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Before the concert, security had rigorously searched the audience to ensure that they didn’t bring in any video equipment other than mobile phones.

So, no one had taken a clear and complete video. But the netizens combed the network to put together fuzzy fragments for viewing. Good songs never lacked for listeners, plus Zhou Yun Sheng had deliberately selected numerous popular songs from different worlds.

These videos quickly spread throughout the network, and people constantly bombarded Huanya Entertainment Group’s official website to ask to buy the genuine HD concert disc. In just three days, the number of subscribers had reached the hundreds of thousands.

This late sale of the concert discs was Huanya Entertainment Group’s plan. They wouldn’t have invested so much money in vain. They launch the disc, while also announcing that they intend to release a Chinese and English version of ‘Because Of You’ in an EP.

They had no doubt that the song would make it to the top of the charts. Of course, the other twenty songs were just as good. They will be able to set off a music tornado at home and abroad, a tornado called ‘Ou Zinan’.

While Huanya Entertainment Group was actively preparing for late publicity, Times Records was caught in an unprecedented crisis.

Zhou Yun Sheng submitted the video as evidence to the court, under the reporters’ hot pursuit, the court had to announce that the video was indeed true and reliable. The news attracted the attention of all parties. The influx of abuse on Lin Siqing’s blog increased day by day. Seeing that the webpage was bursting out the truth, a majority of his fans finally gave up their concern and posted their disappointed in him. They’d trusted the wrong person, they can’t forgive him etc.

When Lin Siqing had sued Ou Zinan for plagiarism, the record label had immediately stood up for him and blocked Ou Zinan. ‘Times Records will not tolerate immoral artists’, this sentence had hung on the front page of the website until today.

At first, many people had praised this sentence, but now, they felt it had become a big joke. The immoral man was well protected, while the innocent victim was cut off. Times Records was too backwards.

The day after the concert ended, Times Records’ stocks plunged, billions instantly evaporated. If this crisis was not dealt with perfectly, the entertainment giant would be kicked out of the ranks.

Yun Zhiyuan’s retired father personally went to the company, pointed to his face, and cursed him out for a few hours. Lin Siqing and Ge Mengshu were hiding at their homes, unwilling to see anyone.


“Now what?! I’d said don’t make things big, but you didn’t listen. Look at what’s happened now, where do we go from here? The ‘evidence’ has already been submitted and filed, we can’t take it back! I’m finished, completely finished. Are you satisfied? Are you happy?” Lin Siqing was past the point of maintaining his usual elegance and calm. He pointed to his broker’s nose and loudly grilled.

The broker was silent, his downcast eyes full of despair. Early in his own music debut, Qu Bai Bo had told him ‘You’re not capable’ and that had ruined his road to fame. He’d struggled for several years but he couldn’t succeed, finally, he could only switch to become a broker. Ou Bai Bo had destroyed his dream, so he’d hated him, but he couldn’t fight against him, so his hatred had passed on to Ou Zinan.

He’d wanted to destroy Ou Zinan, but he couldn’t have predicted that things would end up like this. The manuscript they’d submitted to the court to prove Lin Siqing’s innocence, got turned around and became proof of guilt. All of C Country were looking at Lin Siqing as a big clown. There was no way out, they could no longer save themselves, they could only wait for the court and the public trial.

Lin Siqing, who was once the Song God, could no longer go on, all his brilliant achievements would all turn into rubble. In the future, when anyone mentions him, they would only use ‘shameless thief’ or ‘ungrateful villain’ to refer to his name.

That kind outcome was terrible. The broker covered his face, trying to ignore reality.

Lin Siqing was a superstar, his psychological quality was higher than the broker’s. He barely suppressed his panic and anger and called Yun Zhiyuan. Now, only the company could save him.


While Lin Siqing was on the verge of collapse, Ge Mengshu wasn’t much better off. Although the plagiarism court case wasn’t tied to her, when the company had promoted the single, they’d played the propaganda: Lin Siqing’s tailored made love song for Ge Mengshu.

This stunt had bathed her in glitter, but now, that glitter had turned into sticky tar, ​​impossible to wash off.

It wasn’t a love song, it was a requiem. The ‘most tear-jerking love song’, ‘most affectionate singing’ and other beautiful praises, now seemed like a downright joke. The song became a desecration of the dead, the most shameful scam of this decade.

Thinking of this, Ge Mengshu felt like her hair was grabbed roughly and like she was mercilessly slapped dozens of times. Her cheeks stung in pain. For all the honor she’d gotten because of the song, she’d now have to pay a more painful price.

She shook open the computer and found her response to Lin Siqing’s original post – I believe that Lin Siqing has true talent and character, his existence is enough to uphold Ou Bai Bo’s name.

This sentence had been praised by countless people, but now it was a permanent stain. The netizens ridiculed Ge Mengshu, saying: Whoever breastfeeds is the mother, you helped bully the innocent, you’d hold any thigh to climb higher, how do you sleep at night etc. Someone even said that her ‘Because Of You’ was a lump of shit compared to Ou Zinan’s version, and just hearing it could trigger projectile vomiting.

