Wuxiaworld > Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil > Chapter 57
The two stared at each other in silence for a few minutes, finally, Zhou Yun Sheng put down the cigar and said, “Um, sorry. I ruined your cigar, I’ll buy you another box.”

The young man blushed, his eyes slightly teary. He looked extremely embarrassed, but very cute.

Sun Xi Mu’s mouth twitched, he waved, “Never mind.” He moved the cigar to the ashtray.

“You said you have evidence? Can you show me?”


Zhou Yun Sheng quickly handed him a disk.

Sun Xi Mu pushed it into the port and played the video. In the end of the video, the young man was lying on the bed, choking back tears, grieving for the loss of his loved one.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes reddened, he bowed his head and wiped at his renewed tears.

Sun Xi Mu was expressionless from beginning to end, but when he talked, his tone was noticeably softer, “How do you want me to help you?”
“I want to have a concert, free tickets. I’ll invest 50 million. I want Huanya Group to be responsible for the publicity, venues, security and other matters. In the concert, I’ll release this video and clear my and my father’s name …”

Sun Xi Mu waved and interrupted him, “I’m sorry for cutting you off, but how do you intend to clear yours and Ou Bai’s name? This video isn’t enough. Do you plan to sing those songs that have your name on them, but were written by Lin Siqing? I don’t think the audience would buy it.”

Zhou Yun Sheng froze, he quickly took out a package and handed it over, “I want to sing my own songs, new songs, no one has heard them yet. Chief Sun, I can hold up this concert, please believe me. Although it’s very hasty to set this up in just one month, but with Huanya Entertainment Group’s strength, it’s not impossible. Please listen to the songs, afterwards, decide whether to help me.”

The man’s expression was very sincere and his hanging tears showed strong helplessness.

Sun Xi Mu considered for a moment, then he finally pushed the disc into the computer.

While he seriously listened, Zhou Yun Sheng stared at the cigar in a daze. Whether it was appearance, height, temperament, or hobbies, Sun Xi Mu was very similar to his lover. But he could only be certain that they were the same person after intimate contact.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yun Sheng frowned in annoyance. Does he really have to rely on kissing? Doesn’t that make him a kissing maniac? He sounds like a pervert!

If he was really his lover then he’d naturally be very happy, but if not, their cooperation would crumble. Plus, it’s rumored that Sun Xi Mu was a neat freak, he hated it when strangers got close to him.

Zhou Yun Sheng was trapped in his tangled thoughts. He unconsciously caressed his lips, kneading his lips from pink to red, they looked very tempting.

Sun Xi Mu was seemingly focusing on the songs, but in reality, he was secretly observing the other man. Looking at his rubbing action, his eyes slightly darkened, and he suddenly felt very thirsty.

After listening to the songs, he suppressed the commotion in his heart and stretched out his hand, “Come back tomorrow morning. I’ll introduce you to the concert staff. Let’s have a pleasant cooperation.”

Zhou Yun Sheng was overjoyed, he quickly shook his hand and repeatedly expressed his gratitude, then he hurriedly got up and left.

After he left, Sun Xi Mu leaned back in his leather chair for a moment, then he picked up the cigar, lit it and sucked. For some reason, the cigar was mellower and more intoxicating than any cigar he’d ever smoked.

The next day, Zhou Yun Sheng came to Huanya Entertainment Group early in the morning. Just as the Chief said, he was introduced to C Country’s top music producer, Qin Taihe. Qin Taihe had seen the evidence video and had heard the ten new songs, so his attitude with Zhou Yun Sheng wasn’t accusatory.
“Since Chief Sun is planning to cooperate with you, our company couldn’t refuse. The song ‘Because Of You’ was indeed stolen from you by Lin Siqing, but as far as I know, all the songs in your previous albums were written by him. Is that right?” Qin Taihe unceremoniously questioned.

“Y-yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m not talented, I just hadn’t found my own way at that time.” Zhou Yun Sheng blushed.

“We’ll know whether or not you have talent after the test. You’re involved in a plagiarism incident, if we help you, our Group’s reputation will be greatly affected. We have to be careful.” Qin Taihe pointed to the piano in the practice room. “Please adapt Mozart’s Symphony No.40 for the pop charts. Your goal is to impress me and all those present in the room.”

Making an impromptu song was difficult, but it was even more difficult to adapt music. Too much deviation would destroy the original’s essence, and the new song will become the lowest work of art.

Zhou Yun Sheng looked up, the CEO, the concert director, a well-known producer, choreographer, and several high-level brokers were watching. They had very high status in the industry and were all famously hard to please. It was almost an impossible task to impress them all.

