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When the kiss ended, Sun Xi Mu quietly asked, “What did you want to find out?”

Zhou Yun Sheng squinted and stretched out his tongue to lick at his pink lips, he softly laughed, “I wanted to test whether out not you’re the person I’m looking for.”

Sun Xi Mu’s palms were sweating. He’d never kissed anyone, so he had no skills. He’d sucked too hard and the other man had exposed a painful expression. If he’d known earlier that he was going to test him like this, he wouldn’t have been so anxious, he would’ve been slow and gentle, so the other man could feel comfortable.

He rubbed his sweaty palms on his cloths, then expressionlessly asked, “Can you let me kiss you again? I didn’t do too well just now.”

Zhou Yun Sheng laughed until tears poured out. He never knew that his love had such a shy and lovely side.

“Well, let’s give you another chance.” He wrapped his hands around his lover’s neck and pressed his lips lightly against his.

Sun Xi Mu trembled, his body stiff like a stone. He cautiously touched the young man’s cheek and slowly leaned in, tentatively licking his thin lips. Then he stretched out his tongue to pry open the other’s teeth, and gently probed in… …

His breathing quickened, sweating, he was already erect and pressed up against the other man’s belly. He gently swayed, his body was clearly on the brink of madness, but his kiss was slow and cherishing, carefully probing.

He explored the young man’s mouth little by little, the tip of his tongue wrapped around the other’s tongue and gently fondled, then he changed his direction to gently sweep his palate and gums. He wanted to swallow the other man into his stomach, but he strongly suppressed this crazy idea and pulled his waist close, imprisoning him in his arms, so he couldn’t run away.

This strong yearning made Zhou Yun Sheng tremble. He turned from a passive participant to active, he joined in for a hotter and more lingering kiss.

Ten minutes later, Sun Xi Mu was finally satisfied. He slightly backed up from the young man lips, but they still stood nose to nose, then he quietly asked, “How was it, are you sure now?”

Zhou Yun Sheng smiled, “Ok, you’re the one I’m looking for.”

Sun Xi Mu’s heart jumped, a wave of joy burst in his chest, but his face was still expressionless, he only nodded neatly and replied, “That’s good. Shall we go back? Back to my house?” After asking he stared nervously at the youth’s face.

“Can’t.” Zhou Yun Sheng shook his head, but when he saw the man’s clenched jaw and dulling eyes, he immediately added, “I’m hungry, I want to eat something first.”

Sun Xi Mu’s crumbling heart quickly mended, it was difficult to conceal the happiness in his voice, “Come to my house, I’ll cook for you. What do you want to eat?”

“I want to eat pork, Mapo tofu, Kung Pao Chicken … …” Zhou Yun Sheng listed a lot of dishes then jokingly asked, “Can you make that?”

“I can, you’ll know when you eat.” Sun Xi Mu couldn’t help but be happy that he’d practiced his cooking during his study abroad.


While the two people were sharing a sweet supper, the Internet was boiling. A post had appeared on C Country’s largest forum, and after just a few minutes it’d hit tens of thousands of clicks.

“Ou Zinan’s concert – warning, high-energy ahead, please be careful!” This title was extremely provocative, enough to arouse everyone’s desire to read.

C Country’s people were very active people. When they’d heard that Ou Zinan was hosting a free concert, and at the concert, he would sing his new songs and prove his innocence, those who wanted to participate were in the millions. But the Huanya Group only had 50,000 tickets.

In those fifty thousand lucky people, you could easily count the number of Ou Zinan’s few fans, a majority were Lin Siqing and Ge Mengshu’s loyal fans. Before going, they’d left a message on the Internet saying that they would ruin Ou Zinan’s concert for their idol’s revenge.

Many people expressed support for this, they also told them they must photograph the scene for the rest of Internet to share in the fun.

Now that the concert had ended, the video was published, Ou Zinan must’ve had such a beaten dog-like expression. Everyone thought this while gloating. They opened the video with expectations that were quickly dashed.

There was none of the imagined violence, nor was there any humiliation and abuse. Everyone seemed to have taken strong drugs, they were swaying, screaming, shouting, and writhing. Because they were so excited and sweaty, the camera was continually shaking.

The person who shot the video was on the edge of madness, the camera was violently shaking so the picture was very vague. But the concert was equipped with the best sound equipment, and Zhou Yun Sheng’s voice was very penetrating and clear. Even with a blurry picture, the voice poured out with unstoppable momentum and pierced into the ears of the listeners.

This was a psychedelic rock song, with a deafeningly strong rhythm, the sharp and powerful electric guitar play plus Ou Zinan’s heavy sexy voice was like a drug-filled needle. It pushed into your arteries, and mixed into your blood, making you lose the determination to resist so you couldn’t help but madly fall in with him.

Everyone was addicted, the screams of excitement poured out of the video.