Get out of the music business, you and Lin Siqing are unworthy!

Ou Zinan is right, you guys are not worth forgiving!

Is it fun to stomp on the innocents? Is that the latest celebrity craze? You’re all pieces of shit!

Please apologize to Mr. Ou Zinan and the dead Mr. Ou Bai Bo within twenty-four hours, otherwise, I will hack your computer and exposure all your secrets to the public!

One of the threatening messages made Gu Mengshu feel very frightened. She turned off her computer, and pulled at her hair. Anger, regret, horror and other negative emotions almost drove her crazy.

She’d struggled so hard to get to where she was today, she sometimes paid with her pride and dignity, but when she’d finally seen the arrival of the glorious peak, she suddenly found that the building that was supporting her could crumble overnight. She couldn’t even start to consider how to safely get through this crisis, the only choice she had was to try to preserve her own reputation.

I must save myself, I must tell the world that I’m also a victim! With this idea in mind, Ge Mengshu picked up the phone to make a call.


Yun Zhiyuan had forced out the truth from Lin Siqing, that song was indeed copied from Ou Zinan. Even if he chose not to recognize that admission, Ou Zinan’s video was proof enough. As long as their brain was normal, no fan would still believe in Lin Siqing. He had fallen from the altar of the Song Gods, the followers on his blog had fallen from 70 million to the hundreds.

If he’d copied a regular old song, then the storm might’ve had some hope of passing over, but he’d copied Ou Zinan’s requiem to Ou Bai Bo, and Ou Bai Bo had treated him no different from his own son. After his death, he’d left him a valuable studio, everyone in C Country knew about it. He’d betrayed his benefactor and trampled over the deceased; this behavior was simply unforgivable.

At Lin Siqing’s plea for help, Yun Zhiyuan got a massive headache. But the other was a Times Records money tree, he had to try to save him.

However, soon after, his lover also called. Yun Zhiyuan’s wavering heart finally found a direction. Saving the both of them was the best outcome, but if he could only save one, he could only abandon Lin Siqing and keep Ge Mengshu.


Huanya Entertainment Group swiftly launched the EP and the HD Concert video. They slaughtered all the most well-known music charts at home and abroad. BILLBOARD list, BBC bulletin board, E Country’s UK list, R Country’s ORICAN public list and other lists. The top ten songs list would include at least one song from Ou Zinan’s concert album. Even international music diva, Matta Jones, expressed interest in covering an English version of ‘Because Of You’, she even frankly admitted to the media that she cried every time she listened to the song.

No matter where you went, as long as there was a stereo, it would be playing one of Ou Zinan’s songs, and all the passers-by couldn’t help humming as they walked pass, some even stopped just to listen.

Ou Zinan was soon a household name, his popularity had spread all over the world. His talent caused even the hall of fame musicians to express admiration.

In less than half a month, the concert album and EP had sold more than 10 million globally, netting Huanya Entertainment Group hundreds of millions in profits. And all signs pointed to the disc becoming an immortal classic, its value priceless.

When the sales statistics came out, the netizens said: Originally, everyone thought that something was wrong with Sun Xi Mu when he’d invested so much funds into Ou Zinan. But the ones who had brain damage was us. When everyone was blinded by Lin Siqing, he was the only one who saw the value in Ou Zinan, he is indeed the God of Investment. And only he has the courage to help a ruined person host a concert. He made Ou Zinan, and all of Ou Zinan’s future achievements will benefit Huanya Entertainment Group.

When Times Records’ stock prices had fallen, Su Xi Mu had taken the opportunity to buy a large number of their bulk and had quietly settled into Times Records board of directors. Soon after, the original two entertainment giants merged and became a single dominance.

Now, the Huanya Entertainment Group was anxious to serve Ou Zinan. They gave him three personal assistants, a gold-level manager, and brought out the best and most comprehensive resources for his selection.

At the moment, Zhou Yun Sheng was sitting on a sofa, holding several contracts.

“There’s a car endorsement, watch endorsement, clothing endorsement, etc. Which should I pick?” He closed the folder and tilted his head to look at the serious man working behind the desk.

“You can pick whichever you want.” Although the man didn’t look up, his tone was gentle and pampering.

“Then I don’t want any. I only like singing and writing songs, I don’t want to go into anything else.” Zhou Yun Sheng had inherited all of Ou Zinan’s crazy love for music.

“Then concentrate on singing, I’ll make Li push away the requests.” Sun Xi Mu put down his documents and walked to the side of the sofa. He bent over and pulled the young man into his arms, his voice was extremely indulgent.

Zhou Yun Sheng gently chuckled, then he pursed his lips and kissed the other man’s chin. Sun Xi Mu’s eyes darkened, he was preparing to devour his lover when an assistant came to the door and said, “Chief Sun, Chief Yun Zhiyuan wants to see you.”

Sun Xi Mu frowned. He was about to send the man away, when his lover shook his head, telling him to let the other man in.