But Zhou Yun Sheng wasn’t an ordinary person. He’d lived through numerous reincarnations and suffered through many tortures, this type of trial was nothing for him. Plus, he’d also inherited all of Ou Zinan’s passion and inspiration for music. He went to the piano, opened the cover, and toggle out a few notes.

Qin Taihe and the veterans exchanged a look, skeptical.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t sit down to play, but idly stood. He started the symphony, but the music was very scattered, any professional would laugh. But after poking around, his hands gradually sped up, and the scattered syllables gathered into a jumping stream, floating in the air. A serious symphony was changed into a lively wave of jazz, the keys rose and fell, and his shy expression gradually became warm and unrestrained, his waist and hips also swung with the rhythm.

Steadily, the audience’s expressions became relaxed and cheerful. The internationally renowned choreographer actually stood up and started side stepping to the rhythm, improvising a jazz dance.

Zhou Yun Sheng was inspired by his dancing, his right and left hand suddenly crossed, and the music’s rhythm excited and became a more enthusiastic high-spirited tune.

Qin Taihe’s crossed arms had unknowingly relaxed, he snapped his fingers to the beat and twisted his hips- he had undoubtedly been moved by the sound. Even the prim and proper Huanya Entertainment Group CEO couldn’t help but move to the beat, he bobbed his head up and down.

Standing in the doorway, Sun Xi Mu quietly watched this scene with no expression, but his eyes were very focused. The young man had his back to him, his hands flowing out a tune, his buttocks swinging, his warm and lively moves made him look refreshing.

Sun Xi Mu’s lips almost had a visible tilt, he was about to walk in when he was bumped into from behind.

“Sorry Boss, it was an accident. I just moved without meaning to.” The straight suited assistant quickly apologized, embarrassed, while still involuntarily following the beat with his hips- it made a funny picture.

Sun Xi Mu meaningfully glanced at him, then step into the studio.

Seeing the Chief approaching, the cheerful sound abruptly ended, and the previously lively young man was now twisting his hands, stammering out a ‘Chief Sun’.

Qin Taihe and the rest of the audience also stopped dancing, their faces showed regret for the disturbance.

The man softly asked Qin Taihe. “What do you think?”

“Well, he’s completely beyond my expectations. Just one thing I’m worried about, the concert is 2 hours long, 10 songs is not enough. I wonder if Mr. Ou has any more works he can give us? If so, please give them to me as soon as possible, we must have a complete repertoire in one month. We need bands, dancers, sets, stagehands and so much more, we’ll be very busy. Mr. Ou, try your best to quickly strengthen your body, you’ll need to have a lot of stamina.” Qin Taihe looked skeptically at Ou Zinan’s small body.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded again and again, but he wasn’t worried. The original body was indeed very weak, but after his adjustment, not to mention a concert, he could skip sleep for ten days with no problem.

Sun Xi Mu looked around, “If there’s no problem, Mr. Ou will you please sign the contract. All the concert staff will also have to sign a confidentiality contract.”

The assistant immediately brought out a thick stack of contracts and everyone signed.

Three days later, Ou Zinan finally logged into his long dead blog account and announced that he would hold a 50,000-people concert in Star Pavilion, where he will also provide evidence of his innocence.

And as expected, the unbelieving netizens responded with waves of abuse, calling him shameless, a liar and so on. As they all knew, C Country’s Star Pavilion was its most complete facility, only the top singers have boarded its stage. Ou Zinan was a no talent fake, a villain, what qualifications did he have to stand on that stage? What ability did he have?

Even so, there were still a lot of people saying they would try to go to the concert, but not to support it, but to protest and throw rotten eggs, vowing to drive Ou Zinan out of the entertainment circle.

Within this group of malicious people, Lin Siqing and Ge Mengshu’s fans said that if the concert was real, they would rush to the scene and personally get revenge for their idols.

The atmosphere gradually reached a climax, and Ou Zinan’s blog almost crashed from the huge influx of visitors. At this time, Huanya Entertainment Group’s official website released some news, they would be the exclusive sponsor of Ou Zinan’s concert.

The internet users were in an uproar, they excitedly rushed to the official website to grab tickets. In less than an hour, the 50,000 free tickets were all gone.

Malice was a great motivator.

Sun Xi Mu wisely spent a lot of money to hire the world’s top security firms to be responsible for on-site security. He also applied for the deployment of hundreds of police officers who were ready to arrest anyone who got too extremist. In each corner of the facility, a hidden camera was installed to ensure that all activities were monitored. Plus, the stage was adjusted from its original four meters to eight meters, far, far away from the audience, to ensure that no one could hurt Ou Zinan.

While the internet abused him, Zhou Yun Sheng was completely unmoved, he was too busy with the intense rehearsals.