinan had come to his office several times to explain, but he was always driven away by Yun Zhiyuan. Now, if he could turn back time, he would calmly listen to him, then perhaps Times Records wouldn’t have fallen into this predicament.

He suppressed the regret in his heart and turned to greet Sun Xi Mu.

“Sit down.” Sun Xi Mu casually waved, then took out a cigar and handed it to his lover.

Zhou Yun Sheng took it, neatly cut and lit it, then quickly shifted his head to avoid the rising smoke.

Sun Xi Mu looked him, then looked at the lit cigar in the ashtray, then he said in a low voice “I didn’t know you hated the smell. I’ll quit smoking.”

“No. This is your hobby, you can’t quit.” Zhou Yun Sheng laughed and shook his head. He’d tried to help him quit smoking in the past, not for a month or two months, but in each of the three or four reincarnations. He was never successful. He’s finally given up, this was the one task he couldn’t accomplish.

He wrapped his arm around Sun Xi Mu’s neck and pulled his head down. Zhou Yun Sheng leaned in and whispered in his ear. “Don’t quit. I like the taste of tobacco when you kiss me.”

Sun Xi Mu’s face was expressionless, but his lower body was quickly swelling hard. He endured and endured, but he finally couldn’t hold back. He touched his lover’s cheek and devoutly kissed his forehead, then he stacked his slender legs over his lower body to block his too honest body part. He looked to Yun Zhiyuan and asked, “Chief Yun Zhiyuan, do you need something?”

The rumors said that Sun Xi Mu was cold and ruthless, but the person in the front of them was obviously filled with happiness. He was like a completely different person. Yun Zhiyuan was stunned for a moment before he said, “Chief Sun, I hope Mr. Ou can cooperate with us to help explain that Ge Mengshu really didn’t know the song was plagiarized. She was also deceived by Lin Siqing, but she is being implicated with him. It’s a crime to have her future be destroyed over this.”

He knew that there weren’t enough benefits to impress Sun Xi Mu and quickly added, “I heard that Chief Sun wanted to buy the piece of land in the western part of the river. That’s Yun’s ancestral land, I can make the decision to transfer it to you at the minimum price. As long as Mr. Ou expresses his willingness to forgive Mengshu on his blog, Mengshu has a chance to start again.” For his lover’s future, he was willing to pay any price.

Ge Mengshu was very moved, her eyes glowed red as she tightly held his hand.

Sun Xi Mu turned around and looked at his lover. He really did want that land, but if it was contrary to his lover’s wishes, then even if you gave him all the wealth in the world, he wouldn’t do it.

Zhou Yun Sheng pondered for a moment, then he slowly shook his head, “Saying I’ll forgive, it seems very simple, but sorry, I can’t do it. In the end, Miss Ge isn’t innocent. Was the song great? Did you immediately want it when you heard it? The person who wrote the song was her admirer, he’d do anything for her, so, Miss Ge tempted him. She begged him, over and over again, she begged him to give her the song. My brother had already assured me that he was preparing the EP for me, but then he suddenly started avoiding me, and finally, he gave the song to you. He wanted to please you any way he could. If it wasn’t for your greed and harassment, then everything wouldn’t have happened. I can never forgive brother, and naturally, I can never forgive you. Please leave.”

The young man’s words ripped off Ge Mengshu’s last fig leaf. Indeed, Lin Siqing had explained to her, he’d said that the song was for Ou Zinan, the EP was almost finished. But she knew that the song would be popular, that it would top the charts, so she hadn’t given up. She’d pressured Lin Siqing’s manager to get her a private appointment with him, when they were alone, she made sure to give him a little hope, to tempt him, to……

Then she got her wish.

Although she’d professed her cleanliness in front of the media, she couldn’t kill the fear and guilt in her heart. She’d thought that the usually weak-willed Ou Zinan would promise to forgive her, but after these series of setbacks, he’d learned to become tough and cold.

She regretted it, but found no room for redemption. If she couldn’t get Ou Zinan’s forgiveness, she would never be able to survive in the entertainment world.

What should I do in the future? Take Yun Zhiyuan’s offer to quit the industry and then marry him? She’d said that she wouldn’t quit, but his father had been violently against it. Yun Jia wouldn’t let an entertainer into their family.

Ge Mengshu felt liked she’d fallen into an ice cave, as for how Yun Zhiyuan felt, she didn’t know.


Yun Zhiyuan could also be regarded as a powerful figure in the entertainment industry, but this time he couldn’t even protect his girlfriend. Seeing that Ge Mengshu’s singing career was completely destroyed, and Lin Siqing was moving far abroad to probably never come back, his heart burned in suppressed flame. He needed to find a place to vent.

And Ou Zinan became his primary object for retaliation. He spent a lot of money to buy some photos, and let people spread them on the net overnight.

These photos had two men kissing, Ou Zinan’s face was very clear, but the other man was hidden in the dark. The man was tall, and his body was also very strong, he confined Ou Zinan in his arms in a tight embrace, a hand pressed the back of his head, a hand tightly held his waist, their lower bodies connected … …

Even in the dim light, the two’s emotional attachment couldn’t be concealed.

The title was also very provocative – The new Song God is a Gay God, kissing disgustingly in public places.

Then, the freshly hired image defacers took to the boards, spreading that they’d witnessed Ou Zinan with different men in public, kissing and even fucking, he was simply a beast.

The netizens were in an uproar. Shocked and angry, they bombarded Ou Zinan’s blog, asking for the truth. They also called Huanya Entertainment Group’s headquarters for an explanation. Many of the homophobes said that the photos were disgusting, when they saw it, they’d lost their dinner.

Of course, some people stood up to support, saying that loving men or loving women was Ou Zinan’s freedom. But C Country was an overall conservative country, so this voice was still a minority. One old-fashioned actor took the matter to the highest offense. He called it a disease, and demanded that Ou Zinan quickly seek therapy and treatment.

Ou Zinan’s fledgling singing career took a devastating blow. His sexuality and private life became the talk of gossip, and some of the intimate photos of him and Lin Siqing when they were younger surfaced and a vicious rumor started. It said that he was in an unrequited love with Lin Siqing and deeply jealous, so he’d deliberately ruined him.

Since everyone had stopped paying attention to Ge Mengshu, Yun Zhiyuan used Ou Zinan’s smear as a way to wash her clean. He contacted the top domestic musicians, and planned to give her a new album so she could come back into the limelight as soon as possible.

Lee Li (Huanya Entertainment Group’s President) held a stack of newspapers out to Sun Xi Mu, he frowned and asked, “Boss, now what do we do? Should we hold a press conference to clarify? Or we can quickly make Ou Zinan have a scandal with one of our company’s female artists, he could be washed white…”

Lee Li froze on the last sentence- his Boss was looking at him with murderous eyes.
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