The man who was shooting the video aimed it at himself and shouted in a hoarse voice, “Who’s the bastard who said Ou Zinan couldn’t sing, what crap! He’s been singing for more than an hour, everything from rock, to death metal, Gothic metal, heavy metal, and the list goes on! There’s no song in the world he can’t control.”

After saying this, the young man on the stage suddenly kneeled and opened up a treble, the range got higher and higher, just when you thought that the sound wave would break open the sky, it turned into a low roar. The listeners’ hearts were also pulled up into the vertex, then it fell down when his voice dropped, they could even feel a painful dizziness.

The scene was madness, and just watching the video gave people goose bumps. This song was too probing, too stimulating, it boiled the blood.

The camera violently shook, the picture blurred again, then the filmmaker shouted, “Everyone is listening to the song, feeling the high, and I’m the only sucker with a fucking phone out. I’m done recoding! Piss out!”

The video ended, taking the madness with it. The users sitting in front of the computer rose in anger, then they pounded out messages.

Handsome?: Fuck!!!!!! I just unzipped and that’s how you end it? Bring the song back asshole! Come back!!! I promise not to kill you!!!

StarAlienQueen^o^: I beg you for a complete video! That song was hot! Completely the best psychedelic rock I’ve ever heard! I’m drunk from across the screen! What the hell is even going on? What’s life?

RuthlessBird: I was at the scene. Ou Zinan’s treble broke Star Pavilion, no joke. I heard that someone had sneaked in a glass, and when the sound waves rose it cracked into pieces. Those who weren’t there to see will definitely regret it for a lifetime. That was the best concert I’ve ever been to. Don’t tell my sis I said this, but that international ‘Rock King’ Adam Norman is dog shit compared to Ou Zinan!….Wait, sis why are you he-

Smallfeet: I was at the concert too! Adam Norman really can’t compare to Ou Zinan!! Come at me sis! +1 +1!

LittleLolita LoveTwin: +2, the concert ended an hour and a half ago, but I still can’t calm down. I feel like I ate an aphrodisiac. I was brushing my teeth when that song popped up into my head again and I ended up shaking my butt all over my apartment! 10/10 would dance in my underwear again!

Thatpetrockyouforgottofeed: +10086, just came back from Star P, my head is filled with Ou Zinan. If he was standing in front of me right now, I would kneel down and lick his foot from toe to heel. I want him to pull my ears outward and sing into my eardrums. From today on, he is my god!


Those who participated in the concert poured out onto the Internet. They all gave Ou Zinan’s performance high ratings, causing the people who weren’t there to feel an itchy curiosity in their hearts. At the same time, Lin Siqing and Ge Mengshu’s blogs suffered a wave of malicious abuse, almost crashing the site.

Shockingly, some of the abusers were Lin Siqing and Ge Mengshu’s veteran fans. They themselves had rallied everyone to ruin Ou Zinan’s concert, but in just two hours, their tunes had completely changed. What happened at the concert?

The ignorant people finally got the truthful post they wanted.

The title of the post was very simple, only five words – The Genuine ‘Because Of You’.

They all knew that Ge Mengshu’s interpretation of ‘Because Of You’ had sincere feelings, it was known as the most tear-jerking love song of the year. Many young lovelorn people sang it, and they’d always burst into tears before they could finish. The critics had predicted – for the next two decades, no love song would go beyond ‘Because Of You’ in popularity, and no one’s interpretation would ever be better than Ge Mengshu’s. The genuine affection in the song will create a classic love song.

A lot of people covered the song, but in the eyes of the world, Ge Mengshu’s version was the well-deserved genuine. What does this title mean? Is it positive or negative about Ge Mengshu?

With such curiosity, the netizens had to open the video and watch carefully.

There was no bass, no keyboard, no drums, no electric guitar … … the gorgeous background music was abandoned, replaced by only a piano and a clear voice. The grief in ‘Because Of You’ had never been interpreted so incisively, clearly and tearfully.

The lyrics had changed and became a belated talk to a lost father. When you were alive, your love made me feel depressed. Because of you, I was afraid, I couldn’t trust in others. When you died, I found out that I shouldn’t go beyond you, but be myself, your love was not a prison, but my wings.

I didn’t fear your heavy love, I just feared losing you.

This was a father’s requiem, it was full of the child’s worship and love for their father. And Ge Mengshu’s ‘Because Of You’ was about a woman who was reluctant to mourn her lost love.

On the feelings of sincerity, the two couldn’t be compared. On the song’s profound meaning, the two couldn’t be compared. On the singing, it was simply night and day.

Ge Mengshu’s treasured voice range was destroyed by Ou Zinan’s five octaves of ultra-treble burst.

In the video, the youth choked on his tears and stopped playing, the camera moved to the big LED screen, and Ou Bai Bo emerged, stunning everyone. Before his death, Ou Zinan had already finished writing the song, so what the hell was going on with Lin Siqing’s manuscripts?

He said he was inspired to write it after his mentor’s death. That is an obvious lie!

At this point, the innocent and the guilty party could be distinguished at a glance.